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Watson 932 Opposed To Endocet 10 325 Mg
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Truman Says:
Do any of the members of this forum have an opinion as to the effectiveness of Endocet v. Watson 932 equivelant?

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Jennifer Says:
via mobile is very clear u r not informed on pain meds....when u should be considering u take them. There is a difference from one to the other. Its a known medical fact...not in our heads n ill leave it at that. going to assume ur asking since there arent anymore watson 10/325's since the merge with Actavis. Theres another thread on this page titled, "Watson is now actavis generic percocet 5/325 what is up with this".I advise u to go to that thread n read thru it...all of it. Its the most informative, up to date thread ive come across on here. I have tried a few diff manufacturers since the liss of Watson (they were the best with pain relief), I have come to find endocet has been the best since. Nowhere near as effective as Watson, but better than whats remains out there. Btw...endocet n brand Percocet r made by the same company.

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JustWantToBePainFree Says:
Check because for the past three months all Walgreens and CVS stores in my area are not using Watson anymore in fact I can't seem to find them anywhere in the city. They are using Amneal and Actavis manufacturers. Just thought that I would give you the heads up to call before you go. Good luck and feel better soon.

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Acedaprofessional Says:
via mobile
True The NB Percocet does work best over any generic. But it just really bothers me that these novice pharmacist will back up the sale of generics saying, "well it's all the same because they are regulated and tested to all contain 10/325 strength & you're just wasting your money buying the NB Percocets". It's like they're in a d@_n trance or something. I learned a long time ago that you get what you pay for except dealing with generics from mom & pop stores, true they are cheaper than the Larger Rx's but All or most of them suck. I prefer Watson 932 (where are they) but Endocet E712 are not garbage! Site members *the Qualitest 5/325 hard round pills with a 4839|V are GOOD! I'd rather one 5mg Qualitest over those AlvogenC 230 10/325 ANYDAY! They also make a yellow capsule shape 10/325 with a 4829|V enscribed on them. They must be bomb but I have never had one, I got the Qualitest 5/325 @ Fred's Rx, it's a hit or miss with Fred's because more than less their 10/325's are Mallinkrot. I hear Caraco has a white capsule shape pill with a C 10/325 enscribed on it, Caraco makes good Promethezine tablets so + I heard they have a good rep. The rest you will NEVER catch me with that garbage I wouldn't pay $0.50 for any of them: Amneal, Alvogen, Mallinkrot they all cut corners.

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P Says:
via mobile
I switched my script from Walgreens to Hy-Vee (a grocery store chain on the Midwest) and they have the Watson 932's.

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Joe G Says:
My local Mom & Pop pharmacy ran low on my Endocet 10/325 last month,so they gave me about 20 or so real, honest to God, name brand Percocet to hold me over for a few days - WOW, did it wipe the pain out like no one's business !! I was in (almost) 7th Heaven for a couple of days there ! I didn't have to watch the clock either, they lasted more than 4 hours - Amazing, just amazing. So I priced out NB Percocet, and it would have cost me $609.00 for one month supply - what am I buying here, a top shelf Lexus or something ?!! I know 99% positively that Endocet 10/325,has the same exact ingredients as NB Percocet, so why don't they work the same ?!?!

I recently did some research on generic meds., (actually, a lot), and folks, here's a sad fact -- the active ingredient in pain meds is allowed to fluctuate by 8% to 10%, but only in the generic versions, Not the NB ! So now you wonder why some of the pain meds out there aren't doing squat for us - sure, it may only be 8 or 10%, but to some of us that have been taking this stuff for years and years and have built up a tolerance to it, that % will make a difference ! And imagine the amount of money the drug mfr's are saving if they actually do withhold 8 or 10% of AI from each pill - well, that would be an extra pill to every 10 that they make, ergo more profit !!

Question here, has anyone ever gotten their health insurance co., (or worker's comp), to pay for the NB Percocet ? I know if a Dr contacts them & advises that NB must be taken for either allergic or other health reasons that they will sometimes bend & spring for the big bucks, but wondering if they will do it for pain meds !! Endocet has been giving me the itchies every once in a while, and while they do work better than any other I've tried, Nothing, but Nothing works better than NB Percocet ! Keep the Faith Y'all !!

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Joe G Says:
Bella, try a few CVS pharmacies, some will order them for you. There's one here in GA that orders Endocet for me every month, no problem ! Give it a try !

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BO Says:
via mobile
That is 100% correct as I read my medicine bottle right now everything is a generic if it says anything other than percocet my brand name percocet is more than 10x the price of most all generics I have taken and their is a reason it cost more it actually works like it was suppose to to make most medicines affordable you cut corners that is how it all works it sucks but is a fact

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Acedaprofessional Says:
via mobile
If you are like me and I see A lot of you are, always ask because I believe every drugstore has those UnGodly Alvogen manufactured pills, I don 't know why they are so bad maybe because it takes forever to see results then they are shortlived ??. It's true Walgreens NO longer carries The round white 932's Don't know why but I guess they're just jumping on the Lortab /Lorcet band. However a few Walgreens in rural places still have the 10/325 Watson's in stock. If you're lucky then grab them. I don't believe that Watson went outta bizzness especially their Percocets 932; they were already at the 325 mg Acetaminophen level. They do still carry the 5/325 hydrocodone with the orange speckles on them..and so many other products like Florcets and Soma. I just don't understand why percocets 932 but that's what the store manager said? I've been using the local corner store and they keep the Endocet E 712 for me since forever. I just can't afford Walgreens price for their Percocets all the time but when I did, one would have me nodding. The E712's I have to take three and off I go. Their both excellent for my back and overall pain. I don't think I'd be doing anything except still suffering with hydrocodone. Some people love it tho and the same ones love those Alvogen's. That just goes to show people are different and they rather different things. This same person threw a 10/650 Mallinkrot back in his mouth when they did have them with the 10/650 scored on them. Same person rather the Endocet 7.5/325 E700 bragging because they were fat and round but He doesn't like the 10/325 yellow E712 just because of the look. Talking bout those E700 7.5's are the "REAL ONES". some people are so shallow.Watson 932 over all Endocet E712 next best. I wish I was around when the Watson 10/650's where here.

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Bella Says:
via mobile
I used to use watson and then I got endocet and I love it. But now they don't have it anymore. Does anyone know what pharmacies have the endocet brand?

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deb Says:
I used alvogen brand one month and it was as if I 'had taken nothing, don't recommend trying. Although, as some people say each medication reacts differently on everyone.

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CRBoi80 Says:
Well, that's not really an option or I will be in PAIN all month long. I checked and the ingredients look almost EXACTLY the same (inactive). I don't see how I would be having a reaction to the A333 Actavis but, not the 932 and 749 Watson's. It makes no sense.

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Joe G Says:
CRB - STOP TAKING THEM , you're having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in that pill !! Time to switch to something else, it's not worth you getting sicker.

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CRBoi80 Says:
I have heard from other posts that the Watson 932 (and possibly all other Watson Percocets) are no longer available. The companies merged or one took over the other. I am going to be mad as hell. I tried one of the A 333 by Avantis and have a horrible salty taste in my mouth and I itch all over my body. What a bunch of crap!

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Joe G Says:
This whole situation is sad - I'd love for one of my Dr's to live in my shoes for just one day. My family GP suggested that I take up yoga, and that would ease my joints to get me off the meds. (I'm on MS Contin 100mg 3x daily, Endocet 6 pills daily as needed). I was injured back in '91, and since 1995, I've had 6 cervical spine surgeries & 3 lumbar surgeries. My daily pain is a 7 to 8, and that is on the meds !
My Pain Doc has been treating me for 9 yrs now, and won't change nor increase my regiment, even though he's the one telling me, "Wow, you're neck & back have gotten worse, you've got almost no disc left in either cervical or lumbar". "By the way Joe, make these 90 pills last for the month this visit, you should feel better taking less meds". Maybe it's time to move to CO & smoke myself pain-free !!
Living with this pain really sucks, try to understand that, Doc !!

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glitter01abuse Says:
you just said you couldn't tell the difference, but you like watson better? lol. it can't be both. either you like one better than the other, or you cannot tell the difference between the two.

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glitter01abuse Says:
i just got watson 932 a week ago, from walgreens. & this pharmacy didn't have them last month, so it's not left over stock in that particular pharmacy. there are still some in existence, clearly.

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mshane73 Says:
I mean 932

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mshane73 Says:
I have both endo E-712 and ip- 204s Both my friend and I go to pain management we both hav scripts for 10 - 325s my friend has problems managing her medication and I have a safe so all of both of our meds are together we have traded and I cant tell the diffrerence niether can she one day on the e712 one day on the ip-204s I do like the watson 532 better though I have had bn and watson was the best till all watson changed after being bought out

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Crystal Says:
via mobile
I too was told by my regular pharmacy chain ( actually the owner was there ) & they said that Watsons will no longer be available & offered either Amneal or Endocet brands, being very sensitive to fillers in near all medications, I'm very picky when it comes to my pain medication. I have two rods in my back & a damaged hip that needs replacement surgery, I should be on much stronger medications but I must be able to function & thus I get by ( some days worse than others ) on just generic percoset. My pharmacist said it's likely due to Watson having been bought out by Actavis which has just now become a fortune 500 company. He said they have had a ton of complaints every since the company name was bought & they long ago stopped carrying the new WHITE colored Norco by Actavis though they are stamped & numbered the same, just likely have not had the time to do proper research & just pushed them out to meet the demand, WHO KNOWS, other than Actavis. I would say that things are only going to get worse before they get better. I would think of compounding, but they are not federally controlled, only state controlled. My doctor just told me of the sterility issue out east in South Carolina w/ a local complicates cortisone shots, being a sterile issue, over 25 people died! If anyone decides to try a compounding pharmacy make sure they are at least state certified as mixed results have been known to show on required drug checks by pain management Doctors. I have discussed this all w/ both my pharmacy & my doctors as well & they ALL recommended that I use Endocet brand. I think that it's looked at as a drug problem issue when one is as knowledged as I am & many others about their pain medications, but I'm like this w/ all I put into my body & theirs nothing wrong w/ that. I put my medications into a monthly counter and take as prescribed. I was also warned that if you go to these mom & pop pharmacies & they ask for your personal info & a photo copy of your drivers license to RUN AND REPORT THEM TO THE FDA. I think it's these so called "local" mom/pop pharmacies that are taking short cuts & thus making it even that much harder on us pain patients that truly need pain medication to live a normal & somewhat pain free life, with me it's never truly PAIN FREE, but more so not as painFULL day to day life. I can work, play w/ my niece & nephew & be involved in my community, and my pharmacy & doctor know this of me, & I'm blessed to have them both & I would never do anything to damage that trust & relationship. To all you who are out to make yourself feel high, why not go do some H ( god knows the govt. Has made sure plenty of it is on our streets). I would do anything to not have to live w/ this pain I do day to day & I pray constantly & I'm not saying everyone should do what I do, but it does help to have faith in something. Sorry to get off topic, but I'll end it w/ saying this, I'm taking the endocet & I have near the same relief as w/ the Watsons, w/ out the morning headaches. I'm going to see if I can find a " STERILE CERTIFIED PHARMACY " in my area that may be able to work w/ me on compounding but I also will send one off to the FDa to be studied & make sure I'm not being taken for a joker, if I have to take a diagnosis & my levels are off, I will sue the pharmacy for every dime they have, so any complicates reading this just know this, your all into our lives, just remember if you make the choice to make the meds yourself, I & many others will be watching you now. Goodluck to everyone & honestly if endocet is available to you, than stick w/ them. Best of wishes to you all & HAPPY NEW YEAR...

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bat62 Says:
Endocet is the same as Percocet, the name brand of this drug. Watson has many side effects for some people, like me. If you were originally purchasing Percocet and now find you cannot afford it, then take Endocet. It is the same pill as Percocet and is made by the same manufacturer. Generics only have to have the "active" ingredient, while their fillers can be anything and everything. If you get better relief from Watson's, or any generic for Percocet except Endocet, then it's all in your head. Sorry. Just my opinion and they're like noses--everyone has one.

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