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Topamax and eye twitching
Hi, I have been using Topamax for depression for 12 months and must admit that it has been very sucessful. The one major draw back is that I have developed a very annoying eye twitch. It only affects one eye, but is very noticeable. I was taking 100 mg twice a day, but have decreased it to 100 mg daily. The twitch has decreased somewhat, and I realize that I now have to come off this drug completely to get rid of the twitch entirely. Has anyone else experienced this problem. I read 1 other reader, but are there more? ## Sorry it took so long to reply. I had the same problem with Topamax which I use for epilepsy. It is the coating of the 100 mg for me. The 50 mg does not cause this on me, so I take 2/50 mg tablets instead. Ever heard of Topamax causing gout? ## I've developed an eye ...
Updated 3 days ago.
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Stomach issues
Hi I have been on topomax 100 mg. 50 am 50 pm consistently for about one week. The tingling has subsided a bit as well as the tiredness. I have noticed, it may or may not be related, some stomach issues. I'm noticing some diarrhea, what feels like hunger pangs. Sometimes after I eat something it seems to go right through me. Anyone experiencing anything similar? ## It may be causing some GI erosion, or gastritis, both of which can cause such symptoms. Have you consulted your doctor? You should have this checked out, before it gets worse.
Updated 6 days ago.
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Topamax memory loss
I'm on 100mg of Topamax 3 times a day. I've been on it for over 2 years now. I day all 3 doses at once. I take it as a mood stabalizer. It also helps my migraines and assists in weight loss but I've noticed sever memory loss as the years go on. My husband has had to repeat whole conversations to me. Ones we've had just a week prior. It's been more and more noticeable in the last 12 months. Does anyone else share this issue? ## No, it isn't a listed side effect for this medication, but it is difficult to know how it may affect anyone taking it on a long-term basis, since we are all different. Have you discussed the problem with your doctor? Do you take any other medications?
Updated 9 days ago.
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Topamax and Binge Eating Disorder
After trying two antidepressants and multiple therapists, my doctor has decided to prescribe me Topamax for my binge eating disorder. I used to also be bulimic, but thanks to therapy have ceased purging for about six months now. I wanted to get feedback from those whose have been prescribed Tomamax for binge eating disorder and/or bulimia. My binging includes consuming anything edible, including expired items in the trash and edible vitamins/supplements/spices, so it is a very serious case. I will binge to the point of illness and have gotten food poisoning from eating rancid food. Has anyone with binge eating disorder found Topamax to help them? If so, what dosage were you on and how long did it take to get relief? I am afraid to take another medication only to be let down again, but I...
Updated 9 days ago.
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topamax weight loss
I took this once years ago for a mood stabilizer. I'm now on it again for weight loss. But I'm not seeing results. Am I immune to it now?? It also makes me dumb as a bucket of rocks. Is there anything I can to to restart my system to rerecognize the meds and not make me feel so dumb?? ## I'm prescribed 2, 100mg at night 1, 100mg in the morning. But I've been taking them all at night so the 'dumminess' part of the drug wears off as I sleep
Updated 12 days ago.
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How Long Do Topamax Side Effects Last?
I began Topamax a week and a half ago as a migraine prevention. I am experiencing random facial, hands, and feet numbness. Mental fogginess, dull headaches, and tiredness. For those of you who have had success with migraine prevention and have taken this medication for a long time. How long did your side effects last? I have heard only a few weeks. I'm not sure If I can deal with this constantly much longer. I am contemplating which is the lesser of the two evils side effects vs. migraines. I have lost 10 lbs. though. Any advice? ## I haven't used this medication, but what you are experiencing are normal side effects of it and I can tell you that in most cases, they start to taper off about 4 weeks, as your body adjusts to the medication. Have you consulted your doctor about the...
Updated 15 days ago.
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topomax for migraines
I started 50 mg of Topamax a week ago for migraines. How soon should I start seeing results if it is going to help? So far, the only side effect I have had is some numbness in my feet/hands and carbonated beverages tasting a little different. I was also curious if anyone has had success with topamax helping generalized pain like back or joint pain?
Updated 20 days ago.
migraines and topamax
I just recently started taking this for treating 6 to 8 migraines a month. I was using the max amount of meds every month for migraines and in constant pain and usually going in around every 3 to 4 months for a shot. If this sounds familiar you may want to try this drug. If was prescribed 25 mg. for a week which I have just made it though and now am on my second week of 50 mg. My biggest side effect is being tired. I am taking both pills at night instead of one in the morning and one at night. I am hoping to only have to take 50 mg, but we will see. So far so good, but I will up date on progress. ## I am addicted to Restyl since many years. I take 2 pills of 0.5mg every night. I also take Topamac 50 for migraine since last 4 months. Now since the last 7 days I decided to gradually reduc...
Updated 22 days ago.
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Upped my dosage today and feel terrible...
I went from 75mg (50mg at night, 25mg in the morning) yesterday and started my day with 50mg this morning. Since taking it at 9:45 AM, I've had diarrhea, lightheadedness, racing heart, nausea, shakiness, tingling in my hands and feet, mental fogginess, and just this general feeling of blah. I'm a 28/F and I've suffered with daily headaches since a car accident last year and my doctor prescribed topamax to help. I started out with 25mg and upped my dose every two weeks by 25mg until I reached 75mg. At 75mg I was down to 2-3 headaches a week and I thought that was acceptable until I saw her yesterday and she said she thought we could get me feeling even better. So I upped my dose this morning by 25mg for the first time in about a month and I feel AWFUL! Any insight would be gr...
Updated 1 month ago.
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bone pain from topamax
attention patients taking TOPAMAX Is anyone out there having SEVERE BONE PAIN THROUGH-OUT THEIR LEGS AND OR CHEST?...that is ignored by doctors; who insist is is NOT is side effect from this drug? I AM NOT CRAZY, BUT VERY FRUSTRATED. I am been on TOPAMAX for migraine prevention (low dose of 25 MG) for two years. I started getting bi-lateral leg pain which I was able to tolerate. this was not muscle pain; rather DEEP BONE PAIN IN THE FRONT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. TWO WEEKS AGO; MY NEUROLOGIST INCREASED DOSE TO 50MG. 'OMG'..MY BONE PAIN IS NOW EFFECTING MY LIFE AND KEEPING ME UP ALL NIGHT. I HAVE TAKEN NARCOTIC PAIN MEDS WITH NO RELIEF. I ENDED UP IN THE 'ER' WITH CHEST PAIN LASTING TWO DAYS. THEY TOLD ME IT WAS BONE PAIN AND NOT HEART RELATED. My doctor ordered blood work to ...
Updated 1 month ago.
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A fairly new user to Topamax
Hello everyone. I am a fairly new user to Topamax. Back in August I had Viral meningitis and Encephalitis. I was a very lucky girl. I had been sick for 2 days and had no idea why and just sort of brushed it off until I was basically delusional and my husband had to rush me to the hospital because I had no idea what I was doing. My mindset was basically that of a toddler. The doctors had told my husband and my mother that we were all very lucky because my brain had swollen so badly that any longer and I wouldn't have been around much longer. So that brings us to the present my neurologist is now doing a good bit of testing to see if I am suffering from seizures or if the results of my inconsistent EEG's are from severe migraine headaches. I have been on Topamax since the beginnin...
Updated 2 months ago.
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I cant stand the hideous side effects of any of the other bipolar drugs anymore .I take 450mg lithium now. Hoping topamax can work . ANYONE ON TOPAMAX? DRS DONT WANT TO USE IT. ## Topamax, which contains the active ingredient Topiramate, is an anticonvulsant. Some have used it to treat BiPolar disorder, but it is not approved for such uses, which is probably why most doctors do not want to prescribe it. It has some pretty serious side effects, too, include: nausea, headache, anorexia and memory prroblems. You can read more here: Has anyone else tried this medication for BiPolar disorder? ## I am currently on Toplep 50mg twice a day along with Nuzak 40mg. I have been diagnosed with Depression and Type II Bipolar. I had some memory loss in the beginning, more like forgetfulness. Mild head...
Updated 3 months ago.
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Had a seizure after coming off Topamax
I suffer from migraines-previously about 8 a month. My neurologist prescribed 100 mg Topamax, which cut the migraines back significantly to about 2 a month which can be treated with, in my case, Axert or Zomig. I began having really bad eye problems and other symptoms which prompted me to want to wean myself off. I was cut back to 50mg for a week and told to stop. On the 8th day off Topamax, I suffered a grand mal seizure and was taken my ambulance to the hopital. My neurologist will not suggest that it was the Topamax that caused the seizure. I have never had a seizure in my life and can't think of another cause for this. Has anyone else had this experience? I would really appreciate any insight, because I've been placed on another anti-seizure medication and told that by law I...
Updated 4 months ago.
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Valparin Side Effects on children
My son who is 3 and a half yrs old now, is on valparin200 since he was 6months old, due to seizures which started occuring when he was 6 months.Topamax 25mg was added to valparin200 bcos seizures continued to occur inspite of the valparin200 therapy. Now the condition is that he is showing great signs of recovery and understands almost everything. But the problem is that he is unable to speak properly, also he doesn,t have a proper bowel control. He also has the problem of non coordination of his body parts and is unable to run. There is also a problem of excessive saliva, constipation and frequent viral infections with him. Now provided the situation that he has't had a seizure for almost 1 year or so, i want to know what are the chances of him getting absolutely normal in behaviou...
Updated 4 months ago.
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Bi-polar disorder
I have been taking Topamax for about 2 months now to treat bi-polar disorder and have been having some side effects. I was having some dizziness and pins and needles feelings in my feet but both of those seemed to have gone away. The thing that wont go away is the trouble breathing. It feels like I am having a panic attack but im not. It comes on at any time of day even when I am not stressed. It feels as if someone is sitting on my chest and I cant take a deep breath. I can't find anything saying that this is a normal side effect. Has anyone else had this? I really want to stay on this medicine because it is helping me but this hard to breathe feeling is is really scaring me. Please help. ## Hello, Tana! How are you feeling? You really need to consult your doctor, as soon as possib...
Updated 4 months ago.
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I was prescribed topamax for migraines and was told i would get side effects of weight lost and depression ( was nervous to use because have suffered from eating disorders and depression before. I was completing my final year of high school and suffered bad migraines from increased studies. I started off taking 25mg then increased to 50. When I first start I felt fine, migraines were decreasing, expect I was eating alot less after being on it for about 6 months I only ate 2-3 times a week and had lost 17kg. I had no energy because I never wanted to eat and I had to force myself to eat and it was hard. I found myself very depressed at times. Then I stopped taking it and found myself even more depressed. I have started taking them again because I am studying again but haven't notice m...
Updated 5 months ago.
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34 on topamax for 7 years no issue now allergic ???
34 on topamax for severe migraines 100mg 1 a day for 7 years. I've had of course just the tingling nothing else ... Well at the beginning dr said I might lose weight I did about 20 but nothing else... Its been the best for migraines now all a sudden my abdomen hurts bad Chest pains.. Fevers non stop chills all time... I'm freezing...My fingertips are turning blue eyes are burning and feels As if pins are poking them.. So after 7 years I'm pretty upset it knowing what's going on and of course realizing more tests and of course Meds that most likely wont work... Anyone else had this issue ??? I have also recently had a kidney infection .. I know with topamax you must watch your fluid intake or it can cause stones.. So I'm very aware of te complications with the ...
Updated 6 months ago.
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seemingly backward side effects?
I haven't been taking topiramate for very long and finally decided to read the side effects today. It says it causes problems with cognition and can cause drowsiness, but I feel a ton more alert and clear headed than I have in a while. I have suffered from depression for years, and even the usual daily blues have gone away. I find my self having more energy and needing less sleep. The only thing I have noticed so far that goes along with side effects that others experience is that soda tastes HORRIBLE. Are the things I'm experiencing temporary and has anyone else had these side effects? (Prescribed for migraines, at 25 mg, stepping up to 50 at the end of the week, then 100 by the end of the next week) ## Not everyone experiences all of the side effects of any given medication. T...
Updated 7 months ago.
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Topomax and weight gain
I have been on Topamax for about 10 months, started at 25mg a day. Now at 50mg in the morning 50mg at bed time and I have gained so much weight since I started on this medicine, it has not helped with weight loss at all. I do not have migraines at all anymore but I am close to 30 lbs heavier. What can I do? any ideas? ## Hi, Lisa! How are you? I'm very sorry about the weight gain. But many medications are known to cause the opposite of the expected effects in some people that take them. Have you increased your activity rates and been careful with your diet? You may have already done so, but sometimes people don't think of the first and most obvious steps. Have you talked to your doctor about it? They may have additional ideas that can help you.
Updated 8 months ago.
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Chest Pain from Topiramate 25mg
I was recently prescribed Topiramate 25mg tablet to aid in post-concussion. After taking 1 pill last night, I am experiencing sharp chest pains, feeling like a bad case of heartburn. Is this a common reaction? I hesitate to take another pill again as I don't feel this is tolerable. ## Hi Teddy, Based on my research, chest pain and heartburn are both listed as side effects of Topiramate. Of the two side effects, chest pain is actually regarded as something serious that should be reported to your doctor immediately. Referenced from: In my opinion, it probably wouldn't be wise to take any more than you have to until you're able to get ahold of your doctor. Hopefully he or she can then suggest a safer alternative in...
Updated 9 months ago.
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