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Severe Stomach Pain and Trouble Breathing while taking Topamax
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I am a 25 year old female. I had been taking topamax (25mg in the morning and 25mg at night) for about three months for migraine prevention until four days ago. When I first began taking it I realized that I had a few side effects that were easy to find online. These included dizziness, tingling in the hands, feet, and face, as well as a change in the taste of coke (flat and nasty). I also noticed that the effects of drinking alcohol were exacerbated and led to a migraine each time. But besides those two migraines from drinking I did not have any other migraines, which was the only pro about taking this medication. About a month ago things got really bad for me. I began having severe pain in my upper abdomen on the left side where my stomach is. I also could not eat much since eating ma...
Updated 1 day ago.
Topamax and Binge Eating Disorder
30 Replies RSS
After trying two antidepressants and multiple therapists, my doctor has decided to prescribe me Topamax for my binge eating disorder. I used to also be bulimic, but thanks to therapy have ceased purging for about six months now. I wanted to get feedback from those whose have been prescribed Tomamax for binge eating disorder and/or bulimia. My binging includes consuming anything edible, including expired items in the trash and edible vitamins/supplements/spices, so it is a very serious case. I will binge to the point of illness and have gotten food poisoning from eating rancid food. Has anyone with binge eating disorder found Topamax to help them? If so, what dosage were you on and how long did it take to get relief? I am afraid to take another medication only to be let down again, but I...
Updated 2 days ago.
How Long Do Topamax Side Effects Last?
168 Replies RSS
I began Topamax a week and a half ago as a migraine prevention. I am experiencing random facial, hands, and feet numbness. Mental fogginess, dull headaches, and tiredness. For those of you who have had success with migraine prevention and have taken this medication for a long time: How long did your side effects last? I have heard only a few weeks. I'm not sure If I can deal with this constantly much longer. I am contemplating which is the lesser of the two evils side effects vs. migraines. I have lost 10 lbs. though. Any advice? ## I haven't used this medication, but what you are experiencing are normal side effects of it and I can tell you that in most cases, they start to taper off about 4 weeks, as your body adjusts to the medication. Have you consulted your doctor about the...
Updated 13 days ago.
How long until the side effects of Topamax will wear off?
23 Replies RSS
I am 18 years old, I have been getting daily headaches for about two years. I went to my Neurologist about three months ago and he prescribed me Topamax. I have been taking it for these three months (approximately), starting out at 25mg a day, and now I am up to 100mg a day. Well, this past week has been really hectic for me. I have been watching five kids and a few family issues have come up, so in short; on Tuesday night I forgot to take my night time dosage (75mg) of my meds. Wednesday morning I was feeling weird. At first I didn't understand why I felt so weird, but I felt awful. Midway through the day my boyfriend had asked me if I took my meds, so in a panic I remembered that I hadn't taken not only the night before but that mornings either. Knowing that it pretty much wor...
Updated 26 days ago.
bone pain from topamax
12 Replies RSS
attention patients taking TOPAMAX Is anyone out there having SEVERE BONE PAIN THROUGH-OUT THEIR LEGS AND OR CHEST?...that is ignored by doctors; who insist is is NOT is side effect from this drug? I AM NOT CRAZY, BUT VERY FRUSTRATED. I am been on TOPAMAX for migraine prevention (low dose of 25 MG) for two years. I started getting bi-lateral leg pain which I was able to tolerate. this was not muscle pain; rather DEEP BONE PAIN IN THE FRONT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. TWO WEEKS AGO; MY NEUROLOGIST INCREASED DOSE TO 50MG. 'OMG'..MY BONE PAIN IS NOW EFFECTING MY LIFE AND KEEPING ME UP ALL NIGHT. I HAVE TAKEN NARCOTIC PAIN MEDS WITH NO RELIEF. I ENDED UP IN THE 'ER' WITH CHEST PAIN LASTING TWO DAYS. THEY TOLD ME IT WAS BONE PAIN AND NOT HEART RELATED. My doctor ordered blood work to ...
Updated 29 days ago.
Topamax should be taken off the market
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If you're thinking about taking Topamax or you're taking Topamax, please do your research and consider other alternative medications. Topamax is such a horrible drug! My neurologist put me on it for migraines. I was taking 150mg daily. It actually caused me to have Aura migraines, which I had never had before. I had almost every single side effect from it, tingling in my hands and feet, Brain fog, memory loss, cognitive impairment, slurred speech, problems spelling, anxiety, visual disturbances. My hair was falling out in clumps! It causes irreversible alopecia. I did some research on it and found out what a horrible drug it is and how people were having withdrawals after trying to stop and ended up back on the medication because of the withdrawals. I decided right then and there t
Updated 2 months ago.
Had a seizure after coming off Topamax
9 Replies RSS
I suffer from migraines-previously about 8 a month. My neurologist prescribed 100 mg Topamax, which cut the migraines back significantly to about 2 a month which can be treated with, in my case, Axert or Zomig. I began having really bad eye problems and other symptoms which prompted me to want to wean myself off. I was cut back to 50mg for a week and told to stop. On the 8th day off Topamax, I suffered a grand mal seizure and was taken my ambulance to the hopital. My neurologist will not suggest that it was the Topamax that caused the seizure. I have never had a seizure in my life and can't think of another cause for this. Has anyone else had this experience? I would really appreciate any insight, because I've been placed on another anti-seizure medication and told that by law I...
Updated 2 months ago.
topamax and muscle spasms in left knee
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I was put on Wellbutrin 150 XL..and for awhile did really well on that. Then started feeling somewhat depressed again and she increased it to 300 XL once a day. That's when I noticed muscle tics in my lower legs right before I went to sleep or upon waking up. Then started having twitches in stomach, buttocks, then under lips, inside cheeks, then under left eye. I went to my pharmacist and he said he hears alot of complaints about Topamax which I have been on for 8 months. 25mg in morning..50 mg at night. Talked to Psychiatrist who said I do not need to worry about Arrive Dyskensia..and she kept me on Topamax and put me on Wellbutrin SR 200 once a day..and told me to get my electrolyte levels checked. Went to Doctor, he said they did blood work 4 months ago, and I was not deficient i...
Updated 3 months ago.
Topamax and eye twitching
88 Replies RSS
Hi, I have been using Topamax for depression for 12 months and must admit that it has been very sucessful. The one major draw back is that I have developed a very annoying eye twitch. It only affects one eye, but is very noticeable. I was taking 100 mg twice a day, but have decreased it to 100 mg daily. The twitch has decreased somewhat, and I realize that I now have to come off this drug completely to get rid of the twitch entirely. Has anyone else experienced this problem. I read 1 other reader, but are there more? ## Sorry it took so long to reply. I had the same problem with Topamax which I use for epilepsy. It is the coating of the 100 mg for me. The 50 mg does not cause this on me, so I take 2/50 mg tablets instead. Ever heard of Topamax causing gout? ## I've developed an eye ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Topamax and drug testing
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Is Topamax a narcotic? I am on probation and don't need to take any narcotics. I do not want to fail any drug tests.
Updated 3 months ago.
2 Replies RSS
HI MY DOCTOR INCREASED ME FORM 50MG IN MORNING TO 50MG IN MORNING AND AN ADDITIONAL 25MG AT NIGHT FOR 2 WEEKS AND THEN UP TO 50MG AT NIGHT. i AM ON DAY 5 OF THE NIGHT AND FEEL A LITTLE WEIRD WILL THAT WEAR OFF I HAVE BEEN FINE SO FAR I CANT REMEMBER IF I HAD PROBLEMS WHEN I FIRST STARTED ## Hello, Amy! How are you? What specifically do you mean by saying you feel weird? I'm sorry, but the usage of that term can vary broadly, so when it comes to medications, it is very hard to know what specific symptoms someone might be experiencing. The FDA lists the common side effects for this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings, and weight changes. ## Headaches just dull, a little spacey's wearing off a little now I have been on seco...
Updated 3 months ago.
topamax phentermine contrave
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May I take these together (phentermine, topamax, contrave)? They were prescribed for weight loss. ## Has your doctor instructed you take them all at once? That would be very unusual. In most cases, as reported by the FDA, taking all of these at once, could result in elevated blood pressure, elevated heart rate, severe insomnia nervousness, anxiety, and anorexia, any of which could be fatal.
Updated 3 months ago.
is topamax 50mg tablet time released
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I was just put on this medicine and I was wondering if this Topamax is a time released medicine? ## What are the markings on the tablet you are taking? The 50mg dosage is available in both a regular release formulation and a time released one, according to NIH records. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and mood changes.
Updated 3 months ago.
Topamax and gastro issues
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I'm going to be going back on Topamax after coming off it due to gastrointestinal issues. It is the only thing that keeps me from getting migraines and there is no pain involved with the stomach problems. However, the side effect is unpleasant. Basically I have liquid bowels when I use it. Even after taking it over 6 months. Will that go away or is there a way I can counteract that?
Updated 4 months ago.
Weaning off topamax 50 mg
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I started topamax 3 weeks ago at 25 mg, then one week later up to 50. I had a severe allergic reaction. My doctor said to wean off 25 mg every other day... I'm very sick. Any advice for withdrawals and side effects? ## What type of allergic reaction have you experienced? If it was a severe one, as you said, then it is very odd that he would have you continue taking it, at all, rather than having you just stop it and switch to a different medication. Having only been on it for 3 weeks, you likely won't experience any severe withdrawal effects, while a sudden withdrawal may create a risk of seizures, according to the FDA, the can usually be mitigated by switching to a different medication that's used to treat the same disorders.
Updated 5 months ago.
Worried about starting topamax second time around,
4 Replies RSS
Hi,Really am looking for some help with taking this medicine Topamax .I have taken it before about 6 years ago for an ad on to my antidepressant and it helped with Sleep and it helped with my anxiety, was great to stable my moods,and the weight loss was an added bonus about 32pds...;however the side effects were not good Had hair loss, back pain,,,memory was affected but seemed to adjust after a while, But this time around I really need to take it.for several reasons,I need the sleep benefit,,,plus really need the help with weight loss greatly to take pressure off my knee hopefully to prevent knee surgery;however I have read so many bad things I am scared to death to keepbtakingbthis Med.If anyone can shed some light on this I would sincerely appreciate it.Thanks ## Hello, John! How are...
Updated 5 months ago.
withdraw from topamax
6 Replies RSS
So, I was on Topamax once before a little over a year ago for my chronic migraines, and it took away my migraines but it basically made me stupid with the knowledge of a 5 year old, and I was having complete body numbness so my doctor took me off but I never had any withdraw problems. Here I am a year later after trying various medications that were unsuccessful at taking my migraines away, my nuerologist perscribes me to Trokendi XR (which is topamax just like off brand) and he tells me that it wouldn't have as bad of side effects as Topamax... Well he was wrong because my side effects were worse. My body always felt numb and I could never feel my face. I went back to having a low IQ and I just couldn't take it anymore. I went and saw a new nuerologist at Cleveland Clinic a lit...
Updated 6 months ago.
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I cant stand the hideous side effects of any of the other bipolar drugs anymore .I take 450mg lithium now. Hoping topamax can work . ANYONE ON TOPAMAX? DRS DONT WANT TO USE IT. ## Topamax, which contains the active ingredient Topiramate, is an anticonvulsant. Some have used it to treat BiPolar disorder, but it is not approved for such uses, which is probably why most doctors do not want to prescribe it. It has some pretty serious side effects, too, include: nausea, headache, anorexia and memory prroblems. You can read more here: Has anyone else tried this medication for BiPolar disorder? ## I am currently on Toplep 50mg twice a day along with Nuzak 40mg. I have been diagnosed with Depression and Type II Bipolar. I had some memory loss in the beginning, more like forgetfulness. Mild head...
Updated 6 months ago.
Topamax withdrawal
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I have been on Topamax for over 15 years for Bipolar.....And it Does Work. However I don't Like the Brain Fog it causes and I can be a real b**** at times. I am gradually weaning myself off. I have started using cannabis oil and have found this works much better for me.
Updated 7 months ago.
medication low traces for topamax, zoloft and buspar
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Hello, I am taking buspar, topamax and zoloft. At court my drug test results were NEGATIVE but showed traces of benzo, barbituates, pcp and marijuana. I have been clean for over three months and although the results said negative, the child advocate and lawyer said that I was positive because of very low traces. Does that happen??
Updated 8 months ago.

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