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Iris17 Says:
Hey Guys!
So I went to the pharmacy to pick up my monthly pack of LoEstrin 24 Fe two weeks ago, only to find out that the makers of LoEstrin 24 Fe discontinued the pills and are replacing it with Minastrin 24 Fe. (I am VERY disappointed to report that I was NEVER notified of the discontinuation, as my reproductive health care is apparently not a priority of my pharmacy or my doctor). My pharmacist says it's the same pill as it is made by the same company and contains the same amount of hormones in it, the only difference is that this pill is chewable. The pharmacist then proceeded to tell me that she would be happy to fill in the prescription for me expect that since she could not get a hold of my doctor to approve the Minastrin, I could not purchase it which caused me to start my pack late. I was supposed start the new pack on a Sunday at 9pm but did not start it until Monday morning at 10:40am when the pharmacist finally got a hold of my doctor (this would put me at taking the pill roughly 13 hours late). I then proceeded to take my normal dosage for Monday night at 9pm. When my boyfriend and I are sexually active we always use condoms and pull out, in addition to taking the pills but since I started my pack late, I'm very worried that my birth control pills aren't effective. I haven't been sexually active at all this month because I'm too nervous about an unplanned pregnancy. The pharmacist told me that as long as I double up on taking two pills on Monday (which is what I did) I should be fine and no additional contraceptive is needed but the nurse at my gyno's office says that the pills won't be effective for two weeks and that during that time I need to use another form of contraception. I don't know who to believe! Does anyone have any insight on this, or has anyone been through something like this while making the switch from LoEstrin 24 Fe to Minastrin 24 Fe? Is there a high possiblity that a pregnancy could occur if I decide to become sexually active this month, as I started the new pill pack late? Thanks for your help!

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Lady Says:
I have been on Loestrin 24 nonstop since February of 2008. I have never had any problems with this pill. Not a day of breakthrough bleeding, no mood swings, weight gain, etc. I switched in early September. I have had nonstop breakthrough bleeding since the second week of September. Some days I just need a panty liner, other days I need a tampon (though even regular tampon doesn't get filled halfway over 24 hours).

It's just nuts. I think I'm in the clear, then I'll start bleeding again halfway through the day. My weight is also unstable. I gained weight, then I lost what I gained plus 6 pounds, now it seems to be very easy to lose or gain weight.

I am not pregnant. I have no STDs. (yearly tests). It's the pill.

I was assured by my pharmacist that it would be exactly the same and I would experience no symptoms. Instead I have cramping, random headaches, and all sorts of crazy stuff going on with my body. Perhaps once I get through the "3-4 month break in period" I should be fine, but if this doesn't stop soon, I'm switching to an IUD.

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Carebear30 Says:
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My first month on ministries 24 Fe as i stated above in my previous post. My cycle started on Wednesday and here it is Monday and I'm still having the "your period is almost over type discharge." i had actual bleeding for at least 2 days. Not sure why I'm not off yet. Has anyone else experienced this on there first cycle with this pill?

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Tuscal Says:
OMG the same side effects for me too. I hate it i have ache now and cramps all day everyday.

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Tuscal Says:
Yes me too.! Omg ive had cramps, extreamly emotinonal and ache.. You name it. I feel like im going to start everyday. I hate this, plus the messed up dreams... Glad im not crazy.!

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Carebear30 Says:
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*Tuscal: how long have you been Minasrtin? Are you having the "left over period discharge" (as i call it) lol? Spoke with a Nurse a few minutes ago...she told me to give it at least 2 to 3 months to give my body a chance to get adjusted. I just want a2 or 3 day cycle, with no extra stuff. I'm usually 7 days which why i wanted a different pill. This inequality shorten the flow a lot!!! But I'm still wearing liners in day 5. I really thought at least on day 3 i would be finished.....frustrating

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Flipping out Says:
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I'm losing my hair. One and a half months on minastrin Fe, and I have lost half my head of hair. Same ingredients ? Sure ok

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Cait Says:
I completely stopped taking this pill after the first week of my second month and I'm already feeling better. This pill is absolutely not the same as Loestrin and that is all I am reading from other reviews as well. I haven't really found ANYONE who is happy with it.

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Carebear30 Says:
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This is crazy!....smh. What are you taking now? Just started my second pack Sunday. I'm going to try to listen to my Dr and at least complete the second month. I'm super nervous though. Reading all the updates are really making me weary. I honestly hope my hair doesn't start falling out SERIOUSLY!!.....geesh....whatever.

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Katie Says:
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My sister and I both recently switched to minastrin as well, with no notice whatsoever. The first month we were fine, but last week i got my period heavily in the middle of the month (while on active pills, not placebos) with horrible cramps. It lasted a week. I used to get basically nothing for a day or 2 and some months no period at all on loestrin. I have also been getting terrible acne, worse than i ha as a teenager (im 25). Also last week my sister was rushed to the hospital with an ovarian cyst that ruptured (she and i are both on the pill because of a history of cysts.) Minastrin cannot possibly have the same hormonal makeup as loestrin. Im hoping this is just an adjustment period, but if it doesnt get better after another month were switching!!

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nats Says:
Hi guys, I started minastrin last month after being on loest for years was suppose to get my prriod last week, it never came. Naturally I ran to cvs after s night of prayer and no sleep to get a prego was negative thank goodness. Still no period? Did anyone else experiencd this? I am so emotional, I burst into tears at work on friday sobbing uncontrollably running to the bathroom.. I also experienced nausea. I am suppose to start my new cycle today, but after reading the other issues with this pill I really dont want to...wish I could send it back to the company that made itand get my money back , so I can try something else rather..

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Katie Says:
Hello everyone! I've been having the same issues as all on here. Awful PMS, mood swings, acne, you name it I got it and NEVER had it before. I called my doctor and she said that there is possibly some additives that are in Minastrin that are not in Lo Estrin that could be causing my issues. Her solution was actually quite great. She prescribed me TWO PACKS of Lo Estrin 1/20. Exact same pill, but only 3 active weeks. I take those 3 weeks as normal, but then "borrow" three pills from the 2nd pack to make 24 active pills. I keep the 2nd pack and will borrow until those are gone. So it's REALLY exactly like being on Lo Estrin 24, we just got creative about it.

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CG4 Says:
I was on Loestrin 24 fe for 3 years with NO PROBLEMS. I loved it. My periods lasted less than 2 days, cleared my skin, and I didn't gain weight. Then I was forced to switch to Minastrin, which is supposedly the same pill, but just chewable. It's been a TERRIBLE experience. I've had a chronic yeast infection straight through the 3 months I've been on it and it won't respond to any prescription medication. I've also had severe cramps during my period and acne. There is no way this medication is the same and I want Loestrin back on the market.

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Heather Says:
Seriously! I was told by the nurse that I didn't have to chew it, swallowing is fine. I haven't been on the pill in 4 years...and my last was was NEVER THIS BAD. I am nauseous pretty much ALL the time. Just started my second week. This is crazy. Not to mention..I had a breakdown..(which isn't abnormal for me to have, have them at least once a year understandably from my living situations)..but considering how im new on this new say it played a part. I was also supposed to start sometime soon when I saw my new OBGYN doc last week..told her that but she didn't really say yes or no, just nodding and talking.'s been about a month now, no period. Was supposed to start like...the 13th?? So..yeah im freaking out.

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gerrilyn Says:
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The same thing is happening to me. I been bleeding for weeks

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ellenO Says:
I have switched from Loestrin 24 and have been taking Minastrin 24 now for 3 months (going into 4th). All I have to say is that IT"S TERRIBLE. I am extremely anxious, irritable and hard to be around. Everyone around me is suffering and I hate being like this. My fuse is way too short... Also, gained weight and feel bloated 9not in my belly but just retaining water in general).
How is it possible that the components of both drugs are the same yet everyone here is unhappy with the side effects of Minastrin???
I am forced to be on birth control due to endometriosis. But does it have to be this bad?

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Renee Says:
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I was on Loestrin 24 Fe for a little over 3 years before basically being forced to switch to Minastrin 24 Fe. I was scared to take it after all the negative reviews, but so far I have not experienced any terrible side effects. I have currently just started my second pill pack and my period came yesterday and lasted through today after taking my last placebo pill. I noticed signs of a yeast infection last week, but I'm not sure if that's due to the pill. I do not have any complaints as of right now, but I will most likely be switching because I don't like chewing the pill

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gerrilyn Says:
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I feel ta. I was d same way very anxious and any little thing tick me completely off

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Cookie58 Says:
This pill is terrible! Not only did everyone fail to tell me it was chewable (which i am uncorfortable with) but the side effects are beyond bad! My chest has been sore the entire time i have taken them, I have gained weight, I have so much water retention that it is hard for me to type at work and I can only wear flats unless i want to be in great pain, my vision is blurry at times and i get nauseated at random. I want to cry over everything. I have only taken it for 2 months and that was 2 months too long. Have your doctor switch your BC's, that's what I did!

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Crimcrim Says:
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I'm 21 years old, and just started Minastrin today after using Loestrin for 2 years. I've been reading up on what everyone has been saying on various sites, and I'm pretty pissed off about it since my gyno told me that it was he exact same pill, just chewable. If that were the case, no one would be having these side effects. I loved Loestrin, never ever had any problems with it.

They better go back to using the old formula if this many people are having such problems. Right now I'm bracing myself for any of those side effects, and will definitely consider changing pills if that's what it takes.

Pretty disappointed this is happening.

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gerrilyn Says:
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I got off minastrin and started on lo lolestrin fe. Tgey work fine

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