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Comments Submitted Says:
Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy?

Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects.


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I do not have ulcerative colitis or crohns Says:
I used Suprep before my last colonoscopy and was told that the lining of my colon was irritated and indicated that I had either Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. I had no symptoms prior to this and have had none since. The nurse informed me that other patients had been surprised by the same diagnosis, after using Suprep. I refused any treatment for these conditions and suspect the colon lining was irritated by the Suprep. I will know more after my next colonoscopy, because I intend to use the Go Lightly prep, as I had no irritation noted in previous colonoscopies. I believe the diet restrictions, for 5 days prior to using the Suprep, are much harder to follow than just using the Go Lightly.

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JCR Says:
Having first colonoscopy tomorrow. Took first dose of Suprep at 2:00pm. Followed suggestions about chilling the Suprep and using a straw. Was nasty but got it down. Started working in 45 minutes. Ate lightly yesterday but I was going on and off until 6:30. Mostly water. Next dose is at 9:00pm. Using Vaseline but will definitely get preparation H for my husband when he goes for his colonoscopy. My poor hole is sore! Have been hydrating all day so I think that helped me. Time to get ready for second dose. Hope it won't keep me going for 4 1/2 hours! Thanks to all for the great tips!

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Denise Says:
My first time doing this at 48years old and after chivying half the first dose in 2 gulps istarted having trouble with the extreme saltiness of the stuff then vomited a bit and finally finished it. Drank 16oz water and 16 yellow gaterade after but the saltiness of the gatorade was killing me. This prompted me to go online and read peoples comments. I laughed at the colini cocktai video then surmised that mint and gingerale and a straw is what I would try for the 230am round. I put a bit of mouthwash on my tongue and spit then sucked down half with straw gargeled with gingerale to get salty taste out and repeated twice had just about an 8th left tried again then vomited a bit again and didn't quite finish the last bit but close enough. As far as the pooping no cramps just gurgles coming out like water took about half hour to kick in both times. I ate light day before doing liquids and hello. Gotta go!

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Nancy Says:
The best thing I can say about Suprep is that it works. Everything else about it is bloody awful. The taste was clawingly sweet/salty. I started my first dose at 4:00 pm as per instructions. I spent more time in the bathroom with this prep than I did for the the other two colonoscopy"s I've had. I can't remember the other two preps but they weren't as bad as Suprep. Besides the taste, I found it hard to get through the two 16oz bottles of water in an hour. Then the dread about the second dose kept me tossing and turning trying to get some sleep before the 2:30 am!! repeat. The second round was harder to get down than the first and started working almost immediately. Needless to say, no more sleep until the actual colonoscopy this morning at 8:00am. The BEST ADVICE I can give anyone no matter what kind of prep they use is to start the liquid diet two days before the procedure instead of the directed one day before. And even before that, eat a soft diet the day before the two day fast. I'm convinced that helps all preps work completely. My Dr. told me for the next one, we'll discuss using something else.

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kevin Says:
via mobile
I'm a 22 yr old male whos had stomach pains for the past year and I was filled with anxiety about possible complications and I'm happy to tell you that I've not been having a bad time with it....what I did was I drank 1/4th of the first bottle every 15-20 mins drinking water in between each drink so it took around an hour to complete the first bottle but I've had minimal problems also when you mix the prep with water use warm to room temp water to avoid chills I'm going in tomorrow morning for the procedure hope this helped good luck to all and may god watch over you guys :-)

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Sam Says:
I just had a colonoscopy yesterday. The day before was my prep day. I was nervous about doing the prep which was supposed to be done at 5 pm then 11pm. My main concern was not the taste of the suprep but I was wondering how long it would take to work, was it going to give me cramps or make me nauseous. During the day I ate chicken soup broth only because I was hungry and drank during the day water, juice...At 3 o'clock I decided to do the prep.I mixed the suprep with water and used a straw. I drank it down pretty quickly and must say the taste was not good ,however it was over so quickly.I followed to 16 ounce bottles of water within the hour. It only took 10 min before it kicked in.No pain what's so ever.Truly no big deal.I took the second at 9. It was harder the second time. Ended up only drinking half. My bowel movement was perfectly clear after the first dose so I knew I would be fine. It gives you a very full feeling but passes quickly. All in all THIS WAS NOT A BAD EXPERIENCE AT ALL! Colonoscopy went great....Please don't worry. I'm a nervous Nellie and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again in five years!

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Goldie Says:
Survived my first colonoscopy is DONE IN ONE (time that is) and you can do it if I did. Routine, 51 year old female, First Su-Prep 4pm and began in 15 minutes and I kept a tablet—believe me, you better stay on the toilet and sure it works differently for everyone, but man, I went forever for 3 hours. I kept the bottles in the fridge and mixed with cold water and drank the water. The taste was salty grape and very thin. I used a straw and rubbed a mint on my tongue to help. My stomach began to harden and it gurgled and it began. I had a slight headache but no other issues. I read magazines and messaged friends who had similar experience on FB and chatted. I was able to rest. The second prep was 11 pm and I didn’t think that it would be a problem but it was harder getting that second one down but I was determined. I was up another 2 hours but only went 5x. I slept from 2-6am when I awoke. I went again at the dr’s office and my procedure was 9am sharp and I was in recovery at 9:30. Polyp removed no retest for 3 years. I feel fantastic!! I am very proud of myself.

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Michelle Says:
29 yrs old and first time ever having a colonoscopy. Suprep thus far has not been bad. Starting working within 15 minutes. Doesn't have a bad taste. My doc told me mix with sprite. I'm staying in the bathroom but other than a raw butt I can't complain.

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mary Says:
via mobile
1st time using suprep. 2nd colonoscopy. Suprep much better than the miralax. Tasted like very salty watered down berry cough syrup. I drank it at room temperature, slow and steady, with tiny sips of flat ginger ale in between. Results in 1/2 hour! Stayed in bathroom for an hour. Use Vaseline on bottom..before, during and after! Worked great. Harder to get the 2nd dose down but by standing up and drinking slow & steady &at room temperature I kept it all down & results again within 1/2 hour. Flat ginger ale really helped me a lot. I also had a very light diet for3 days before starting the prep.

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Annie Says:
I recently had a colonoscopy and asked the pharmacist which was easiest. He told me Trilyte, which was a snap. I hated the flavorings and just chugged each 8 oz glass, then ate a sugar cube. It was very easy. Hope that helps you make a decision. My gastro said it was very effective.

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Biff Says:
So here I am sitting on the potty with my laptop. Took Bottle 1 of Suprep an hour and a half ago. It started working after 1 hour. I must say, this is truly disgusting -- both the drink and the results. But it is also a life saver: I have a strong family history of colon cancer and my last colo at age 57 picked up extensive pre-cancerous polyps. So the procedure saved my life. I guess you just have to do what you have to do.

In closing: What's the definition of a colonoscope: a hollow tube with an a**hole at both ends!

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CC Says:
so what did the doc say about that? was there an underlying problem that this product didn't work for two days on you? did you ever get your exam?

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hedda1227 Says:
via mobile
IF U READ THIS TONIGHT- try to make some warm broth-----> IT HELPED!!! Drink the Subprep room temp, and the broth luke warm!! Also- my broth was a mix of tomato & beef boullion. Don't quit! You'll be surprised at the results!!!

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Tom Says:
I wish I would have seen some of the hints to drinking this before I tried. Following listed directions I thought "no problem, it's nasty, I can chug it down" I drank about 1/4 of the mixed cup and almost threw up, then held my nose and drank down to about a half and did throw up, right back into the remaining cup in the sink.

Don't know what to do about my appointment tomorrow, no way in hell I can drink anymore, maybe if I chilled it, added a flavor pack of something and used a straw to get it past my taste buds as suggested it might have worked. I have sensitive taste buds, can't drink most diet sodas and thought Diet Dr. Pepper was the most vile thing I ever tried to drink until this. How my mom and some friends managed this I'll never know?

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hedda1227 Says:
via mobile
I had that same exact problem!! After 2 tries of downing my original prescribed cleanse, my Dr. gave me Subprep for my 3rd attempt. I was only able to consume 1/3 of the night dose. After vomiting for 2 hours, I started to drink warm broth for the chaser. It helped tremendously!! But- not one bowel movement the WHOLE night. Called the advice nurse, & she suggested I continue with the a.m. dose. I only drank 1/4 of it- had one regular bowel movement before my procedure!! Dr. said I was completely cleaned & clear for the procedure!!!

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Dede Says:
via mobile
So taking "shots" of Gatorade very helpful for second dose. I still threw up but held more down this time. But I think having Gatorade nearby and in between nasty gulps of the prep stuff rly helps ease you esp from the aftertaste causing a gag reflex

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Dede Says:
via mobile
Ah ! Thankyou. I'm hoping that my case is there's just not much to move which would be ok by me. But like everyone else I just don't want to have to repeat it yuck

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Kathy Says:
via mobile
I threw up after all prep and 1 1/1 bottled 16 oz waters down. Moved bowels once( just before throwing up) then called doctor. Was told take 1/2 dose in morning, threw that up too, no more bowel movements. Was scared I would have to return and endure another prep. How I was as doctor said clean as a whistle mystified me but who knows. I hope all goes well for you

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Dede Says:
via mobile
I just took the first dose and vomited after I drank it all and was able to drink the two glasses if water after before I threw up agaun. Will it still work? I don't feel like I threw it all up... It's only been just over an hour...

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Jill Says:
I have ulcerative colitis and had my 3rd colonoscopy yesterday. As far as preps this one was the best one. Previously did the pills and the gallon jug prep. Would go for a colonoscopy every other month if it weren't for the prep. After a long over due amount of time I bit the bullet and did the suprep. Some helpful hints..... Refrigerate the bottles 24 hours prior to use and use cold water to mix. Have chicken broth on hand, ice tea, lemon ice, and mint ( I used peppermint) gum. Use a straw to drink. Take a few big sips and broth right after then some lemon ice. After doing this I decided to chew some mint gum to tame the nausea. By chewing the gum ( keep refreshing the pieces so it's minty, and drinking the suprep then eating some lemon ice it was almost like numbing your taste buds mixing mint and lemon ice. I found it very helpful in getting it down although still unpleasant. Halfway through the mixture I did vomit but was able to continue once I decided to use the gum. Was dreading the next morning but it was better and I drank it faster maybe because my head knew what to expect and I realized the gum and ice helped. Hope this was helpful!

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