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Comments Submitted Says:
Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy? Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects. Thanks!

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Relieved Says:
I googled "how long does Suprep take to work" (so that I could plan accordingly) and I came up with this sight.

Many of the comments here scared me. So I wanted to offer some insight....really, it's not that bad. At least for me.

Insite: I'm a very healthy (at least on the outside, about to get my insides checked) 41 year old guy. I'm having this done because my father's family side of colons are like a ninja...a silent but deadly killer. Plus my 33 year old sister, who might just be the healthiest eater on the planet (puts me to shame, and people make fun of my good eating habits) just had her rotor rooter exam done, and they already found a pre-cancerous polyp. We all have to die way, but I'd prefer dying in my sleep at age 99, (but preferably not while behind the wheel of a car) over colon cancer. So an early colonoscopy for me.

After reading all these comments, I thought for sure that the prep would taste like I was drinking rotten blood mixed with old bait. Or mothballs mixed with motor oil. But really, after not eating anything for over 24 hours, it just tasted like kool-aid on steroids. Took me back the the old days of drinking "bug juice" at camp when I was a kid. The kind that some teenage counselor who failed measurements made with a one to one ratio of bug juice mix to water. In fact, my doctor's instructions told me I should drink the first 8 oz in the first 15 minutes, and I found it hard not to consume the whole thing all at once because I was so hungry. As a side note, I considered chewing on the cardboard box the prep came in.

No chills, but I imagine that if you drink 48 oz of cold fluid, you are going to be cold. It doesn't seem like rocket science. Your tummy does not have a fur coat (lets hope). If you stick 48 ounces of water at 35 degrees in your stomach, and it comes out the back end moments later at 98 degrees, you are going to be cold to the core. Personally, I just drank it luke warm and had no issues.

No headache. Well, a low grade one. Maybe that had to do with the six beers I drank the night before to try and quell the fear of the upcoming day. My bet is that most people's headache came from not eating anything for the last 24 hours. This "not eating thing" is the hardest part for me. Did I mention I was hungry?

DO make sure that you wash your "area" as well as possible after every movement so you don't get diaper rash. Use something wet.

Not sure where the "no fiber" thing comes from. I never heard of this, and I eat a very high fiber diet compared to the average American. When I read people stopped taking fiber 3-4 days in advance, I was a little worried. Would I explode, or just get doubled over in cramps and call 911 from the shearing pain? But it hasn't caused any issues at all. In fact, "no fiber" makes no sense at all to me. Fiber makes thing move more quickly down there. So long as you drink plenty of fluids- in which case it acts more like concrete. I'd bet it made it easier. I already have several easy movements a day. Seems like if you had a couple of bricks stuffed up there from eating processed food, it'd be harder to pass a quick time.

So, now I sit on the pot at with my second treatment of colon blow going through my system at oh-dark-thirty, with my bowel movements sounding more like an elephant is peeing in the toilet (as well as the appearance of pee), I feel relieved that this whole thing was super easy. Except for the not eating part. That was the hardest part. In case I forgot to mention that.

Here's to hoping we all have an internal organ we can be proud of...

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First Timer Says:
Used Suprep this week for my first colonoscopy. It really helped to bite a lemon, drink the cold Suprep mixture with a straw from a lidded cup, bite a lemon, repeat. Not so bad. The actual dreaded prep part was tolerable, I think because I also did a liquid diet 2 days prior to the exam and liquid / soft foods (soft boiled eggs, yogurt) for two days before that. It helped a lot to have several types of Gatorade and other drinks and hot broth flavors on hand for variety. Two days before the colonoscopy I luckily found Boost hi-protein drink (15 grams of protein!), a dietary supplement, in vanilla flavor. No dairy and no fiber. My doc even allowed it on the day before the colonoscopy. After what I'd (not) been eating, it tasted like a vanilla milkshake. And the protein in Boost really helped me feel full and ok. Oh-the worst part: my behind really burned. Desitin definitely helped. Also Preparation H wipes and soft toilet tissue!

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valerie Says:
Had Suprep last night at 6pm, yes it does taste really bad. Felt bloated and nauseous, but kept it down. 12 hours passed before any results! I've always had a slow digestive tract, maybe should have mentioned that to the Nurse who called to confirm on Friday. Have nausea and headache now, and don't think there is time for the second dose to work anyway, so I'm going to skip it. My colonoscopy is in 2 1/2 hours! If I'm not ready by then perhaps there is a Plan B? Don't think I would do this prep again. Yikes!

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Auntie ann Says:
First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who has posted all the helpful tips! It actually is like having a large group of friends I never met, and we're all going through this experience together. As I sit here on the toilet, big bath towel over my lap for comfort for and kind of a table for my iPad, all of the helpful tips are getting me through this. What has helped me: sipping the suprep with a straw. I don't breathe at all through my nose to help avoid tasting it. Also, I just can't chug it, but instead I take small steady sips which drag out over 30 minutes for each suprep bottle. Drinking 2 16 0ounce glasses of water to chase it down was truly enjoyable. Clean, fresh water. The pharmacist recommended lemon or lime Gatorade to replace the electrolytes, so I will add that to the very last 16 ounce glass of clear liquid. I was tempted not to take the 2nd phase of the suprep because I thought I was cleaned out after the first phase. That being said, so glad I decided to take the 2nd phase, because I was obviously not completely cleaned out yet. My final suggestion is taken from another poster who used Vaseline on their rectum so they wouldn't get raw. I used Aquaphor instead, which basically has the consistency of Vaseline but also has soothing, healing properties to it. Highly recommend! Thanks to all my colon prep friends!

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incomedisparitybuff Says:
It works but the bulk costs of the contents is 23 cents. When I say bulk I am talking a pound or so. They may buy in bigger quantities for manufacturing.

The pharmacy charged me $80 so their profit margin is 99.72 percent

I am surprised the price is so low because pharmaceutical company executives have to pay a fortune for their country club memberships, world cruises. Ferraris, and all the other necessities of life.

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cocoam Says:
Tom, you sound like you're prepared for the prep. My #1 recommendation is to NOT chill the mixture. Just use cool tap water. No wonder all these people complain about the chills. Easiest way to get it down is chug it with a little Gatorade chaser (or the equivalent). Then chug that water down too. It's amazing how accommodating your digestive system is. Don't worry about not making it to the bathroom, you'll get a preliminary indication. Good luck. You'll sleep right through the procedure and will be back to normal by late afternoon. BTW, takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 or 4 hours for the first dose to kick in.

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Tom Says:
I've done this colonoscopy thing with prior flush, two times before. Haven't done this one yet with Suprep. So I'm looking mostly around for what I can expect in terms of time spent on the toilet and when that will begin and end. From what I am reading, however, many of you need to think of the alternative instead of being afraid of the inconvenience. Having part of your colon removed for cancer, chemo, and diarrhea forever, is nothing compared to a couple days of inconvenience. I don't care how it tastes, if you've done Sambucca and Tequila, and siphoned gasoline and swallowed some of that, some salty berry flavored stuff is not going to hurt you. That being said,
Looks like I can expect anything from instant effect to a few hours to begin, ..something like 10 minutes to 4 hours in totality per bottle, with the second bottle being quicker. The vasoline/cortisone cream/Charmine tissue angle is something I hadn't considered but I will follow. My biggest fear is not making it to the toilet in time, as I know from experience it comes flying out with little warning. So I'll too have a couple movies and my portable player with me and not leave the bath till it's over.
My Doc has patients doing the 1st bottle at 5 PM and the 2nd at 10 PM, but that would get me to sleep (maybe) at 2 AM or so. So I'll start the whole mess 2 hours earlier.
Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts, and good luck to all!

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gypsygirl Says:
via mobile
I used it first bottle I did fine... and drank the second bottle morning of procedure and threw that up and 16 oz of water. Im hoping there is something better on me to get me through this colonoscopy. Also got a bad headache from the prep

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gypsygirl Says:
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I used it first bottle I did fine... and drank the second bottle morning of procedure and threw that up and 16 oz of water. Im hoping there is something better on me to get me through this colonoscopy

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Pamela Says:
Same here, not sure I can finish the second dose, been trying to get it down without vomiting for almost an hour now

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Bernadette Says:
I was so nervous about the Suprep. My last colonoscopy was 5 years ago with Golytly (spelling?). Just looking at the gallon size container gave me chills. Go-lightly really has the wrong name. Go-Screaming or Go-Oh-No seems better. I started at 5 PM. I found that mixing the Suprep with cool tap water helped SLIGHTLY with the taste. What helped was not chugging the whole cup at once. I drank it quickly but paused a few times. Yup, it's awful. I drank the 2 16oz cups of water mixed with Crystal Light. I spaced them out over the next hour. Felt OK enough to sleep at 11. No nausea or chills. Headache, but manageable. Up again at 5 AM to finish second half. What REALLY helped while drinking all this stuff was playing music, lighting candles and best of all, shopping on the internet. Make use of the down time. Once you drink all the stuff and are waiting, do some shopping. Or research something. Nobody likes this prep, but nobody wants colon cancer.

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TX Says:
Okay so I wanted to give an update on my experience with Suprep. The taste still sucked even with a chaser (I tried ginger ale and then white cranberry juice)...I just couldn't get past that salty raspberry diluted cough syrup taste, even when I chilled it for a few hours. I almost chugged my first 16oz because I just couldn't get it over fast enough. I became nauseous and got pretty bad chills. It worked fairly quickly though, probably within 15 minutes. I was in and out of the bathroom for about 2 hours after that and was completely cleared out by 8pm. I only drank half the second mixture at 4:30am mostly because #1, I was already completely cleared out and #2 I couldn't stop gagging at the taste and smell, I almost vomited a few times while trying to drink it. NOTE: 2 days before my colonoscopy took place I started a liquid diet that strictly consisted of chicken broth, lime jello, gatorade (lime and frost) and ginger ale...I'm assuming that played a big part in the prep cleaning me out so quickly and easily. I definitely suggest starting the all liquid diet 2-3 days before you go in for your colonoscopy. Not finishing the entire second mixture was no problem at all and the doctor said I probably didn't even need to drink half of it when I did...ugh.

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TX Says:
Approx. 2:30am

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TX Says:
I'm assuming around 2:30am tomorrow morning. My surgery was for 10:30 am and I had to do mine at 4:30am.

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Lynne Says:
My procedure is schedlued for 8:30AM. When should I take the second bottle of suprep?

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TX Says:
The flavor of this stuff is just awful. I gagged a lot while trying to finish it and became extremely nauseous after finishing the first dose. I got stomach cramps and chills as well.

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Deedee Says:
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Same thing happene to me. Did my prep last night. Two long sleeved shirts, and a hooded sweatshirt--still cold. Wrapped myself in two blankets--no relief. Awful.

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Cindy Says:
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Let me start by saying drinking the Suprep was the WORST part. It tastes so bad!!! I got my first dose down but when I had to take my second dose at 2 am, it was a struggle. I started gagging and just could not finish it (probably left 2-3 oz). I would have thrown it up if I did anymore. I had no side effects -- no nausea, headache. I did experience some chills right after taking it which subsided quickly. It does clean you out quickly. After going several times after I took it, it stopped. Almost immediately after the second dose, everything was clear -- like water. I drink a lot of water so drinking 32 oz of water within an hour after taking the med was not hard for me. The actual drinking of the Suprep was by far the worst part of the day!!! I do not want to ever drink it again!!

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JLmontini Says:
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This has been the worst ten hours of bowel prep ever!!!...and I haven't even ingested the second dose.I began last night at 8pm with 10 ounces of mag citrate followed by one full 12 oz glass of h2o and then of course the even worse tasting SuPrep along with all prescribed h2o..For the first two hours I tolerated without any signs of n/v or cramping...and then suddenly I broke out into a cold sweat with chills,and the most unbearable pain and cramping.Honestly I contemplated the emergency department as this pain was comparable to any flare up I have ever had.After two hours of that I have been in the bathroom passing what seems like gallons of dark water. My second dose begins at 830am this morning with both scopes at 3pm. Yesterday I ate a very lite bfast consisting of toast and tea and then as much hydration as I could tolerate.This was difficult as I have had nausea with vomiting for nearly a 6 weeks straight managed temporarily with Zofran. I did have a cat scan with contrast that was normal which is why my new G.I. doc went this route. I have never used SuPrep in the past and it seems that however bad tasting the last 5 scopes have been wether in patient or same day surgery I have never experienced such pain,n/v and overall feeling.I am Leary about the second dose...not just for an unpleasant taste but because of the side effects I have been battling.

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woundnurse Says:
I am 66 years old and had my first colonoscopy today. My doctor gave me the Suprep kit since he said it was so expensive. He told me to drink clear liquids the day before the procedure but I drank large amts of fluids, two days before the clear liquids ate only one small meal with low residual foods. First dose 6pm Suprep is awful tasting but if you drink it quickly, you can get it down, drank remaining water a little more slowly. I breathed slowly through my nose and walked around. First bowel movement in 20 minutes, never got up and continued with pure liquid pouring for one hour, then I was perfectly clear-no more movements-slight cramping for only several minutes. No nausea or chills but I was very cold . Second dose @5am pretty much the same as first dose-worked after 15 min, one hour and perfectly clear. Procedure 11am-physician said it was an excellent prep-3 small polyps but doctor stated he had no doubt they were not cancerous. Hardest part of the whole thing were those liquids, but I am sure because I ate almost no solid food for 3 days before I started that is why I had such an easy time, also before taking the Suprep I applied a mixture of hemorroidal oint with cortisone cream to my anus, no soreness or irritation, and used baby wipes.

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