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Comments Submitted Says:
Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy?

Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects.


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mommymorris Says:
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The key is to get clear u nay only need one dose to achieve that.. really just depends. I would say to eat very light for a few days before u start prep then of course nothing on prep day.. this helps a lot.. just remember the more u put in the more u have to get out..

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Sasha1 Says:
I started with my second bottle a few hours before my scheduled time . I was suppose to start at 4:00 am but I chose to take it at 1:00 am hoping I could get a few hours of sleep before scheduled time of 10:30. I got close to 1/2 of the mixture down and threw it up so I didn't finish the final half. I was afraid I wouldn't be cleaned out enough since I didn't keep any of second bottle down so I purchased a fleet enema early am. After my procedure my gastro doctor said I was cleaned out inside and must have done well with the prep. I did drink a lot of water for my liquid diet. I will never use the suprep again though, it was much too harsh on my system.

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suzy Says:
I don;t think I needed it. I was going for 4 hours before i had the second dose.and I threw up the second dose and kept going anyway. I think if you just drank 2 more 16 oz of water ofr any clear liquid you would be o. k. This is just my opinion I did read here someone just took one dose and was fine.

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Shanay Says:
How important is it that u drink the second bottle the morning of procedure

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mommymorris Says:
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OK so my Dr gave me this for my test 1st timer). I chilled mixture used a straw to drink while holding my nose and chased with water/Gatorade. The taste was soo vile I only got about 1/2 down before I started violently vomitting. So Dr gave me moviprep instead but also said if I couldn't handle that to do the miralax. Needless to say couldn't handle those either (guess I'm extremely sensitive) so ended up having to do enemas and goes going to do a "power flush" while in there... hopefully test can be done. This experience has been a absolute nightmare! Dr thinks I nay have issue with small bowel and improper absorbtion and that's why its making me so sick. Idk. I will never try suprep again! Good luck to everyone I hope all goes well. God bless.

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Sashas1 Says:
This is my sixth colonoscopy and first use of Suprep. I was to start the first bottle at six pm and second at four am tomorrow morning. I decided to move the first dose up a few hours so I started at four pm. My procedure is at 10:30 Tom. I have been on clear liquids for one and a half days. I used a straw and cool water to mix but decided not to chill the mixture. I didn't finish the last 1/4 of mixture due to gagging and vomit in mouth. The mixture is such a sweet cherry thick syrup taste that it made me so nauseated. When I finished the first bottle I managed to get two 16oz bottles of water down but my stomach really swelled up and I was bloated. I also got chills and a headache something I never experienced with earlier prep solutions. What has helped for me; using a straw following each sip of mixture with plain water and using a heating pad for the cramps and chills. Also, used vaseline to ease the pain on my rectum due to all the bathroom trips. I watched a very close friend battle and die from colon cancer. My grandfather died of it at the age of fifty-four and my dad has had ploys removed so I am willing to be preventative and deal with the prep rather than the high risk of this grueling cancer. The procedures are the easy part for me. I am sedated and do not feel anything. I usually have some gas to pass from the procedure so it helps to walk and move around once the sedative wears off. I'll start my second bottle in the am hours and I am hoping it goes down better than the first. I will request a different prep solution next time.

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Belle Says:
I made it through the prep…the procedure was the easy part. The directions were to start the prep at 6 pm, then wake up at 3am for the second dose! I would recommend starting the prep much earlier, say 3 pm. The your second prep as directed, but finish before a reasonable hour so that you can get your sleep! This is huge. I don't know why none of the specialists told me this!

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suzy Says:
1 dose sounds so much better. It is probably all you need. I am not going back to the doctor that did this to me ever again.

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lola Says:
I used it last year and it takes a while before it starts but it will and you need to be ready!! 2 hrs is too soon in my opinion. this is my first choice as i found the suprep although expensive tier 4 on medicare - to be the least troublesome prep - i did 1 dose starting at 4 pm and was completed by 1 am. test was 9 am next day.

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suzy Says:
I did throw up after the second batch even with that I was going to the bathroom up till the time of my appointment. I started it way earlier then the doctor said 5 in the morningI started at 1. I could just imagine what would happen if I listened to him. I was also sick after the colonoscopy. I was shaking with the chills and threw up again. They found two puny polyps waiting for the results. I guess I will have to do this again definitely not drinking this ever again!


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suzy Says:
I agree. Its disgusting. Just drank the second batch thought i would throw up who knows might still. I don't mind the bathroom time as much as i mind the disgusting drink. I have been doing this since I am 40 cause my mom died of colon cancer. If they don't find anything might never do this again. I will be 70 in 5 years the only time in my life that i wish I was older. They have to find a better way!

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Angel Says:
If this is your first Colonoscopy, Healersmoon, and you have IBS, then the procedure will possibly be discontinued. It was for me because I have the same problem and they could not get the camera to go through the spastic colon. Every time they tried, I would moan. After about 5 times, the doc gave up. I wish you good luck!

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Carolyn Says:
I can't imagine how you drank that so tastes like cherry cough syrup with a jigger of salt..the most disgusting taste ever. I would drink the jug of new lightly any day rather than this. Thank God I will hopefully never have to drink it again..I'm 76 so think I'm over colonoscopies

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Belle Says:
I am taking my first dose of su p rep.
This stuff is disgusting. It is worse than I thought….I can hardly get it down. I am trying sucking on lemon wedges after a sip; now i'm swigging ginger ale.
I don't know if I can drink all of this:(

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Angel Says:
I just had a colonoscopy a month ago and was prescribed Suprep. Never again! That stuff is the worst tasting ever. No amount of soda, water, popsicles could remove the deep, briny (salty) taste. Very hard to swallow. I wanted to gag with each swallow. It was divided into two doses. I only managed (and it was very hard) to get the first one down that night. The next morning of my procedure, I refused to drink the other 6 oz bottle. There has got to be a better solution to this.

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Healersmoon Says:
Having my prep day tomorrow, I think im more nervous for that than the actual procedure! I have IBS and a very difficult time having a BM, usually only achieved with citrucel, fiber bars, and stool softeners (and a lot of cramps). I wish I had known it would be helpful to have hadva soft diet before the liquid one. I ate quite a bit today, fearing starvation tomorrow. Lol been ages since ive fasted, not since my gallbladder was removed. Anyhow, worried about the vomiting but I can just relax and get it done with no fuss.

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Relieved Says:
I googled "how long does Suprep take to work" (so that I could plan accordingly) and I came up with this sight.

Many of the comments here scared me. So I wanted to offer some insight....really, it's not that bad. At least for me.

Insite: I'm a very healthy (at least on the outside, about to get my insides checked) 41 year old guy. I'm having this done because my father's family side of colons are like a ninja...a silent but deadly killer. Plus my 33 year old sister, who might just be the healthiest eater on the planet (puts me to shame, and people make fun of my good eating habits) just had her rotor rooter exam done, and they already found a pre-cancerous polyp. We all have to die way, but I'd prefer dying in my sleep at age 99, (but preferably not while behind the wheel of a car) over colon cancer. So an early colonoscopy for me.

After reading all these comments, I thought for sure that the prep would taste like I was drinking rotten blood mixed with old bait. Or mothballs mixed with motor oil. But really, after not eating anything for over 24 hours, it just tasted like kool-aid on steroids. Took me back the the old days of drinking "bug juice" at camp when I was a kid. The kind that some teenage counselor who failed measurements made with a one to one ratio of bug juice mix to water. In fact, my doctor's instructions told me I should drink the first 8 oz in the first 15 minutes, and I found it hard not to consume the whole thing all at once because I was so hungry. As a side note, I considered chewing on the cardboard box the prep came in.

No chills, but I imagine that if you drink 48 oz of cold fluid, you are going to be cold. It doesn't seem like rocket science. Your tummy does not have a fur coat (lets hope). If you stick 48 ounces of water at 35 degrees in your stomach, and it comes out the back end moments later at 98 degrees, you are going to be cold to the core. Personally, I just drank it luke warm and had no issues.

No headache. Well, a low grade one. Maybe that had to do with the six beers I drank the night before to try and quell the fear of the upcoming day. My bet is that most people's headache came from not eating anything for the last 24 hours. This "not eating thing" is the hardest part for me. Did I mention I was hungry?

DO make sure that you wash your "area" as well as possible after every movement so you don't get diaper rash. Use something wet.

Not sure where the "no fiber" thing comes from. I never heard of this, and I eat a very high fiber diet compared to the average American. When I read people stopped taking fiber 3-4 days in advance, I was a little worried. Would I explode, or just get doubled over in cramps and call 911 from the shearing pain? But it hasn't caused any issues at all. In fact, "no fiber" makes no sense at all to me. Fiber makes thing move more quickly down there. So long as you drink plenty of fluids- in which case it acts more like concrete. I'd bet it made it easier. I already have several easy movements a day. Seems like if you had a couple of bricks stuffed up there from eating processed food, it'd be harder to pass a quick time.

So, now I sit on the pot at with my second treatment of colon blow going through my system at oh-dark-thirty, with my bowel movements sounding more like an elephant is peeing in the toilet (as well as the appearance of pee), I feel relieved that this whole thing was super easy. Except for the not eating part. That was the hardest part. In case I forgot to mention that.

Here's to hoping we all have an internal organ we can be proud of...

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First Timer Says:
Used Suprep this week for my first colonoscopy. It really helped to bite a lemon, drink the cold Suprep mixture with a straw from a lidded cup, bite a lemon, repeat. Not so bad. The actual dreaded prep part was tolerable, I think because I also did a liquid diet 2 days prior to the exam and liquid / soft foods (soft boiled eggs, yogurt) for two days before that. It helped a lot to have several types of Gatorade and other drinks and hot broth flavors on hand for variety. Two days before the colonoscopy I luckily found Boost hi-protein drink (15 grams of protein!), a dietary supplement, in vanilla flavor. No dairy and no fiber. My doc even allowed it on the day before the colonoscopy. After what I'd (not) been eating, it tasted like a vanilla milkshake. And the protein in Boost really helped me feel full and ok. Oh-the worst part: my behind really burned. Desitin definitely helped. Also Preparation H wipes and soft toilet tissue!

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valerie Says:
Had Suprep last night at 6pm, yes it does taste really bad. Felt bloated and nauseous, but kept it down. 12 hours passed before any results! I've always had a slow digestive tract, maybe should have mentioned that to the Nurse who called to confirm on Friday. Have nausea and headache now, and don't think there is time for the second dose to work anyway, so I'm going to skip it. My colonoscopy is in 2 1/2 hours! If I'm not ready by then perhaps there is a Plan B? Don't think I would do this prep again. Yikes!

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Auntie ann Says:
First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who has posted all the helpful tips! It actually is like having a large group of friends I never met, and we're all going through this experience together. As I sit here on the toilet, big bath towel over my lap for comfort for and kind of a table for my iPad, all of the helpful tips are getting me through this. What has helped me: sipping the suprep with a straw. I don't breathe at all through my nose to help avoid tasting it. Also, I just can't chug it, but instead I take small steady sips which drag out over 30 minutes for each suprep bottle. Drinking 2 16 0ounce glasses of water to chase it down was truly enjoyable. Clean, fresh water. The pharmacist recommended lemon or lime Gatorade to replace the electrolytes, so I will add that to the very last 16 ounce glass of clear liquid. I was tempted not to take the 2nd phase of the suprep because I thought I was cleaned out after the first phase. That being said, so glad I decided to take the 2nd phase, because I was obviously not completely cleaned out yet. My final suggestion is taken from another poster who used Vaseline on their rectum so they wouldn't get raw. I used Aquaphor instead, which basically has the consistency of Vaseline but also has soothing, healing properties to it. Highly recommend! Thanks to all my colon prep friends!

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