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Subutex Doctor - East Coast - Help Me Find One Please!!!!
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stu4recovery Says:
I have been on Subutex for a year. My Doctor has retired, abruptly. I cannot find another physician willing to prescribe me Subutex (24 mg. daily) instead of Suboxone. I travel a lot w/ work. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me ANY Doctor anywhere on the East Coast that prescribes Subutex. Suboxone breaks me out in horrible itchy rashes and welts, makes breathing a little difficult and gives me blinding headaches- within ten to fifteen minutes of taking it. I am serious about recovery. Can someone help?! If you wish to email me you may

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eric Says:
is there anyone who knows of a dr in westmoreland pa area or allegheny county or close to there that prescribes subutex. i am desperate i get really bad rashes and headaches off suboxone and i cant stand taking methadone i need some help and can not find any drs that prescribe it please anyone let me know

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Trying to stay clean Says:
Thanks so much! She's pretty far away but I called her and already like her. She seems very nice and just from talking to her over the phone for a few minutes I could tell she cares about her patients and wants to help them to recover. Not just make money. I'll have to think about going seriously because she is sooo far away from where I live.

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Andy Says:
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Not sure if you found a dr yet, but I know a doctor by the name of dr Judith Gordon who will prescribe subutex. She's an awesome dr. Google her she is out by city line ave

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James Says:
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Please give me the info on the dr in pa I'm super sick and have nowhere else to turn

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Matt Says:
Sadly, I must admit, I am considering going back on just pain killers in my life due
to the fact suboxone is sooooo expensive easily $500/month (after the greedy doctors want their money), it amazes me, you need high blood pressure meds, oh yeah come on in, $75 for the visit, and I will write you a years subscription. Ohhh, suboxone? Yeah its like 250 for the first visit, and I will ahh need to see you in 2 weeks, and ahh yeah its like the law? SURE it is, these doctors should be crucified and will some day, this whole medical system is a scam. Even the ones on here who will say they care about you, WATCHOUT!! Unfortunately, if the medical field really cared about paitients they would reintroduce opiates back to pyschiatric care.
Because do you know anyone that the drugs theyve been prescribing for depression (prozac, zoloft, etc...) ever TRULY help anyone, doubt it. To those that are trying to take suboxone cause they cant get subutex, just wanted to make sure you spit the pill out after dissolved in mouth. Read where someone was throwing up, and thought maybe it would help. I never swallow suboxone or subutex or any of it. Goodluck, recoverers, and ROT IN HELL doctors that act like they care!!

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Mike Says:
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Hi my name is mike I live in Maryland but am moving to myrtle beach South Carolina in 2 weeks and desperately need to find a subutex do for that I can have my prescription transferred too. And that's subutex not suboxin I can't take suboxin it makes me sick I can keep it down and gives me terrible headaches. So any help world be greatly appreciated bc I have to figure something out as soon as possible. Thank you.

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via mobile
there is a doctor in New Haven CT that uses Suboxone and Subutex. contact DR MB Shimelman on 1 long wharf dr. new haven.ct

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Chasp11 Says:
The only way a Doctor can prescribe methadone without going to a clinic is if you have extreme pain, like a back problem and even then its very hard. It can be done legally but doctors are afraid of being checked by the DEA or getting put on their list of illegal doctors. Most back clinics will give you all the Oxycotin you want, but methadone is a different story, just like Suboxone it has to be closely monitored by people that think the know what they are doing, when really its only the cash they make.

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Sandra Says:
IN the Lehigh Valley Pa looking for a Doc that will prescribe Methadone not a clinic please Help me at {edited for privacy}

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trying to understand this be health care system Says:
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It's going to be really hard for you apparently it subutex can only be prescribed yo pregnant women now I don't know why i think it's corporate greed personally I don't have insurance although me and my wife work full time jobs and our jobs don't offer health care and this affordable health care act is bulls***

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Bob Says:
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I'm i need of subutex just because i can't afford suboxone

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Chasp11 Says:
Just like Methadone, Subutex will be tough to get as it has a higher level of being abused on the street, Subxone not as much as if you are doing any type of opiates you would have to be in withdrawal for at least a day so the Suboxone can attach to your now free receptors in your brain plus it has its friend “Naloxone” to keep you from doing opiates, this is why the DEA is watching Subutex doctors and the doctors need a good reason to prescribe it, its usually only given to pregnant women until they deliver, then off to Suboxone. All these types of buprenorphine will soon go the way Methadone did. In 1969 ( or a little before) you could go to your own doctor and get a months supply of 10 mg tablets for whatever dosage you were on, So if you were on 60 mg you would get 180 tabs. Unfortunately, once once they were found being sold/abused by people that were sick because they couldn’t find their Opiate of choice they would just take their Methadone or they sold their Methadone to buy more of what they wanted, it stopped and went to the torture/expense and humiliation of the weekly (if you are good) of the Methadone Clinic. The same thing will happen to Sub doctors, soon their will be special clinics to go to. If you have any choice, just stay away from the whole mess, as a few will ruin it for the many. Some people live fruitful lives on Sub, but they a stuck on it with problems, seems going from 1 mg a day to nothing is very hard. Doctors are hard to find, as they can only have 100-150 sub patients, although it is supposed to be 100 times stronger than Codeine there is no “Buzz” or feeling of warmth as with other Opiates, but if you are sick then you need something or sweat it out for 3-4 days. Just think before you jump into the mess. Clean and straight is much nicer than worrying about appointments, getting there and all the rest, like a simple 2 week vacation can turn into a nightmare, especially if you are going overseas. Anyway, Good Luck, Think and if you really need to, hit the phones and get your name on a bunch of doctors lists. Good Luck

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Bob Says:
via mobile
I really need subutext doctor I have been taking subutex for over a year because I can't afford suboxone but now I hear that my doctor can't subscribe it any more because the dea said he can't if know of a doc please help my name is Bob {edited for privacy}

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Chasp11 Says:
It is a hassle, first you have to be in withdrawal before they will prescribe your Suboxone, (how crazy is it that you are sick as hell and then have to start calling and drive to get it filled) They always try to push the film and if you are paying out of pocket it will reduce the cost by $75. It is much better once you are on and adjusted then a Methadone clinic, with all their changes and new rules popping up, no standing in line at 6am for a weeks supply. With Sub you should be able to go monthly, plus staying clean. There is no feeling to Sub like Methadone or other opiates, it just keeps you from withdrawal, plus it has Nalaxone (Subutex is only given to pregnant women as the Nalaxone will cause probems) in it so trying to do any opiates put you into withdrawal and just the Sub itself binds to your receptors so you would have to be off sub for 3 1/2 days to even try opiates. As I said, it is expensive so go with a low dose if you are paying, its about $12-$15 per 8 mg tab or 8 mg film. Plus a $150 office visit. If you are over 30 mg of MD, you would probably need to start at 36 mg of SUB, depending….. The big problems are finding a doctor, doctors that have been trained and certified can only prescribe to 100 or 150 patients at a time, hence the waiting lists then cutting down is easy as long as you have something, people will get down to 1 mg and stay there for years they say that last 1 mg is the worst followed by a 3 weeks of withdrawal. Then of course there are many doctors that only except cash, and some that will dump you the first time getting caught dirty, benzo’s, barbs, and some for drinking or even if you if you have a cold and take daytime Sudafed so you can breath and work that day, if its near your appointment it will come up as Adderall and you will be out. Of course if you are not doing anything now and off methD, thank the stars, but look into everything before making the leap and stay well. Remember as with most things its just another money winner for the drug companies first, and then everyone under them.

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Kdawg Says:
via mobile
I have been searching for a doctor to help me for month now and most places either have a long waiting list or they are way to expensive for me to afford.. The doctor u meantioneds office just replied to and email I sent saying that he would be willing to see me.. I was just wondering if u know how many milligrams they usually start u out on and how frequent u have to go there?.. Also u mentioned that they will give u what u prefer and I was wondering what I might need to let him know to get on the subutex.. I have been on methadone suboxone and subutex for the treatment center and subutex works best for me bc methadone made me feel more strung out and suboxone have me terrible head aches.. And my final question is will they help u if u only have subs n ur system and not opiates.. The treatment center I have gone to would be fine but u have to go every day to dose and it is such a hassle and they make I jump through hook to get ur medication

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jay Says:
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Hey..I guess im in the same boat ive been on subutex for 6 months...and now my doctor ended the practice I live close to philly...does anybody know a doctor for subutex...thanks

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candycon Says:
via mobile
Hi grace...I see your replies a lot on the website.. you seem most helpful and I wonder if you're knowledgeable about any website or service in the Boston areas? Do you have a starting point? I know it's pretty much trial and error...either hit our miss with the doctors and what they prescribe..but I was wondering if you could find a starting point if you didn't know a specific name.. I was changed as well to subutex and my bf takes the reg Sobos like I used to. Is hands swell and he gets symptoms as well and my doctor isn't taking new patients.. . . Can you help or direct me in any way? {edited for privacy}

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Erica Says:
Joey, I'm in need of getting subutex. Could you message me the Dr info. My email is {edited for privacy}

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candycon Says:
via mobile
star 45 did you get an answer to your question? How much was the startup fee?

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Amanda Says:
via mobile
Please help me I need that Dr I'm very interested because I need to get clean, my name is Amanda my number is {edited for privacy}

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