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Street Price Of Oxycodone 15mg

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michelleblue Says:
how much do people pay for an oxycodone 15 mg and can it be combined with adderall 30 mg xr?

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bleegs Says:
In general, any opiate usually averages around $1 dollar per milligram.

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gabstet Says:
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It's ppl like this that hurts those of us who truly need them in order to just get out of bed and have some kind of through out the day. Thus is why we are put through the ringer and everything else just so we can live. One day it may be one of you who needs it for the right reasons and you are not going to be able to get the help that you need. Please please stop

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Maggie may Says:
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I know right? I got to jump through hoops, hell if you don't need them how'd you end up with them!? I hear you!

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pbear Says:
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I hear you on that I'm one of those people who needs them to get out of bed and walk around on my walker and you're right its these damn jacka**es who want to use them for recreational use that makes it hard for us its just bulls*** and they need to quit ...u wanna feel high smoke some marijuana or something but leave the pills for people who need em

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sick of the pain Says:
I have been living in pain for 12 years after being paralyzed from a virus that attacked my spine. I am no longer paralyzed but the pain has not subsided and I can't get anything prescribed to me except things like tramadol and lyrica or anti-depressants...I want to know how these people who seem to have nothing wrong with them, get oxy prescribed to them? It is CRAZY! The ONLY things that work to ease my pain are oxy or marijuana and me taking either is illegal and I want to follow the rules but I am sick of the pain and i can't afford to get oxy on the street... What else can I do?

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Shawny Says:
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Please be careful with tramadol, I took it for 5 years for chronic pancreatitis & one day out of the blue I had a grand mal seizure & I didn't have a pulse for approximately 30 seconds! I took it because I was told it was non narcotic & later I found out that it's generic name is diehydrocodne & it is in the opiate & gabapentin(neurontin) family so it does have traces of narcotic in it & I've heard their trying to make it a controled substance rating. It is addictive & you can have withdrawal symptoms. Have you tried seeing a pain management Dr.? When low dosed pain meds like vicodin, norco & percocet stopped working for me then my GI Dr referred me to a pain mgmnt Dr & I hate the pain meds I'm on now but they keep me out of the hospital! I hope you find something to help you, no one deserves to be in pain on a daily basis! Good luck!

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pauligrl Says:
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Amen God Bless you!

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kel Says:
I have the WORST withdrawal from tramadol. It's almost as bad as vicodin withdrawal.

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shawny28 Says:
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If you have a family Dr then start there. They will access you & run tests & If everything comes back normal then they will send you to a specialist who specialized in your illness. I was born with chronic pancreatitis & it took 40 yrs to get a diagnosis & now I have a Gi Dr & a pain management. Dr along with a gj feeding tube. I used to go to the er on a monthly. Basis & was dubbed a repeat offender which means they considered me an addict! So I understand how you feel. Just hang in there and don't give wishes!

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Deb Says:
You need to find a doctor who is sympathetic and willing to prescribe. Ask before making appt. There are kind and understanding doctor's out there who will treat you with respect and help with meds. You can always contact partners against pain and they have advocates who can help you find a doctor. Hope this info helps you!

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ldh Says:
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I had back surgery 6 months ago. I got mine by going to a pain clinic. The first visit they suggested tramadol, i said no done tried that. They started me on Percocet 10 then moved me to Oxy 15. Idk where your from but here in Alabama all you have to do is go to a pain specialist and show proof you have something causing chronic pain. I hope this helps you.

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I AM ME Says:
Actually our Government has the authority in the Constitution to regulate Commerce. NO WHERE does it say that they have the right to make it a criminal offense!!
Our Government is always trying to do the will of the party which is in power and passes Unconstitutional laws simply because a majority at the time agrees when that isn't how it is supposed to be. There is supposed to be FREEDOM!
The Government could help drug abused by talking all the billions they spend on housing people who are non violent and all the extra police to police non violent offenses and teach kids when they are young all about addiction and spend money on recovery programs and hospitals to treat those who have become addicted. TRUST me when I say that would be money well sent unlike all the money that isn't well spent on endlessly turning everything and everyone into a damned crime!
That is what is causing crime.

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Amy M. Says:
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Why would you sell your mess, that's just stupid. I could never do that. I'd be too afraid someone would O.D. on them or have a reaction as a mother no way

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SixFingaz Says:
$1 per mg? Dude you hella trippin'.. I mean I just f*** with s*** that has Codeine in it and Oxycodones, never anything stronger, but I know that's not the case for dones at least.

For Hydro's I pay $2 per 5 mg (That's on a deal though, they're usually $3) $4 for 7.5's and $5 for 10's. I have one connect that will give me the 15mg oxy's for $5. I felt like that was too cheap, and a google search is what led me to this page. According to a previous post I'm assuming that's only a bit below average.

And that's on singles, even cheaper in bulk.

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TheBoxingCannabyte Says:
So you admit to needing oxy but not being able to get them prescribed but you also heavily implied you use them as there is no other way you'd know they work for you so well. So by your logic the people selling them to people like you is hurting you from being able to get them in the first place, somehow. In reality it's that there are as many reasons for using and selling them as there are for not doing either, or both. Maybe the person selling them is broke and has no other immediate option to put food on the table (and no, "Get a job" isn't an answer. That doesn't fill a belly when that belly needs to be filled that night and the next day, and the week to come, maybe even 3 weeks, many places make you wait 3 weeks to get your first paycheck so....) ....Maybe they got lucky and sell them for profit.

The point is: It's really none of your business unless you plan on making it a political and more importantly a medical issue. And if you do that you need to be more willing to look at the nuances that drive people like person X to sell and people like you to buy them.

But you have to acknowledge that you are weaving mental-pretzels to make your position justified and you're under complete assumption that this person making the OP doesn't need them or doesn't need to sell them (hell, he might have suggested he's trying to buy them, which you admitted to, yourself) You made a lot of presumptions about this person followed by generalizations about a group of people that are just like you but you don't indicate that you think you're a part of.

Please consider what I've said. Thank you and have a wonderful day :)

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M357 Says:
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Actually I live in fla and $1/mg WAS standard for oxy/roxycodone BEFORE the current PMP (prescription monitoring program) was put into place and the market was saturated with 15/30mg imm release tabs. Now I've got people offering a shocking $25 for 15's, double that for the blue's. It all depends on how available they are (supply & demand) and how hard up they are because, as anyone who's been there will tell you the wd's are no freakin' joke and many will do damn near anything to avoid them. I've never even sold a pill but am prescribed and add me to the list of those above who can't even find a pharmacy that'll fill mine, and I don't go to a PMC, I am prescribed by a neurologist. Avoid them at all costs or use at your peril. Vic 10/325 and xanax bars I'm told still go for $5 but again, aren't as F***ING HUGE a hassle to get refilled so that's why they've gone unaffected by state monitoring. Relax and smoke a joint but if pain relief is really your goal the vicoden 10/325 are usually as effective, in some cases involving inflammation more so. Good luck and God bless.

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Shawny Says:
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In Indiana it's a little more difficult to get into a pain dr, you have to be referred by a specialist & only after the specialist has exhausted every treatment available.

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Shawny28 Says:
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Roxycodone is the brand name for oxycodone & the price varies on where you live. In Indiana 1 15mg goes for 4-8$

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SMG Says:
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If you need them you would have a script, how are recreational users f***ing you over, makes no sense

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michelle Says:
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Ty i thought it was 1.00 per mg. Small and green. Are they oxi or perks?

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