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hello Says:
my freind has an addiction to oxycontin she snorts it, and now she has dilaudid 4 mg, and she plans on snorting it to, b/c one of her freinds said that its like snorting oxycontin and that she would get the same high. does anyone no if its safe to do so

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chronic pain Says:
oo if u find a system to put a lil here and there and know how to look at it right i bet u could do L.....i forgot the rest of your user name sorry =D

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chronic pain Says:
ya the ir's work well and if u dont let ur tolerance get beyond them and they dont bug ur digestive system then its a good place to be. A lot easier to get from the dr and a lot cheaper!! lol I went to the er's when i was ingesting too much acet. and i didnt have the time or patience to do the cold water thing. Your tolerence can increase rapidly if you just happen to crush the lil sucker and "smell" it haha. So ya if you can stick to the ir's its for the better.

As far as smokin dillys i'm not sure as i haven't tried that personally, tho i have tried it with o's and i didnt like it. i already put enough smoke in my lungs lol

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LDJP Says:
I guess it does not let you post! Ha that is funny! well maybe if I do it like this! I wrote out all of the email instead :)

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LDJP Says:
Hello Chronic Pain. I have no problem with putting one of my email addresses because I use them all and it is not my name so I do not care!!!!
Yeah the Oxy IR works for me as of now. I have been on all kinds of things!! Finally I can take a med and work and enjoy my life and be pain free. Before I was always in pain so I am glad for Oxy it really helps!

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chronic pain Says:
not a problem LDJP, i have tried a lot of different pain meds over the yrs tryin to deal with my pain. any info i can give others to help them out i am glad to do so. i am not sure how to msg in private as it seems the forum deletes email adresses before the msg is posted, but i am more than happy so talk to u in private if u can figure out how to do so =)

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LDJP Says:
Thanks Chronic Pain. I am glad to have someone who listens. I would love to talk to u in private. Even though this is a forum somethings l like to keep tp myself. You have a lot of information which is helpful. Thanks a lot.

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LDJP Says:
I dont judge I learn. We all do what we need to survive and get on in this life. Thanks for the information. It seems like a lot though. I dont really get it but I am going to try it!!

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chronic pain Says:
o and just a note about the bio availability of oxys, nasal is approx 65%, and oraly ingested is closer to 75 or 80%. when u crush them to snort them u are beating the time release built into the pill. if u snort the high will be short and quick but fairly strong, but if u crush them and eat them u will be more likely to nod, especially when driving or sitting so be very carefull. either way if u choose to crush the pill before taking to beat the time release and u havent done so before be carefull cuz it is a lot stronger. for example with a 40mg oxy instead of getting say 40 mgs over the course of 4 to 6 hrs u will get the whole 40 mgs all at once. just a note so be safe, be carefull and enjoy. i find oxys the opiate with the least amount of "nod" or sleepy effect hence why they are my drug of choice for effectively dullin the pain with a nice "uppper" feel good buzz if u dont over do it. if u are noddin on oxys u need to back 'er down a notch.
peace all

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Jesse Says:
Chronic Pain, I thank you for your understanding. I realize that recreational users do, to some effect, prevent people from easily obtaining the medicines they need. I believe that it is more so the very nature of the drugs themselves that are the true cause of this unfortunate reality. If I were a doctor, I would not hand these drugs out lightly.

"pre soak the filter with ice cold water." I cannot believe I have never thought of this before... amazing. I will try that next time and include that in the process from now on.

"life aint a rehersal and u only get one shot at this crazy thing we call life." Words of wisdom my friend. Reminds me of the movie Source Code. I'm going to attach a link to my favorite part of the movie, which I feel portrays what you are saying flawlessly. **DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE! SPOILER!**


I appreciate your compliment about me being wise beyond my years, if only you were right. Sometimes I feel as though I am "growing backwards with time". The older I get, the less I seem to understand.

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chronic pain Says:
Thats why i love these forums with the real world knowledge they can provide with the right ppl providing there yrs of experience and wisdom. if i read correctly u are only 19 jesse?? u sound wise beyound your yrs. Thanks for clearing up my mishap there with the acetaminophin being a potentiater i was incorrectly informed by a friend.

and a lil trick i used to stop ur filter from sucking up some of the opiate/water mix was to pre soak the filter with ice cold water, and thx for posting the correct method for cwe, if done incorrectly can be very dangerous. and btw, i have no problem with recreational users even if it adds to the problem of getting legit scripts. it is what it is, and u cant get upset bout somethin out of ur control so be safe and most of all have fun while u can boys and girls life aint a rehersal and u only get one shot at this crazy thing we call life =) peace all

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Jesse Says:
I have posted a lengthy and detailed response explaining how to do a cold water extract (CWE). Since this website has to approve some of the posts, I do not know how long it will be before it is available.

If you want to see my post now you may email me.

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Jesse Says:
LDJP, to answer your second question I would say that the solution you get after performing a CWE may remedy your ingestion problem.

Also, it is unwise to snort anything with acetaminophen. It gets stuck in your nasal cavities and can cause problems.

Snorting opiates all comes down to a thing called bio availability. Bio availability is a term used to describe how much of the drug is actually being processed and readily used in your body. Each opiate has a different bio availability for every method of ingestion. For instance, the bio availability of Hydrocodone intranasally (snorting it) is extremely low. Therefor it would be counter-intuitive to snort Hydrocodone. Other opiates are different though. Oxycodone has a much higher bio availability when snorted as opposed to taken orally.

I do not know if the amount and frequency of your use is too much or not, but if it is under doctor supervision then you will most likely be okay. They have a much more complicated system that they use and it generally works .
If a CWE does not fix your problem with ingestion, you may want to ask your doctor if there is another form of the drug available. I know that there is a liquid form of hydrocodone.

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Jesse Says:
You are not a bad person for obtaining drugs off the street even if you did not have chronic pain. We are all forced to live in this world, we have no choice and sometimes getting by is not too easy. Not all pain is physical.

As for the cold water extract (CWE) I will explain it in detail for all of those who are interested. I have done a CWE over 100 times before successfully. My method for CWE is a compilation of many variations I have researched.

Things you will need: Two cups, water, a T-shirt, a refrigerator, a rubber band, and a thick card (credit card would work).

1. Crush the pills you want to extract the acetaminophen from into a very fine powder. A good way to do this is break the pills up into small fragments and then "twist" the card in a circular manner over the pills. (Hopefully that makes sense). Be sure you are on a hard surface.

2. Fill a cup with about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of warm water. (The less water the better, you just have to make sure everything is COMPLETELY dissolved and that the water is not saturated). You will have to increase the volume of water depending on how much powder you have.

3. Place the solution into the freezer. Since opiates are water soluble at low temperatures, and acetaminophen is not water soluble at all (only at extreme temperatures) , the opiate will separate itself from the acetaminophen and dissolve into the water. This should take approximately 15 minutes. The goal is to get the solution as close to 32 degrees without freezing it. Keep checking on it until you see a thin film of ice or until you see the edge of the water beginning to freeze to the edges.

3. Take another empty cup and put the T-shirt on top of the mouth in a concave fashion so that the shirt is dipping into the cup. The more you can get the shirt to dip into the cup the better. Take a rubber band and use it to hold the T-shirt into place. A T-shirt does not have to be used... some people use coffee filters but I HIGHLY discourage this.

4. Pour the solution into the cup with the T-shirt on it slowly. Use a funnel if you have one. The water will drip through the T-shirt (pretty quickly if you use a T-shirt) and into the cup leaving almost all of the acetaminophen filtered out. You will literally be able to scrape the liver killing scum off of the shirt. A lot of the water will be absorbed into the T-shirt itself so it is important to wring the water out into the cup. I would suggest scraping off the acetaminophen before doing this.

5. What you will have left is a solution consisting primarily of water and opiates, with a fraction (If that) of the acetaminophen left.

It's gonna taste like s***, not gonna lie. Some people can just pound it back as is but I prefer to neutralize it with a citric beverage. The benefits of a CWE are innumerable. The opiate will kick in stronger and faster and you will not be doing any harm to your liver.

Acetaminophen is NOT an opiate potentiator btw. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Acetaminophen and opiates are both processed by the liver. When taken together they compete with each other to be metabolized. Because of this, acetaminophen hinders the effects of opiates slightly. There are many opiate potentiators. The most common being Diphenhydramines (benadryl), Grapefruit juice, Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium), Cimetedine (Acid reflux medicine) and Promethazine (Antihistamine). I personally do not care for these much... I do not like to mix drugs. However, Promethazine is excellent. It is a non narcotic so you do not have to worry about any bad interactions. It helps with nausea, the "itches", and it potentiates opiates noticeably.

I hope this helps you guys. You should perform a CWE if you are taking more than 1500 - 2000 mg of acetaminophen in one dose, or if you are taking these meds daily which I assume most of you are for pain.

I am sorry if my recreational use offends those of you who actually need to take them for pain. I cannot even comprehend the amount of pain and distress these situation must cause you; you all have my full empathy.

The world of opiates can be a beautiful one if used
correctly. They are practical, safe, and above all therapeutic.

For those of you who ARE taking opiates recreationally, please be careful for it is a very slippery slope. There are many rules that will guarantee a safe and addiction free flight. Never take opiates consecutively and never re-dose. Only take them once a week and take regular breaks, about a month long, to keep the tolerance at bay. There are no rules for psychological addiction. When you start feeling like you need opiates more and more it is time to quit. Only you can determine this.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about the CWE or anything relating to opiates you may E-mail me at .

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LDJP Says:
I take three 325's a day if even that. I am prescribed both pills and I am supposed to take some one week and one the next. Is that to much? How do you do it? Also, I have a hard time swallowing these pills because they are big. Is there any other way I can take them. I refuse to snort because I am scared of dying!! So do you know any other way??

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chronic pain Says:
the tylenol helps potentiate the other opiate....but if u are using more then the safe intake of tylenol u have to take it out to save ur liver. 3 to 4000mgs of tylenol will put ur liver into toxicity. cold water extraction is the proccess, search it on the net, but be very carefull

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chronic pain Says: u use cold water extraction??? thats what i was doin with my t1's when i had nothin else and tryin to ease the "flue"

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chronic pain Says:
well said jesse....we are all here...or most of us gather real world info and experiance which cannot be deplicated. and in fact it is tottally possible for one to be a recreational safe user if one has the will power and better judgment to keep it at that....which i commend u on that cuz many dont. Me myself am always lookin for a better way to battle my chronic pain that has followed me for 15 yrs, and i have a tolerance, this does not make me a bad person even if i am forced to hit the street for what i need cuz of the politics surrounding my drug of choice

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LDJP Says:
Hey whatis up with the tylenol in the pills? I use Oxy IR 30 and Percocet for my chronic back pain. I am used to both now. I also have bad menstral cycles so I am prescribed them for that as well but I read you took out the tylenol. What is up with that? How do you do that?

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Jesse Says:
Are you trying to yell, Breeia? Please use the caps lock button responsibly. How is using the term "recreational opiate user" and insult? It is what I am, I do not care if that insults you. If you didn't have such a closed minded agenda you would realize that I am not hurting myself by using opiates. I am not addicted in any way. In fact I am so safe that I extract the acetaminophen from what I am ingesting.

Furthermore I am pretty sure you are in the wrong thread. The original poster was asking if his friend could snort Hydromorphone. I answered his question, and then offered a retort to the misinformation about opiates found within the replies.

I enjoyed your attempts to be-little me. You act as if a 19 year old is incapable of possessing anything worth hearing.

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