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Small Round Pink Pill K 56
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matt Says:
is the k/56 pink pill the same as oxy contin? and do people abuse these after crushing them , If so what are the effects and long term side effects?

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Frankphia Says:
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Buprenorphine. It is the miracle pill for opiate addicts and dependents. It comes in two kinds of prescriptions: one called Suboxone and the other called Subutex. They both contain the key ingredient which is Buprenorphine, however, the Suboxone also contains Naloxone, which is an opiate blocker. So the main ingredient, Buprenorphine, stops all withdrawal symptoms while also curbing your desire to do opiates. Subutex and Buprenorphine are essentially the same thing. Suboxone on the other hand, has the opiate blocker so you CAN NOT do opiates while taking it. In fact, you are recommended to wait at least 36 hours after your last injection of heroin (or it may vary due to what substance you are switching from) to take the first dose. Basically, you have to be in the beginning stages of withdrawal for the Suboxone to work (which totally sucks) but it works quickly. *buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate which is why the blocker does not affect it.* After 2 years on the methadone clinic (which I felt like a zombie being held prisoner there) I switched and my whole world became bright again so fast! Subutex doesn't seem much different than Suboxone, but with that one element removed it is. It can be much harder for people to get prescribed because it lacks the blocker and makes it easy to do opiates with the medication. It is particularly difficult if you have been a heroin addict because the doctors clearly want the blocker in those people. Just remember if you're in an accident or the hospital for some reason, other opiates used regularly by the medical system will not work and may even cause adverse effects sending the person into immediate withdrawal. I personally think coming off of an opiate substance, people should be prescribed a week of Subutex and then the Suboxone. That way they don't have to suffer through becoming sick before taking the suboxone. I will also say, especially compared to methadone, being on Buprenorphine has been the closest thing for me to feeling normal. I hadn't felt normal in so many years, but if I had to guess, I would say this is it.

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Dr Who Says:
If you were a doctor, you would know how to type a sentence.

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Pete W. Says:
To: Factual Information Seeker
From: Pete W.

Hi Factual. I just wanted to say "Thanks" for your compliment on a post I wrote that corrected a number of misconceptions and errors I found after only reading 5-10 posts. You may not remember your congratulatory posting because it was written nearly two years ago. I certainly would have posted this thank-you message had I seen your posting before about one hour ago. I was going through an email account that I rarely use, deleting almost every message since virtually every one of them was BS. One of the last legitimate emails notified me that someone had commented on a posting I wrote on, although I didn't remember even visiting that website.
I appreciate you taking the time to thank me for correcting a few common mistakes and clarifying several facts regarding commonly abused opioid medications.


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kinch Says:
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Switch to roxy 30 when u feel like ur completely off the domes like after 2 months of doing roxys quit them the withdrawal isn't nearly as bad are switch to subxon

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Bullship Says:
Really? A doctor who cannot spell "automatically"? Please..

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Grammar Nazi Says:
You have to admit that it is remarkably bad grammar being used in this thread though lol.

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Grammar Nazi Says:
Is there some kind of correlation between opiate use and atrocious grammar? Out of the thousands of threads I have read in my life this is by far the worst grammar I have ever seen. And it's not like it is just one person. Spelling, whole paragraphs without even one period, using all caps, etc. What's going on lol? It's so bad it almost seems like a joke.

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phil4758 Says:
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Brother you've had it rough. I've had two back surgeries and complain but dang. I take 4 oxygen 30's a day and I've had people say I'm just addicted even though I wear a tens unit to try and reduce the meds I take. This guy that says there is nothing that warrants the amount you're taking just doesn't understand how things are so cut him some slack even though it's understandable if you don't.Me and you both are addicted but not to medicine. We're addicted to not hurting. Hey come to think of it we all are. I know I'm commenting on an old post but I don't care. I hope you find some peace and relief from pain. Love and Respect

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J Says:
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Well said! You tell them! No one should judge anyone unless you've walked in their shoes!

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John Says:
It's GRATIFICATION, not gradification. Sorry to be a spelling Nazi, but if no one teaches you, you'll keep going through life making the same mistakes. :D

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brooklen Says:
Wow Another Mental Midget!!! I have Charcot joint in both feet which is extremely painful and causes severe deformity of your feet, it is untreatable, I also have inter-meddullary sponge disease which i pass 1 to several kidney stones a day, this also causes extreme pain! After all that I have Systemic Lupus Erythematosis which is the underlying cause and has caused all this damage through the years. I am currently taking 50 - 60mgs of immediate release oxycodone every 4 hours. So how dare you cast your judgments on anyone. There are legitimate sick people out there that need this medication in high doses to function at least a little bit throughout the day!

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Nick Name Says:
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5/325 percocet are 5mg of percocet and 325 MG Tylenol. Not a strong pill and taking to many the Tylenol can hurt you're liver.

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Debbie Says:
Your a good person, and I'm so sorry that you have to go through that kind of pain. Pain pills were invented for people like you who suffer from cronic pain. Don't listen to anyone who thinks they know your life story. I'm glad they help you so you can live a pain free life!! Take care

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Miss Maey Says:
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I have been on different pain meds for years trying to control the pain and still have a quality if life. I was taking 8-10 Norco a day and they didn't kill the pain. All u did was watch the clock and wait fort next dose. My doctor then out me on methadone. I was a miracle! I take 40mg in the am and 30mg at night, that's it!!!!! To me, methadone has turned out to be a miracle pain med!! I am back to work full time, and never felt better. Via still have the Norco for break thru pain, but only take that maybe once or twice a week!!! It not as bad for your body as the norco is either!

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Kimmie Says:
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U r very right! Some people are just ignorant and think that "everyone" who takes pain medication takes it to get high....wrong! Thank you for sticking up for those of us who really need it.

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Roxy Says:
I feel your pain, sweetie.

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Callie Says:
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Never in military but have Ra, yes they treat us differently even though I cant move without them, go through withdrawals every single month because they give enough for day so what the h*** are we supposed to do at night? Wake up in the middle of the night and bam! Start in on the next days meds causing me to come up short every month. They could have given m treatments bt NO got me addicted to the evil monster instead, sorry to say this but I swear I'm I guinea pig the government has chosen to see how my rheumatoid arthritis progresses' with only BandAids rather than treating me. Not to mention the friends and family that now see me as a pill popping addict yeah it causes major depression I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR THIS CRAP :'(

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SSgtUSMC Says:
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You can be a doctor but you haven't gone threw this type of pain have you doctor?... Most doctors are all the same they look down on you and mumble addict under their breath... But once you build a tolerance for them yes you have to up your dose just like anything on this earth you use for a long period of time.. I was a Marine... A former Staff Sargent with the Marine Corps.. My truck was struck with the concussion blast of an I.E.D and made us do about 4 flips in the air and yes I broke my spine my jaw my shoulder my arm about 4 ribs all my fingers on my right hand and 90% deaf in my right ear along with other things that I either broke ripped or hurt... I didn't even take aspirin before I got hurt and yet I got hurt to where I limp for the rest of my life and have almost NO hearing in my right ear I built a tolerance up to pain meds.... I have been on main meds but the one that has helped me the most is Oxycodone for instant relief and then Oxycotin for long around the clock relief... I dare any of you to say I am a addict or I have an addiction... I served my country proudly and was hurt for it by I signed up for it and people that are in every day pain like me I want you to know you are NOT ALONE in this fight.. Doctors well 99.9999% of doctors look down on you for needing pain medication they only give you a 30 day supply to take ONE every few hours well I am sorry there is some days I have to take more then just ONE in 4 hours I might have to do 2 in 4 hours depending on weather and pain levels and what I did that day or the day before I work for a living also to support my family and I can't sit home I have bills to pay... And then doctors always say well they should have lasted you... Well when you only give me enough meds for ONE every 4-6 hours sometimes it doesn't cut it and you run out a day or two early and then they treat you different or treat you like a addict and a junkie if you ask for a refill a day or two early... It is pure B.S until the Doctors have lived with this type of pain EVERY SINGLE DAY then they don't know what your going threw.. And they DONT UNDERSTAND the type of pain you endure EVERY SINGLE DAY and NIGHT... And for me to express myself like this is upsetting but it needs to be said... You doctors took a OATH to uphold and help and protect people who are in pain and need medical help not to Judge them and think you know it all... I took a OATH also to protect every single American in the united states and uphold our laws and rights and I still till this day Uphold that Oath being a civilian or when I was a Marine... The Doctor's need to relook at that OATH they swore to uphold... And HELP US in need of medical help and treatment and medical needs with different medication's WITHOUT being judged and always treating us like we are Criminals... We mostly are constantly depressed by having to depend on medications to be able to function like a normal person to function normally like we would have before we got hurt.. Have a Heart doctors and not be a a**hole know it all.. If I offended you Doc. I am sorry.. But this is the Gods honest truth how ALL OF US FEEL that are in Constant pain and how you doctors act towards us just asking to be Normal like you and be Normal like we were before we all got hurt... Have a great night everyone I said my peace... Goodnight

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ben Says:
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Kratom will help u

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D Says:
The 325 in the 5/325 indicates the amount of acetaminophen (tylenol). So, a 5/325 pill contains 5mg oxycodone and 325mg of tylenol. A 5/500 would contain 500 mg of tylenol.

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