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Bill Says:
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Hi I just started taking this A333 white oblong pill. (Generic Percocet. 10/325). I never had this type before and got it due to pharmacy supply. My question is has anyone noticed a difference in pain relief from other brands. Maybe it's me but it doesn't seem to work as well. Can't wait to hear some other input on this. Thanks.

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Jennifer Says:
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Just an FYI.....ive been taking endocet and its working pretty functional and thats what counts! Nothing is as good as the Watson's but endocet by endo pharmaceuticals has been the best of all the generics ive tried, this gas been the only one that has helped.

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Sunni Says:
You can submit a complaint to Actavis along with the FDA, your Pharmacy & most importantly tell your PM Dr about the side effects you are having. Actavis brand is a horrid med & my PM Dr has it written on all my scripts that patient is Not to Receive Actavis/Watson Brand A333 imprint pill! I have submitted complaints to all & really don't get anywhere but at least my voice was heard & my pharmacy will order a different brand for me. I have also changed to a Real Pharmacy not drugstores or Walmarts anymore, but a real Pharmacy that actually cares for patients health & only carry medical supplies & medicines, not food. Beauty items Etc: Walmarts, CVS & Walgreens are drugstores or super centers who have pharmacies in there store, CVS & Walgreens now carry & distribute only Actavis Brand & will not order anything for the patient, Walmarts have become a joke of a pharmacy in my opinion esp in SW FL. I had to call my insurance company explain & send written documentation as to why I needed to chg pharmacies & they did agree & will now pay for my medicine using a Real Pharmacy not on preferred list. I may have to pay $10.00 instead of $1.20 for my rx now but at least I'm not getting medication poisoning taking the Actavis Brand. It's been a struggle but i am feeling 150% better now. I wish you the Best of Luck Violet, but please let your PM Dr know first & foremost.

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Violet Says:
HI, These A333 suppose to be oxycodone 10/325 {percocet} but they do not work near as well as the Watsons. I have severe pains and when I take them they make my stomach sick and it does not relieve my pains, also keeps me sleepy. I am very dissapointed because with the Watsons - I could take 1/2 at a time.
How can we complain about this? I really need my pains to be relieved. I am 54 yr.old and don't heal like the 20 yr.old's anymore.and have had many surgeries on my back. I also have chronic legg pains. Can someone help? please

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Ann Says:
I think "Vernon" and others are like side moderators. I believe, from looking through MANY posts, that MedsChat has people to answer basic questions. I don't think any of them are doctors - just giving basic answers.

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Lola Says:
Jennifer, I too have noticed this person as well on other threads so I don't know if he is a doctor or what. I posted on medchats about the problem with Actavis percocet and he replied there too. I don't get it either. I, like you am not sure if he is a pain patient or not.

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Jennifer Says:
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Vernon.....curious about whether ur an actual pain sufferer or just someone who scrolls thru all the threads on this site? I've come across many different topics where ur name shows up n u post comments where it seems like ur trying to sound like a dr even though some of the posts I've seen u make are inaccurate so that gives me the notion that ur not a do u just skim through all categories on the site n comment on certain ones? M

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Emerald Says:
Oxycontin recently lost its patent. The FDA has to approve the generic oxycontin to make sure its abuse deterrent. The FDA banned the original formula oxy. Two other companies have already been approved one is supposed to start selling generic oxy in Oct. The article is about Actavis trying to get approved to sell it too by making an abuse deterrent version. Generic companies have to wing it trying to match the formulation of the original. The drug makers don't give out their recipe.

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Katie Says:
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Yes I take the same pill and it has ip something on it but nothing on the other side.Ido not think they are strong as the mefs I was getting before like you I wait to see when it will work but the pharmacy said thats what they carry now how do we get our old meds back if you find out please tell me

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SoConfused Says:
On question 75, Ann you say, "Once again, that article only refers to OxyContin which is time release." If it 'only' refers to OxyContin...then why is it (& the link--question # 56), titled..."Actavis makes agreement for generic abuse-deterrent oxycodone"?? (and the article is not on a forum, it is on 'Generic News')..... Not OxyContin but ...Oxycodone... Reckon you're going to say it is not FDA approved either? Read the link/article....look for 2nd paragraph, that's where it says the FDA did Not approve Oxycodone. It says a little about OxyContin, I believe how they started with OxyContin, then moved on to Oxycodone....why would it be titled with Oxycodone if the article.. "only refers to OxyContin"?? Makes no sense to me and even less sense when I read the article from start to end...whatever, people can read it, or not and draw their own thoughts on it, that's all I have to say. Hope all have a good and pain free (as possible for some), week end~

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Ann Says:
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I break my Activas in half as well and they work fine. Once again, that article only refers to OxyContin which is time release. I have taken these before and yes, it's almost impossible to break them.

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SoConfused Says:
Hi Linda & Sunni....well I went to get my pain med. this morning and it was suppose to be, wasn't, it was the Alvogen Brand!! They said they were out of Mallinckrodt, so I got the other. BUT...I have to say, so far, it's working great for me! (Yay) hopefully it'll continue to do so and I don't get sick from it in the next few days....I had to drive a tad over 5 miles to get it when there is a pharmacy less then a mile from me that has Alvogen, so if I don't get sick/side effects, I'll for sure use the pharmacy that is closer to me....going a total of over 10 miles for my meds would of been a hassle for me since I'd have to go more then once a month (get my other meds). I'll be praying hard Alvogen keeps working like it is today. Thanks for the input though. :)
Wagoneer....I broke my Actavist in half as well, as I have problems with certain size pills. What you say makes to see if anyone else will reply to your (or mine) comment as to how they took them. Think your question is #67. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your mom....both my parents are gone to a much better place <3 Hope all has a good and pain free as possible, week end.

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sunni Says:
Sean: So Sorry you had to go thru pain because of the Cheap Generic Actavis. I went thru so much pain and was so sick, actually got Medication poisoning from that Nasty Horrid med, had upper GI problems for almost 2 months. I complained to Actavis, FDA, the Pharmacy and of course my PM dr. I agree this med needs to be removed from the market and also we all need to write to ACTAVIS and get compensated for all the misery they have put us thru. I hope you find relief soon

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sunni Says:
Linda, Thanks for the info on Alvogen Brand, Sounds just as bad as Actavis Brand. Another Cheap Horrible Generic. Seems it all comes down to the Big Mighty $ for these companies supplying and distributing Horrible below sub par generics & get away with it.. Either the FDA doesn't care about the consumers getting terribly ill from all this Junk being made now, or simply isn't doing their jobs of really putting these New Cheap Generics thru the testing phases long enough. I do agree with So Confused who States: A Petition needs to be started to STOP all These Companies from supplying JUNK! Actavis being #1: If I can find any info on how to get a Petition started, I will let everyone know.

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SoConfused Says:
Thanks for that info on ''Alvogen'' Linda.....hoping you aren't thinking about "Actavist", cause it sounds the same ....syptom [sp] wise....not doubting you now....I agree with the ones on here that we need to do something about trying to get Actavis booted out, it truly is AWFUL!!! I wish I knew how to get a Petition started. rather how to word it the right way. Thanks for your input Linda, I have a high tolerance to pain meds...well other meds too, and never want to get sick like I did on Actavist...only good thing to come out of that, it made me lose quite a bit of weight in the one month I took it cause food would not stay in me!! Take care and hope all is well with you~

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Linda Says:
Saw your question about Alvogen - it is the WORST. Do not get this you will be sorry - it does not work you will get no pain relief and it causes alot of GI issues - this is coming from myself who unfortuntatly got it one time and a friend of mine also got it and same thing - it is total crap.

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SoConfused Says:
Thanks for that info. Sunni. Ughhh my laptop died and I'm on my old PC which is giving me A LOT of trouble, actually I'm surprised I could reply to your message! There's only one place I found that sold, "Alvogen", not a big store like CVS/Walgreen/ am scared to try it. Was hoping more people had heard about it as well...oh well....*sigh* sure miss my laptop :( if I don't reply back to you, it's because of this PC...take care and thanks again for that info! Hope you're doing better (FIL), as well...

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Sean Says:
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I received a script for these god forsaken horrible A333 Percocet and I too, felt as they were nothing more then a tic tac. They did absolutely nothing for pain and I can honestly say the 933 Watson (which is actually 7.5/325 not 10/325) worked better for pain relief then the A333 which is more oxycodone. I also encourage all who have issues with this drug to complain to not just Actavis or the FDA, but to your pharmacy and pain doctor as well. I did, and was not supposed when my doctor replied that he has had another patient complain about Percocet recently and I'm sure he was being subtle when saying just one...I told him we are two of many to come then. This horrid generic needs to be removed from shelves and should actually have to compensate for all of us who really suffer from pain from this drug whether it be our chronic pain or pain caused from reactions.

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Wagoneer89 Says:
If you google "abuse-deterrent oxycodone" you will find articles about an oxycodone pill which has a central pill which is not supposed to be broken. If it is broken it releases an oxycodone inhibitor (I think that's the phrase) which keeps it from being useful for people who abuse tablets to intensify the effect. Since I bite my tablets in half this may have been the reason that the tablets were COMPLETELY useless. I haven't had any pain med other than Advil for a couple of months by now, my wife is adjusting to my new more irrasible mood. I wish I could afford to move to a country that isn't so interested in control. I can remember my mother going to her pharmacist and picking up a bottle of Vicodin about the size of a Costco vitamin bottle. She did have some "issues" in the last year of her life adjusting the amount as she declined, but she was out of pain for probably 32 years, and she was sharp as a tack the last time I saw her alive.

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sunni Says:
So Confused, No I have never heard of this the Alvogen Brand Before, I googled the Co and it appears to be a Privately Owned Fast Growing Company focusing on developing Generic meds & OTC meds. Its a International Pharmaceutical Co, it has ties with Norwich Pharmaceuticals. Idk know if Alvogen is fairly new or not in the US, it does say that they (Alvogen) has high ambitions for future Growth. They are connected to a lot of pharmacies, Walmarts, CVS, Kroeger, Rite Aid, some grocery stores pharmacies, etc Let us know your experience with this Brand please. I am with you, as long as it is not Actavis Brand, I am fine.. Take Care.

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SoConfused Says:
Hi Sunni, (or anyone),

Sorry, my mistake, not's "Alvogen".....anyone heard of this brand? As long as it works and nothing like Actavis, that's fine....thanks for any help!

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