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Bill Says:
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Hi I just started taking this A333 white oblong pill. (Generic Percocet. 10/325). I never had this type before and got it due to pharmacy supply. My question is has anyone noticed a difference in pain relief from other brands. Maybe it's me but it doesn't seem to work as well. Can't wait to hear some other input on this. Thanks.

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Verwon Says:
Hello, Bill! How are you?

This tablet is manufactured by Actavis (Watson) and yes, there have been quite a few complaints about it recently. Prior to them popping up on here, I was actually not aware of this tablet and just managed to find the information on it.

It appears that it must be cheaper than other generics, because more pharmacies are providing it and many people are dissatisfied.

Have you consulted your doctor? They may have some idea that could help you.

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Leo Says:
After back surgery 10 years ago, I was prescribed Watson 10/325. I am very active & athletic & Watson allowed me to golf, ski, hike, etc., w/o any numbness or side effects. Since Actavis took over Watson & the Actavis brand was legacied, unfortunately, my experience was terrible. Actavis felt like a placebo but with an upset stomach. One pill did not accomplish a thing, where 1/2 a pill of Watson did the trick. In my estimation, this generic failed miserably. Actavis should strongly reconsider bringing back the Watson brand or reformulate theirs to match Watson's.

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Sunni Says:
I just got my refill from Cvs as my regular pharmacy was out of my pain med, the pharm cld CVS for me & they agreed to fill for me, when I got them I noticed they Were different. These A333 pills are Horrid, I have been vomiting, stomach feels horrible & they Do Nothing for Pain!! The pharmacist at CVS told me its a different brand & it's what they carry now. He also told me it sounds like I am allergic to an ingredient in this Brand & to call my dr ASAP! It's the weekend so I will have to call Monday, but there is something seriously Wrong with this A333 pill, it provides No relief from Pain, no one seems to know alot about it & I cannot find the actual ingredients for this med. this med needs to be taken off the market, the side effects are terrible & alot of people seem to have the side effects. Not to mention it DOES NOT HELP WITH PAIN! I am going to ER as my stomach feels like it is being ripped up inside & the vomiting DOES NOT STOP! I never had this problem with the Watson, Never!! Something just isn't right about this SO CALLED PAIN MED.

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Leo Says:
Everyone taking Actavis that was taking Watson should call and talk w their complaint/legal dept. they interviewed me extensively, twice. Two #s- 800-272-5525 x34399 or u can try 800 432 8534. I was very honest w them re: the shortfalls and side affects from the Actavis brand vs. Watson. I described the Actavis no better than a placebo accompanied with stomach issues. The NDC (national drug code) for the Waton 10/325 is 00591-0932-01

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Sunni Says:
Thank-you for the telephone number. I cld and told them what experience I had with the A333 pill. They took my info and said they are reporting to FDA, but there was nothing they could really do about this and they were sorry. I told them that there is something wrong with this medication, it Does Not Help with Pain in anyway and made me deathly ill which it did as I had to go to ER & was DX with Medication Poisoning! I am still having problems with stomach off and on and stomach does not feel right, feels like its being ripped to shreds inside. From what I have read, seems a lot of people are having problems with stomach after taking this med.

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SoConfused Says:
I got these from CVS, they are awful! They almost melt in your mouth! They help a little with the pain but in the last week, I've been getting nauseaous [sp]. and the last 2 days, headaches.....and so sleepy plus a little's weird, I'll get so sleepy and almost fall asleep at my laptop, but when I do, whatever I was thinking/reading, has nothing to do with the 'so called' dreams I'll have...and it only last a minute or two. I have GERD so am thinking the meds I take for that stop my stomach from getting worse..also I take the 7.5-325 mine is oblong A332, Walgreens has the Watson so will go back there next month. Actavis needs to be taken off the market asap!!!

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Sunni Says:
In reply to So Confused & Bill, Please do as I did and call the Actavis Med Hotline and submit a detailed complaint to the company - ACtavis needs to know about this medication. It does not work, it makes people very ill, I went to ER and was DX with Medication Poisoning from this med A333 & was told by both pharmacist at CVS & ER that there is something in this med that I am highly allergic too. People must report this med, maybe with enough reports, they will take this Med off the market. Actavis told me they will submit my report to the FDA. My advice is stop taking the A333 pill, seek medical treatment right away and let your dr know u cannot take the Actavis brand, Don't go to CVS is get your pain med, CVS is the pharm that carries this med. Lets pray this med is taken off the market.

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SoConfused Says:
Thanks for the numbers Leo....question, what is the "x34399" after the first number?
Can I ask what State you are in, also for Sunni as well? Anyone that is having problems with this med? The reason I ask this is when I bring this up to my pain dr., he'll probably ask me (as well as CVS), since CVS told me they have had no complaints of this med. I'm in NC (North Carolina) and where I live so many people abuse these pain pills to the point it's hard for those of us that do need them, so when I call my pain dr., I want to have as much info on what's happening to others as possible and where they're located. I have these awful pills till 2/26 when I can fill my next script filled (these were filled on 1/27), and am in the middle of a bad snow storm till Thurs. It started snowing this morning and has not let up, I've been praying we do not lose power! Second storm is suppose to hit tomorrow and it's suppose to be the bad one, so I'm stuck here. Fayetteville, NC, you'll see it on the news...if you're in the US. and you know this weather is really making my back hurt even worse....these pills are strange, some almost 'melt'/ clump in your mouth while some don't. (I have to break them in half as I have problems swallowing some pills)...wonder if the....confusion(?) is coming from these pills or from something else? I had the hardest time trying to say my prayers this morning, between trying to stay awake and saying them.....strange, but after I wake up, I feel fine. Sorry if this was hard to read/understand.....again thanks for those phone numbers, although I don't understand the "x34399" after the first number...maybe it's an extenstion? Sure would appreciate prayers....fingers crossed, whatever, that we do not lose power in this snow storm <3 take care all~

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eddy Says:
yeah my best advise to you is to go with the original brand instead of the cheap generic.. you will find that the brand is way more potent..i used andolab myself and find it to be quite effective. {edited for privacy}

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sunni Says:
So Confused - I am in FL, & there is a terrible abuse problem here as well with pain medications, at times, you can not get your pain meds filled for 5-10 days, depending on the strength you are taking etc. I had to see my pain dr today and discuss what happened, give the bottle of Actavis A333 pills to them so dr could write another rx for me, also dr put on my rx that I am NOT to receive Actavis A333 med/ brand. If you are experiencing such side effects, I would not wait on this and continue taking the med, you may end up like I did with medication poisoning. I would recommend going to ER, take the A333 meds with you so everything is documented for your pain dr and get a copy of your ER visit so you can show your pain dr. I took a copy of my ER visit, the notes etc to show my pain dr, The abuse here in FL is so bad that only a Pain Dr can rx pain meds, No others Will or Can. Pharmacies here are only allotted a certain # of pain meds & will not fill your script for a pain med unless it comes from a legit Pain Dr or sometimes a ER Dr, depends on the Pharm, also Pharm here will not even fill a pain med for you if they don't feel comfortable! .When I went to fill my medication today, Pharm was Out and will not get in for 7 days! I did make a complaint to the CVS I got the Actavis A333 med also to Actavis hotline & to Watson. Watson called me today to discuss my complaint, not a lot was said just that were sorry. The # is the extension you can enter when you call Actavis, 1-800-272-5525 extension 34399. Good Luck with everything and hope your weather improves. Prayers are sent to everyone experiencing horrible side effects from the Actavis pill A333. Lets hope they take this med of the market.

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SoConfused Says:
Thanks for that info Sunni! Can't go anywhere today, my car has several inches of snow on it plus am sure dr.s office is closed....the news is telling everyone not to get out in this storm.....doesn't help drs office is across town. Look up Fayetteville, NC on the internet, you'll see how bad it is and will be getting worse as it gets darker! Am praying we do not lose power!
Thanks again for all your help and will let you know when I find something out.

Take care everyone~

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Julie Says:
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I just started A333 & I definitely notice a difference from the Watson brand. I use to take 1 Watson & now finding myself taking 2 A333, and still hurting.
Does anyone know if this is our only option now? I also use CVS. What about Walgreens?

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SoConfused Says:
Julie, I have to take more then one as well but I take the 7.5-325 generic per. (eddy says, "to go with the original brand instead of the cheap generic"...some of us that are disabled and only have medicare/medicaid ins.,we cannot afford the Original).
I don't know what State you're in Julie, but here in NC, Walgreens has the Watson and what's strange is the CVS over by our hospital has Watson as well, but that is across town from me. What I did was call different Pharmacies and ask them what companies they use as I for sure don't want the brand (will misspell this now)>>> ''Millk''<<<..sorry can't spell but I know some others here know what I'm talking about. I'm worried as now I'm going to run out before my next script is due (2/26) and scared to tell my pain dr. since they're so hard to get with all the abusers that live here, but this snow storm we're having (going on day 3), is really doing a number on my back! Since I live by myself, naturally I have only me to depend on and I've been doing things around my apt. to keep it warmer since the news keeps talking about 'power outages'...ugh....sorry to get off topic...if I was you, I'd call different pharmacies and see who they use....don't forget to tell them the dosage/milligram, well everything your script says as they might have them but not the amount (that happens to me), then they can order it. Good luck and let us know how it goes! I'll be here unless my power does go out.....hope and pray it doesn't!!

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Julie Says:
via mobile
I just called Walgreens here in Indiana and they carry the Watson brand. Unfortunately I have to wait a month to get it due to my insurance. I swear though, even taken two of these a 333, it's still does not work as good as one of the Watson brand. So I am in the same boat as you, hoping I don't run out in the next month.
Good luck with your weather there. Here in northern Indiana it's actually starting to warm up a little and I see signs of the snow starting to melt.

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Gonna be a long month Says:
Hey has anyone gotten chest pains, as well as numbness in the arm, due to taking the A333 pill from CVS by Actavis. I got it last month as well thought okay I will try it since they was out of the "Watson" I have always gotten. I started getting this funny taste in my mouth, as well as interjection, chest pain, heart burn, numbing in arm,.I didn't pick up that it may be the Oxyocode cause I have been taking it for awhile with no problems. Then last month I noticed when I got them my pain level was unbearable, I lost sleep, and all the symptoms started. I still did not connect it to the pain meds A333 till this month Feb 18 when I got mine refilled and I got those again. I took 1 and right after that the symptoms came. I am already on other meds for blood pressure issue and if this is some way to control our meds by the FDA, I really don't think it is at all fair. I have done research and I don't see it as the newly released abuse-deterrent pill. That pill seems to be more like a gel or spongy form of pill. I think this pill has something else in it. Could be dangerous to people life. I am not asking it is but look at the complaints it has had since the Dec/Jan 2014. It is just strange that No one seem to have your medicine when Actavis got the approval by the FDA. FDA is so worried about people lives they need to look into what that pill has in it. That is a health issue in itself.

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sunni Says:
Julie, Please ask Walgreens if the Watson they carry is the A333 pill as Watson/Actavis is now one and the same company. Our Walgreens here in Fl say they carry the Watson brand when in fact it is this A333 pill. So far CVS, Walgreens & some local pharmacies are now carrying this A333 pill, so no matter if a pharmacy states they are carrying the Watson, it could very well be the A333 pill. My pain management dr has now wrote my scripts saying Patient Must Not receive the Actavis/Watson Brand A333 med! I had to go to ER due to taking this A333 pill and was DX with medication poisoning - I was terribly ill and continue to have upper GI problems because of this med. I URGE everyone experiencing side effects from this med to call Actavis Hotline and report it. The more reports they receive, maybe they will actually look into this med. There is something in it that is not right. There also has to be something going with this med as Actavis has called me 4 times regarding my report and Watson has also called me, I also received a letter from Actavis/Watson stating they take strict measurements to ensure a med is ok, FDA approved, but they will report my complaint to the FDA and my report will be in their database. I think this medication needs to be pulled from market asap and the more reports made about it, the more likelihood this will happen, but you must submit a report on this.

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SoConfused Says:
Hi all, what I do is ask if they have Watson 933 (or 932.....I take 7.5), and not the Actavis brand, just name off what was on your last pill (the info should be the bottle), I've only had the Actavis once, my next refill is on 2/26 and trust me I will NOT be getting Actavis!! I went to Urgent Care with how I've been feeling and told them how it's affecting the people here and they just ignore me, same with when I went to ER yesterday....but I'm not throwing BP is high, real high/No energy/stay sleepy/sick to my stomach (not all the time)/there's more but none that anyone here has mentioned. ER didn't do nothing for the reasons I went there, they did find out my Potassium was's been low before but my BP was 185/114 the first time, after that it went from 175/105....152/101 (or 107) then when releasing me, right arm was 157/115, so then the guy pops up and says, 'let me check her other arm' (sorry hospital), ok that was 157/124, they just look at each other (grrrrr) by that time I had, had it cause the whole time I was there the only med I got was a 5mg Per., none of my other meds which include 1 1/2 Xanax every 4 hours.....Nitro need to name the rest off unless ya just want to know....anyway we're not suppose to take our own meds but I told them 30 min.s before they took those 2 BPs, I had taken a 1mg Xanax since no one will give me the meds I'm suppose to take, I'd of thought that Xanax would of lowered my BP, wouldn't you? (I'm trying to make this short)...when the Dr. comes in with my release papers, I asked her, what about the reason I came in, why wasn't I treated for them? She told me to go see my regular Dr., I said, "My regular Dr. sent me here"!!!! By now I am mad....told her I wasn't signing any release papers as I don't think I should be released (oh yeah, confusion was another sympton I had), and as we're having bad weather, if I get in a wreck, I will sue her and the hospital! (not a first for that hospital), get home, go to sleep, wake up and look at the 7 pages of paperwork she gave me, okay knew I had a script for Potassium but then I read where she had diagnosed me with "elevated BP....Hypertension" WT??? No script for that? Since it said, "very high BP is a medical emergency"? And she released me? (normal BP runs around 130/80 or 90) I'll end with this, I will be reporting her and....I love on the 1st page how it talks about, 'it's impossible to recognize and treat all elements of an injury or illness in a single ER Dept visit"!!! Excuse me but isn't that why one would be admitted then???? I look forward to discussing this with my Dr., the one who told me to call 911 and not drive! (sorry for getting off topic) hope all has a good week end~

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Wagoneer89 Says:
Just got the A332 after about 3 years of Watson 933. I used to have my day wonderfully planned out to five half Watsons. One half before work, one half at noon, one half at three, one half before bed. If I woke up during the night and couldn't get back to sleep I had one half left to finish the night. I would sail through the month and come out having used exactly what was on the prescription. I was *managing* my pain. Seemed like a good outcome. One month, a couple of years ago, I got annoyed with the paternal attitude of the local Walgreens (I'm 64) and went across the street to the pharmacy within a now defunct market. I think that was my first experience with Actavis. Instead of pain relief I got dizzy, and disoriented. The only solution was to go to bed until it wore off. Last month Walgrees ran out of the Watsons and I refused to leave the window before they came up with a solution to get me through the month. They called the Medical Center I use and finding my Dr. unavailable, got another doctor to OK a 15mg straight Oxycodone tablet with only one pill per day and no Acetaminophin. I was unable to *manage* this tiny pill. To cut it into 5ths would have been impossible, by the end of the day I was draggin'. I had to decide which was more important, working or sleeping. I chose sleeping, but by the time 2/3rds of the month was gone so were the pills. Knowing the wringer that I would have to go through if I asked for a new prescription, I decided just to gut out the last of the month and put in my normal request at the normal time. My tenacity paid off when, after waiting 3 days to hear that my normal prescription was waiting, I was instead summoned into an examination room and told that I could have my prescription... after I gave them a UA. Then when I get to the pharmacy I find out that the Watsons are no longer available. Great.

I came home from work tonight thinking that I would take one Actavis 7.5/325, TWICE what I normally take, and get the best rest I've had in weeks. No, actually, it would be 35 days since my last Watson. I took that new Actavis at 8pm and readied myself for bed. It's 11:24. I took an Advil about a half hour ago. I'm starting to get some relief.

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SoConfused Says:
That's strange, I sent a message yesterday and got the reply it had to be checked out first....not exact words there now...maybe cause it was so long? I'd love to know the different ingredients between the old Watson and Actavis! I went to ER but the only thing they told me was my potassium was low..2.9..I called several pharmacies today and all of them carry Actavis!
Is Anyone else's BP high cause mine is and it's always been normal. Ok, this is all I'm saying in case this message doesn't get posted either.....hope all is doing better~

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sunni Says:
So Confused: I have high HBP so I am not one to answer your question about HBP due to this med, however, I do know that severe pain also causes your BP to rise & having HBP can cause your potassium to be off. Hopefully tomorrow you can call you dr and get this resolved. I have learned that calling pharmacies about this type of med in particular is not the way to go about it as from what my pharmacist told me, they are not allowed to give info out about pain meds on phone, you must go there in person, where we live, we have a terrible abuse problem, pharmacies, hospitals & dr office's are on high alerts. The only dr's around this area that write scripts for pain are pain management dr's, no other dr's will or can anymore because of the abuse in this area, well State really. I realize its probably a hassle for you to go check out pharmacies in person, but that might be the way you have to go, its just a suggestion for you. Maybe your area/State has different rules, but its worth a try to go in person to pharmacies to check for sure. I hope you find some relief & answers soon. Take Care.

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