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Prozac ruined my life
I was on Prozac( fluoxetine) for about 8-9 years starting when I was about 14 years old. I'm 23 now and for about the last two-three years I started getting weird side effects and feelings that I never had before. I would feel spaced out, disoriented, out of body, dizzy, angry, light/visual disturbances and really wishhy washy.. like bi polar feelings and suicidal feelings. I had never had these ever before. I was on the Prozac for severe anxiety and panic attacks. I never had depression or bi polar feeling ever in my life. And I always would get dizzy spells and just feel SOOO spaced out and out of body literally so freaking weird. So when these symptoms started happening I went to numerous docs and they all found nothing wrong physically. Blood tests, ..check up all normal. So I d...
Updated 13 days ago.
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will i fail my drug test was taking norvaco and prozac
I have a test tomorrow for a new job and I was told I would fail due to the meds I was taking
Updated 15 days ago.
Bad Prozac Reaction
I took Prozac for mild depression for 5 days. On that 5th night I woke up having a terrible anxiety attack! Went to hospital, Dr said stop taking Prozac. So I did, had another bad attack 5 days later. It has been 24 days since i last took prozac and it's still affecting me, just not as badly. Get smaller anxiety attacks, depressed feelings, nervousness. Anyone else had this experience? How long until I feel back to myself and the drug is out of my system? I know it effects everyone differently. I just want my life back. ## Hello, Amanda! How are you? Like most other antidepressants, Prozac usually makes some symptoms worse for awhile, before it helps. However, many feel that is a good sign that it will help the person greatly, but this is not proven. I take it for Perimenopause symp...
Updated 19 days ago.
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blood screening will prozac and zaynax show up as the same medicine
A blood test was taken and I had zaynax and prozac in my system will they show up as same medication? Or different?
Updated 1 month ago.
Prozac users please respond
Are there any prozac users with a good response please let me know I have tried so many meds for my severe anxiety depression fears paranoia anhedonia and medical related PTSD looking for success stories please I started at 20 for 2 1/2 weeks now on 40 for four days and no relief please help ## Hello, Theresa! How are you? With Prozac, it actually takes about a month, before it starts having much of an effect and it can be as long as 3 months, before it reaches its full efficacy level in your body. What else are you taking? Have you considered taking more than one medication, at a time? From some of your posts, I've gotten the impression that you're treatment resistant and, in such cases, multiple medications are often needed. ## I've taken numerous meds for depression/PTSD:...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Hot flushes - sage tables
I have been taking 2 x 50mg sage leaf tables to combat hot flushes since about the end of September 2013 but have noticed that the symptoms are coming back a bit. ## Hello, Michelle! How are you? Unfortunately, while sage is claimed to help with hot flashes, it is only a nutritional supplement, which means there is actually no definitive proof that it does so. Have you consulted your doctor? Even if you don't want to use HRT, there are other options, such as a very low dose of the SSRI antidepressant Prozac. I take it for perimenopause symptoms and it really does help, a lot.
Updated 1 month ago.
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Prozac anyone having success?
I have tried so many meds for severe depression anxiety fears etc which seemed to develop in 2012 after medical traumas I have tried many meds counseling etc with no help at all I am now prescribed prozac started at 20 for two weeks went to 40 for 2 weeks and then doc put me on 60 for two weeks no relief at all he said to go up to 80 now has anyone had success with this when others failed? ## Hello, Theresa! Is this another one that you're trying, now? Prozac is actually a funny one, because it can make things worse for a bit, before they get better and you're not really going to see how effective it is for you, until you've taken the same dose for at least 3 weeks, it takes that long for it to really hit its efficacy level in your body. Side effects may include nausea, dizz...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Anyone have success with prozac when other meds failed?
Please let me know I have tried so many meds with no luck since I developed severe anxiety depression and fears after medical traumas a year and a half ago I am now being switched from viibryd to prozac please let me know ## Please let me know if prozac helped you please ## I have been on Prozac for 2 months now and it is amazing! I've never felt better in all my life! I have actually lost weight since switching from celexa to Prozac and I've kept the weight off! Prozac has no side effects unless u mix it with other medications. ## Had you tried other meds that didnt work for you? What is your dose and how long before you felt better? Was it a gradual or sudden improvement? What do u suffer from sorry for all the questions but I'm so desperate no med has worked for me ## I h...
Updated 1 month ago.
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rash after taking prozac
took Prozac for 3 weeks and developed an itchy red rash over my body nothing helps how long will Prozac take to get out of my system?? going nuts! ## Hello, Carolyn! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the rash. Are you sure it's from the Prozac? Generally an allergic reaction like that should occur right away, not after a 3 week delay. Have you consulted your doctor? Prozac has a pretty long half-life, so it will take a week or so to clear. ## Did your rash ever go away I'm having the same problem ..ever since I started Prozac I broke out with rashes and I stopped it about 2months ago and still so the only thing that helps is Atarax and thank God it helps with my anxiety also and is also not addicting.. ## Not sure if my question went through but I stopped taking Prozac...
Updated 1 month ago.
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New to Prozac
I just started taking Prozac 4 days ago. 10mg a day along with my lupus medications. I feel great and noticed a difference right a away. I feel more confident, my worries are gone, I have no anxiety whatsoever. My appetite is the same and I have a lot of energy. ## Hello, KindVictory! How are you? I'm very glad that it's working for you. It can take 3 to 4 weeks for this medication to reach its full efficacy level in your body, so this is really just the start. Hopefully, the good effects continue. Are there any questions or concerns?
Updated 1 month ago.
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i just started taking prozac and have been on it a week now i havent seen or felt any difference yet . does this medication make you gain wieght??? ## hey, well actually prozac usually has no side affects and ive been on it for almost a month. when my doctor asked me what my eating habbits are like i said good and i asked why and he said just to make sure but prozac usually wont make you hungry or not hungry so it might be something else ## He is talking crap, i just started to take Prozac and it made me eat more too. I also had recovered and was off Diabetes meds and now i'm back on them cause of the Prozac too. so it made my reading high and the doctor told me it didn't. Prozac causes my blood pressure to go up too. ## Is anyone on this thread still on prozac if so are you doi...
Updated 2 months ago.
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Prozac Vistaril And Methadone Cause A Positive On Urine Test
I am in a recovery clinic and I recently had a urine test come back positve for benzodiapines. I have taken none. I am going from DR to the lab and even the pharmacy trying to get answers as to why. But I have gotten no help. I am on methadone, prozac,vistatil, trazodone and I recently had a really bad touch of bronchitis and I took over the counter meds. Can someone help? Or tell me where to get my answers!! ## Go to the website below, it will prove by a pharmacist that yes you can test positive for benzo's from Vistaril. ## No, none of the medications you've listed have been known to cause false positives for Benzodiazepines. Learn more Benzodiazepine details here. Do you remember what over the c...
Updated 2 months ago.
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Is Anyone taking prozac with success
Please let me know tapering off viibryd onto prozac no med has worked for me in a year and a half that I'm dealing with severe anxiety fears phobias trauma PTSD related to medical issues I only hope this works please any feedback help I have done therapy inpatient and out patient treatment I also am now prescribed klonopin up to three Mgs daily but it doesn't calm any of this ## Please is anyone using prozac and doing well help please any positive stories
Updated 2 months ago.
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First Day on Prozac - Anxiety seems worse
Hello all. I took my first Prozac pill about 2 hours ago and about an hour ago I started feeling extremely anxious - noticeably worse than my normal level of anxiety. Is this common at all? ## Hello, K! How are you doing? Yes, that can happen when you first start one of these types of medications, things can actually get worse for awhile, before they get better. I take it to help with perimenopause symptoms and when I first started it or whenever the dosage was changed, I found things to be a bit rough for the first 2 to 3 weeks. Learn more Prozac details here. It may also cause other side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, loss of appetite and weight loss. If it gets very severe or if you start having suicidal thoughts, please contact your doctor immediately. Are there any ...
Updated 3 months ago.
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Prozac Nation? Are we addicted to Antidepressants?
We live in a nation where drugs are created for every conceivable human feeling. Do you ever wonder if these feelings are normal and not meant to be drugged away? What if your depression and anxiety were you body's natural way of telling you something is going on with you, that you need to pay attention to something inside of you? Seriously, how else would our mind and body alert us if something is wrong, if not through our depression and anxiety? Are we then actually harming ourselves by medicating away our body's natural reaction to stress? I like to hear your thoughts on why we should or shouldn't stop taking drugs. ## You are so correct with this statement. Our bodies are telling us it isnt working right, but most doctors are too quick with the ink pen to try to find the...
Updated 4 months ago.
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E91 Prozac
It's Prozac. I take one every day for my depression. ## Hello, Tront! How are you? Thank you for the helpful post! To add some specifics, the green and white capsule with this marking contains 20mgs of Fluoxetine, the active ingredient in Prozac, which is an SSRI antidepressant that is also used to treat anxiety, OCD and PMDD and some perimenopause/menopause symptoms. Learn more Prozac details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, weight loss and sleep disturbances. Are there any questions or comments?
Updated 5 months ago.
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Andrx 538
10mg. I think this is generic Prozac, but I'm not sure. Any help would be great. Thank you. ## Hello, Kemmie! How are you? I can't find a listing for this in any of the prescription drug databases that I've checked. Can you please double check the imprint and provide details on the shape and color? Thanks!
Updated 5 months ago.
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Can Prozac Test Positive For Benzos In Your Urine
i took a urine test and tested positive for benzos while taking proaz benzicaine and zanaflex the benicaine is oral gel ## No, none of the medications you listed have been known to cause false positives for Benzodiazepines. Learn more Benzodiazepine details here. Had you taken anything else? Even over the counter products? ## a clinician at the drug counseling center advised me that flexaril will show a false positive for benzo's, that being your xanaflex.
Updated 6 months ago.
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Getting started with Prozac
I've just started taking Prozac yesterday for anxiety and panic attacks. Initially I was reluctant to start taking the medication because I was afraid side-effects of starting the medication would be noticeable to others, and I'm really self-conscious about my appearance; I'm a teacher, and I wouldn't want my students or other teachers see me have a strange episode that I cannot control at school. I've expressed my concerns to my doctor, so he had me start on a Friday at a low dosage - 10 mg. I feel like since I am now on something like Prozac, my self-conscience is now heightened, which is making me more anxious than before. I don't know if I am mentally talking myself into side-effects, or if they're really there - a bit loopy, tired, jittery. I know there ...
Updated 6 months ago.
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Prozac for Aspergers/Anxiety and aggression
My son has just been perscribed prozac for his anxiety and aggression due to his lack of interpersonal skills, caused by Aspegers Syndrome. he was on concerta and tenex, they are no longer effective. Any idea if this will be an effective route for him? He cant function in school without something because of his disorder. Also will it help with his sleep disruption. he doesnt sleep for days and even with remeron still wakes in teh middle of the night. ## Well, there's really no way to say if any given medication will be effective for any given person that tries it. They only thing you can do is try it and see if it helps. Learn more Prozac details here. Prozac is very effective for many people, so there's a good chance that it may help, but it all really depends on the person. Si...
Updated 7 months ago.
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