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Alexis Says:
Would like to know of side effects after Prolia infusion from other persons. Up to now I have none.

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Susan Sweers Says:
I will take a lot longer that 6 months to get this poison at of your body. I'm already waiting 14 months and still not any better. I feel sorry for you that they talked you into this Prolia.
I did not know any better since I was one of the first ones to get it after approval.

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Darlene Says:
Hi Irene,
I have had two shots of Prolia no side effects from the first shot second shot several side effects. My blood pressure also went up I was always 110-65. Today it was 174-84 now I will be taking blood pressure meds. Just wanted to let you know your not the only one.

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cindy Says:
Thanks so much for your reply. I am in medicine and haven't thought to check my blood pressure. (11) days today. I felt crippled this morning when I awoke. I find that when I get mobile the pain is better. But from scale 1 to 10 I am for sure at a (6) now and have been up for 3 hours. Its just unbelievable.

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Irene Says:
Hi Darlene and all who are suffering from this horrible drug. I went to my Cardiologist yesterday for my stress test - couldn't finish the test I felt like my body was going to fall apart. Anyway he said everything was fine.He also said not to worry about my blood pressure because the new normal is 140/90 I am going to check that out with the heart and stroke foundation sometime today. When I was there it was 150/85, I am still having a hard time with my lower back,calves,ankles,feet,wrists and hands . Waiting to see another Dr. I am so fed up ,all are saying that it is not the prolia shot. What to do next - big question.

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The Rat Lady Says:
My Doctor suggested Prolia to me - and after finding this forum I decided against Prolia. Today same family Doctor has suggested I consider Aclasta. Has anyone heard of this or had any experience with it...injection once a year? I don't know if it is in the same family as Prolia. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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cindy Says:
you need to look further into that! has same issue as Reclast and Prolia. matter of fact have my mother at dr. now to discuss discontinuing use of Reclast as once I started with severe back pain from 3rd injection of Prolia I looked into the RECLAST side effects. Many Many and she is experiencing / suffering from most
Sorry.. but do your homework make sure the Benefits of the drug out weigh the RISKS....

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Faith Says:
The problem as I see it, one injection a year? Seems the pharma is saving a lot of money on pill making, if you have side effects from pills, you can stop them, but what can you do if you get a shot for a year??? And how long until it leaves your body, if ever? With side effects no one knows, docs don't know. Just a suggestion.
I will never again take an injection for anything, suffering too much, yesterday I was so tired went to sleep at 7:30PM, just no energy, everything hurts, looks like another bladder infection is starting.

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The Rat Lady Says:
Thanks Faith - and Cindy. You are absolutely right...a one year injection and knowing there are risks and you find out too way!!. I will contact my doc and ask if this is available in a pill form to try out - and if not I will refuse. My heart goes out to all who have had such a bad experience with Prolia and other drugs.

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zuls Says:
Hi My doctor wants me to start denosumab because my Dexia "T" scores says osterporosis. Doctors scare patients by saying if you do not use the drug you will fracture your hip etc and you end up taking a prescription without full knowledge. Can you let me know what are the side effects you experienced

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carol Says:
Please do not take Dinosab as its the same thing as Prolia you will have the same side effects as all the others on this site...i had the injection and I will say it ruined my life.....

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Research Monkey Says:
For those that don't know and are unable to pull up or understand the scientific literature themselves: Prolia is nearly completely eliminated from the body within 6 months, indicating that it is a reversible therapy. If you are experiencing "side effects" that worsen over time, particularly beyond the 25-30 day half-life, it's very unlikely that Prolia is causing your symptoms. Not impossible, surely, but highly unlikely.

I am sorry for your suffering, but sorrier for the misinformation and hyperbole that is being spread here. You'd rather have a fracture than the drug? Really? Think about what you're saying there. People who fracture their hip often wind up in a nursing home, unable to do anything for themselves. The ones that don't die, anyway.

I agree that not everyone should immediately jump to taking drugs as soon as some test comes back slightly abnormal. But for those that truly are at a high risk for fracture, Prolia is a great drug. As with all drugs, risks and benefits must be weighed.

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Susan Sweers Says:
Research Monkey.
What a load of misinformation, much be supplied by Amgen.
I have had 3 injections and my life has been and still is ruined. Never had any symptoms before the shots it's now 14 months since the last shot and I now finally have the occasional day that start to feel normal again.
Both my specialists agree that it's still from PROLIA and they new me before I had the shots.
Good luck to all the sufferers.

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Daphneyoung Says:
That is not my experience. I had an injection of Prolia last February and I had side effects through October. So that is more than 6 months.

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Darlene Says:
Hi Irene, How did you make out with the investigation of the new normal blood pressure? I was put on blood pressure medication by my internist he wants mine in the 130's over 80's. I did not take my Prolia shot in Nov. all of my doctor's disagree with my decision but honestly I really don't care. I did go back on reclast which I was on for about 4 years and had no problems with. I agree with you on the feet and legs they sure do hurt.

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Irene Says:
Hi Darlene: I checked with two specialists and they said that 130/80 was the new norm and one said 120/70. I sure wish they would get together on this
subject. I didn't take the second injection I am so sore
but my rheumatologist did a series of blood and urine tests and I see him on Dec 20th. he was the one that said the blood pressure should be 120/70. I will let you know what the results are when I see him. Irene

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cindy Says:
Well I had my 3 Prolia Injection 10/26/12 woke up 10/28/12 in agonizing Left Flank Pain. All of this was noted in previous post. Besides all the other tests performed Friday I went thru CT Scan ab & Pelvis, Ab Sonogram X-rays of my 12th Rib & blood work all which was normal. I have seen (3) Specialist and given a diagnosis of costovertebral angle pain. That is just WORDS actually specififies place where my pain has localized. These (3) specialist with all tests being Negative state it has to be the Prolia Injection.

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Schatzie Says:
According to the American Heart Association and most other authorities, the new norm for blood pressure as of 2012, should be BELOW 120/80. 120/80 is now considered pre-hypertension. You can go to the American Heart Association's website and find out more about it. You need to have a series of readings, however, because your blood pressure can vary greatly due to anxiety, pain, etc. so it is best to get a cuff and monitor it at home so you can get a true picture. Some people's BP always goes up when they are at the doctor's office. It's called White Coat Syndrome or White Coat Hypertension.

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LDazzle Says:
This forum is awesome. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 12 years ago. I'm also hpothyrioidism, hachimoto . I'm on .125 mg of synchronic. I took calcitonin for 2 yrs. and fosomax for 71/2 yrs. 2 yrs and 2 injections of reclast. I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in my hips, told it could lead to fracture. Told to begin prolia in Dec. I'm 62 yrs old,and I have been told I look 50ish. I skied, and played tennis and stopped 10 yrs ago, because of back issues not related to osteoporosis. I work out 7 days, high impact Zumba 4 days, and put 1005 00 miles biking since may., 3 days of hi intensity weight lifting. I've had 2 arthroscopies on rt knee and one on left . The last one last yr. not related to osteoporosis, but to tennis (10 yrs ago) and recent to an accident in boot camp class. I asked my endrocronologist for a one yr. " holiday" from reclast. This year I lost 15% in my hips.i was told to begin prolia. I expressed my concerns about a drug only 2/1/2 yrs on market, and his reply " you don 't want to fracture your hips. " I have been researching the side effects and monitoring this forum, and decided not to take any more drugs. After taking 2 injections of reclast, I noticed a lump on my spine, which after seeing 3 docs, concurred it was a lipoma, fatty tissue. But this happened after my 2nd injection, plus I'm experiencing a lot of knots in my calves thighs and even back area, which I never had before. And I did all this exercise before reclast. The docs said this was not listed as a side effect , but I insisted this was "my" side effects. I've spoken with the other ladies in my classes, and none have these " knots" . And none have taken any drugs for osteoporosis. I've read " the myth of osteoporosis " and found it very helpful and encouraging. My husband concurs with my decision. I take vit D 50,000 units once amonth, citrical 600 with D too. I eat bok choy, broccoli and etc. great healthy diet. I' m 5'4 and weigh 122. I take yoga and Pilates. Which helps balance. I thank everyone in this forum , for helping me with my decision. I send all those ladies healthy and healing energy and pray you get relief from your symptoms. It took me weeks of reading, and research, and the nerve to participate in this forum. I will continue to read and participate.

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Mary K Says:
I got my second prolia shot in Sept., 5 days later my GI system went haywire. Lots of gas and more frequent bowel movement, some normal some like butterscotch pudding.Can't sleep and sweat all night when covered up and cold when not. I've been sick at my stomach but have some medicine that is now allowing me to eat again. If it is the polia will it work out of my system after a certain amount of time? It worries me. I really did not want to take it in the first place but my bones density is -2.5 and my Doctor wanted me to try it. I'm not made at my Doctor as she is trying to help me but I've never had my intestine acting like this before.

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Sister Says:
Three months ago I had a Prolia injection. Twenty four hours later bone and muscle pain set in. I experienced nausea and dizziness. My body began itching all over after two days. My immune system failed and Epstein Barr Virus set in. The exhaustion that came with the shot was amplified and my heart began racing and I became even weaker. When the BPM went to 240, I saw a cardiologist and since have had a heart procedure and a monitor inserted to record what is happening. I am told the shot will eventually wear off. Is there hope? Yes, the severe bone and muscle pain tapered and is about gone after 3 months. I hope someday to recover, that is if nothing else goes wrong. Is it worth the risk? Are the horrific side effects predictable? No. We need to explore natural ways to strengthen bones.

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