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Magic Says:
How many of these pills {Pink Oval pill IP 52 on it} does it take to get a euphoria? Also can these pills be insufflated?

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Verwon Says:
This tablet will not get you high and it isn't safe to snort any tablet, since they are not made to be used in such a manner.

The tablet you mentioned with the marking IP 52 contains 10mgs of Citalopram, which is nothing more than an SSRi antidepressant.

Learn more Citalopram details here.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Adh Says:
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Rediculius that someone needs to go online to ask IF they can feel high off a pill that they don't even know what it's for. Prescribed for you, take it. If not, then don't. And people wonder why we have so many RX laws!

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