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Oxycontin Generic Coming Back?

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mzmarti Says:
I've been on Oxycontin for at least 10 or 12 years. I've always taken generic. Now I have to pay out of pocket $4500.00 a year for brand name because I can't get the generics. Does ANYONE know if generics are coming back? I still haven't paid off last years loan . I'll have to borrow again. I have had surgery again this year. Nearly died. (was in intensive care for 9 days. Drs. tried to give me moraphine. I have later stage COPD, my breathing got so bad. They called my family in because they thought I was going to die. They said they couldn't control my pain. I was blacked out. Don't remember anything. But they finally gave me oxycontin and I got better. I'm alive. But I am in so much pain I don't know if that's good or not. I can't afford any more pills. They are just too expensive. My meds. cost me over $1000.00 out of pocket every month. How can I find out about the generic Oxycontin???? Any one know anything about this? Please reply. Mzmarty

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Verwon Says:
Unfortunately, no, there is no generic for Oxycontin, the time released formulation of Oxycodone. Due to the ever increasing amount of theft and diversion, all generics were removed from the market and only the name brand is available. It is easier to keep track of one supply chain, than it is multiples.


Do you have any type of insurance? If not, the manufacturer Purdue Pharma has an assistance program for Oxycontin, through their RxAssist program. This program is based on income and uses a sliding fee scale, so the amount you pay could be as little as $0 and your monthly supply would be sent to your doctor's office for you to pick up.

There are even some cases where people with drug coverage may be approved, in certain situations.

Here is the contact information to get more information and apply:

Express Scripts SDS
PO Box 66547
St. Louis, MO. 63166-6547


Are there any other questions or comments?

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mzmarti Says:
I have insurance,but the won't cover brand name.

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gigi Says:
HAVE you tried MS Contin?? It is long lasting and I was told is generic.I may have been mislead.I to took OxyContin,which is the only thing that worked for me,I also was put into financial ruin.I now take the MS Contin (with a minor adjustment period) and I am fine.If it does get any more expensive I may as well go back to OxyC.I pay 400. for 120.btw

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Verwon Says:
MS Contin contains Morphine in a time released formulation and yes, it is available as a generic.

It does require a dosage adjustment, however, because Oxycodone is 1 and half times stronger than Morphine.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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Comments Says:
In reply to the generic Oxycontin. No generics. I will advise though on going onto The American Pain Foundation website. There is a wealth of informaton on there. When going there go to the Painaid section and ask on that discussion board your questions. Also, the maker of Oxycontin,(Perdue Pharma) has a program that will help with costs of your meds, if not free if you are having financial issues. Please go to the APF website for help. There are many programs that patients don't know about that will help with costs of pain medications. You will have to qualify but it's definately worth the effort.
Bless you and I hope you get all your answers. Also, sign up to be an advocate so you can sign petitions for legislators to help keep our meds available. It's very crucial that all pain patients stay on top of any laws that may try to take our rights to pain care away. If I can help you in anyway. You will find me on the APF website in the area of leaders in your state. I am one of the state leaders in FL. Lithia/Tampa area

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mzmarti Says:
I contacted the makers of Oxycontin,they informed me about a month ago that their help is only for people with out any forms of insurance. That includes Medicare.I am also a member Pain Foundation. I receive their e-mails and paper. Thank you for the other information. I am still waiting for a generic of Oxycontin.

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mzmarti Says:
I can't take morphine. I tried Mscontin about 6 or 7 years ago. I've been on Oxycontin since 2001. My medication costs me a fortune. I was in and out of the gap by March of this year. I can't believe it is getting ready to start all over. It makes me sick. My health is so bad. It is not fair. I've spent and continually spend money for meds. I have so many health issues and I am still in pain! Why do they do this to us. I've worked all my life. I'm retired. My savings is gone because of medical. But my medicine costs me the most and I pay for insurance too.! I have Medco. I pay $108.00 a month for just phamacy insurance That's Plan D.Then I pay for medicare Plan B.and medical insurance suppliment. I'm broke. I'm in pain all the time. They have cut my pain meds in half so I could pay for them. But it is still too much!!! Life is so hard! I paid for all three of my daughters college. I thought life would be easy when I retired. WRONG!!!!!!!

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BJ1fish Says:
Have you thought about methadone?

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BJ1fish Says:
Have you tried methadone?

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Macy Says:
if u dont mind me asking where are you, which ones do u get now the neos? I might be able to help u figure something out to help cover ur cost and have ur meds where ur not losing everything

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jim Says:
Oxycontin was reformulated in 2010 to keep users from snorting and injecting it and because of this change they took the generic brands to court and all generics were pulled because of the new patent on the reformulated oxycontin. Your reasoning sounds logical, but it is not true. Eventually there will be a generic for oxycontin again. The patent allows the name brand a certain amount of time to produce their product with out competitors cheaply copying the new product.

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Miss Says:
I too need the 20mg to come back in generic form. OP's aren't as effective & out of pocket cost me in combination with Nuvigil $1400.00 per month. I would be able to take less if the OC's were here. Have COPD as well & lung cancer. Tried all other pain meds Dr & I could think of & ALL are upper respiratory suppressants except, Oxy & Vicodin. Both are super for breaking up mucus. Medicaid won't cover any meds for me except Vicadin & they only pay for that when they want. Nuvigil is needed due to radiation nerve damage that makes me far too tired to have a life. Nuv keeps my eyes open & has a side effect of being a pain reliever & it's NON-narcotic, but has no generic either. Stress causes more pain & this med money thing is extremely stressful. Makes me sorry I ever had chemo & radiation. There HAS to be another med or a generic or some way to get insurance. Had COBRA but am only allowed to buy that type of insurance for certain amount of months & then it's gone. Am stuck & getting off these meds isn't feasible. I have weaned from a much larger daily dosage as much as Doc thinks is healthy for me. People can only handle so much pain. Was taking the 80mg several times a day. The more I weaned, the higher the cost was for the 20's. My current med regime of twenties & Nuvigil & several Vicadin per day works & has no side effects. Been on this for 4 yrs. ANY type of info (legal of course) would be greatly appreciated. Hang in There...JR

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SavvierChronicPainSufferer Says:
I am currently trying to get information on the new released generic Oxycontin 80 milligram tablets .I have heard that by the end of this month there will be a couple of new generic brand Oxycontin 80's made available at a reduced cost here in Ontario Canada .The current cost I have to pay for the dosage of Oxycontin 80 milligram tablets I am taking is $233.oo a week or $932.oo a month ( That though is for the Oxycodone which I found when we changed over from the Oxycontin's was a bit less effective in pain relief) So I for one will be happy to see when the generic brand Oxycontin's are released .If of course their strength is as good as the original Oxycontin's were . If you have any information regarding the new generic brand Oxycontin 80 milligram ,IE the name brand ,the manufacturers name and the quality of pain relief granted by the different types ?. And any information on getting these medications covered by the government programs such as the Disability Drug benefit program or any other Canadian service ? I would very much appreciate any and all such information .
Thank you
Respectfully Savvier Chronic Pain Sufferer

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kevnb Says:
FYI- From what I understand, the patent on OxyContin runs out in August, 2013. After the patent expires, generic versions will become available. However, there's a lot of controversy at the DEA and FDA because both agencies want ALL extended-release formulations of oxycodone to be abuse-proof, like OxyContin OP.

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Mzmarty Says:
When? I am so broke I have tried methadone too many problems with it. nausea,pain,breathing problems too.I just can't believe it has taken so long foe their patent to run out.I haven't had a generic oxycontin since 2006.

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KB Says:
via mobile
Generic OxyContin is NOT coming back anytime soon. The FDA granted Purdue Pharma an extension of being the sole manufacturer recently. That's because Purdue made OxyContin abuse-deterrent. The FDA stated that no generics will be approved unless they also are abuse-deterrent. Purdue has patent rights on the abuse-deterrent formulation.

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KJB Says:
One final note on the FDA and OxyContin's lack of availability as a generic drug. Purdue Pharma, which makes the brand-name OxyContin, voluntarily took the original version of OxyContin off the market when the company came up with the reformulated abuse-deterrent OxyContin (OCs became OPs then..) The original OxyContin OC was supposedly easy to abuse, so the drug could be easily used to feel a "high". The current version of OxyContin OP is very difficult to abuse. In addition, if water is added to the current OxyContin OP, the powder turns into gel,making IV's impossible.

Even though the company voluntarily changed OxyContin to be less abuseable, when the patent on time-release oxycodone ran out in August, 2013, the FDA blocked generics. The FDA re-classified the removal of OxyContin OC; the FDA labeled the abusable formula as "unsafe" and even said that the OC version was removed due to "safety". So, the only way that a generic time-release version of OxyContin can be marketed is if the company makes their product abuse-deterrent like the current OP version. Purdue's patent is not on the active ingredient, oxycodone, at all. Rather, Purdue has patented the abuse-deterrent factor. If a company wants to try to come up with an abuse-deterrent generic OxyContin, it will need to be different than the way that Purdue has formulated it. It's pretty unlikely that a generic drug company will invest the money to invent an abuse-deterrent version and then go through all of the FDA's regulations and requirements to ensure that it's equivalent to the brand-name. So, in the end, Purdue Pharma is cashing in big time.

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Mzmarty2u Says:
I have Medicare,it's not covered!

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Snoopy Says:
I realize this is an old question, but in case somebody like me is just looking in to info, the American Pain Foundation was shut down last year, so just wanted to save you some time.

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