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Oxycodone 30mg Shortage In Florida

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Jennifer Says:
This is a nightmare!! I suffer from multiple auto-immune diseases such as Connective Tissue Disease, R.A, Livedo, Raynauds, & traces of Lupus. All of which cause EXCRUTIATING PAIN!! On top of all of those, my body attacks itself 24/7!! Over the years the doctors have tried a ridiculous amount of different pain medications. I called it the 'medication game', & it was anything but fun!! Either there was minimal to no relief with them, or they made me feel awful! They tried everything from Percocet 10mgs, Endocet, Methadone 45mgs per day, oxycontin, Hydromorphine 4mgs tablets & 8 mg tablets, & all medicatons are/were accompanied by Ibproufen 800 mgs capsules. During one hospital visit they even had me on a conjunction of Dilauded 8mgs PLUS oxycontin 20 mgs, every 3 hours. It was hell!! I finally saw light at the end of my tunnel when they tried me on Oxycodone 30mgs. I was so greatful bc it was the first medication to give me fantastic pain relief & not make me feel high or stoned what-so-ever!! I was able to get out of bed, function like a human being, & most importantly, be an involved, hand on [parent with my son again. He was just as greatful as I was bc he has his mother back. Fast forward 3 years, & I feel like im back to square one again! The uncompassionate, inconsiderate, ignorant beings who are responsible for the suffering that I, as well as millions of pain patients, should have to walk TWO DAY in our shoes!! I say 2 bc after the 1st full day of unbearable pain, that actually makes you ask yourself, " Would I be better off ending it all??", after this full day of pain is over, they can go to bed, & wake up to find themselves in the same condition the next day!! For a real pain patient without PROPER medication there is no 'It'll get/be better tomorrow"!! You would think after a bold move to stop all distribution of such a successful & life saving medication, they would've done a little bit of research! But no! They took the only bit of information they knew, which is the 'Street Drug Perspective', & ran with that!! Something has to give! I went to my dr yesterday & was given a script of Dilauded 8mgs. I HATE IT!!!!! Im nauseas, falling in & out of sleep ALL DAY, & it in no way, shape or form, gives me the comfortable relief that mysuccessful pain regiment of Oxycodone 30mgs 5-6X a day, as needed, gave me! On top of the dilauded making me feel like the walking dead (what do you expect fro morphine), I have unbearable sweats!! I dont know if its from the dilauded, or if its withdrawl from the oxycodone that i have been on for years. If anyone has ANY information as to when or if this shortage will end, please advise. I was told by one pharmasist last month that the state would start recieveing the medicationagainat the end of December. Is there any truth to that???

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Verwon Says:
The situation should actually be rectified at the beginning of the new year.

The current shortage is due to the fact that each year the DEA sets limits on how much of any controlled substance can be manufactured. They use prescribing figures from the prior year, as well as information from the manufacturers and the FDA.

Usually this gives a good idea of what the market should demand, however, in any given year if there are more prescriptions than usual, or a greater amount of theft/diversion, then it can result in these types of shortages.


I am very sorry about what you're going through. I've been there, so I understand how miserable it can be and I also get very ill from Dilaudid.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Donna Says:
None of this true! None of these excuses the pharmacies are telling you is true. I know for a fact. Find your leader for the American Pain Foundation by going to the the website, click get involved. A drop down list appear, click leaders. This will take you to a map of the country and click on your state. Your leaders email address will be shown. The one in Lithia/Tampa area is handling this situation. Email her and she will fill you in on what's being done about your problem. Do not believe what your pharamcy is telling you.I hope to hear from you soon. You can also go to facebook. Search- american pain foundation action network florida- Go to the group page. You will have to be added as a member. This is a closed group for privacy. Make sure you choose group NOT page. I have post this way because we can not give contact info on here.

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Jennifer Says:
Thank you so much for replying back to me. I really appreciate it!!
So, if I go back to my dr the 1st week after the new year &never surrender/ give him this horrible script of dilaudid for my normal oxycodone 30mg script, then chances are ill be able to fill it?? Bc that would be the greatest news!!

.....again, thank you for responding!

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Jennifer Says:
Thank you for responding! So if I go back to my dr the 1st week after the new year & give him back this disgusting dilauded script for my regular oxycodone 30mg script, i should be able to get it filled at my normal Walgreen pharmacy??

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dr waqar anwer Says:
The most commonly reported effects include memory loss, constipation,
the drug can cause impotence, enlarged prostate gland, and decreased testosterone secretion.

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deedee Says:
i just want to say you are not alone. i am very sick i live in Maryland silver spring at that. these doctor out here are crazy they want to put u on meds that people took in the 60. when you in server pain your not trying to hear that i have a couple of things wrong with me i myself take oxys 30 mg and they do work

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Jennifer Says:
I will do this immediately! Thank you!

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Jennifer Says:
DONNA : I have wrote an email to the both of the email addresses on the American Pain Foundation website. Also, I tried finding the GROUP part on facebook, but I couldnt find it. I would def like to become a member, so if you can help me to do so, that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for all your help!!

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Janene Says:
I have been without my meds now for a month..I am having the same problem with either being told that I am not local to the pharmacy or if I am then the that the Dr is not local..some say that they are not filling for my Dr...or that I am not a regular customer or that they are just plain out of them...a couple of ones tell me thaqt they are being reveiwed by bthe DEA and that after the beginning of the year everything will be back to normal...qand others bsy that there will be no more oxycodones at all....EVER...that they are going to come up with something new to replace it with...I can;t afford Mom and Pop drug stores as my insurance doesn't kick until Jan 1....To top it all doctor will not rewrite my script for something else either except for oxycotin(sp?) or fentynal(sp?) patches which I can't afford with out insurance....what is the real story???

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Verwon Says:
Janene, as per my prior post, there is a current shortage, due to the manufacturing limits that are set for controlled substances each year by the DEA.

Production will return to normal, however, in January.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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Janene Says:
Thank you...will either try to fill after the new year and/or find a new Dr. I'll be glad when my medicare kicks in in January! Does anyone know of a good pain management Dr in Volusia County FL in the Deltona/Deland area?

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Jennifer Says:
VERWON :was wondering if u had any additional info re: when the pharmacies may start carrying again. Based on the info u have given us, I have been antisipating this week ever since. I just want to get rid of these nasty horrible dilauded's & get my normal roxi script! I just want to feel human, normal & not in pain! If u have any additional info please advise. Thank you! &I Happy New Year!

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Lou Says:
I sure hope it's true that it will be back to normal's the first of the year. I've been trying to fill my script for oxycodone 30 for almost 2 weeks now. I'm just about out of money for gas to go hunting for pharmacies, I must have spent $200 in gas driving around looking. And I'm so tired of the nasty attitudes from the pharmacy people. I'm suffering here, and I'm just trying to get some quality of life because without my meds I can barely get out of bed. I have a brain tumor. I'm thinking though, that even if all the pharmacies start getting oxycodone again tomorrow, then there will be more demand than product, because so many people have been waiting for so long.

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g man Says:
I hear the same thing I broke my back and was paralized I am lucky I can walk. Every pharmacy has different rules. Today I got my script. Why the hell will they persciribe them if they have been out of stock for months. I was told by CVS online that its been out for months. They made thousands today alone at this one office. I spend 90. In gas today alone and bumped into many people that have looked for weeks.

They said when this new system went in effect they can stop the Dr shopping and all other bs. And is you have a legit prescription u can get it filled. But its been harder then ever. I hate the dealers that are messing it up for everyone.
Even the mom and pops are out
But its really a kick in the ass when you pay for a visit with hundreds of other people that day and they know if anybody has them they have to fax back to approve it. So if no faxes are comming to them them then nobody has them. But they take your money and don't help.

And one day I was at a counter getting antibiotics and a really tough looking person came up they said they are out and I asked flurtitive because she was a pretty girl and i asked why is it this bad like I didn't know anything about that kind of drug.
And she said we have then but we judge the person. What the hell!! Another friend had a pharmacist call there Dr and said he gets to much he just had 4 back surgerys this year I can't belive a pharmacist can now overstep a Dr.
But I was told when they got the new program to track prescriptions was up and running it would be easier for good people that need it to get it. Now your Dr can see where you have been and if your bad. But it sucks when a office takes so many peoples money and all you get is a paper that is no good.
They should give u something different but they want that money its a shame. If anybody finds out when you can fill your levity prescription please post. We can save everybody there gas money and days off work.
Good luck everybody I know u that need it to get up and work I know its going to be hard. Especially the withdraws. If they have been out for weeks they should at least give you something for that. But keep posting your stories I'm in central Florida.

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mnemer Says:
Still no luck in sw fl. My dr also gave me a script for percocet and guess what, cant find them. Im going to be too sick to drive soon and I have three kids and a grandma with dementia that I have to care for. How am I supposed to do that, I can barely move!

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g man Says:
I hear you.. I did many drives around again today. I am out tomorrow and the searches I read say you just can't stop taking this kind of med. But I have to work and i went to a few places and they are mom and POP but they treat u nicer. I wish a big wig from walgreens or CVS would be around to see how there patient is treated.
I would not be able to run my store if I don't have my meds. Now tomorrow I will be out and the end of the month is the worst. But they do not now how it is.
Forget the pain I know the withdraw is going to make it worse.
I went to a wallgreens this morning and a worker said they didn't have them I went latter and they said they ran out a couple of hours ago.
If they want to be doctors they should do a couple more years of school and homework.....

They are trying to be doctors. They judge u and one time my wife went to the pharmacist and told her that her husband me was going to transfer my script to them since we lived there a few months now and we built time at residence. but she said no tell his Dr perscribe something different. It's Verry bad. He was paralizized and cant do daily functions withought it.

Another friend had a pharmacist call his doctor from walgreens in oviedo it was a woman of a orient or Chinese decent or Japanese or other. Won't want to be wrong sorry if i am. and say its too much to get prescribed even though its ok by law and he had 4 surgerys on his back and spine in one year. . And since Monday I have heard more rules for the same store walgreens from store to store. U go to 5 diff pharmacy. And they are the same corporate name but they say diff rules you have to follow depending on your looks. It's a shame if the person thinks your cool or likes your looks your in. If that same worker doesn't like you or judges you dad they say they are on back order. I tell you when I am on my meds. I can walk and work and funtion in todays world. But asprin or aleve can not take away a never that is pinched or compressed spinal damage. Bit if it.happens to you then you will understand...

It's so hard when you go to pick up a legal prescribed med. And your talked about by everyone behind the counter and they all have the say if they are out or not.
Good luck everyone. I wish I never paid $35 for a discount card when they never cart your script.

Good luck I can't afford the gas to be told no anymore.

They should take your script and tell you when the next one comes in we will call this will help control everything then u don't get a person comming back 3 times. Day because walgreens can't tell or most others over the phone if u have it.

So walgreens take the script if its bad. Contact athorities and if they are good people call them when they come in.

It reminds me of a best buy outside Christmas night. They now give tickets for the big name items that they only have so many of. Makes sence why have people. Come 3 times a day for 3 weeks just tell them they are in line or u can't serve them. Not everybody on them is bad and a worker behind the counter is not a judge and your new system should decide if they are abusing or not. Now the doctors know where u went.
Please not everybody is. Bad person that comes to a major chain pharmacy. And don't let them spend $35 I think on a discount card that can't be used in I think 7 months I think they only helped me 3 months. I called for a refund and they told me when the computer system is good and your levity its no problem use your card. Since then I thing I could never use it again. So that greens card is worthless unless u want pictures printed. But then i heard bad about that. Good luck Florida that needs help.

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E11 Says:
Please, all of you having problems with your Pain Management and/or problems filling your medications. It is time to start getting together so our voices can be heard. One foundation I know of, The American Pain Foundation, is a good place to start. ( Find your leader for the American Pain Foundation by going to the the website, click get involved. A drop down list appear, click leaders. This will take you to a map of the country and click on your state. Your leaders email address will be shown. The one in Lithia/Tampa area is handling this situation. Email her and she will fill you in on what's being done about your problem. Do not believe what your pharamcy is telling you. For those in FL, there is also an APF Florida Facebook page, for support and (run by FL APF Leader-Search- american pain foundation action network florida- Go to the group page. You will have to be added as a member. This is a closed group for privacy. Make sure you choose group NOT page. ) and working together to be heard. Hope to see you there. I have post this way because we can not give contact info on here.

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Autumrayne Says:
I live in deltona also, I have had the worst time filling my perscription. I was very lucky last month that the 3rd pharmacy I went to I got them filled, I got them filled at Walgreens when I usually go to CVS, But I just found out that my doctor is on some list at CVS that they can no longer fill any narcotics from my doctor. What is that all about? He is deffinatly not a pill mill, he drug test pretty much every month. I have been on 120 30mg oxycodones and he will not up the amount, he is very strict and by the book, so I don't understand why he is on the list at CVS. And I like this doctor I don't want to go anywhere else or change my perscription. I go to my doctor on Monday, so I don't know what to do. I hope its true about everything being back to normal now, I will just go to Walgreens.

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Donna Says:
Good to you Jen and E11 over on facebook page.
If you contact Donna in Lithia FL By the instructions she has put in the prior posts and you live in FL. She has a petition coming out in 3 days. Make sure you find her so you can sign it. Otherwise, things may not change. Pharmacies are discriminating. Picking and choosing whom they feel deserves the medicine. Even cancer patients and HIV patients are having problems. Once again There is no shortages!! sorry, but true.

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jiii Says:
Where I can find this petition? I am a chronic pain sufferer who has driven everywhere in my county today trying to fill my scripts and no pharmacy can fill it. I didn't ask some drunk a-hole to slam into the back of my stopped car at 60mph, and I've never abused any medication I've ever been given. I am beginning to have severe diarrhea and stomach cramps, in addition to the pain from my back and neck.

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