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Oxycodone Doctor in NJ
86 Replies RSS
I need a doctor that will prescribe oxycodone 30mg in New Jersey. My doctor recently took me off of 30mg oxycodone because I tested "negative" for oxycodone because I lost my prescription that month. I was seeing him for 2 years. I have a serious back problem - 4 discs are herniated and 1 disc is GONE. Most doctors just want to refer me to a orthopedic doctor to get surgery. I DONT WANT SURGERY I am too young!! If you know of a doctor in NJ that will write oxycodone 30mg please email me {edited for privacy}. Thanks! ## Hi, Frank! I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. However, if surgery is a possible solution that would end your suffering, there is no such thing as being too young for it. It would do you far greater harm over the long term to keep taking n...
Updated 1 hour ago.
oxycodone rho 15 mg
1 Reply RSS
What is in these it is it the same as oxy15 mg. my was green round and helped my chronic pain I need to know if it's the same medicine these haveRHO mine other had ACT what's the difference ## Hello, Sue! How are you? They have just been manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies, which is very common with generic medications. RHO stands for Rhodes Pharmaceuticals and ACT stands for Actavis, but they are the same medication. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 2 hours ago.
Pain Management Dr. Around Nashville, TN
96 Replies RSS
I just moved to Nashville and need a Dr. to continue writing my Oxycodone 30mg 4/day. I have medical records & MRI showing I actually need the medication. I can get a referral if needed. I appreciate ANY help. Thank you! ## Hi Nashvillelady, I may not have a PM doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as finding pain management doctors within your general area... Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} wellness.com/find/pain%20management%20specialist I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if any are accepting new patients, as some aren't, but most usually are. I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right doctor! :) ## ...
Updated 5 hours ago.
round dark blue pill m box 30 from Canada
45 Replies RSS
So I bought a couple pills that were supposed to be on oxyCodone 30 milligram but I'm not sure what they are. The pills are round and very dark blue, instead of the usual a 215 pills which are lighter blue or the M box 30 milligrams which are very light blue. ## I would love it if somebody could please tell me what they are. The pill again is dark blue, round, with a boxed m on one side and a 30 on the other ## It is oxycodone 30 mg. Its made outside of of country. Thats why it looks a little different from the a 215 or lighter m 30. Hope this helps ## Actually, these have been asked about on here before and from chemistry evaluations I've found, they have come up as fakes with an unidentifiable ingredient, thus taking them could be very dangerous. It doesn't seem that they ...
Updated 9 hours ago.
Rhodes pharmaceuticals 7.5 325 oxycodone
18 Replies RSS
The pill is white round imprinted with RP and 7.5 325. Manufactured by rhodes pharmaceuticals. It is oxycodone/acetaminophen. Have there been any reviews good or bad on this pill or compared to other manufacturers? ## Hello, Robert! How are you? I've not read a lot of complaints about it, so far, but that could change at any time. It seems that this tablet is just not becoming more common, so more people are receiving it from their pharmacies. Have you tried them? How do they work for you? The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## I just received a script and they was from Rhodes Pharmaceuticals they was the 5/325 oxyco...
Updated 12 hours ago.
how are opiate levels checked in urine
3 Replies RSS
I have been trying to find out how opiate levels are checked in the urine? The pharmacy wont fill my prescriptions without my urine being tested for levels. I only take small amount of oxycodone a day. The thing is, it's not even enough. My pain is so high, that the oxycodone only helps for an hr or two then I suffer for 4 hrs before my next dose. So are the levels even going to be correct? I'm just worried that the levels won't show correct, the Dr won't give me the meds anymore, then I'm in even more pain. ## I hoe somebody will reply on this question, It's ludicrous for a pharmacy to do such a thing, go to another pharmacy u don't need that sh**! ## they will check for the levels of the drugs metabolites. if it taking them right or even close to right you...
Updated 13 hours ago.
oxycodone 30mg pain clinics
1382 Replies RSS
i have been having trouble getting a good dr who will write oxycodone 30 mg. my back has been broken before and i was going all the way to Florida (a 16 hour drive) just to get my meds. So if anybody knows of any it would be helpful. i live in KY so as long as it is closer that's fine. Thank you. ## Well, the main problem is really when you go in and ask for a specific medication, in a specific dosage. Many doctors will look at this as drug seeking behavior. Whenever you see a new doctor, you need to make certain that you don't demand specific treatment, but you do want to take your medical records with you, or see that copies are sent to them. That way, they can see what has and hasn't worked for you in the past, plus they can see the results from any prior tests you've...
Updated 20 hours ago.
does oxycodone show up the same as percocet on a urine drug test
70 Replies RSS
I am prescribed roxicodone 30mg, 4 a day. I have been suffering from chronic neck and back pain for the past 12 yrs. The pain medication works really well, but I guess my body has got immune to it and they dont seem to last as long. He doesnt want to increase the amount but they do not last the whole month. I have been obtaining a few percocets to get me through. My question is, when they drug test me to make sure I'm taking my meds, will the percocet show up the same as the roxy or should I quit taking it? I cant afford to lose my script but I also need to get out of bed and get things done. Any help would be appreciated, thanx ## Percocet is the same thing as a roxicodone ... Roxicodone is just stranger than a Percocet but they are the exact same medication. ## Only take the medic...
Updated 21 hours ago.
oxycodone without acetaminophen
7 Replies RSS
I had back surgery for degenerative disc disease in November,1997 to relieve excruciating severe lower back pain.The neurosurgeon implanted a Bak-Cage, *L3,4 and 5*, Unfortunately the surgery was not a success which simply disabled me, I had no other alternative, I now rely on Social Security and I live my life in 'Chronic' extreme back pain, thankfully there are medications that can help. After my surgery, I began seeing a phyciaciatrist and he has been my doctor ever since. I was placed on OxyContin for a short time. Then I then was prescribed morphine. Morphine did not help my pain whatsoever, in fact I was just a miserable zombie. I was then placed on Lorcet 10/750 until the FDA put restrictions on the amount of Acetominiphine. My doctor still prescribed me lorcet 10/650 eve...
Updated 22 hours ago.
Need Help Finding Doctor To Prescribe Either Oxycodone Vicodin Or Methadone 10mg For My Chronic Pain
386 Replies RSS
I have been suffering from chronic pain for 7 years and have always been on and off pain meds from tylenol 3 to 90mg methadone at the worst of any ever taken. I decided to dose down & get off of methadone as I did not care for the "clinic" enviroment per say as I was using more for pain then for addicition. I found a dr that prescribed me the pain meds for breakthrough pain and the pill form of methadone 10mg was what I chose but now he is gone as he lost his license which sucks for me because NO ONE will give me anything, not even the methadone unless I go back to the stupid clinc and I so don't want that... DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A DR. that would prescribe anything or just something to get me through life with less pain? I am in the twin cities of Minnesota and I will dri...
Updated 1 day ago.
doctors willing to prescribe oxycodone in phoenix
37 Replies RSS
Please please please someone direct me to a doctor who will listen and prescribe the amount of ocycodone my son needs. Pain management clinics are a joke and fall short of what we know will keep him comfortable until they can do the therapy or procedures that may be able to get him out of pain so he doesn't have to take it. He only needs 60 mg a day in 4 15 mg doses. That is what we've found works and makes it so he doesn't get sick from the meds and is out of the considerable pain he is in. He can't work because they won't give him enough to function. I have spent so much money I dont have to take care of him! He has Ahccs healthcare coverage! They only give him 3 10mg pills a day which falls short of the care he needs and is in so much pain. I am at my wits end! We...
Updated 1 day ago.
10 mg oxycodone withdrawal
7 Replies RSS
Ive been taking 20 mg oxycodone daily for the past 6 months just to take the edge off, didnt think it would be that big of a deal because Im not very familiar with the drug. Before that i was a heavy H addict for 13 years, but have been clean for the past year after going through a 2 year program at a commune. The last 2 days Ive been taking half a pill (5 mg) early in the day before work, than another 5 mg after work to somehow get throught the day. I got 3 days to myself now. I know its not comparable to the numerous weeks, months and years of withdrawals Ive gone through but its always messed up kicking this. What are the best household remedies i can use and can i get off this garbage in these 3 days? ## Hello, Quickz! If you're down that low, the withdrawals at this point shoul...
Updated 1 day ago.
Walgreens And Cvs Are Not Carrying Oxycodone 30 Mg In Tampa Fl Pharmacys Filling Them For Cash Arrghhh
31 Replies RSS
Walgreens and Cvs in Tampa FL are not carrying oxycodone or dilaudid. Most pharmacys will fill for cash. I am disgusted. ## Walgreens pharmacy manager just told me that they will only fill opiate perscriptions from pain management dr's for a maximum of 6 months. ## I really can't blame you for being so frustrated with this whole situation going on in Florida. The number of patients in the entire state who are going through this, only appears to be rising rather quickly. Is this the case too, with 'Mail Order' services through Walgreens or CVS? I wouldn't be surprised if many pain patients left the state of Florida just to make life a little easier. ## I went to Walgreen's as well as a host of others and they said the manufacturer is backordered on thm. My scrip i...
Updated 1 day ago.
what pharmacy would likely carry k 56 brand oxycodone 10 mg.
2 Replies RSS
How can I find what pharmacy carries 10mg. Oxycodone the pink k 56's to be exact. I did receive them and now since I moved I switched pharmacy's and now I'm getting pink kind with line on one side to break halves, and a 1-2 on other. Problem is their not effective for my severe pain. Any help aside from going a state away to old pharmacy. Please! ## I'm sorry I had a similair problem and the KVK brand was the one I needed as well. my old pharmacy switched to the cheaper brand and wouldn't order the KVK brand for me anymore. I had to call myself all around to local pharmacies til i found one that carried it. I was allergic to an ingredient in all the ten mg's except . ## I don't know where you live but my neighbor gets the pink little round k/56 at Kroger in A...
Updated 1 day ago.
Find Doctor that can prescribe 30mg Oxycodone in NY NJ area!!
190 Replies RSS
My doctor has been giving me 15mg Oxy's but now wants me to go see a pain management doctor to get 30mg's. I have chronic pain from severe scoliosis- have all MRI's documenting this. Does anyone here have a doctor in the New York metro, North New Jersey area that they tell me about. thanks ## @mica, I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as finding pain management doctors within your general area. Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} wellness.com/find/pain%20management%20specialist I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients, as some aren't, but most usually are. I hope this info h...
Updated 2 days ago.
How Long will oxycodone be present in a placenta
91 Replies RSS
I am 36 weeks pregnant and about a week ago i tested positive for opium when my doctor drug tested me. I took what i thought was a over the counter pain med cuz my back went out but apparently my "friend" had given me a 30 mlg oxy. now child protective services are involved and i was told once my child is born they will test the placenta for drugs and was wondering how long do oxys stay present for that kind of testing? please help i dont want to lose my kids. ## Oxycodone would test positive for Oxycodone and its metabolites, it wouldn't test positive for Opium. Did you mean opiates? The placenta can keep and show what you have taken for the full term of your pregnancy. They will be able to tell, by the amounts detected, if you have just taken one accidentally, or if you ha...
Updated 2 days ago.
Finding a Doc to prescribe Oxycodone in Springfield Mo
215 Replies RSS
I have a very bad neck injury and I'm taking 4 x 10mg oxycodone a day for pain. I've moved to Springfield recently and all of the doctors offices tell me "Oh, our policy is never to prescribe narcotics." Even the hospitals won't prescribe it and have a family practice docs list and at the bottom of the page the disclaimer states none of the above doctors will prescribe narcotics. I need help anyone know a good doctor with in 200 miles of Springfield Mo. who will prescribe oxycodone? ## I can provide you with links that may help you in your search for pain management doctors that specialize in prescribing narcotics; however, there really is no way anyone can know ahead of time what these doctors are or are not willing to prescribe, as that is based on the doctor's...
Updated 2 days ago.
Actavis a 214 efficacy
2 Replies RSS
Whatever these pills are, they are hands down the worst... They have zero effect on my cancer pain zilch.. Then I run into a online actavis recall of oxycodone. What the hell is going on? I was taking kvk tech K8 and wow the pain was long gone within 20-30 min and lasted a lot longer. However, here in Florida they are no where to be found. I need help. The docs that prescribe can't do anything. Walgreens are pretty much like hey that's all your getting. I hate even picking the damn things up period, it's like a sleeping pill? Does anyone have any insight please?? I'm hoping and praying I can go to ERs. I was getting 120 now cut back to 90 and let me tell you they just do not work. Like I said I take still have pain, I feel dopey, eyes close, off to bed I go. Anyone else ...
Updated 2 days ago.
Doctors In New York Or New Jersey That Prescribe Roxycodone 30mg
543 Replies RSS
hello so heres my question i am looking for a new pain management doctor in either the 5 borrows or in new jersey that prescribe roxycodone/oxycodone 30mg i currently have a doctor in staten island who was prescribing me 45 roxys bi weekly then uped me to 60 30mg roxys bi weekly now he has me coming in every week and lowered me to 20mg oxycodone 30 a week i told him this is not enough for me but he dosent listen to anything anybody says also i have a job and work 5 days a week he wants me to come in every friday but i cant because of work but when i tell him i cant come in every week because i have work let me come on a day i have off im going to loose my job he ignores me and just says its ok just come next week like im just some jerk off i also told him the 20s are not enough its not ...
Updated 2 days ago.
does oxycodone show up on a urine test
54 Replies RSS
im on probation. i get tested for oxy, thc, amp, opi, and bozo. i did a suboxone today ive been to rehab once so. i wanted to try suboxone. but i forgot about the urine screening. so it would be really appreciated if someone could help me out. ## i took two urine test tonight for my oxycodone and it did not show up in my urine and i'm scared what my doctor is going to do i'm telling the truth i took 7 today and it did not show up ## Yes, both Oxycodone and Suboxone are narcotic opiates and should normally show up on a urine drug screen. However, we have recently had many posts from people who have been taking their medications and had inaccurate tests results. This leads me to believe there may be a faulty test on the market. Do you have any other questions? ## I dont why some s...
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