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Is oxycontin and Percocet the same thing except without the tylenol
Updated 2 hours ago.
Oxycontin damaged my teeth
625 Replies RSS
Has anyone else known oxycontin to rot the teeth? I used to be on vicodin until my doctor told me I needed to switch to a morphine based meds. She put me on ms contin but I had problems with it so she put me on 80mg oxycontin. Eventually my body built up a tolerance so she kept raising it, i have am now on from 4-6 per day of the 80mg tabs. It scares me that this is what rotted my teeth because only 5 yrs ago i had only 2 cavities that needed filling and then only 1 yr after going on the oxycontin i had to have all my top front teeth pulled as they where rotting from the inside out the dentist said my mouth looked like a heroin addict's mouth looks. He said it was shocking to him that normally he only saw such damage from someone who abused drugs with so much dental damage, but i ha...
Updated 5 hours ago.
want to stop taking OxyContin 5mg every 12 hours
4 Replies RSS
Have been taking OxyContin 5mg every 12 hours for about a year. How difficult to come off this drug. Am very tired and the dosage is not enough now. Don't want to take them any more. ## I think you'll be fine. If you are truly on only 10 mg a day, total, that is a crazy low dosage, and of course that wouldn't do anything for you really. Oxycodone is the drug in OxyContin,same as Percocet or Oxycodone IR except OxyContin is made to be time release. Most people with chronic pain are started out on 10 mg 3 times a day, which is a total of 30 mg per day. Even on 30 mg. I think withdrawal would be minimal. I goofed up on my meds once and had to go with almost nothing for a week and never have had any withdrawal. I would say at worst you may feel like you have a touch of the flu f...
Updated 1 day ago.
How To Break Down Oxycontin Op
110 Replies RSS
word on the street is that you {edited for safety} i haven't tried this nor will i but i sure sounds smart using the citric acid to totally take away the gummy substance;}. ## It still wouldn't be a safe thing to do. These tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, but are normally expelled in your waste. If you try to alter a tablet, to snort or inject it, you are putting these substances in your body in a way, in which, it cannot get rid of them. This can lead to blockages, that can cause health conditions, such as strokes or embolisms. Are there any comments or questions? ## Hello, I am a former Marine from the Gulf War. During my first deployment, I fell from a heilocopter causing sever spinal injuries. Having lived with sever ...
Updated 2 days ago.
Help With Finding A Pain Doctor That Takes New Patients And Prescribes Meds In The Bellevue Wa Area Also Will Drive If Necessary Have Been C
33 Replies RSS
I need help finding a pain doctor in the bellevue wa state area and will drive further if have to. need doctor thats taking new patients and prescribes pain meds. In chronic pain since 2002 and will try all leeds ## Are you able to get into Seattle, at all? I can probably find you more listings there, if you can post back and let me know. Personally, I've found the options in the Bellevue area to be very limited and you generally get much better options if you go into Seattle proper, especially in the U District. ## I am looking for same and can get to seattle ## I have occasional severe back pain and I went to Dr. Escobar in Marysville. I had to tell her firmly that NO I do not need anymore pain killers! I think she over prescribes, but at the same time I've had lower back pain...
Updated 2 days ago.
oxycontin op and oc whats the differance
207 Replies RSS
i ve been tajin the oxycontin oc for years now. I want to know what exactly what are in the new oxycontin op. PLEASE HELP ## The new Oxycontin OP are replacing the original Oxycontin. They contain the same active ingredient Oxycodone, in a time released formulation. The only difference is that they have been specially formulated to help prevent abuse. Even if someone tries to crush or chew them, they retain their time released properties. Side effects are still the same: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Do you have any questions? ## Well I've been on this medicine for over 5 years now, and YES it has changed. I don't know how they are getting away with calling it the same thing? They are absolutely not, all in active ingredients have changed. Headaches, Nausea, St...
Updated 4 days ago.
Will Oxycontin Be Changed Back To Original Formula
596 Replies RSS
is Oxycontin going back to their old formula? OC instead of OP. ## At this time, Purdue has no plans to return to the original formula. They released this new one, with the specific intention of helping to prevent abuse of the product and discontinued making the original, when they did so. They claim, however, that it works the same and causes the same side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## They re not even remotely close to the original OC formula. I'm concerned about what this new formula might be doing to me. At least I knew the olf formula eventually disolved, I'm not sure about this new version. Hopefully someone will make a similiar version as soon as they are allowed. I think the original patent exp...
Updated 5 days ago.
small round dark red pill blank both sides
1 Reply RSS
Friend said got from his mom I told him not to trust and hope he does not take, He Thinks is a 60 OC But blank on both sides. Also his mom has type of cancer, maybe meds for that? ## I could see why your friend might've initially thought it was a 60mg OxyContin, but my opinion is that since there's no markings to verify anything, this could easily be anyone's best guess. The only honest way to identify it would be through a lab analysis or perhaps a even drug panel from the pharmacy. This process should at least help depict the drug class of whatever substance is being evaluated. Additionally, US prescription drugs are required by the FDA to bear an imprint... So this leads me to believe that it's probably some sort of over the counter, foreign, or counterfeit/illicit pr...
Updated 6 days ago.
oxycontin op 30 mg
37 Replies RSS
iv been taking oxycontin 30mg with oc on them - this time i got oxycontin 30 with op on them and they seem to make me sick. What is the difference? ## Oxycontin OP is brand new to the market and is replacing the regular Oxycontin. The only difference is that the Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to help prevent abuse. Even if someone tries to crush or chew it, it will retain its time released properties. Otherwise, it works the same and has the same side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. I am not certain why it would be making you sick, as compared to the other ones, have you tried contacting your doctor or pharmacist about it? ## the new pill u are now getting is a new formula of the old oc and is supposed to be tamper proof so people cant abuse them, an...
Updated 6 days ago.
how to get off 3202 watson
1 Reply RSS
what is it liike to come off oxicotten ## Hello, Sam! How are you? The Watson tablet with the 3202 on it isn't an Oxycontin tablet, it is listed as containing 5mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it carries the risk of being habit forming and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation and dry mouth. Coming off of it depends on how much you were taking and for how long. Can you please post back with more details?
Updated 7 days ago.
40 mg oxycontin vs ms contin 30mg.
33 Replies RSS
I have been taking 40mg oxycontin 3x a day. My insurance won't cover it any more. My Doc prescribed ms contin 30mg 2 x a day. will it work? ## Oxycontin contains the active ingredient Oxycodone. It is stronger than the MS Contin which contains the active ingredent Morphine. Both are narcotic pain relievers. That said, your doctor has actually prescribed you a lower dose, to be taken less frequently than what you were taking of the Oxycontin. However, the only way to see if it will help you is for you to try it. Some medications are effective for certain people, some are not. If this dosage does not handle your pain, make sure to contact your doctor right away and let them know. They may need to prescribe one that is slightly higher or to be taken more frequently. You may still exper...
Updated 8 days ago.
how to shoot op contin
7 Replies RSS
New Oxycontin Abuse the new Oxycontin - Oxycontin OP - Snort or IV - Only Working Method Effects of Crushing New Oxycontin OP - Scroll Down For the ONLY working method to abuse - snort - iv oxycontin op - the new oxycontin Brand new method for abusing - snorting - iv the new oxycontin op - Method for IV'ing OP OxyContin Tablets: TOOLS REQUIRED for Injecting/Banging/IV: {edited for safety reasons} I DO NOT ADVISE OR RECOMMEND INJECTING, SNORTING OR ABUSING DRUGS SUCH AS OXYCONTIN. I AM MAKING THIS GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE TROUBLE DIGESTING THE NEW OP PILLS** OR PEOPLE WHO WANT BREAKTHROUGH OR IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF EVEN WITH THE NEW OP PILLS. - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED BY THIS METHOD OR ABUSING OXYCONTIN!!- ** The new OP pills give some people moderate stomach pain...
Updated 8 days ago.
How Long Does It Take For Opiates To Show Up In Urine
11 Replies RSS
If I took 60 mg of.oxycontin approximately 45 min before iron test will it show up??? How long does it usually take? ## Generally if you aren't getting drug tested it won't show up, because they aren't looking for that. If for some reason they do find it, just tell them you are taking it because you were prescribed it for pain (or whatever the case may be). Essentially it's none of their business if they are testing you for iron levels and not for drugs. Aside from that if they were to drug test you it most likely will show up. It also depends largely on whether or not you took it on a full stomach. if you did, it may take a little while longer than normal to digest through your system. Logically though, if you feel the effects of drug after you took it, then it is in yo...
Updated 8 days ago.
doctors willing to prescribe pain meds
128 Replies RSS
I am having a hard time finding a dr in staten island NY. Even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 3years ago& being prescribed oxycontin for almost 2 years my dr has moved his practice& no other doctors are willing to help me the same way my last doc was now with him not around& me off the meds I was on for so long my pain from MS has progressed I do have all mri's& documents that state I do have MS. Can I be helped?? ## Sorry I meant to say I was subscribed oxycodone and am looking for a new doctor to subscribe the same 30mg roxicodone I was on since my dr has moved away from new York,si because my ms has been progressing and those meds are the only pain meds I can take I will travel to the city or any of the 5 burrows to find another doctor willing to su...
Updated 11 days ago.
my new script doesn't work as well as the original oxycontin
7 Replies RSS
Is there a brown colored pill for the 60mg oxycontin OP... my new Prescription is brown with the number 60 on one side and And the letters op are both capitalized on the reverse side? If anyone can help please comment!!! ## Hi, Paul! Sorry that it's not working well for you. There have actually been many posts similar to yours, since the formulation of the Oxycodone was changed. Many people have said that it doesn't work well for them anymore, plus it seems to be causing some odd, unexpected side effects. The original formulation is no longer available, you can only get Oxycontin in this new formulation that's been specially formulated to help prevent abuse. Learn more Oxycontin details here. What I'd suggest is speaking to your doctor to see if there is an alternative m...
Updated 11 days ago.
Oxycontin Original Formula
18 Replies RSS
I just filled my prescription for OxyContin and much to my surprise got the old formula. I went online to confirm and sure enough it is the old formula with "OC" on one side and the number n the other. Is Pharma going back to the old formula or was this just a "one off" circumstance? ## No, they aren't returning to manufacturing the old formula, but if a place still has some of it in stock, they are still allowed to dispense them. Thus, you probably just got a fill of some that were still lingering on a shelf somewhere. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## What is "the number n"? Quit putting that crap in your veins and take it like youre supposed to then we ALL would not have to suffer the consequence's of dope...
Updated 11 days ago.
blood test oxycontin how long can it be found
4 Replies RSS
having back surgery, don't know if docter will check for oxy but I have no choice but to take a 40 M.G. once in a while, don't want to be dirty afraid he might cancel surgery. ## You need to tell your dr because it could cause problems with the anesthesia. ## BL is correct, this isn't something that you can keep hidden. Anytime you are going to be having anesthesia of any type, your doctor needs to know everything you're taking, even over the counter products. Anesthetics are very touchy and can have dangerous interactions with many medications. By not telling your doctor, you are risking your life, if they use the wrong one and it reacts badly with the Oxycodone. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I haven't taken one sin...
Updated 16 days ago.
Is Oxycontin Going To Be Changed So It Can't be Injected
3 Replies RSS
I saw a program on Australian TV that said Oxycontin would be changed so that the tablets couldn't be used for injecting. Do you know any info about this. ## Purdue Pharma has already changed the formulation in the U.S. They made it so that if someone tries to crush the tablets, or break them down for snorting or injecting, they basically turn into a type of gummy goo that retains its time released properties. Learn more Oxycontin details here. I am really not surprised that they are following suit in other countries, as well. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Are the new oxys fully abuse proof now? ## Not only that but they have added naltrexone which will through you into instant withdrawal. It will kill quite a few addicts. If you are getting them from a doctor tell t...
Updated 16 days ago.
Oxycontin OP Duration 40mg Cut in Half
42 Replies RSS
Given the protective qualities of the new Oxy OP, if you cut, say a 40mg tab in half, does it still release the drug slowly? I noticed there is no warning label on the bottle saying do not chew. In other words, given the new formulation, if cut in half does it still retain its slow release quality? ## Retaining their time release properties, even if someone tries to cut them in half, crush or chew them is exactly how they are supposed to work. However, it is still not recommended that you alter your dosage, without your doctor's approval. Oxycontin contains the very powerful narcotic Oxycodone. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ## I have taken one 80mg oxycontin and 1/2 of an 80mg (I cut an ...
Updated 16 days ago.
Oxycontin = Oxycodone
27 Replies RSS
Consider this! With the change related to Oxycontin my problem is the OP type of Medication just doesn't work! So... My doctor has added additonal 30mg Oxycodone's to my monthly medication list. The problem we are having is coming up with a near equal dosage. Depending upon which phamacist you talk to we are getting differnet answers. It doesn't matter howe many tablets you are prescribed the research is done by considering one 80mg Oxycodone and trying to come up wit hthe equal dosage using 30mg Oxycodone. Opinion's - One 80mg Oxycontin is supposed to last 12 hours giving 80 mg of oxycodone for the ful 12 hours, so if that is true then there has to be 960mg. of Oxycodone in each 80 mg Oxycontin. 30mg of Oxycodone tablets are prescribed for 3 - 4 hours. So it would take ...
Updated 16 days ago.

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