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Oxycontin 30MG CR - Fox Valley Area, Wisconsin
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I had a Cervical Fusion in 2002 in another state from where I presently live. Ever since the surgery, I have been in the most horrific pain. (Please bear with me while I explain ... ) Unfortunately, my surgeon screwed up the C5/C6 Cervical Fusion so bad that, as a result, I am in so much more pain now than prior to the surgery. Excruciating, unbearable, horrific pain. Years later post surgery, I found out that he was the 'kingpin' (what the newspapers and court documents stated) of a ring of doctors that kept patients in their little circle. Patients were unwittingly kept inside this circle of doctors, tossed back and forth like a toy, and then surgeries were performed. Purposefully accumulating all that expense, and then OVERBILLING the insurance companies was their game ... then
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pain management shreveport
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Does anyone know of any primary care physicians in the Shreveport/Bossier City/Haughton/Minden area that do pain management? I have been going to a pain management doctor here in Shreveport for about 6 years now, but it is just getting to expensive. He refuses to to go any higher on my dosage of Oxycontin, which is 30 mg 3 times a day. And he will not give me anything for break through pain. I am on Medicaid so I have to pay him out of pocket. Medicaid pays for 60 of my oxy's, but I have to pay for the other 30. If I knew of a primary care physician that accepts does some pain management and also accepts medicaid it would be a really big help. I'd really appreciate anyone that could help me out and answer this. Thank you. ## There aren't any PCP's who do Pain Management ...
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oxycontin 12 hour time release 2x day
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My tolerance is of course increasing to this prescription and I can not get a new stronger does from my Doctor as this med facility has strong rules against it. So since this does wears off after 6 - 8 hours can't I basically just increase to 3X/day by taking it every 8 hours instead? Here's a strange twist to my story: My Dr. said no to an increase in dosage and referred me to an outside pain specialist for my pain meds BUT! I also noticed that for the last two months my monthly prescription labeled for 60 tabs actually has about a weeks worth of extra oxy's. I know I'm not missing any doses. Any opinions? ## Hello, B Hughes! How are you? If you up your dosage on your own, you're going to run out early, which could end up with your doctor flagging you as an abuser/a...
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Dilemma with 2 narcotic scripts from 2 doctors
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Hi all. I have intractable pelvic RSD, peripheral neuropathy, lumbar facet spondylosis. I live in California and am about to have to change insurances at the end of this month. The new insurance has ridiculously high Rx prices. I go to a PM for all my pain meds, but my primary dr has in the past managed them for me. My question is if anyone knows if I get an Rx for the 60mg Oxycontin twice a day like usual from my PM and then my primary to write a script for 40mg 3 times a day and then I can go to 2 totally different pharmacies and fill one with my insurance and the other at another pharmacy and pay with cash, will that flag the DEA and cause my PM to get a notification of "Doctor shopping"? I am just trying to have enough meds to get me through an extra month until my husbands ...
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Oxycontin OP Duration 40mg Cut in Half
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Given the protective qualities of the new Oxy OP, if you cut, say a 40mg tab in half, does it still release the drug slowly? I noticed there is no warning label on the bottle saying do not chew. In other words, given the new formulation, if cut in half does it still retain its slow release quality? ## Retaining their time release properties, even if someone tries to cut them in half, crush or chew them is exactly how they are supposed to work. However, it is still not recommended that you alter your dosage, without your doctor's approval. Oxycontin contains the very powerful narcotic Oxycodone. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ## I have taken one 80mg oxycontin and 1/2 of an 80mg (I cut an ...
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Find A Doctor In My Area That Pescibs Oxycontin Boise Idaho
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i need a libral doctor to pesribe my pain meds in boise area i have been on oxy codone for 8 years my primairy cut me off please help ## I was able to locate a few pain management doctors in Boise, ID. Although I'm not sure of their reputation, I'd imagine they'll prescribe you what you need since pain is their specialty: 1. William Binegar, M.D. 1055 N. Curtis Road Boise, Idaho 83706 2. Kirk Miller, M.D. 1417 N. 19th Street Boise, Idaho 83702 3. Timothy Johans, M.D. 1075 N. Curtis Road #200 Boise, Idaho 83706 4. Christian Zimmerman, M.D. 1075 N. Curtis Road #200 Boise, Idaho 83706 5. Richard A. Dubose, M.D. 8950 W. Emerald St Boise, Idaho 83704 I hope this helps! ## Why did they cut you off? And as to finding a liberal doctor, due to the new laws being enforced, that is not...
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I got off opiates in one day with no withdrawals
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I was fighting cancer and ended up hooked on opiates. I had been taking oxycontin, dilaudid, percocet, hydromorphone, you name it, for years. I needed to keep taking higher and higher doses because i had developed a resistance to the drugs and they stopped working. A few years into my fight i caught a break and my cancer went into remission. I started to recover and most of the bone pain issues began to fade. I didn't need the opiates anymore but I was hooked. I went to the doctor for a cessation plan and he gave me a taper down schedule from long acting oxy to short acting percs then finally tapering to nothing. It was going to be a slow, painful, draw down. I started the plan and quickly came unglued at the seems. I had been fighting a painful cancer for years and now I had to dea...
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small round light yellow pill blank on one side and a triangle on the other
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What is this pill? It came from the Dominican republic and I'm told its an OC 40mg ## It's not any Oxycontin/Oxycodone that I'm familiar with. Can you provide a better description of the triangle? Is it just an outline, or a full triangle? Learn more Oxycodone details here. ## Its an imprint. Its from the Dominican republic so I don't think you'd be familiar with it if you're only familiar with American pills. ## Yes its real oxycodone 40 milligrams ... it has a triangle on one side
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Laid off from job. No insurance. Been on OxyContin 60 for 4 years can't afford it now. What are the alternative medications?
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I was laid off from my job after 18 years!!! I have been taking OxyContin 60 for over 5 years now for chronic pain. I have applied to Purdue for their patient assistance program to receive free OxyContin. Dr. Has been in touch with them but it takes at least four weeks to receive the medication. She is presently looking up the alternative medications that I can take in between now and the delivery of my medication from Purdue. Can anyone help me with the alternatives? I'm a wreck and so worried that whatever I'm going to be given will not work as well as the OxyContin 60. ## You may want to talk to your doctor about trying the time released Morphine, the name brand is MS Contin, but it's also available as a generic. It isn't as potent as Oxycodone, so you'd need a hi...
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What Are The best Medications To Take If Having Withdrawals From OxyContin?
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I've been prescribed a large dose of OxyContin, 360 mgs. per day, + 180 mgs. of Roxycodone per day. Both have been upped over three years for several problems related to my bones, and now cancer. I get terrified that I'll lose them and if I do, will the Drs. replace them? If not, what would be prescribed to get me through the withdrawals? I have heard withdrawals are horrendous and can't imagine going through that on top of cancer and my other issues. I've asked and have been told to just NEVER lose or misplace them. The rules and regulations of the pain management clinic I go to state over and over that they do not replace lost or stolen medications and do not refill early. What does someone do if it does happen? I live in CT. ## If your meds are stolen call the cops an...
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withdrawal from Oxycontin and Gabapentin
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I have been prescribed pain relief for th past 2/3 years.I have recently had surgery and am titrating myself of the medication. I have been on..Oxycontin 40 m.g twice daily,and. Gabapentin 600mg.3xtimes daily. What withdrawal symptoms,if any,should I expect? ## If you taper off of them, the withdrawal symptoms should be fairly mild, but you may still experience some nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and rebound pain. Learn more Oxycontin details here. Learn more Gabapentin details here. With the Gabapentin, the worst thing I had after trying it was a kind of fuzzy headed feeling that lingered for awhile. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Titrating? Do you mean withdrawing, or just maintaining on that dosage? I am not sure I understand your question. If you are planning to use Gabapen...
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Will Oxycontin Be Changed Back To Original Formula
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is Oxycontin going back to their old formula? OC instead of OP. ## At this time, Purdue has no plans to return to the original formula. They released this new one, with the specific intention of helping to prevent abuse of the product and discontinued making the original, when they did so. They claim, however, that it works the same and causes the same side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## They re not even remotely close to the original OC formula. I'm concerned about what this new formula might be doing to me. At least I knew the olf formula eventually disolved, I'm not sure about this new version. Hopefully someone will make a similiar version as soon as they are allowed. I think the original patent exp...
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morphin er vs. oxycotin er
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what is the difference between the two meds ## Hello, Vickie! How are you? Oxycontin is stronger than Morphine by one and a half times. Thus, if you were taking 30mgs of Oxycontin, you'd need 45mgs of Morphine to be equivalent. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?
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oxycontin damaged my teeth
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has anyone else known oxycotin to rot the teeth, i used to be on vicodin until my doctor told me i needed to swith to a morphine based meds she put me on ms contin but i had problems with it so she put me on 80mg oxcontin eventually my body built up a tolerance so she kept raising it, i have am now on from 4-6 per day of the 80mg tabs, it scares me that this is what rotted my teeth because only 5 yrs ago i had only 2 cavaties that needed filling and then only 1 yr after going on the oxycontin i had to have all my top front teeth pulled as they where rotting from the inside out the dentist said my mouth looked like a heroine addicts mouth looks he called it, he said it was shocking to him that normally he only saw such damage from someone who smoked crack or did heroine with so much dent...
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Oxycontin and the Redneck Cocktail
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I have recently heard about a drug combination called the Redneck Cocktail. I know it has oxycontin in it but I'm not sure of the other parts of the cocktail. Does anyone know what this combination of pills is or why it is so popular? ## It looks like this is created by mixing Oxycodone and Crystal Meth, also sometimes called a redneck martini. Both of these are commonly abused by those who like the high euphoric effect, however they are both very dangerous, and in combination, potentially deadly. ## If methamphetamine and Oxycontin are indeed this so called 'redneck cocktai' - than this in particular is extremely dangerous. Oxycontin is an opiate. Opiates are drugs in the DEPRESSANT category whereas Methamphetamine is an amphetamine (obviously), and in the stimulant categor...
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How Long Does The Oxycontin 80mg op to work
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how long does it take a oxycontin 80mg op to start working after you swallow it ## About 15 to 20 minutes, though it can vary some depending on your own body, as well as if you've recently eaten. Learn more Oxycodone details here. It is a time released formulation, so it won't have as much of an immediate effect as the regular or instant release, though. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have a Rx for OxyContin which is a month old. Can I still have it filled? ## Prescriptions are usually able to be filled for up to one year from the date it was issued. ## After an hour it's fully kicked in for me. ## I take those but I find chewing them makes them come on faster. Also it works better for me. ## I'm asking this for a friend of mine who takes 30s 3 times a day....
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moving to fl from nj and i have bin going pain mangmint get my meds for 8 years will b able them there
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I Lived in new jersey my entire life and i am going to move to Florida about an hour from Daytona. I have bin on pain meds from pain management. I get Roxy 15 4 times a day and oxycontin 30 3 times for 8 years will I be able to get this in Florida ? ## Doubt it. DEA has scared the doctors with prosecutions, life imprisonments and even murder charges down here. It's horrible for legitimate patients to get help. I was on 10mg Percocet in North Carolina and it rook 4 years of jumping through hoops and unhelpful repetitive medical procedures just to get 7.5mg Loratabs. Mind you, this is with 15 years of prior medical records and such. Good luck is all I can say. ## I recently bought a house in Bonita Springs, FL (next to Naples, FL ). When I first arrived w/script for MS Contin 100mg (I...
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wean off of medication
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how do I wean myself off of Oxycontin. Have been taking it 20 years ## Hello, Caryl! How are you? Usually, the modern preferred method is to have the patient start skipping doses, while gradually lowering. However, you will need to speak to your doctor for assistance, since this is a time released medication, so you can't cut it into smaller pieces to lower your dose. But your doctor can prescribe lower doses to help. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Does anyone else have any advice to offer?
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doctors who will prescribe pain medication
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I have chronic disc, bone, nerve damage have many other nerve, bone and tendon damage. Had injections, surgery and nothing helps. Going to a pain clinic in Rhode Island and love my doctor but wait is extremely long. Don't know how to find another doctor in area who will continue to prescribe Meds on and need to cope and quality of life. My doctor understands and can't find any doctor in area who will prescribe: oxycontin, oxycodone, Xanax and Valium. Are there any doctors in RI who will prescribe same and manage pain and increase when needed?how do I find ? HELP ## HI, Leopold! Sorry about the problems that you're having and I do understand… But, with all the issues that have been going on over on the east coast with new laws, prescribing restrictions, issues getting m...
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Picked Up My Prescription And Found Pills Different Then Previous One These Are Oval White On Side There Is A Line Down Half 2 S
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white oval line down middle #2 and#3 on other side of line Reverse side of pill has an X please tell me what it is ASAP supposed to take immediately ## I'm sorry, but I'm finding your description of the markings slightly confusing and I can't find anything that matches the searches I've tried. What medication is it supposed to be? That might help me to check them for you. Learn more prescription drug details here. ## My wife and i were transfering some jewelery from and old jewelery box that belonged to her mother. While cleaning it out I came across 7 blue oblong tablets. One side says "OC" and the other says 160. She passed away over 13 years ago and I know the medicine is no good and there is definitely no old medication bottles around. I looked the tablet up ...
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