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Need A Pharmacy To Fill Oxycodone Rx In Jax Fl Or Surrounding Areas

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Comments Submitted Says:
HELP!!! I need to find a pharmacy that can fill my oxycodone RX, Is there anywhere in Jax FL? Anywhere in FL or surrounding areas?

Hi I really need help!, I am 27, have suffered from fibromyalgia for 13 yrs, an ovarian cysts 1 is now about the size of a baseball the dr said from the sonogram, & in Jan a car crash tat gave me 3 bulging discs in my lower lumbar, all 3 play off each other, cause each other to flare up, after several mths on way to much percocet to be safe on the liver ( 4-6 pills a day, 10/325 & that was just makeing life bareable, a good day has been a 6 on the pain scale, most days are 7's , while medicated), I finally found a pain managment dr that I trust, who actually gave me an exam didn't just sit at the desk & yap, talked to me, asked the kinds of questions you should ask a patient. He gave me 2 RX's, one for 90, 30 mg roxycodone, & for breakthrough 15mg, 60 pills. I am/ was so greatful, then I tried to fill the RX's, & I think in the end I went to or called every pharmacy in the yellowpages in the area , ONE had them & they told me that since I wasn't a regular customer that they wouldn't fill t as there is a shortage they will only give it to their regulars!

I can't get out of bed by myself, I can't work even my part-time waitress job, wich since my boss, who I didn't know had such an aversion to ANY meds found out I was on meds has decided I'm a junkie & doesn't want me takeing them @ work & is constantly watching me & any little mistake is blamed on them, well I think he will fire me if I have to call out when I'm supposed to work later this week, even if I lie & say it's something else, I think he has been looking for a reason, & I'm an independant contractor so he really can fire me for anything.

I have another day or so worth of percocets, but after that i'm screwed completly. Please help! I can't afford to loose my few shifts, & I am in litterrally imobalizing pain when not medicated. I know some people takeing the meds are scared to let this info out maybe, I know you guys need your meds to, I will seriously happily just fill the smaller of the 2 rx's & trey the bigger one with an online pharmacy ( would do them both that way I'm just scared, what if they get lost in the mail ?, (the online pharmacies want u to mail these types of narcotics RX's in) what if they have plenty today but they get alot of RX's in the mail Monday morning B4 I send it out & they don't get any in for several weeks? then I can't keep trying pharmacies even. I will drive, within reason, & by reason I know it sounds nutty but pretty much anywhere in the state of Florida & anywhere in states close by. My Dr, when I contacted him suggested that I try a few surrounding area's & just talk with my regular pharmacy & have them contact a pharmacy in another area & explaine they are out of my meds & that I am a regular at the pharmacy in the computer & all & that I shouldn't have any trouble filling it out of area so long as they have the RX in stock, a lady in line opverheard us & she told me she had, had to do this last mth & that they hadn't given her any trouble & she went out of state. So I am willing to drive & i'm willing to only fill the smaller Rx & not try to take to many of thesupply away from the state, I don't want others in pain because of me, Iso long as I have some meds I can make them stretch.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me, let me know where to go I have just started following internet posts I catch on google & calling random pharmacies around the state, but thats like a needle in a haystack. If you don't want to put it on the board, you can email me, I know I'm a stranger & you have no need to take the time out of your day to help a stranger, but really you don't even have to say hi in the email, just the pharmacy name, city & state, & zip if u know it, if not I'll do the google searching, just help! please.

Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions.


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Verwon Says:
I really wish I had some advice for you, however, I don't live in that area.

However, what you should know is that due to the possibility of theft, most pharmacies will not actually tell you on the phone, whether or not they have such potent narcotics in stock. If you just call, in most cases, they will tell you no.

You will usually only get an accurate answer if you actually walk into a pharmacy with valid prescription in hand.

Have you tried doing this with different local pharmacies?


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jeremiah Says:
Hey Jen, Ive had the same problem.Its funny in Florida you have to live in the same county you visit a doctor at or the pharmacies won't fill them atleast on schedule II narcotics.I spent weeks trying to find a pharmacy that would fill them.If you have any luck finding one shoot me an e-mail.It would be good to know for later thanx=D

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jennifer Says:
Everyone thinks they can go to to FL and find a pain Dr.,and yes indeed you can.It is all about money in FL. I know people that had to pay $6.25 per pill down ther

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jason Says:
i am having the same problem..the only place that has them is charging $5.00 a is called the smart pharmacy it is on san pablo road in jax.fla
if you have the money this might help..

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renee Says:
Is mixing Adderall 30 mg extended release and oxycodone 10 mg okay? Need advice. Thanks

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ashley Says:
i am having the sam e problem filling my prescription for 90 30mg oxycodone the only way is to go from pharmacy to pharmacy in person they will not suppl answers over the phone if you have insurance try smarts pharmacy they are expensive but usually have them otherwise it is just luck of the draw going from walgreens to walgreens i have sometmes checked 50 b4 finding one

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im2phat4you Says:
At the moment, there is not even one pharmacy in the state of florida that has and 30's or 15's. I was told by my regular filler that the state has a one week hold on them. I'm unsure why this is, but I can tell you they have busted 3 clinics in my area in the last 7 days. My friend also recives theese and he has tried every pharmacy in hillsborough, pasco, and st.pete. No one has them.

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nomorepainplz Says:
i just read that theres a weeks hold in fl. I guess thats why I drove around for four hours today, (only to cause more pain) Why the hold? I'm being told I have to fill in county that it was perscribed by some and but one says theyll have by friday- I understand trying to stop abuse but this is crazy, what about those of us that need them

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jason Says:

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jason Says:
THE WALGREENS ON PARK AND KING HAS THE 30s i filed my script there...the carters pharmacy has them next door to them as well..hope this helps you..let me know..i almost lost my leg in a car crash and can not walk with out them...

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jason Says:
i got my script filed on the fourth at the walgreens on park and king...had to wait 30 minutes..they have them at carters pharmacy across the street from them...hope this helps! i almost lost my leg in a car crash if i do not have them i cant walk..good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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Scotch Says:
Wow! I can't believe the problems you in Florida are having.I do not currently get 30's, but I get 10's every month in CT and have no problem.Pharmacies will not give you any information over the phone,they may say they don't have them,go in person.I don't know if you have PriceChopper supermarkets in Florida,but in CT that is where I go.I get my rxs dated every 28 days and put them on my profile,that way if the pharmacy is going to be out on my 'refill' day, they order it to have it in time for my 'refill'.I feel for you,terribly.I have had problems in the past,but I've been going to the same pharmacy for 8 years now,and very rarely do I have a problem.You need to go in,talk to the owner/manager of the pharmacy,explain your situation (even if you have your doctor write a letter explaining your diagnoses and why you really need them on time EVERY month) they will usually have them for you at every refill.Problem is,never,ever,ever,ever,never ask for your refill early.First time you do that,your trust is gone and they won't stick their neck out for you. I also read $6. per pill.Hell,you could probably find them on the street cheaper than that (LOL,really,I am joking,I have no idea).The cops/judges/lawyers etc. wonder why people end up buying pain killers on the street, THIS IS WHY.Even with a ligit rx AND a doctors note,it's tough to get our legal rxs!!!!I go to a pain clinic,I have a contract with them that they are the only one's no matter what (emergency or not) that can prescribe ANY KIND OF pain killers at all.Even if I break a bone or have a horrible injury,they need to clear it with my pain clinic first.Which i know sounds horrible,but sometimes it's the only way.Since i started seeing this pain doctor,I've been in chronic pain for 15+ years,and it works.I've had surgery several times and they just have to check with him first,as long as the trust is their,no problem. I wish you luck,but if there is a pricechopper store in your area,try them........and try talking, I mean a real sit down,with the pharmicist and explain and bring a letter from the doctor,not just the written rx,but an actual letter explaining your diagnoses and pain and related issues and usually they will help you. I wish you the best of luck,it sucks being in pain,and it even sucks more when you can't fill a LEGAL LEGIT RX!!!!!!!

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bob Says:
Try cvs on 4th st or 4th st pharmacy

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pharmanimal Says:
As of this morning Panama pharmacy on main St. In jax fl. & 24 hr.Walgreens on s.r.220 in clay cnty jax. FL. Hope to help someone out! We r looking for 30 mg. Of course! God luck

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katc Says:
I have been seeing the same doctor for 10 yrs in Sarasota county.I had to move to titisville fl 2and a half hrs away Im told that I cant fill my roxys over here cause of out of county script.wHY NOT i FILL IT AT TARGET IN SARASOTA Then they were out of them and I tryed target over here they said no.Does anybody know where I could fill them in brevard or volusia county daytona area?

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katc Says:
Isnt that messed up the walgreens and cvs over here daytona said they werent carrying them anymore ---holes.Why are they doing this I cant drive around that long just to find my own meds what the hell is going on with the 30?

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dram Says:
Any updates for places that are in stock right now in jax? I'm trying to find somewhere that is at the most 3-4 dollars a piece. A chain pharmacy would be even better.

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Spendergast Says:
Can anyone tell me where to get my oxys filled in jax. I am from Georgia and was shot 2x at point blank range. I know there are spool many sob stories, but I really need to get my scrip filled. Pleeeeaaaaasssseee help!!!!!

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Casper Says:
Does anyone CURRENTLY know where I can fill my 30 MG oxycodone in Jacksonville, Fl??? I guess all the abusers are making it hard on ACTUAL pain clients. I SERIOUSLY went to 28 pharmacies today and I am sick and without medicine currently. I spent over 50$ in gas in my truck PLZ someone help. Dont respond unless you actually know of a place please I dont need advise I NEED a solution. Thank you to anyone who responds =)

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pinfish Says:
I am also looking to fill with insurance in the northern Florida area. Please help.

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