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CeeCee Says:
I have been suffering from chronic pain for 7 years and have always been on and off pain meds from tylenol 3 to 90mg methadone at the worst of any ever taken. I decided to dose down & get off of methadone as I did not care for the "clinic" enviroment per say as I was using more for pain then for addicition. I found a dr that prescribed me the pain meds for breakthrough pain and the pill form of methadone 10mg was what I chose but now he is gone as he lost his license which sucks for me because NO ONE will give me anything, not even the methadone unless I go back to the stupid clinc and I so don't want that... DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A DR. that would prescribe anything or just something to get me through life with less pain? I am in the twin cities of Minnesota and I will drive if need be.

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susan Says:
I feel for u, we r in same boat as u. Clinics r impossible and expensive

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munozgurl Says:
Cee Cee where are you located?

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Midiman Says:
You generally don't go to a new doctor and immediately go to the head of the class because... doctors are losing their licenses. The Feds monitor their prescribing habits regularly. I had to go through a ton of stuff before they started prescribing. Referrals to chiropractors and physical therapists who eventually refused to touch it as newer MRIs revealed more and more damage. Then there was a pain management place which only wanted to irradiate me while doing spinal injections which didn't work. Then there was a neurologist. He did nothing. Then there was a neurosurgeon who actually scheduled a second appointment to SCHEDULE surgery. By the time they got around to that, the pain shooting down the legs had dissipated. It comes and goes but there's always a baseline of back pain. Without the leg pain, they felt the surgery wouldn't do much good. Then there was Social Security Disability which took a year and a half to get approved on appeal. Then, my doctor finally felt he had done his due diligence and started prescribing something a little heavier for the last few years.

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sara Says:
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Julie-are Canadian sources for gabapentin.

It's a capsule with light beige powder in it. Comes in 400 and 800mg.

In the states it's about 1.20 US each.

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julie Says:
What? can u get it in Canada thru internet?

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julie Says:
I live in the North VA area Would this doc be good for me..Just spent two hours in MRI

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sara Says:
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Levi-try gabapentin (neurontin). It's non narcotic and tells your brain you're in less pain. Helps with taking less or no pain pills.

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Levi Says:
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Yes I'm livin in Thomas Louisiana by Franklinton Louisiana. I'm lookin 4 a gd pain management doctor. I gt chronic pain in my neck an lower back. I was seein a pain management doctor in Katy Texas while I was livin in sulphur Louisiana but I just moved 2 Thomas Louisiana. I need help bad. I was takin norco 10/325. It helps but I'm willin 2 try anything different but I can't have an I'm allergic 2 aspirin ultracet ultram naproxen an anything else that gt aspirin in it. So I need help.

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Julian Says:
I am a pain suffer like maybe most of you out there. I recently lost my job and insurance so now from getting 90 pills a month prescribed to me to nothing its put me in a bad situation as you can imagine. I've actually resorted to getting illegal drugs on the streets just to function and find my self getting ripped off and sick again. any ways to make a long story short im going to keep it real and 100. I suffer from major back pain and for the past 4 or 5 years I been getting 90 pills of Dolophine 10mg prescribed to me which works great for me. it allows me to function and work, but now after loosing my job I am hurting. I cant afford to pay for the doctor visits to get the script so i'm relying on some of you nice people to help point me in the right direction... oh just so you know Dolophine is Methadone just that the word Methadone is so stigmatized to H addicts that I prefer to ask for it by Dolophine. I tried going to a few different doctors asking to fill a prescription and they all would not they all referred me to a methadone clinic were you have to go everyday to get dosed and its in liquid form not pills. The worst part of it is the type of people that attend those clinics. Forgive me if i'm being prejudice but most seemed like x street H addicts. I'm 47 years old and not that i'm to good, disgusted or afraid of that element just that I have a 12 year old daughter that like to go every where with me and I don't like having to take her with me and having here to wait around those types of people while her daddy is getting dosed. I prefer getting my monthly script in pill form sorry. I'm by far not a yuppity yuppity snotty nose holier than thou type of guy I'm actually a two time looser that has more than 12 years of his life taken by the state of California. I'm what some would say a CDC(California Department of Corrections) kid. County born State raised so please do not put me in that category. I'm down to earth easy going loyalty to friends and those that help me are my best qualities but have not giving birth to my best decisions based on those principles. Lets just say I ain't no snitch I'm just someone trying to get well and looking for some help.

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Jenifer Says:
Kev. Why in the hell would you go to a doctor and not tell him what medications you are on and why you are taking them for. Major part of someone's history which can help a doctor treat someone is telling the doctor what medication you have taken and how effective there are. Some doctor no matter what is going on will not prescribe any opiate medication. Since my medication along with water aerobic classes I go to 3 -4 times a week and back exercises allows me to have a lot less pain and to have a better and active life. If I go to a doctor who does not believe in using pain medication then I wasted a bunch of time and money. Then there are the doctors who require you go though there 4 week PT program for $1000's or bunch of other treatments that have not helped in the past or even made things worse. I wonder how much money is spent for back surgery that could have been controlled otherwise with pain medication. To me the bottom line is that pain doctors do not make there money giving you your refill of medication they get it by giving you IV's or other treatments. Then people wonder why health care cost are so high in this country. If someone is doing well on there high blood pressure medication would the doctor change it. It should be the same with chronic pain patient especially if you can back the need by a MRI or other diagnostics and your exam.

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sara Says:
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Kev-about your part b... If it's helpful... you can still get a "qualifying event" and get ACA with subsidies that leaves you paying about $50-out of pocket monthly.

All else gets paid with subsidized copays....Contact your state welfare or Medicare office. You have to ask for a QE specifically, and be persistent.

Many of the workers are still unsure how to do it. I kept calling until I found someone yesterday-yay!

This will give me treatment options denied me with my old insurance or Medicare. Very exciting stuff!:)

BUT, then you can get a great PPO plan with prescriptions and all.

I don't know if that's better than what you have, but it's an option and could go into effect 6/1.

Hope it's helpful.

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sara Says:
via mobile
KEV - im truly happy that you found a solution that works for you...good health is a blessing and we are ALL just trying to get the help we need. If my pain management specialist has tried all available options, and this is HER opinion, yours lacks relative merit.

A social work degree is a degree in working with people and systems. An excellent degree, but doesn't include a judge and jury option!

If you want to make decisions about pain management for others, get a better education. Like medical school.

Because you got lucky doesn't mean everyone else here hasn't tried similar solutions. You're just assuming that members are jumping to preferred narcotics. And that's a HUGE assumption, both mean and a narrow view.

Where I live, due to actual drug seekers, and I certainly agree there are many out there, the 30 day, no-refill policy already exists in pain management clinics.

Perhaps where you live, old school rules still apply. Check your own posts. First you said you knew the ABSOLUTE truth about the 30 day rule. Now you've corrected yourself, twice.

If you worked in the field, you'd know that suggesting someone go to "a hospital" for chronic pain management is ludicrous.

I have 3 M.A. degrees, one in MFT with an EXTENSIVE career, including an exhaustive background in pain management and addiction. And ongoing education throughout, including issues attendant to chronic pain such as depression and anxiety.

And yet I STILL consult a specialist, because I want the healthiest options I can find. And neither of us are doctors, so let's not start assuming we should give medical advice.

Rather, we help other community members as we can. That IS THE GOAL of the forum-support.

Newbies in the field are like you. After the first 10-15 years of seeing people truly suffer, perhaps you'll grow into humility. Maybe your own body will start to give out. Maybe it will take watching your parent or child be in intractable pain for you to finally get it...

You didn't CLEARLY AND FULLY read my answer to Sub. Or you just love feeling superior. It seems that despite hearing the truth, your sense of superiority is endless.

With so many war vets home now, chronic pain is a rapidly growing field. My prayer is that you serve them with better sensitivity than you've shown here.

If such a device actually exists, most here would welcome it, AS ANYTHING that helps is welcome for those with injuries that cannot be rehabilitated.

Objective inquiry and confirmation is always welcome if it helps us.

Continuing to call people addicts when it's been clearly explained to you is just wrong.

Perhaps addiction and/or recovery is part of your personal or family story. Idk...It would explain a lot. If that's so, I wish them health and happiness.

Again, you don't own a global truth.

As I said, you are in NO way helping serve anyone here but your own ego.

Try helping others instead. It's much more rewarding.

Best of luck.

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Kev Says:
Sara - I am 57 years old. I had collected SSDI for 12+ years for chronic pain issues. I returned to work after participating in a state-funded rehab program - part of my program was becoming a licensed social worker who specializes in treatment of Subtance Use Disorder. Drug-seeking behavior is painfully obvious.

I was and am treated appropriately with the correct medications at the correct doses. My insurance is partially state-funded and Medicare (I cannot afford Part B). Having said that, my decision was to trust the doctors treating me rather than come to a Chat Forum and specify that I need Norco at a certain dosage level and I am having trouble finding a prescriber. YOU don't get to decide what medications you receive since YOU don't have a medical license or a license to dispense controlled substances. Norco, Vicodin, Anexsia, (all of the hydrocodone/acetaminophen combo drugs) are right on the verge of being moved from Schedule III to Schedule II, which will mean: 0 Refills, max of a thirty day supply, and face-to-face appointments with the prescriber to renew the prescription. Currenlty, Schedule III substances can be called in by phone and are refillable for up to 6 months. Kiss those days goodbye - and put the blame squarely where it belongs - on drug-seekers like you ...
That being said, I was pleased to read that the FDA is approving a device that will definitively show whether a person is actually in pain or just saying s/he's in pain. The device measures the body's natural pain response - so the pill-seekers will soon need to find another scam to run to get their drugs. There's a difference between "drugs" and :"medicines" - it's obvious and shouldn't need explaining.

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sara Says:
via mobile
kjb-are YOU clear that many people have been on state health programs who for NONE of what you mentioned except nerve blocks which are allowed once or twice a year?

And that they don't have the money to pay privately?

A weekly massage and chiropractic visit is $150 where I live. I don't have $600 a month.

You sound quite privileged or maybe YOUR pain doesn't make you want to scream for hours or days at a time.

When I wake up at 3 in the morning from writhing in pain while sleeping, will YOU pay for those folks and 24 hr/day holistic Pain relief???

you are so arrogant, trying to school others here. Don't you think we burnt up what money we had on ALL forms of help?

Or that we still arent? MY DOCTOR supports my approach. She's a pain management specialist, 25 years in practice.

When you've got that experience, I'll take my advice from you...

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JAM Says:
KJB #65 I thought in the same way as you did that all these people don't have severe chronic pain problems and just want pain pills. That was until I moved to a different state and having a hard time finding a doctor who is willing to help. I have had back problem since 1987 and have been though the surgery's the shots the PT the different medication. At first those things helped and I have been beyond that for the last 12 years. I finally started to get good pain control with MS-Contin. I have been on the same dose for over ten years. I am taking my medication because pain that is verified per my last MRI I have severe advanced DDD (exact words), moderate foraminal and spinal canal stenosis and that is just my lumber area. You are lucky to have someone who will prescribe the medications you need so you can function the best you are able to. The way thing are going today you may very well be in the very same boat as everyone here is if your doctor retires, moves or decides that they do not want to be on the DEA list to be watched closely anymore.

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sara Says:
via mobile
Kev - at my age, I worked nearly 40 years into the system before becoming injured 2 years ago.

I AM the taxpayer. What are you, 20 something? I funded my own benefits. I deserve them. It's my right.

When you grow up, Medicare will be there for you because your elders have it fully funded.

Medicare is insurance I paid into MY ENTIRE LIFE. I'm due it.

When you pay premiums for your insurance, do the your medical bills get paid?

You have deductible and copay. So does Medicare.

Hate some more... you're just young and don't understand. I feel very sorry for you.

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sara Says:
via mobile
Sub- you just don't get it...

At 55, I get Medicare June 1 and lose both my old insurance and doctor as her office doesn't accept Medicare.

Through years of having tried oxycodone, morphine, methadone at her suggestion, I settled for the LEAST intrusive drug, Norco.

I don't like being high. I just want to function daily. MY DOCTOR AGREES WITH ME ABOUT MY CHOICE.

I REQUESTED this drug break to see if I could live with simple Neurontin. Unfortunately, she says my body in this much pain without relief is too stressful and SHE wants me back on Norco.

But she's a pain management specialist and because she's excellent, she gets many more referrals than she has to give. SHE'S TOO BUSY TO CHECK APPT. WAIT LISTS FOR ME. and I understand that.

So, MY DOCTOR said she would do her due diligence in finding a referral without a 4 month wait list.

She also suggested that I reach out and see if other seniors had a good doctor with a shorter wait list and SHE would be happy to refer for me by June 1. We have teamed ALL my care for years and it would be a gift to find someone like her.

That's what I THOUGHT I was doing when I found this site. I don't need the whole world to know my story. I just need a specialist who takes Medicare as time is running out.

If you can understand, great. If you're just here to hate and are arrogant enough to be that rude with no information of another, you're just mean-spirited..... I give all on here the respect to assume they know their lives. Until they say some stupid ish like you did, at least.

So this is my last effort. Now you understand how exhausting it is for people in pain to deal with people like you. Either be helpful or take your ball and play elsewhere. We old ladies have no tolerance for your rudeness and arrogance.

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Sub Says:
I find KJB and Kevin's comments are right on the money. I have a "helpful" suggestion for Sara: Just go to any large city. Hang out near a methadone clinic. You'll find your "doctor" quickly. That would be the person whispering "perks, vikes" ... Of course, you may pay a bit more, and no insurance will be accepted...

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Kevin Says:
Comment #52 clearly displays sara's doctor shopping. Sara, who paid for your previous visits? Medicare (e.g. the taxpayers)? Probably ...

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KJB Says:
Sara- Despite your statements that I am being "hurtful", saving someone from an unnecessary addiction to opiates is actually being proactive. I assume you've heard of the word "prevention" as it relates to drug addiction? People here who are soliciting names of doctors willing to prescribe x # of mg of (fill in your favorite substance) ARE in, in fact, med seeking. It's quite obvious that many have tried to manipulate (unsuccessfully) physicians into obtaining Rx's they do not need. In desperation, they turn to web sites like this, and likely get extremely frustrated when the admins of this site block out the replies from people who have found "candy man" doctors. Chronic pain is not to be taken lightly; neither is doctor-shopping, drug seeking, or opiate/opioid addiction. When you hit up 12 docs and not a single one thinks you need these kinds of meds, maybe it's time to look at things like CBT, TENS units, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractors, steroid injections, nerve blocks, NSAIDs ... shall I go on? Or are 8 non-addictive alternatives to narcotics sufficient? Perhaps you should re-examine your need to defend people soliciting "legal drug dealers" ...

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