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I just got my roxy's filled. The pills are new and i can not find any info from users about the effectiveness, side effects and oppinions on them as compared to the m's and 215 I HAVE FOUND THEY ARE MAKING ME SICK TO MY STOMACH. PLEASE PLEASE CHIME IN.

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Kat Says:
k 9s DO suck
i'm a daily user...i'm prescribed 5-6 tablets per day by my pain management doctor
i've always filled @ walgreens so i've always rec'd the A215s, prior to walgreens I went to a Mom&Pop and got the M's before they stopped taking insurance for them
ANYWAY... as someone who takes As every day... I love them... I had to pick a few up on the street one day after running out of mine, and they WERE garbage. barely any drip...barely any pain relief and barely any buzz!

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Kevin Says:
I have to beg your pardon because I neither shoot or snort oxycotin and the new ones they have seem to be about as half effetive as the old ones and as for the 40 mg opana hell I dont think they are even half as effective as the old ones and the take about 3 hours to start working and to think they will last 12 hrs is bs cause they only last about 5 hours and it is gone un like the old ones that worked in about 45 mins and lasted about 8 or better hours

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organchemboy Says:
You obviously have no idea what actual opiate withdrawal is lik. Ohhh you quit lortab (probably the weakest opiate on the market) i agree these meds should not be abused but I too have beat opiate addiction (10 years on heroin) and saying these people coming off of 80+mgs of oxy a day is nothing like a simple flu. Similar symptoms maybe. But saying opiate withdrawal is JUST like the flu is like saying world war II was a small skirmish in Europe. Not to mention alot of people physically addicted deal with chronic pain.THAT ON TOP OF the hell of opiate withdrawal I can only imagine. & another little fact for your ignorant butt. Opiates are very safe when used correctly, for years! Tylenol is harder on your liver. Get some education before you get a soap box!

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organchemboy Says:
My comment was @nothateasy. Don't listen to people who have never been in your shoes.

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Cam Says:
I can not take anything but brand. Same story. The FDA only requires 80% of the core ingredient be present. like the other post, the dies or fillers could be causing the issues, also, male or female? Age range? If female and in para menopause your lack of estrogen uptake could be causing a metabolic change.

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TB Says:
Get off that s*** while you can! Take a damn tylenol.

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Balla Says:
I agree that is real s***!! Way to keep it 100!!! The only thing I disagree with is the all in ya head part the withdraws are crucial an the stomach pain, back pain all that is real when u dont have them but after 3 days at the least of not doing none your withdrawls are over with so after that then I agree its alk in ya head! But everything else u hit right on the nose...again great way to keep it 100%!!!!

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mike a. Says:
via mobile
Becaus it is synthetic H - an opiate

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Pharmacist856 Says:
via mobile
I am a Dr. of Pharmacy aka a Pharmacist, let's say I'm an expert, because not only due to my training, but have been a pain management patient myself for over 6 years. The FDA guidelines state that a generic medicine may vary as much as +or- 7 percent in it's ACTIVE INGREDIANT. Which in this case would obviously be Oxycodone. Yes, in this case it would be best to have something on your stomach if it is making you sick. The difference between generic & name brand drugs is not only the variance in active ingredients, but also the fillers used in production of the pharmaceutical. This could be part of the problem you are experiencing. As a matter of fact if those who take oxycodone or similar pain meds wanted to ensure they were getting the most from their medication as possible, 1 hour before taking your meds, you should: A) Take a Tagament tablet, B) Drink a glass of Grapefruit Juice, & C) Eat something greasy, like a cheeseburger no more than 45 minutes & no sooner than 25 minutes prior to dosing. The reasons why are long & varied, so for time sake, you can Google the things I mentioned above, but basically it's all about manipulating your stomach & mainly your liver for the best possible results. (Before you do the above mentioned steps ensure you don't take other meds which you are to take on an empty stomach or warn against ingesting Grapefruit Juice prior to taking that medicine). My reason for posting this is for the benefit of those who are legally prescribed this medicine, & not to help addicts get higher!!

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just saying Says:
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Stop preaching...some people actually need medication for a quality of life. I suffer from seizures and take valium. should I not tale my meds and excersize to help my situation. everyone's body is different. no one can says what another person needs or doesn't to have a quality of life. yes many people abuse these medications but many many more people actually need them. that's great that something besides meds worked for u...but just because u got addicted to them doesn't mean everyone else shares ur weakness with self control.

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shane Says:
via mobile
Dude you're dumb as hell. I do a gram a day on average and live near Detroit and if you know anything about dope you'd know that dope in michigan is 5 to 10 percent purer than the national average and its usually around 20% and the best is 30% which would kill even some of the most hardcore addicts. New york dope which would be where yours comes from is the 5th best in the country averages 10 to 15% phoenix has the 2nd highest average. At 90% even a match head would kill you so obviously you dont know s***. Maybe you do H but 10 packs aint s***. 10 of you're packs isn't even close to the gram of china white i do a day. im not bragging but im just sayin

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Never more Says:
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Anyone from az I need Ms. I suffer from kidney stones and rotater cuff damage and PID . So I have crippling pain I'm only given 60 ms a month and I live in Phoenix Arizona. I'm a college student with pain and need to find a good doctor to prescribe what works for me. please anyone call me nevermore I love Edgar Allen Poe.

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RainMakesWhiskey Says:
Hey notthateasy,

You are comparing wisdom teeth surgery to people who have degenerative disk disease and spinal cord/nerve root impingement. I've been through wisdom teeth removal and it was a BREEZE compared to chronic nerve pain. It's not an addiction if it is the ONLY thing that can allow you to function with the amount of pain you are in. Personally, I have had 7 shoulder surgeries and have 28 screws between my 2 shoulders. At only 30 years old, I am relying on pain meds to help me make it to the point where a shoulder replacement(s) is feasible. Some people actually need these.

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Micky2013 Says:
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Hello! I know you must be in severe pain to need these, I understand completely where you are coming from. It's awful to be in pain and not have a doctor who will give you what you need because of people who abuse them. Anyway, to answer your question, I work in a pharmacy and yes your brand IS a generic form of 30mg Oxycodone. It is just made by a different manufacturer. If you find yourself getting sick, try a product called Dramamine and take 1-2 pills 30 minutes before you take your Oxy. That should help with the nausea :). Hope this helped!!! Also, if you or ANYONE here knows where I can find some of these to buy please let me know. My doctor, unfortunately does not understand severe pain and the most he has given me is oxycodone 5mg. I have to take numerous amounts during the day to even stand. I have kidney stones, endometriosis, degenerative disk disease, a bulging disk, and scoliosis. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! My email is {edited for privacy}. :)

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Krissy Says:
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I know from working in a pharmacy, I hear all kind of stuff... This one is garbage, this kind is great, etc. but truth is, to each there own. In recovery myself, I've learned that people take a liking to a particular pill just like someone may take a liking to a "better" dope man. It's all gotten so far out of control with pills nowadays, doctors willing to forge an MRI, write what anyone wants.. Just to make a dollar... Sad thing is the government knows this is happening and still don't do too much bc there are loopholes in every law change bc when ur an addict u always find a glitch in the system to get your fix. You guys are right!!! Not many people are in chronic pain... Still complaining about 20 year old ailments... Society is more accepting when its quote unquote "legal". Drinking daily is no better than taking a pill or even abusing meds, it's just more widely acceptable to society... To each his own really... My mom drank until it killed her, her sister has taken pills her whole life and alive and well... So which is better? Neither!! I agree with alot of u, People just want to get Hugo and like choosing cigarrettes or liquor, each person has their own preferance... My husband is dying of cancer... I CHOOSE not to take pills anymore and most of the time he gets by with over the counter stuff... If he can have stage 4 and do that I'm sure old aches and pains can be dealt with the same.. It's all a choice... Who WANTS to try to get by on non narcotics and most of Americans sadly choose to use an excuse to use, but I just choose not to judge an my heart and prayers go out to each of u fighting an active addiction. No one truly understands until u have to face it... It's horrible and no one was little and said when they grow up they want to be a drug addict.. So keep fighting the demon and God bless to each of you!!!

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dontusechatasadr Says:
to the Dr PHARMACIST cant be telling people what vitamins orminerals to be taking with a certian drug when you have NO idea what else they are taking, I would say ask ur pharmacist but um NOT ask ur DOCTOR Grapefruit juice interacts in severe ways & can make other meds mess all up! for instance thyriod almost doubles ur dosage.....dangerous 4 sure!

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sicky1213 Says:
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Omg the same thing has happened to me. They are a little bit bigger. Although I do insufflate them so they didn't make me sick (the older ones) these make me puke!! I thought it was just me!!

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F blues Says:
via mobile
I couldn't agree with you more! It's a shame what this country is turning in bunch of cry babies and addicts! These doctors are not doctors they are pill pushers legal drug dealers! People try to get a hold of your life and kick the habit! Yes it's hard and it hurts here and there but it's mainly mentally it's in your head! I live in Florida and was once hooked on these devil blue pills Fl was one of the worst places with pill mills and doctors making millions just on XR!
Try having your doctor prescribe you suboxone which is a life safer but if not properly managed could be worst them oxy's and get your life back! Wish you all good luck

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JOJO Says:
via mobile
Call your doctor if you have chronic pain or whatever diagnosis your m.d. Prescribes it for, if you are running out a day or so early your doc knowing your medical history should adjust so you don't have to suffer. Don't look online for anything medicinal its not appropriate. Your insurance company can help guide you to what you can get comparable. Bottom line doctor first. Good luck,

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FairnessForAll Says:
via mobile
So is there anyone out there with TRUE EXPERIENCE taking oxycodone 30ir that has had a positive experience with the k9's.
I would really appreciate an honest assessment from anyone who can provide input. If positive please tell me what you found good with them, if you had a bad experience with them please tell me what you felt was poor. I just had another generic brand switched out for the K9s. I don't want to say what the name of the original generic was yet because I would like an unbiased assessment. f.y.i, I only take them orally.Your input is valuable and I appreciate your time, thank you...

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