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Baclofen - controlled substance?
3 Replies RSS
Is Baclofen (10mg) recognized as a controlled substance? Does it have a narcotic in it? Does it control pain? ## No, it is classified as a muscle relaxant, so it does not contain a narcotic, according to FDA listings. It is used to treat the pain associated with muscle sprains, strains, and spasms. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I want to know if Baclofen is a controlled substance and if it is, then what class is it in? ## Ok now let me ask you about butrans pain patch can I take hydrocodone and robaxin with it?
Updated 2 hours ago in Baclofen.
oval white pill says bac 10 on one side and nothing the other
2 Replies RSS
I found a small oblong/oval white pill with the word " Bac 10 " written on it only. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF PILL THIS IS. ## I am not 100% sure, but I think this may be a 10mg Baclofen tablet, it is a type of muscle relaxant. It's used to treat the pain associated with muscle pain, sprains and spasms. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and headache. There is a round one available here in the U.S. that has BAC 10 on one side and 832 on the other, so the BAC 10 logo is used on some that are manufactured by Upsher-Smith Laboratories. Have you tried checking with a local pharmacy? Learn more Baclofen details here. ## Bactrum for uti or bladder infection, its basically an antibiotic
Updated 1 day ago in Baclofen.
New Orleans Pain Dr.
27 Replies RSS
Hi. I'm looking for a pain management doctor in New Orleans/Westbank/etc area. I'm 27 and some places I called only accepts 35+. My Doc of 6yrs has cancer, so he transferred his patients. I recently found a Doc, but he doesn't prescribe soma, and reduced my pain meds. I rather just find a Doc in my area, than drive to BR each month for less meds. Thanks. ## Many Doctors do not like to prescribe Soma. You are also taking Pain Meds too? As you know pain medicine and Soma go together. Doctors know this too. Now that Soma a Schedule IV medication, you will find it harder to obtain. Still possible. ## Hi, Honey! I'm very sorry about the problems you're having. Unfortunately, even if I researched doctors for you in that area, I have no way of knowing what age or type of pa...
Updated 1 day ago in Soma.
3 Replies RSS
...8667bague ## The markings in the description indicate this pill to be Skelaxin (800 mg). Skelaxin is a muscle relaxant used to relax muscles and relieve pain caused by strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal conditions. You can view a detailed description of the drug, by clicking on the link below... If you have any more questions or comments to add, please post back so I can further assist you. ## I take 1 oxycodone during the day&2 at nite.I also take gabapentin 11/2 pills four times a day for nerve pain.I also take meloxicam 2 times a day.I have degenative disc disease,nerve damage in neck&lower back,a very painful form of arthitis in my neck&lower back,senosis&bulging disc in neck&lower back,a pertruding disc in upper back from a accident.My dr gave me sam...
Updated 1 day ago in Skelaxin.
White Oblong Pill With 115 H
6 Replies RSS
Can someone with high blood pressure take this pill? ## This tablet contains 750mgs of Methocarbamol, which is a muscle relaxant. Learn more Methocarbamol details here. And yes, in most cases it can be taken by hypertension patients, but it may interact with certain medications and it can cause depression of the central nervous system, so it needs to used under a doctor's supervision and following their instructions. What other medications do you take? If you can post back with more details, I'll gladly check for you. ## Can i take this with Lisnopril 40 mg also withAmlodipine and withLabetaloll ## I have muscle aches on left side from glutes, hip all the way down to my ankle. I have joint pain in both hands and feet, and wrists. Will the methacarbonal help? ## Does this have to...
Updated 2 days ago in Methocarbamol.
Tizanidine feels toxic, like I need to clean it out!
7 Replies RSS
Basically have been trying to manage shoulder or possibly neck tensing issue for about 4-5 months now. I also try to remain active. Go to the gym regularly. One day woke up with my right side stiff, and very little feeling in it. Called doc. Who suggested this stuff. Tried it twice. And still Foggy, light headed, random drops (then spikes) in blood pressure pulse etc. Not at my self which is normally pretty lighthearted and goofy. I called the doctor for a follow up. Doc didn't believe me saying those problems are rare. I have not taken another pill so as to avoid making matters worse. Any one else run into this? Any advice or opinions for what to do next? Any suggestions or ideas on detoxing from this stuff? ## As a follow up. I was lucky. I got into see a acupuncture s...
Updated 2 days ago in Tizanidine.
Why was I taken off of Soma for my pain??
15 Replies RSS
I've decided at my next Dr. appt to ask for my Soma back. I have a certain bone disease, and the only thing that helped the awful pain from it was Soma. I'm tired of being in pain & if the Soma is the only thing that helps, then why deny me the Soma that are completely legal???? Enough is enough!!! If he denies to re-prescribe it, then put me back on Oxycontin 80mg a day. Does anyone know why so many people I know can't get their Soma either?? ## The US government is making it very difficult for Drs to prescribe all pain medication. Drs also don't want to be part of any kind of DEA investigation if the DEA wants to delve deeper. The DEA has all access to pharmacy records and can randomly investigate. ## It's not the DEA that's behind my losing my Soma. My Dr....
Updated 2 days ago in Soma.
Flexeril drug test
40 Replies RSS
Flexeril absolutely does show up on a drug screen as an anti-deppressent. Anyone who says otherwise should not be commenting on something that they know nothing about ## Why would flexeril show up as an anti-depressant? Flexeril is not an anti-depressant. ## No it does not.I've been taking them for awhile and never failed a drug test for urine or hair follicle. so u are right don't talk about.something u know nothing about. ## I'm an RN in the ER and we do test for tricyclic antidepressants for the reason that it is a group of prescription medications that can alter your mentation and are often abused, including flexeril. It doesn't mean people who take flexeril are in fact abusing it, but that they should have script for it. ## It can cause false positives IF antidepres...
Updated 3 days ago in Flexeril.
liferpal md
4 Replies RSS
found a pill that is quite large, oblong, blue and light blue with the words Liferpal MD on both top and bottom portion of capsule. ## This is Carisoprodol, brand name Soma, it is a muscle relaxer. It's very habit forming and apparently you aren't supposed to take it consistently for more than 2-3 weeks. ## how many mg of soma are in the blue capsules? (from mexico) ## Liferpal is a company and makes many Blue pills. Without a pill # it would impossible to be identified. Nothing i have read indicates this is Soma ## Having gone through a listing of Liferpal's products, I have to agree with Eddy, while they do make several medications, there are no muscle relaxants listed among their product line, neither Soma/Carisoprodol, nor any others. They have various antibiotics, pain ...
Updated 3 days ago in Soma.
Urine Test will soma show up basically the same as oxycodone.If not how long does it take to get the soma out of your system?
88 Replies RSS
had neck fusion in 2003.Have been taking soma since then and my DR changed it to valium.I have had to take my soma.Have a urine drig test in a few days.Will the soma show up .PLEASE HELP ## The soma wont show up on regular drug screens....valium and zanax(Benzodiazepines) can and will show up for weeks in drug screens instead of 3-5 days like other pills....Make sure u dont take valium in the future unless the script is currently valid....Ur safe for the somas though ## Soma will only show up in GC/MS testing and unless you work a very important job for the government or are on probation you dont need to worry. ## Soma will stay in your system between 2 and 4 days depending on your fluid intake. And only if soma is specifically asked for on the drug test ## Joy French...chill you are co...
Updated 4 days ago in Soma.
Will Soma Show Up In A Urine Test
13 Replies RSS
i took a soma the day before my urine test will it show up, also i have a script for oxycodone with actemine in it but was out and i took hydrocodone will it show up the same as oxycodone ## Soma contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol, it is a muscle relaxant and, as such, it is not a substance that is tested for on urine drug tests. As to the Hydrodocone, no, there is a very good chance that the test they do will show exactly what you took and they will know it wasn't Oxycodone, due to the different metabolites in your urine. There are some basic tests that only show that someone took a narcotic opiate, but they are very rarely used. Are there any other questions? ## If soma is not a drug that they test for how come mine showed up? Any ideas. ## THIS ANSWER IS VERY WRONG,, i a...
Updated 4 days ago in Soma.
Can different brands of carisoprodol work differently?
79 Replies RSS
I have been using soma/carisoprodol for many years. Usually the paharmacy gives me generic from Watson or Qaulitest. Last time I got the meds it was manufac. by Carimax. It didn't work as well. Do different brands work differently? ## Yes, there can be some differences in generic drugs, the FDA allows a window, of the active ingredient, of up to plus or minus 20% from the name brand product. This can cause variations, where you may, in some rare cases, receive less of a dosage than normal and it may not be as effective. ttp:// Do you have any other questions? ## Is there any way to tell by the brand names? That way I could avoid the lesser dosage. ## No, there really isn't, other than by your experience. I wish there was, it would make it easie...
Updated 5 days ago in Carisoprodol.
Concerned about taking Zanaflex and Flexeril at the same time
1 Reply RSS
My brother has liver disease and one doctor prescribed him flexeril and a different doctor prescribed him zanaflex. Is it safe to take both meds? It seems to me like he should be taking one or the other. ## You are correct, since they are both muscle relaxants, he should only be taking on or the other, depending on which works best for him. The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of causing side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Was either doctor aware that one had already been prescribed for him? Is he on any other medications?
Updated 5 days ago in Zanaflex.
medium sized white round pill 294 r
1 Reply RSS
Does anyone know if this pill stamp is indicative of Soma 350 mg? My husband found this medium sized, round white pill on the floor and we're not sure which one of us dropped it. ## I didn't find a tablet with this marking in any of the FDA, or NIH databases, I even searched individual pictures of Soma, and it's generic, Carisoprodol. They do warn that it carries the risk of causing side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, and headache. Can you please double check the imprint and post back? Have you also tried comparing it to your other pills to see if it matches any of them?
Updated 6 days ago in Soma.
Robaxin (Methocarbamol) Drug Test
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Does the muscle relaxer Robaxin 500 mg show up in a drug test? If so what does it come up as? ## No, it doesn't come out in urine test it's just a muscle relaxer ..
Updated 8 days ago in Robaxin.
Is Soma a narcotic muscle relaxer
50 Replies RSS
my doctor has told me that that soma is a narcotic and she does not want to prescribe it to me any more. I suffer from chronic back pain as well as muscle spasms. I have tried other muscle relaxers as well as anti inflamatories and none of then do not work. Soma is the only one I have found to work for me without making me sleepy. Any information you can give me i would really appreciate. Thank you, Dana ## No, it is not a narcotic. Soma contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol, but it has been known to be habit forming and to be abused, by some people. However, what you have to remember is that prescribing it is entirely up to your doctor, she is not obligated to do so. You also have the option of finding a different doctor, for any reason you choose. Are there any other questions? ...
Updated 8 days ago in Soma.
what does zanaflex test as in urine
2 Replies RSS
WHAT DOES TIZANIDINE SHOW UP AS ON DRUG SCREEN ## Does zanaflex show up on a lab 12 panel drug test? ## Can Zanaflex show up on a drug urine test as a benzo?
Updated 8 days ago in Zanaflex.
strongest muscle relaxer
14 Replies RSS
I've been taking the muscle relaxers flexeril 10mg 2x a day and or methocarbamol 750mg 3-4x a day. Neither of them work. What is the strongest relaxer I can ask my dr for. I suffer from low back pain daily. ## I am so much pain, and feel like i have tried everything, I just want relief. I can not move my neck. I'm on soma 2 tabs 350mg, 4 times day. is there anything stronger? ## i have had good luck with Zanaflex. (generic Tizanidine HCL 4MG) I use it for fibromyalgia which is awful pain throughout the body it helps to get some rest too. relaxes the muscles. ## I have tried all of the muscle relaxers,have degeneritive disc disease,two bulging discs.sciatica.and muscle spasms in legs and soma 350 mg 3x day has been the best for me,also helps me with the anxiety of the pain meds a...
Updated 10 days ago in Flexeril.
carisoprodol soma watson
3 Replies RSS
white oval pill with blue specs scored with an A on the left and the numbers 159 on the right ## This is not Carisoprodol. The pill in description is Phentermine HCl (37.5 mg). More details about this medication are available at: Do you have any other quesitons or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## Will SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT PHENTERMINE IS? WHY WAS I PRESCRIBED THIS IF IT ISN'T CARISOPRODOL? I HAD A BAD REACTION TO IT, SO THIS ALERTED ME TO OBSERVE ALL OF MY GENERIC BRANDS, AND TRY TO STAY WITH THE ONES I AM FAMILIAR WITH! DW ## Phentermine (contracted from phenyl-tertiary-butylamine), also known as a-dimethylphenethylamine, is a psychostimulant drug of the substituted amphetamine chemical class, with pharmacology similar to amphetamine. It is used medically ...
Updated 11 days ago in Carisoprodol.
Expired Baclofen
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So my husband took some Baclofen thinking it was ibuprofen. He started getting really drowsy so I checked out the bottle to make sure it was ibuprofen and the bottle read Baclofen. He took two 20 mg doses, and it was expired from 2 yrs ago. What could happen since he took 2 and they're expired? ## In many cases, expired meds are just fine (depending on how long it's been expired and how well they've been stored). However, if he hasn't made any signs of improvement since the timing of your post, I would probably encourage you to contact a local pharmacy and/or poison control (available 24/7 at 1-800-222-1222); and in worst case scenarios, the emergency room. My thoughts are that a pharmacist or poison control center will at least know what signs and symptoms to be mindful...
Updated 11 days ago in Baclofen.

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