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Abortion Tablets Name In Pakistan
659 Replies RSS
plzz help me ....tell me the best pills to remove the pregnancy ## I'm sorry, but I don't know exactly what's available for this in Pakistan and most medications of this nature require a doctor's prescription. The one commonly used in most countries in Misoprostol, but it can cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Have you consulted a doctor? ## plz reply me urgently, who i can removes the 20 days pregnancy with medicine, other then mifepristone and misprostol, plz, urgently and also which dignose medicine will be available in pakistan ## Gigi, Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the medications that are used, there really aren't any other options that I'm aware of and I have no idea what you could find in Pakistan. We a...
Updated 6 hours ago.
when does bleeding start after taking mt pill?
35 Replies RSS
When will bleeding start after taking mt pill? My last period was the 10th of May. I take mt pill 200mg one tablet on 11th June and another tablet on 15th June but bleeding has not started. ## same with me my last period date is 2nd may... i take mt pill on 18th june but still there is no bleeding started. my abdominal is paining but still there is no bleeding. ## Have either one of you consulted a doctor? The MT pill is a nickname for Mifepristone, which is used to induce abortion or as an emergency contraceptive. However, like any medication, it doesn't always work for everyone. You should take a pregnancy test and consult your doctors, as you may require some other type of abortion to terminate, if you are pregnant. ## my gf got pregnant and she took MT pill and misoprostal after...
Updated 12 hours ago.
Medicine For Abortion of three months pregnancy
125 Replies RSS
i get my last periods on 15 oct 2011.abort this and after that ididnt got my periods again so i want to abort this pregnancy at home ## Actually i have to doubt that my pregnency may be +ve so i want any medicine for prevent to this. ## Have either one of you consulted your doctors? The most commonly used medication for abortion is Misoprostol, but it doesn't always work and it is only safe to use up until you are 3 months along. After 3 months, you require a traditional surgical abortion. This medication should also only be used under a doctor's supervision and usually requires a prescription. There are dangers associated with improper use. ## I AM 1 MONTH PREGENENT .NOW I WANT ABORTION PILL ## i was supposed to have my menstruation this october 13,2012..then i checked if i am ...
Updated 1 day ago.
name of tablets to get early period
484 Replies RSS
me and my boy frnd had sex without taking precausion. i am scared about pregnency as i missed my period this month. 9 days over still period not happend. so please tell me which tablet i can take to avoid this. please reply me ASAP. ## Have you taken a pregnancy test to check, yet? The most commonly used medication to induce abortion, if a test shows that you are pregnant, is Misoprostol, often sold under the brand name Cytotec. Learn more Cytotec details here. However, it does require a prescription in most countries. ## My marriage is fixed on a date clashing my periods I want early periods from the date to avoid menses in my marriage Suggest me tablet which should not have any side effect and help me in preponding my periods date. ## me and my boy frnd had sex without taking precausi...
Updated 1 day ago.
5 weeks pregnancy termination through misoprostol
468 Replies RSS
i am 5 weeks pregnant. i cheked pregnancy my self through pregnancy test strip. i am confused that how to use misoprostol.do i also need to repeat its 4 tablets cycle 3 times for terminating pregnancy,or it will enough for me to have 4 tablets once only..please help me i m in pakistan where no adoctor help me out ## If you can get to this site nice-a-beauty.com/abortion-pill-misoprostol-cytotec-dosage-for-0-12-weeks-of-pregnancy.html it will give you instructions. I will make a separate post with directions as best as i can in case they will not allow links to be posted. ## If there is a chance you will be prosecuted for having an abortion you must put 4 pills of of 200 micrograms (in total 800 mcg) Misoprostol under the tongue. DO NOT SWALLOW THE PILLS (at least until 30 minutes after ...
Updated 2 days ago.
Abortion Tablets Name In Pakistan to remove pregnancy
73 Replies RSS
i have sex with my g.f on 8 june and her last period date was 4 june now it is 8 july and she does not have her period.pls doctor sb tell me medcine to remove preganancy.pls. ## I am not a doctor and I don't know what's available in Pakistan. However, the most commonly used medications are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Learn more Mifepristone details here. Learn more Misoprostol details here. They do, however, require a doctor's prescription in most countries. Has she consulted a doctor? ## how to stop pregnancy before starting without medicine sex had done 2 days ago??????? ## my GF is pregment from 2 months so what can we do. have u any medicine to stop pregmency ## Dear sir my wife is pregnet for 40 days what I do to remove this ## May 20saal ka ho. Meri g.frend 17 saal k...
Updated 2 days ago.
name of abortion tablets
64 Replies RSS
My pregnancy is of 6 weeks according to the ultrasound. How can i get rid of it? ## I'm not sure what medications are available to you, but the most commonly used one is Misoprostol, which is often sold under the brand name Cytotec. It does require a doctor's prescription in most countries. Learn more Misoprostol details here. It can also only safely be used up to the third month of pregnancy. Are there any other comments or questions? ## two month pregnant and i want to abort the child so which medicine i should prefer ## where can i buy this drug ? ## hi! i am preganant for one month nd not want to go to the doctor and want to abort the child at home only if possible please give me reply as soon as possible because i feel very much weekness. ## i want to abort this bby cause i...
Updated 3 days ago.
Name Of Tablets To Stop 1 Month Pregnancy
363 Replies RSS
Want to know the name of the tablets to stop a 1 month pregnancy ## REGESTERONE 5MG ## Regestrone will not abort a pregnancy, they will actually support it to help ensure your carry the child to full term. The medication most commonly used to abort a pregnancy is Misoprostol, though it does require a doctor's prescription in most countries. Learn more Misoprostol details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I'm 4 weeks pregnant. How do i stop the pregnancy please? ## Monopostol is good to stopping pregnancy ## hi my wife pregnant from 2 week .pls let me tablet name of stop pregnancy. ## Dr i made sex with my bf last month after my periods date.bt this month i didnt get periods and my date was 22 now 27th june..and i have used the ST MOM tablets 2 days but still no...
Updated 3 days ago.
Abortion Tablets Name To Avoid Pregnancy
13 Replies RSS
I need the abortion tablets to avoid my pregnancy, i had a sex with my husband and now we dont want child now, and i didnt get my periods for a past 45 days, so please send me the tablets to avoid my pregnancy ## This website doesn't manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, it is an information only website. The two most commonly used medications are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, they are actually often used to together to cause abortion. Learn more Mifepristone details here. Learn more Misoprostol details here. I am not sure, however, if they are available there and in most countries, they do require a doctor's prescription. Have you done a test to confirm pregnancy? ## mene 3 din pehle apki tablet dia 1 hour k lie period aaya tha phir band ho gaya kripa sujhav de ## i...
Updated 3 days ago.
is there any medicine a man can take and have sex with a pregnant lady the pregnancy terminated
6 Replies RSS
A friend once told me there was a pill and injection a man can take and when his partner is pregnant and have sex with the pregnancy will terminate. ## Pls apart from tablets, is there any natural plant or fruit or anytin dat can terminate a four month pregnancy ## is there any medecine a man can use to terminat his wife pregnancy ## Hi am Jasmine I missed my period one week and the pregnancy test turned positive i took misoprostol 15 hours ago am just feeling cramping pain which on and off with no bleeding but with a mucous like discharge pls help i dont know whats happening now ## Want to no if there is any drug a man can take in order to abort pregnancy ## I m mother of two sons 1 is 8 year and other is 5 year. Now I am 35 days pregnant and I want to stop pregnancy without medicine p...
Updated 3 days ago.
Abortion Drug Names
25 Replies RSS
I am 1 month pregnant and i need an abortion pill to terminate the pregnancy to enable me continue my education. ## Well first, let me state that this site does not manufacture, nor sell any medications. The most commonly used abortion medication is Misoprostol. In most countries, you do need a doctor's prescription for it and since I don't know where you are located, I am not sure what the name brand for it would be in your area, or if it is even available to you. It can cause side effects, such as: drowsiness, dizziness, stomach pain and abdominal pain. Learn more: Have you consulted a doctor, yet? ## I am 2 months pregnant and i need to remove this baby to my womb.I need to continue my study and beside am not ready for the big responsibility.. ## Lady, I am sorry, we really d...
Updated 3 days ago.
white pill with searle on one side
4 Replies RSS
i am pregnant about 6weeks and i use searle pill 8 pills in one day for aborting in your idea is it influential for aborting of course i am virgin ## If you are pregnant, there is no way that you are a virgin, it doesn't work like that. As to the pill you asked about, are there any other markings on it? There are many Searle pills on the market, but they have additional letters or numbers to provide their identification. What country are you in? In the U.S., the most commonly used medication for abortion is Misoprostol, but it can only be used up to the third month of pregnancy. ## im from philippines....i really want to out ds 1month and 2 weeks old baby in my womb.....it's doesn't mean taht i dont love this but i wil be out in my work... ## does the pill work on 5months al...
Updated 4 days ago.
Abortion Pill
4 Replies RSS
I am pregnant for 3 months, wonder how the pill works to end the pregnancy. ## You are already into your fourth month, or you are just now in your third month? The reason I ask is because the medications that can induce abortion, such as the most commonly used Misoprostol, can only be safely used up to the third month. It does require a doctor's prescription in most countries. ## Hi, pls advise me. I need a drug to terminate my pregnancy at home. ## I am 7 weeks pregnant and I need to know where to fill a prescription for abortion pills where I live in saudi arabia? Plz help me. ## I'm 6 months pregnant. Anybody can help me kung paano malaglag ito. Anung gamot po o herbal ang iinumin ko?
Updated 4 days ago.
why did i have only a few hours bleeding after taking Misoprostol
117 Replies RSS
I inserted abt 12 misorpostol virginally,24hrs after taking miferpostone orally. I did the inserting with a 4hr margin because there was no blood,after abt 2 hours after last insert,I experienced light bleeding and minor cramps,I had just 1 blood clot. The bleeding lasted for jst a few hrs. Am sooooo confused,wot home remedy shuld I use cos seeing a doctor in anotyher country is out of the question. This pregnancy is getting to the 6th week n tym is running out. Getting a gud D&C doctor here is goin to b like finding a needle in a haysack!!! Pls help!!! ## Did you do an actual pregnancy test again to see if you were still pregnant, or if the medications were successful? It's been several days since you posted. What is going on with you now? Not everyone bleeds a lot, especially ...
Updated 5 days ago.
effective abortion drug for 2months pregnancy that can be found in Nigeria
27 Replies RSS
Am 2months pregnant and I need an effective abortion pill that I can get in Nigeria. ## Drug dt can abort pregnancy ## Pls don't ignore! I took 2 misoprostol orally. Nd 2 vaginally, I bleed for some hours yesterday then it stopped no clots! What should I do? ## I had a baby of 5mont,and am pregnant now ,what can i use ## I'm pregnant for eight weeks now.how can I safely remove d foetus without complication. Pls I'm a bit anxious cos I've never done this before ## Pls wot would ?? sis who ?? about 2month gone use?,miwoprostol? ## Hi I saw my period on 28 of November and I had sex with my bf on 13th of December and av not seen my period till date though and anxious and immediately after the sex I took salt solution I Don't know if the anxiety made me miss my period or ...
Updated 5 days ago.
is misoprostol available in the phillipines?
37 Replies RSS
I'm just curious, if Misoprostol available in the philipines? can I buy it at the pharmacy w/o prescription of the Dr.? ## Yes. You can buy it at Quiapo, Manila. ## is it available in cebu also? without the preacription of the dr? pls.reply ## need to know how to abort 1 week delayed of menstrual ## Can i buy it without prescription? what particular place and drugmart am i going to buy the said medicines? ## hi...i need to know if it can be obtained in cebu also ## Gd.pm ,Is there any drugstore here in Davao can sell the said misoprostol tab.? ## San banda sa quaipo?magkanu?hnd b peke?nid reply asap ## please give me specific place in quaipo where i can buy that pill.... and how much it costs....THNX! ## sn pu vah sa quaipo..i ned 2 know now. pls help me.. his my no. tect me up 09xx...
Updated 6 days ago.
How To Prevent Pregnancy After 2 Month
75 Replies RSS
Please help me. I need some tablet recommendations to prevent pregnancy.... ## I dont think any medication will help you now..u have to do abortion only.. and dont delay further..coz now-a- days.after 3-3 1/2 months doctors dont do that also.. ## hey there.. i found something for you.. try this if you can.. Discuss/5-weeks-pregnancy-termination-through-misoprostol-226767.htm ## Yes, the information provide may help. Misoprostol, the active ingredient in the medication Cytotec can be used to induce abortion up to the third month of pregnancy. Learn more Cytotec details here. Did you find a solution, Pranu? ## me jb sex kia to 3 din bad period any thy... 8 din hogy nh ay...... me kya kru??? plz help............. sex me pani andr ni gya. i m sure ## plz help me... my last period was on dat...
Updated 7 days ago.
6 Replies RSS
i have a girlfriend of age 18 and i am 21.we had unprotected sex few month ago.so i gave her ipill.then she got her period before 15 days.then we had again unprotected sex and this time ejaculation was outside.then her period became late so i test her urine but result was negative.i test for several more time but result was negative.then i gave her Misoprostol to use.then she got period.but now after six week of taking misoprostol she got few drops of blood.now we are confusing that is her period or not?blood is so little.now it stop to came.so please help me.please tell me what to do? and what will happen if misoprostol is taken without pregnant? my girlfriend is worrying too much. ## Okay first off, in the future you need to get and use a regular form of contraception to prevent these...
Updated 7 days ago.
After Taking Abortion Pills For The Fifth Day It Is Heavily Bleeding And Pregnancy Test Shows Positive
14 Replies RSS
After taking abortion pills for the fifth day it is heavily bleeding and the pregnancy test shows positive. If i test my blood will the result be negative or positive? ## I doubt that your abortion attempt might have been successful. For what I know, two medications are necessary to that purpose: RU-486 and isoprostol. In any case, you would better consult a gynaecologist. Good luck: Aldo ## What abortifacient did you take? If it was Misoprostol, it is not 100% effective, which is why it is usually paired with Mifepristone. Learn more Misoprostol details here. Learn more Mifepristone details here. And if you are bleeding that heavily, then you should consult a doctor to see what is going on. You could be going through an abortion and still register as pregnant for a day or two, due to t...
Updated 11 days ago.
Easily available Pills To Abort 8 Week Pregnancy at home and how to use medicine and how much it is safe?
194 Replies RSS
Hi.my wife had a period on 5 june 2011 after that we had a sex on 17 july 2011.then we noticed that my wife missed her period.so we checked her for pregnancy on 11th august 2011 with medical strip and found positive.so plz help us.we are not in a situation to have that baby.we stay in vapi gujarat.so plz suggest us medicine to abort pregnancy.and medicine will be easily available in local market.plz help us. ## Anyone religion will not permit you to undergo ABORTION (taking life of an unborn baby), specifically on the conditions that you have shown. Rich becomes poor at some time, and the poor becomes rich. You can never know what will be your conditions after a year.. ## Bruce, I have no idea what is available where you are located. In the U.S. and many other countries, the most common...
Updated 12 days ago.

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