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metoprolol withdrawal
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i've been taking metoprolol for several years as partial treatment for high blood pressure. through diet and xcercise, i've lowered my BP to the point my doctor says drop the metoprolol. i did, 3 days ago, and i'm soooo tired, dizzy, irritable, and my vision is blurred. is this withdrawal? how long will it last? i remember starting this medication was terrible to get used to. it appears that stopping it is just as bad. ## I am experiencing the same thing and I am tapering off of the metoprolol. I have only been on for a couple of months and now the withdrawal is just as bad. I am down to 12.5 mg two times a day. It is tough. ## it went away after a week or so. i feel great now, and my BP and heart rate have risen slightly, but thats the reason we stopped it. i've lost en...
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Metprolol par vs mylan
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I recieved a refill on my metoprolol succ er 25mg, but this time instead of my usual round mylan I recieved the oval par brand. After taking half (12.5 mg) I felt great for the first few hours, but then after eating rapid heart rate, which is a problemI didn't have with the mylan brand. Has anyone else had their metoprolol switched from mylan to par or vice versa? Did your body ever adjust? Im also just wondering if the par has a shorter half life, it seemed to dissolve as soon as it hit my mouth, that didnt happen with the mylan pills.
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one per day of 50mg
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have taken 2 this amount so insignificient that I can simply stop taking further pills? ## What has your doctor advised? Are you on other medications? That isn't many pills and, in theory, there shouldn't be a problem stopping, after just taking a few, but there is really no way of knowing the effect it will have on any particular person, so you should only do so under medical supervision. I took Metoprolol for over a month and was able to stop, but it was because I was switched to a different, but similar medication to keep the rebound effects under control, though there were still some slight elevations to my heart rate and blood pressure. ## Doctor, I had little blurred vision n doctor admitted 5 days with steroids n prescribed m 30 mg wysoline(20mg-10mg-0), after ...
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Splitting Metoprolol Tartrate 25mg
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I was prescribed MT 25mg twice daily by the ER doctor after 3 visits of increased heart rate. Was diagnosed with sinus tarchycardia. It has helped my episodes but my bp has dropped to 94/55. Due to me not having insurance, im not able to get an appt til Dec/Jan. I was wondering if its safe to half my doses because I can tell when its low & I can't keep going to the er. PLEASE REPLY SOON ## Tablets can be cut, or split, unless they are time released formulations and/or your doctor or pharmacist has instructed you otherwise. Are you having any symptoms from your BP being that low, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and etc? If not, then there is no reason to worry, because those aren't dangerous numbers and are nothing to worry about, unless they are causing problematic sym...
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OLMAT 40 mg
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Hi I am 67 years, recently I had a stoke for high BP Dr. advised me with the following tablets. Can you tell me why these tablets are taken, side effects. I also want to know if i had to take this lifelong 1. Clopitab A 75/150 mg (0-1-0) 2. Olmat 40 mg (0-0-1) 3.Metpure-XL 50 mg (1-0-0-) 4.Storvas 40mg (0-0-1) ## Hello, Hasnath! How are you? Storvas is a statin medication that is used to help lower cholesterol. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and joint/muscle aches. Clopitab is used as a blood thinner to prevent clotting. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. Metpure XL contains a time released formulation of Metoprolol, which is used to treat high ...
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stopping metoprolol
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I've been on metoprolol for about 2 months now went to er for anxiety and of coarse my bp was high they put me on metoprolol but im on lisinopril 10 mgs a day since taking metoprolol I've felt awful just sluggish and weak tired aanxiety up can't eat ot sleep just so tired I quit taking it yesterday none today the doctor said I could any more info this please reply ## Hello, Tammie! How are you doing? A sudden withdrawal from the Metoprolol may cause some elevation to your heart rate and blood pressure, as listed by the FDA, but the Lisinopril should help keep it from hitting dangerous levels. Thus, you should be able to stop, as your doctor instructed. But make sure to seek medical attention, if your blood pressure and heart rate do start to go too high. Is there anything el...
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Out Of Metoprolol Tarta Can I Take Lisinopril
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i am out of my blood pressure med can i takelisinopril hctz ## Although these two medications are both used for high blood pressure, there's really no telling whether or not you'll experience the same benefits from Lisinopril or even react favorably to it, since everyone responds differently these drugs. Not to say it wont work, but it's always good to have backup options. There are many natural alternatives for Blood Pressure control that in my opinion can be just as effective as prescription medication if taken seriously. I personally had severe hypertension around 150/90, but was able to control it by controlling my eating habits and exercising. What works for me may not work for everyone, but my initial advice is to focus on eating whole foods that have little to no sodi...
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Metoprolol Succ ER 25mg - withdrawal question
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So I was prescribed Metoprolol for high BP and have taken it for a total of about 8 years. It was horrible in the beginning - weird, vivid nightmares, constant fatigue, weight gain..but I kept on because I thought that I had to for my BP. Probably a bad decision. My dosage has been as high as 100mg in the beginning, and was gradually lowered by the doctor over the years. Most recently for about the last year I had taken a half of a 25mg per day, so a pretty low dose. I started to feel as if this medicine was hurting more than helping so I asked the doctor who said that I could wean off. So I did for about two weeks - a half of a 25mg every other day, then stopped. The last pill I took was about two months ago. I still feel as if I'm having withdrawal, but is that still possible two ...
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Alternative medication to Metoprolol Succinate ER + Amlodipine 50/5 that does not cause erectile dysfunction
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Can you please suggest alternative medication to Metoprolol Succinate ER + Amlodipine 50/5 mg [taken for High Blood Pressure] that does not cause erectile dysfunction. ## All medications that are used to treat hypertension and cardiac conditions risk causing erectile dysfunction as a side effect, it's just due to the nature of how they work on the cardiovascular system. So, unfortunately, there isn't any particular drug that can be recommended. What you really have to do is work with your doctor to find what works for you, while causing the least amount of problematic side effects. I understand that it's very frustrating, I am very sensitive to medications myself and it took months before we found some medications that worked for me, without making me miserable. Here's a...
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Neobloc 100
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Neobloc is the maintenance of my hbp... is it possible that i can used any generic for this? coz generic is cheaper than the branded. ## Can i take neoblock tablets 100 mg w/o doctors advice?my BP is 200/127 and im 35 yrs old.. ## WHATS THE SIDE EFFECT TO TAKE NEOBLOC? ## Base on my experience with Metoprolol, side effects are headache and dizziness (when getting up quickly from laying or sitting). If you experience those side effects, report to your doctor immediately (which I failed to do). Well I have taking Metoprolol Neobloc for over 3 weeks and I am not feeling a good difference of it from Propranolol. Mine is a secondary hypertension tho.
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Prolomet Xl 25mg
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WHAT IS IT FOR? AFTER EFFECTS? DURATION TO TAKE THIS ? ## Need more info on drugs molecules to understand drug intake and avoid side effects if any can be avoided ## Prolomet-XL contains the active ingredient Metoprolol, which is a beta blocker that is commonly used to treat high blood pressure, cardiac conditions and migraines. As to how long of a time period that you have to be on it, that really depends on why you are taking it. If you are using it to help control high blood pressure and/or a cardiac condition, then it is highly likely that you will be on this or a similar mediation for the rest of your life to keep those conditions under control. As to the side effects and avoiding them, not everyone experiences them and if you do, there is really no known way to avoid the side effe...
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Metoprolol Succinate ER
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I switched pharmacies and the pills look different - it didn't concern me, and research says they are the same thing. However, I FEEL different. My heart starts racing, then returns to normal, and I have tremendous pressure in my head. Pharmacy A uses round white pill w/ M 100 on one side, scored on othe. Pharmacy B is round white with M 3 on it, and a score between the characters, blank on other side. B is the one I am struggling with. Would there be a difference in how I feel? ## Hello, Susan! How are you? Yes, they are both 100mg Metoprolol tables, they're just manufactured by different companies. However, under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, there can be slight differences in the amount of the active ingredient in generics, so this new one may be a little stronger than the on...
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metoprolol & hair loss
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I have been taking 200 mg. a day for about 4 years. I thought it was a coincidence that I've lost 50% of my hair during this time because I am also going through menopause. I just found out that it is possible the hair loss is caused by metoprolol, so my doctor just wrote me a RX for a different drug. Will my hair grow back? It was very long, down to my waist, but I've been cutting it to compensate for the thinness. I just touch my head and lose a few hairs! Any ideas? ## I have been on 25 mg of metoprolol for 2 months and my hair is rapidly falling out. I have stopped taking it. Will my hair stop falling out? Is the hair loss that I have already experienced reversable? ## If your hair loss truly was caused by taking Metoprolol, then yes, your hair will all grow back. BUT you we...
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Metoprolol side effects
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I started Metoprolol Tartrate 25mg being one tab every 12 hours. I was in the hospital with pressure of 200/130 , sometimes higher with high pulse and irregular heartbeat. I experienced tightening in chest, slight difficulity in breathing, and extreme variables in my pressures. Most of the time they are in the normal range, but occasionally my systolic has dropped under 100 and my diastolic was 58. I am monitoring my foods and am also taking Ativan twice daily. I am terrified. Anybody else have these variables in pressures.? I have only been on the medicines for four weeks now. I have had diabetes and thyroid neg testing. I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder??? Never heard of it before. All my family including five sibbkings have high blood pressure as well. ## These types of variations ...
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neobloc 50 mg
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neobloc ## Neobloc contains the active ingredient Metoprolol, which is used to treat hypertension, as well as other cardovascular diseases. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. You can read more on it here: Do you have any questions? ## Where can I purchase NEOBLOC 50MG here in USA? In the Philippines, I was taking that medicine 2x daily but now that I live in the USA, I cannot find a place to buy that medicine? Please help me. Thank you. ## try using generics. METOPROLOL 50mg ## i am planning to pregnancy,but im taking neobloc 50.can help me if itis ok for me? ## Is neobloc,lozartan ang clopedogrel is safe to take with oral contraseptive pills?
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Metoprolol Tart 25mg - Mylan
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I took Metoprolol Tart for 2 months, June - July 09 and my heart rate dropped drastically, admitted to hospital with chest pains, breathing difficulty, dizziness, disoriented, head ache, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, heart rate was 32 bpm. Doctor said it was metoprolol and took me off it (was told later should never go off cold turkey) and my heart rate got up above 50. I continued to have problems (have had high bp 140-160 over 80 for several years) tightness in chest, chest pains, persistant dry cough, dizziness, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, headaches, was referred to a pulmonary doctor and then another and was told I developed severe asthma from the beta blocker, also restrictive lung disease, neither have a cure and I continue to have chest pain and dizziness and dry cough and headac...
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Metoprolol Tartrate 25mg Tab
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is it best time to take this medicine morning or night ## Has your doctor made any specific recommendation? Metoprolol is a beta blocker, used to treat high blood pressure and cardiac conditions and, in most cases, this type of medication is taken in the morning, because most people are far more active during the day, so that is the time their blood pressure can be elevated. However, it can cause some drowsiness and dizziness, in some people, as a side effect, and in those instances, it may be necessary for someone to take it at night. ## I am taking Lisinopril @20mg and also i am taking Metoprolol tart 25mg tab myl, my question is why do i take two High bloodpressure pills? Can i stop taking the Metoprolol Tablet? i think it is the culperet that makes me dizzy aswell, I have no regulad...
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uses for metropolol
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I have been taking metoprolol tart 25mg twice a day. My heart feels like its racing n my blood pressure always high. Is this med used for both problems or am i needing additional meds? ## Hello, Linda! How are you? Yes, the FDA classifies it as a beta blocker and it's used to treat both conditions. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination and hypotension. How high is your blood pressure? What is your heart rate? Are you on any other medications?
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metoprolol and joint pain
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Taking Metoprolol Succer for about 18 mos. About six months ago, started knee & joint pain . . . sometimes severe. I know the drug is causing the pain after doing allot of research. So . . . what is my alternative? ## Hello, Bob! How are you? Have you consulted your doctor? It would be unusual for the medication to start causing it that far into treatment with it. Side effects usually manifest early on, though it could be different for you, since none of us are the same. However, there are other medications you can try, if you'd like something that isn't known to cause as many side effects, you may want to ask your doctor about Labetalol. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness and headache.
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Metoprolol tartrate side effects
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I was put on metoprolol about 3 weeks ago for hypertension and an ascending aortic aneurysm. I also have PVCs. I take 25 MG every 12 hours. My BP is better but not great. Some readings are normal and most are high (130/90-5 range) I have noticed more heart palpitations since taking it instead of less. I am having intermittent episodes of chest tightness and breathing being more labored. Also have a cough. Feels like a mild asthma attack. In the past, I would get exertional asthma with heavy exercise or laughing. My sleep is worse for waking up with a cough, palpitations, anxiety, or chest heaviness. I also have been hoarse and have a tickle in the back of my throat (postnasal drip?) Are these typical side effects? Do they warrant a reduction in my dosage? I see my cardiologist on Monday...
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