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Methadone Cannot Get My Scrip Filled In Jacksonville Florida

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stephen Says:
Because the DEA is Treating pharmacies like drug Dealers and blocking their supply chain, I cannot find any Pharmacy in Jacksonville FL. That has it in stock. My Doctor has Be practicing medicine for over 30 years & I've been under his care for 8 years. And never used to have any problem getting my medication, but now the DEA is Treating big pharmacies like CVS just like Drug Dealers. So the sick disabled People living in Chronic pain are suffering. This will never Change. Made if Enough People call their Senators and Congress People and complain every day it might work. I've been doing it I Wish more People would do the same. Something has got to Change. If you are not having a problem. Get ready the DEA is more powerful now than Ever before. PLEASE help

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Verwon Says:
I am very sorry that you are having so much trouble getting your medication.

Did the pharmacies give you any specific reasons, or did they just say that they don't have it in stock?

How did you check, did you go in person, or did you just call them?

There have been a lot of problems on the east coast with shortages, limited supplies, restrictions on the amount of pills that can be filled each month and etc. So I'm just asking for more details to try to get a better picture of what's going on.

Learn more Methadone details here.

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Jason Says:
I've had the same problem for last 3 months. Fortunately for me my prescription is written by a Shands Hospital doctor so I can fill mine at the hospital pharmacy. I usually try to fill it somewhere else first because methadone is cheap and it takes about 3 to 4 hours at the hospital Pharmacy. But the last 3 months I've been forced to fill it at the hospital because I can't find it anywhere in Jacksonville. The pharmacists all tell me there's a nationwide shortage. I wish the law makers could go thru the pain & withdrawal for just 5 minutes. I know there are people abusing the system but it's not fair to the people who are in legitimate pain & need the medicine.

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jj Says:
Finding the same problem. Going to start bombarding the law makers. There is going to be a lot of people in the E R if this does not stop. Then it will cost the state money and the government. I am tired of being treated like a drug addict! Just need my pain to go away. If they could fix it any other way I would be happy. I have tried everything else and thus is what makes my quality of life good!

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stephen Says:
I'm going to have to change doctors or something, I really would hate to change doctors, I've been going to this doctor for 8 years, if you could can you email me your doctors name.So i could have a good doctor to see if I change. My email is {edited for privacy}...We should all call every Congress person, senators, the governor and complain. If we don't Let them Know what a problem this is they will never try to help us. I've called Senator bill Nelson, and some Congress people. But it will take enough people calling to get the change we need. And ask everyone you know to call and complain. Together we can stop this. Thank you

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Bob Says:
I live in phila pa and I have been taking methadone for 6 years for major knee pain. I have hAd three major knee surgeries and it still hurts as bad as it did before the fist surgery also I do drywall installation for work witch doesn't help matters and I can't get my methadone prescription filled anywhere I never had this problem in my life the pharm lady said the dea is only allowing them so much medication to be delivered to them that is so wrong for us the pain patient that is just trying to live a normal quality of life. Well just another freedom being takin away from in America. When will it end? Never if we don't fight back

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DEA Sucks Says:
The pharmacies in the Jacksonville Florida area will just look at the prescription and say we don't have any. Knowing that 95% Of them are lying. The DEA has caused so much fear that the pharmacist would just rather lie to you. In Florida The DEA is Doing Drug Raids on Major pharmacies, Wallgreens just had This happen, CVS Had it Happen and are Now Fighting them in Court. The target pharmacy I have use for 4 Years is no longer filling my Doctors prescriptions Because it's only a half a mile from the doctor office.And every body would go there to get their prescription filled. And my Doctor isn't a Drug dealer he has been practicing medicine for Over 25 years. He gives Drug test if you are on a control substance. But The DEA has caused so much fear now the DEA is making healthcare choices for you and me. We All Must Take A Stand And Say Enough is Enough. Call Every Senator, Congress person, every elected person, the governor If We don't it will only get Worse. Together we can stop This, people are suffering. I hope you will Join me in calling and making complaints, Send letters and emails. Call at least every week. I have started This but it will take all of us to make a change!! Please don't stand by and let This happen. This should not happen in America

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mary Says:
ya i have a disabled husband and two sons with spine disease cant even get there medicine and they are pissing out there ass and throwing up and shaking and i have to see this im waiting for one to quit breathing on me . if they no this medicine is life and death why do they do this.

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Wendy Says:
Im in agrrement about taking a stand. if my meds arent delivered to pharmacy by Friday Im bout ready to do a "Sit In" like folks did in 60"s and make some noise. bbut Im not, I will however, take a risk by giving out my address in hopes that other will contact me & start some type of group. At what point is this discrimination?>?? Valid Point?

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Maria Says:
I completely agree. I have been in pain mangmnt 4 10yrs now after 2 hideous back to back wrecks. I have 3 discs in lower back&every single 1 in my neck herniated. I am on methadone & roxicodone & have been physically in every winndixie,cvs,walgreens,target&publix. No one will ADMIT that they have it if they do. I went to WinnDixie 4 8 yrs but they are no longer filling any of these scripts so I am stuck sick hoping 4 a miracle. The more $$ spent on gas the less I have to pay 4 no insurance medicine. I went to my doc on the 22nd & still have no meds. I can't live like this. The DEA is who's killing people. If not for my daughter I would just give up. I can't take the pain & the SEVERE withdrawals...God help me & the rest in this sinking ship...

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Scrue the DEA Says:

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Wendy Lou Says:
Same problem in Jax no methadone so what Ive done is I found one (1) pharmacist in whole county, that will keep me abreast as much as she can legally. I can no longer drive and this particular Big Box store no longer holds class 2 RX. You have to come in daily to see if they "ARRIVED" SO I go to that store 2 x's per day to check if available. Got my RX on the 3rd, it's the 22nd and Ive gotten a 60 partial fill so far. I don't know how effective this is but Im documenting this in hopes that someone will listen, that can do something. Went thru same thing last month You tell your loved one whats going on and no one can wrap their head around the issues Im describing just seems cruel and unethical. Docs may as well use their diplomas as a pc of toilet paper bc their determinations about THIER patients is totally being ignored!! Winn Dixie said they wouldn't fill for my doc but could fill his non-narcotic RX??? They cant get their lies accurate and are playing GOD???? Is the Good ole US of A??? Let me shut up, this makes me emotional and its too early to get mad on a Saturday unless you can sleep because of..........Im done.

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Shannon Says:
via mobile
Where did u Getty ur filled amn jax FL having the same problem i had my script for 3 weeks now

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Sue Says:
I also have chronic pain RSD/CRPS and I am unable to get my prescription filled. I don't know what I am going to do. I am so scared that this is going to spiral down to what it was like right after I was in a motorcycle accident that left me disabled.

I want to know who to write to, who will actually take this situation seriously and will deal with it. I picture some official tossing my letter into the garbage can so they can get back to doing nothing. Who do I write to, I will try it.

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stephen Says:
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Sue I would start by calling Both senators, and call your local Congress person, you can get all the phone numbers from the internet. And call the white House. Because The DEA works for the DOJ and Obama would have to do Something. It's going to take us calling enough before Something will change, But if we all stay together and tell them that if it Keeps going On I will Vote for someone else. We must stick together

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Sue Says:
I talked to my dad about this, he suggested a class action suit. However, that would require the assistance of maybe the ACLU or an attorney. I am not quite sure of how to begin this process, but I will be willing to do the research if I can get a number of legitimate pain sufferers who have been diagnosed by a legitimate physician with a chronic ailment. No disrespect to anyone, however this problem began because of too many people who are not in serious chronic pain, represented that they are in need of medication. And then they turn around and sell it. Anyway I will begin looking into this now.

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Maria C Says:
I'm in. They won't let u leave ur email or number here though so I don't know how you are going to collect our info.

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Maria C Says:
They said the same thing about my doctor..who has been in practice over sister goes to the same doc as I do but takes a diff type class 2 medicine (she has cancer)..(I have 2/3 herniated lower back disc & everyone in my neck is)..but as they don't know that my sister has cancer when she goes to get her script filled, they told her "Hun u need to get a REAL doctor." She immediately called him and told him what they said so he must have called and threatened discrimination or something, because the Walgreens immediately started back pedaling on their lies and all sudden COULD FILL HIS MEDICATION LAST MONTH..of course she had to go thru the same exact thing again This month....what a total absurd mess....This is nothing I haven't heard from WinnDixie,Walgreens&CVS's everywhere. But they are discriminating against ALL pain mgmnt docs from what I've heard...

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Sue Says:
I'm not sure yet, I am a paralegal however, I am well out of practice. It will take numerous phone calls endless trying to get through to the person I need to speak with while being blocked by dumb office staff who "don't get it". So bear with me I will try to find out how to get a page set up to obtain signatures of legitimate patients who need these meds, and find a lawyer who thinks this a "worthy cause". None of it is easy. We may be offered a solution for our problem. Like obtaining a type of identification card to be required by the pharmacy in question. The pharmacies are being penalized by only being given a certain amount of a particular med. for an entire year. Often they run out in March of the year. which leaves nine months without access. So I doing the research, also contacting to find out what the rest of the country is doing. There are too many people coming in from Ohio,Kentucky,Georgia, Louisiana, ETC... buying these opioids and then taking them back and selling them. So in turn we become screwwwwwed.

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stephen Says:
via mobile
Thank You Verwon For even trying to help, and i agree there was a problem with people coming from other states and selling them. But that problem has been stopped by the DEA shutting down the pill Mills that was in central Florida. But if you have a Florida Driving licensing And have been going to the same doctor for years. The Pharmacies Should Not Be Told What And how Many They Can fill. The DEA Should Not Be Making Healthcare choice. I've been going to the same doctor for 8 years and have all the MRI'S and Laboratory Test to Prove that I'm Disabled And Every month I'm Worried If I'm Going To Be Able To Fill My Legal Prescription Because Of The DEA

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Maria C Says:
I totally hear you and agree. Well I am subscribed to this link so if you do get a page up and running Im more then willing to spread the word...there is a website called the petition site . com,,,all of that squished together:that allows for petitions to be started for free if that helps anything also...

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