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please help can i add methadone to clean urine and pass a drug test that needs to be posative for methadone and nothing else?
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i am on 76mls of methadone have been clean from heroin addiction for 8 months. things were great me and my partner of 12 years were on a high because we were clean but for the past few weeks iv became majorly depressed and he my partner started getting 'itchy' he came home yesterday with heroin and we smoked it ....major regrets and i now feel so low and discusted with us both its even worse because we are at the drug screening clinic today!! why i wasnt strong enough yesterday to say no is beyond me uuugh anyway my question is this if i got someone who is completely drug free to give me a urine sample and added a tiny droplet of methadone to it would i pass a drug screening test? i want to come clean we have been addicts for 10 years we have finally a brilliant drug worker who ...
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methadone clinic and drug testing
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I just started going to the methadone clinic about 4 weeks ago. I used to be a very heavy drug user, Heroin and pills were my life. When I took my initial drug test at the clinic I asked them if my weed levels were really high, and they told me they don't test for weed. I live in Texas. Does anyone know what kind of drug test they are using and exactly what they test for? I thought on all standard drug tests, they test for THC. Also I mistakenly took a 1mg football mistaking it for an aleve. In highschool i used to put them in aleve bottles. My mom just moved and the bottle was up in the medicine cabinet in the new house. OOPS. When I started feeling extremely relaxed, it clicked at what I had just ingested. This was 10 days ago today. The clinic tested me this morning. I'm not ...
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i have read articles on Methdone, What i have to say is i started in 1970 and cane off a few times and went back but i was 90lb,s and went to 300lbs i can not walk my knee,s have been eaten away by drug my life i threw away on methdone, and a big Yes the doctor writes on my prescription no-gerenic she say,s not as strong the generic, I guess that is why the poor get it and the regular drug goes to ins. i now have a problem with medicaton my endodphin,s are asleep, i can not feel pain medication because it is blocked by meth, it is so crazy i hate the day I got on this drug ## I too got on it in 1970 and it didn't ruin yours or my life. It's 41 years later and you are alive! As far as getting like a porker, that's because you're not running the streets any more for drugs....
Updated 11 hours ago.
Methadone NO NO NO!!!!!
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Methadone is the worst drug and most wicked drug in this entire world. They give it to people like me with pill problems and then you can never get off the stuff. I made the worst mistake of my life going into a Methadone program. The people at these palces pretend like they are there for you but they are not. They are there to keep you on this drug that rots away at your mind and body, and they do it well. They want your money. Do you know how cheap liquid methadone is? They milk off your addiction and act like they are doing something good for people like me. I HATE Methadone. I hate what it's doing to me and I HATE that I came in this place for a pill addiction four years ago, at 22, told I had one year and I would be weened off and here I am. I fight with these people all the ti...
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Methadone Filler causing allergy
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I have a severe allergy that I have had for a year and a half now. I break out all over in the itchiest pimple like sores. They either have no liquid in them or sometimes a small amount of clear fluid. No puss. It has gotten worse over the past year and a half to where I now get huge hives and random swelling that is very painful. sometimes a foot or a hand but it's not like normal edema swelling, this is painful and a tighter swelling, definitely part of the reaction. I have no health insurance so after looking everywhere possible i cannot find anywhere to get the extremely expensive tests I would need to pin point the cause of this. my hands will get hot and then itch like crazy, my extremely thick hair has thinned to the point in the front where If something doesn't happen so...
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is methadone after subutex safe?
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Hello my name is kev. I have been consuming about 3 to 6 mg of subutex daily for about 7 months. I'm very eager to eliminate the subutex and start on these methadone. Is it safe to consume methadone 20 mgs the day after taking about 3 mgs of subutex? I heard suboxone was the dangerous one, not subutex and I also heard the taking methadone after subutex is the safe apose to methadone to subutex. Any answers would be highly appreciated. Thank you. ## People are just stupid. The bup is what keeps you from feeling high on other full opiates. The naloxone is only in the suboxone to keep you from misusing the drug. If taken properly the naloxone will not affect you. noone seems to understand that subutex is just as useful for opiate w/d as suboxone and it is the active ingredient Buphreno...
Updated 12 hours ago.
fentenol50mcl to methadone 5mg 4 daily
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Switched from 50mlc to 5mlof methadone 4×per day ## Hello, Joelle! How are you? How is the Methadone working for you? The FDA classifies this as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Methadone is very potent and works very well for many people at alleviating pain.
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Methadone potency compared to Morphine
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I have been on Methadone 10mg - 2 tabs 4 x a day for 6 years and 300 mg's/day for 5 yrs before that from a methadone clinic. My Primary care Dr. (also my pain management Dr) recently decided that I needed to "taper down", Because I told her that the new pharmacy I went to gave me a hard time about the quantity. The reasons that I am on the meds in the 1st place are conditions that don't improve and I've never told her that I was feeling any better. I have a herniated C5, C6, L3, L4 S1, DDD, Fibromyalgia. So anyway she told me that "law says Methadone is 5 x stronger than Morphine and you're only allowed 100 mgs of Morphine so you're taking way too much already. I'll just take 1 pill away a day, you won't notice it." But I was already running o...
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Is methadone completly out of your system in 72 hours, or does it take longer since methadone seems to last longer that 4 - 6 hours? ## Although your system can rid itself of the methadone within about 72 hours in most cases, traces of it will still be detected in your urine for up to 3 weeks...longer if you get a blood test. ## It took me 3 months to kick methodone. After that, I had paws for another 4 months. Don't get started on that evil stuff unless you plan to stay on it for life. It's by far the worst withdrawl ever. Beware, you have been warned. Take Suboxone or subutex instead. I can't stress this enough. I wouldn't wish methodone withdrawl on my worst enemy. I went to treatment for one month to kick it. I was twice as sick after my 30 days were up. I had to go ...
Updated 1 day ago.
Getting off Methadone!
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There are 2 of us males early 30s. One of us underwent major back surgery 3 years ago and a has been addicted to pain meds for a total of 5 years and myself about 3 just from simply being his main caretaker and dipping into the cookie jar a few to many times like an idiot. We went back to our general dr. (same guy) And explained that we are both full fledged addicts an have been obtaining methadone off the street as is seems to be the only thing that works. He asked us what we where getting off the street and we told him Methadone. His response was, well that's the smartest thing you have done so far!? because of its extremely long effect on the body. We told him we need his help that we just have no money left and our livers are just a mess... we cant move on with life. He decided ...
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pictures of Methadone capsule
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found a small tan and beige capsule on the floor. What is it? ## Are there any letters or numbers on the capsules? That is the only way to have a definite ID, is by the drug's unique imprint code. With that said, below is an image of the well known various forms of Methadone: Does the one you have match any of the above? ## i did not know methadone come in a capsule ## Yes, that's news to me as well. Perhaps this form is available outside the United States? Does anyone know where Methadone can be obtained in a capsule form? ## It does indeed come in capsule form. It's a red and white capsule with no numbers or imprints on them. ## Why does it come in a capsule now? Is it a compound? ## Does methadone come in a yellow & white capsules with no marks on them? ## There are ...
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methadone, xanax, zanaflex, gabapentin, klonopin or norco showing positive for morphine & oxycodone
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i am prescribed methadone, xanax, zanaflex, & gabapentin. Took a klonopin and 1 Norco. Shown positive for morphine & oxycodone. Have NOT taken these - what would make me show positive for the morphine and oxycodone??? I am truly a wreck over this... I am so afraid I am going to lose my PCP. PLEASE HELP ME... I HAVE NOT TAKEN EITHER OF THOSE DRUGS. ## Hmmmm, the medications which you are prescribed and/or the norco is kind of similar to the ones which you tested positive for. Just bring in documentation showing what you are prescribed and hopefully they will conclude that you most likely tested positive for substances based on those. Of course I can't guarantee that because maybe the test you took was very specific for certain types of opiates. I'm hoping for your sake it...
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10yrs and quit - how long do the withdrawals last
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I started taking methadone about 10yrs ago for pain. Started with 80mg a day and by the 2nd yr I was down to 40-50 mg a day. Over this past year I weaned myself off to nothing VERY slowly. It has been a month and I still can't sleep and feel like crap. Any replies would be appreciated. ## Methadone is notoriously hard to stop, it's very well known to cause severe withdrawals and cravings that can last a very long time. It may actually take a couple months, before you start to feel back to normal. That's why many people treated with it for drug addiction end up on a lifetime maintenance dose of it, rather then becoming completely drug free. The FDA classifies this medication as an opiate, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, ...
Updated 1 day ago.
what does 10 mg methadone look like
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i think my child is on the drug want a description of 10 mg methadone ## Once a drug is available for generic production, it is made by many, many different companies. So, unfortunately, there is no way I could possible describe them all to you, as they will all have different markings on them, to enable identification by company and dosage and each can also be a different size, shape and color according to the whim of the manufacturer. If you can get ahold of one of the pills and give me the description and imprint, I will gladly look it up for you and check what it is. ## Here is an image depicting various possible appearances of Methadone ... Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## Pill is supposed to be 10 mg methadone. Description: S...
Updated 2 days ago.
methadone one month supley
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dr in ky that will give me methadone one time a month for a 30 day sup. ## Hello, Eark! How are you? I'm sorry, but under current law for Methadone treatment, you have to receive it from a clinic and the maximum take home supply you can have is 2 weeks. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## True if the Rx is just for tx of opioid dependance. Methadone first & foremost is a pain drug & is widely prescribed for tx of chronic pain (given its cumulative effect due to its long half-life). ## am currently detoxing hardnoff suboxone due to the here to help program expiringbi cant afford the suboxone ive been on...
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doctors that prescribe methadone in new jersey
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I live in south jersey, I have been on methadone for almost two years and want to get off of it. I go to a doctor in Brooklynn N.Y, and it's exspensive as well as a long day of travel, gas, tolls, etc... I am also on Medicaid and No one honors this insurance. I need any help or info where to go for help in Jersey. All these doctors have no problem getting you hooked on this stuff but get you off of it?-forget it, everyone plays dumb or we don't do that. PLEASE HELP. ## Hello, Chris! How are you? What are you taking it for? Is it for addiction/maintenance or for pain? What type of doctor someone can recommend is going to depend on that. ## I don't see how that's relevant. If you had any info you would've provided help without question, further more it sounds like your...
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Private Doctor To Prescribe Methadone Instead Of Clinics In Fort Worth Tx
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I took Hydrocodone for pain for several years and became very dependent. I have been going to a Methadone Clinic now for 2 years and it saved my life. I have led a productive life since. I take care of my parents and they both are bedbound. It is getting so hard for me to go to the clinic daily. Does anyone know of a private doctor in Fort Worth Texas that subscribes Methadone? Thank you for your help ## Have you considered a possible switch to Suboxone? It has been very successfully used to enable people to become completely drug free, rather than staying dependent on something, as often happens with Methadone. Treatment with it is also often done with a take home prescription, rather than always having to go to a clinic for a daily dose. You can check for a doctor in your area at the ...
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Im Trying To Find A Doctor Prescribe Methadone For My Son In Ohio
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I'm trying to find a doctor to prescribe methadone for my son in Ohio ## i have been tring to find aplace foor my son to go also he wants to got a place to get detoxed and put on methadones but there is no where i can find in ohio then if he does where would there be a doctor for him to go to for his prescripts i understand how that mother feels ## What part of Ohio are you in? Has he looked into going to a methadone clinic? I am a patient of a methadone clinic and it has changed my life drastically for the better. I would definitely recommend it to anyone whom is suffering through opiate addiction. I know how your son feels and I sympathize with him and you because the family goes through just as much pain and suffering as the addict does. ## yes he has but there is no methadone cl...
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methadone n adderal
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Will methadone clinic prescribe methadone while taking Adderall
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Are Doctors beginning to NOT prescribe methadone anymore for chronic pain?
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I am 56 years old and am disabled due to a work-related injury therefore I am rich by no means! I have heard that they are considering taking methadone off the market due to too many overdose issues, plus people on it, get a prescription filled and sell it for profit making it even harder for folks like me who take my meds honestly as prescribed. If Methadone is removed from the market, what am I supposed to do? I already know I can not go off this stuff cold turkey and am scared. Does anyone know any doctors in the Warner Robins-Macon, GA area that prescribe Methadone ILLEGITIMATELY? I am not looking to sell meds, I just want to be sure I will not be in pain. I've been on Methadone since November 2008 and so far it works fine for me. I just neeed a backup plan just in case that doe...
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