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methadone and morphine detox from Dr. perscribe medication for pain.
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Had been in hospic for Aids. Doc thought I would die, but got better. Placed on 150 mg of methadone per day and 30 mg of morphine per hour (using 20 to 22 pills a day). Two weeks ago informed no pain clinic would treat me because of high dosages. Sent home for hospice two weeks ago and told they would begin the detox from methadone. Went from 150 to 140 to 130 to 125 to present dosage of 100mg of morphine and same amount of morphine. I would like to know what symptoms and side effects will I experience from detoxing this quickly from the methadone. ## Hi Anna! The withdrawals r TERRIBLE! I'm NOT trying 2 scare u, just being honest. U will feel like u have the worst flu, your whole body hurts bad , runny nose , sneezing , hot flashes and cold chills, u can't sit still. Not 2 ment...
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methadone and morphine together
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MY HUSBAND HAS BLADDER CANCER AND WAS PRESCRIBED 20 MG OF METHADONE EVERY MORNING. HE WAS ALSO GIVEN MORPHIN SULFATE 60 MGS TWICE A DAY. HOW SHOULD THESE MEDICINES BE TAKEN. ## Debra,i dont know why his dr. prescibed both Methadone and Morphine.The Meth. is known to block or cancel out the effects of the Morphine. ## i take 30mg 6 times aday plus 135mg of methadone a day for stomach cancer pain is it safe what are the dangers ## First of all methadone is not a blocker. People mistake it for suboxone because they are both used in opiate withdraw treatment. They first made methadone in world war II...when China cut Germany off from poppy trade. Hitler had his science goons make somthing to substitute opiate pain killers and Bam methadone is born. First used as a pain killer for many years...
Updated 40 minutes ago.
Akron, Canton, Youngstown or Ohio doctors prescribe opiods pain
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Hello,I'm in servere pain.Need doctors from Youngstown Ohio Canton Akron+Cleveland+western Pa.My doctor got arrested now I'm left with no doctor. Anyone know where I could go? Please let me know. Thank you. Tim ## May I ask the name of the Dr you were seeing? I don't think I'm supposed to drop names here but I'd be happy to give you names of those located here. You can very likely do a Google search for pain managers in the area. Why not have your pcp refer you somewhere? You're going to need some kind of referral there's no question of that. They don't make appointments for new patients over the phone without a faxed referral and very likely will request the records come from the referring Dr. Why? They don't trust that the patient hasn't made ch...
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what drugs cause false positive for methadone
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I want to know what anti depression type drugs can return false positive results for methadone in urine screening,for court
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Doctors in Michigan that prescribe methadone
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I'm interested in finding a private doctor's office (not a clinic) that will prescribe methadone. I can't afford these clinics! Does anyone know of a doctor??? ## I am a full time student and a single mother, I need assistance in finding a doctor who prescribes methodone because with my schedule and trandportation I cannot go to the Methadone Clinic anymore. ## Katy did What do you take methadone for? If you take it for opiate addiction, you won';t be able to find a doctor to prescribe it for you because a doctor can only write it for chronic pain. As for money, by the time you pay to see a doctor (Pain managment is a specialty) it will cost you more than going to the clinic. Most pain managment doctors charge $100.00+ each month plus the medication, and another problem ...
Updated 4 hours ago.
what could cause methadone to not show up in urine
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I'm in a methadone clinic, where I dose in front of someone daily. I'm on 65mg and 2 times now i came up negative for methadone. How is that possible? Even if I didn't come in clinic for several days and didn't dose, I should still come up positive!! How the hell? ## It is not possible,when I quit methadone I was still testing positive 20 days later.The only time methadone does not show up is when you take a standard opiate test,like for taking a drug test for employment opportunities.sounds like the facilities handling your drops are dropping the ball (heh heh ). I once had a false positive for cocaine at my clinic, human error possibly? ## I am going thru the SAME THING RIGHT NOW. I take 98 mg a day for 5 yrs now and out of thr blue last wk my urine test showed up nega...
Updated 20 hours ago.
methadone and garcinia cambogia
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I have been on methadone for 10 years for fibro. I take 60-100 mgs a day. I have recently begun taking garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean and raspberry ketones for weight loss. Though they have been working, (I've lost 20 lbs) I've noticed about 1-2 hrs after taking them I start to withdraw. It doesn't matter if it's been 2 hrs or 10 hrs since my last methadone dose, my body acts like it's been 14+hrs as the anxiety clamps on like a vice and the nose turns into a faucet. Does anyone know if there is a withdrawal interaction or if this is just coincidence and I got a bad batch of methadone? ## I have noticed the same thing. Two times now, after taking this supplement for 4-7 days, I have come into a debilitating withdrawal. I was searching online to see if others ha...
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methadone clinic and drug testing
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I just started going to the methadone clinic about 4 weeks ago. I used to be a very heavy drug user, Heroin and pills were my life. When I took my initial drug test at the clinic I asked them if my weed levels were really high, and they told me they don't test for weed. I live in Texas. Does anyone know what kind of drug test they are using and exactly what they test for? I thought on all standard drug tests, they test for THC. Also I mistakenly took a 1mg football mistaking it for an aleve. In highschool i used to put them in aleve bottles. My mom just moved and the bottle was up in the medicine cabinet in the new house. OOPS. When I started feeling extremely relaxed, it clicked at what I had just ingested. This was 10 days ago today. The clinic tested me this morning. I'm not ...
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Methadone dosing - snaitary issues
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The clinic i get MMT from prepares doses ahead of time in plastic take-home bottles. The dose to taken in front of the nurse directly from the bottle. Last week i tossed the bottle in their trash receptacle rather than handing it back to the nurse. she scolded me and said. " we reuse those bottles" This seems totally unsanitary as many of us have diseases. The clinic is small with a tiny lab for stroing urine samples. i have never seen any equipmemt to sterilize bottles.. Im afraid to complain for fear of losing takehomes or worse, cant afford to have the program shut down either. What should I do? ## Wow! I understand the hesitation you have but as a patient you have a right to be concerned. I've been a MMT patients for 4 years, and our clinic is small also. They would neve...
Updated 1 day ago.
i took 80mg methadone 4times a day 30mg msir 4a 2mg xanax3a 150mg lyrica for pain that still did not control enough to sleep more than
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cronic disabling pain about 16 yearsand taking previous listed meds for 6to 8 years as tolerences increased and pain worsened,things got worser when my doc got stolen from me by new hospital built in doc know it all that moved to our sweet little hicktown where the tops in medicine fight to get a position of any kind.well he got the job and then did one on me.He told me that much pain med.was far&away from his expertise,so he cut me off cold turkey from the morphine,and said he was sending me to a pain clinic.BY the way the largest pain clinic,80some miles away started me on the regime to start with and after awhile they turned it over to my Dr.with instructions&an open line of consultation,which saved me the rough trip every month as you well know scrips like some of t...
Updated 1 day ago.
Methadone and involuntary orgasms in sleep
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I have been on methadone since 2001 for sickle cell anemia. I never knew or heard of it and had I, I would of ran the other way which others I know did. Ever since I've been on it, I have orgasms in my sleep. They are not wet dreams cause a lot of times, sex is not involved or thought of while this occurs, but I try not to sleep or spend the night elsewhere cause I know not when I may have one. Even in the hospital, some nurses or nurses put in my chart that I masturbate in the hospital which isn't true but I can't control it. Has anyone else experienced this, or is this a known side effect? ## I have never heard of that I have been on methadone up to 205 milligrams and now down to 150 trying to decrease it myself I can take a 150 milligram dose and make it last at least 3 d...
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Methadone vistrial buspurine anabuse
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I take all of these daily methadone antabuse Prozac. Visor control any I shouldn't take together
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Anesthesia while on methadone
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I am being put under general anesthesia to have a wisdom tooth removed and I am on 15 mgs of methadone per day. Will the anesthesia work? ## Yes, it should work, but you MUST tell your doctor what medications you are on so that the anesthesiologist can dose appropriately!
Updated 1 day ago.
Anabuse methadone vistaril busporine prozac
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I take methadone vistiral antabuse busporine Prozac are they any I shouldn't take together ## I'm just curious if it's safe to take these era together
Updated 1 day ago.
methadone dr s in st louis mo
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Does anyone out there know of a Dr. In Saint Louis, MO that will write an rx. Of Methadone pills for someone with well documented injuries going back 22 old Dr. Gave us 2 weeks notice and a two month paper rxs.....need help Can't afford a clinic....
Updated 1 day ago.
I took 20 mg methadone yesterday - can i take a suboxone strip
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I took 20 mg of methadone yesterday afternoon. Can I take a suboxone strip or half a strip and be ok and feel the relief of the sub? I'm not sick but in major pain and need some kind of pain relief and subs do that for me. ## Hello, Mary! How are you? No, you must be in full withdrawal from all other opiates, before you can safely take Suboxone, otherwise it may throw you into dangerous precipitated withdrawals. The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 1 day ago.
bac 3 I'm on methadone for chronic pain, Need ER to help with lortab cough syrup, does methadone show up as morphine on drug test
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I need help from the ER with maybe some lortab cough syrup due to being extremely sick with bronchitis but I'm afraid they'll drug test me and see I'm on methadone. I know honesty is the best policy,but I'm in agony and really need something more from ER so can u tell me if the methadone will show up? And if so will it show up as morphine? I have tried being honest with ER about methadone before & they are very rude with no help! ## Doctor's do not usually prescribe methadone for chronic pain anymore, so it is understandable the ER would be suspicious & especially if you are asking for a specific cough syrup. They assume you want it to get high as would any healthcare professional ## Methodone is used regularly for severe chronic pain. I am on it but take it ...
Updated 1 day ago.
Liquid Methadone Together With Morphine
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my mom takes 36ml of liquid methadone 3 times a day and 7ml of liquid morphine every hour for cancer. I want her to get off the drugs and into some sort of treatment for her cancer. Is she going to need help getting off the drugs? ## I am a Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer survivor. And really I understand your concerns. And I guess it depends on your individual situation. Just keep in mind that it is you Mother's choice whether or not to pursue cancer treatment. Treatment in itself is a living hell and just because she starts treatment doesn't mean she will be coming off of her pain meds. Some people would rather live their last days with as little pain as possible instead of adding even more pain, stress, and agony by going through a treatment that may or may not even work. If your moth...
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Liquid Methadone color discrepancy
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My husband is taking liquid methadone has been for about four years and this morning he noticed his medicine was cloudy and then he took his other doses out and found several others of his doses were too. They were filled at the same time. Is this supposed to happen? And is it common? He said he hasn't bee feeling right for the last couple of days. I am worried, has anyone have this happen to thiers? And what could cause it? ## I'm not sure, but it makes me wonder if perhaps they didn't mix it properly. Has he tried calling the clinic or doctor that he receives it from to ask them? What are the symptoms he's experiencing when he says he isn't feeling right? ## never heard of cloudy methadone unless juice is added.even then its not cloudy. Is this is the clear or red ...
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Methadone stopped my periods
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Can any of the women out there tell me if taking methadone stopped thier periods? I have been on methadone for 4 years now and as soon as I went over 35mg it completely stopped and It has not come back since. I am on 60mg now. I did get lowered to 30 mg at one time years ago and it started right up again. Does anyone know if this might be dangerous? I have asked my doctor at the meth clinic and she stated its nothing to be concerned about because I wanted to know if I should be taking something to make it start and she said no, but for some reason it seems that it just does not sound good for a natural process to stop like that and not have it do any harm. Any feedback would be appreciated. ## Hi Silvia, I was on 100mg of methadone a day for several years as part of my pain management t...
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