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Massachusetts North Shore - Doctor that prescribes methadone for severe back pain withdrawals
I have been on hydrocodone 30mg for about 3 years and started small but is now up to 4 a day just to feel fine and it has got very expensive and cant afford to do them anymore and it cost me my job... i literally cant get out of bed the withdrawals are so bad the back pain and restless arms and legs are the worse.. I have tried to quit 3 or 4 times now, once i bought 10 suboxone off a buddy and tried and only made 4 days and i vomited almost every day because it taste so nasty... i got out of detox on 1/17/13 and tried staying off but only lasted 2 days until i couldnt do it anymore and the detox center gave me methadone and it really helped and i need to get back to work have tons of bills that havent been paid in a while.... I been trying to go to clinic but had to wait for insurance ...
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on 56mg methadone every two days would like to know if 3 8mg suboxone tabs are enough get through sickness from
I take 56mg of methadone every two days was wondering if I wait the 72 hours will 3 8mg suboxone pills help me so I can get rid of the methadone but not be depended on subs? I am a 36yr old single mother and full time student, I was sober for 4 1/2 years but had an unfortunate relapse this is why I started at methadone clinic.. Want to be normal not depended on anything again. Starting my new semester in a month so figure if I do this now I should feel like myself by then. So will the 3 tabs be enough? ## Hi Help please! How long have you been on the methadone? You may not need to take all 3 of the suboxone at once. First, before starting the suboxone you need to be in withdrawals. That's the main thing. Then, I would start with a half of an 8. If you are still feeling withdrawals t...
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Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Portland Oregon
suffering from cronic headaches and neck pain due to a variety of events ## looking for a new dr. who will be willing to give me the same meds as I was taking before I moved here, they are narcotics that I take on a regualar basis for headaches and neck pain, hydro codone 10 to be exact, where I came from it is tough to find a dr. who will help you, how will I start over in Portland to find a helpful Dr.? ## I'd suggest looking for someone that specializes in pain management and making sure that they get a full copy of your medical records from your prior doctor. In many cases, if you go in asking for a specific medication they will see it as drug seeking behavior, but they can see what works for you as documented by other physicians, they are more likely to prescribe accordingly. L...
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I just moved to ft Lauderdale florida and im trying to find a doctor who prescribes roxy cotton and methadone
Does anybody know of a doctor around the ft Lauderdale area that prescribes oxycotin 30 mg and methadone I have a week of meds left and don't want to waste 300 dollars just moved down from NY
Updated 22 hours ago.
Methadone detoxing with chronic pain disease... Need advice!
I have severe case of Fibromyalgia with many flare ups where the pain becomes s bad I end up in the ER on dilaudid via IV. I became pregnant 6yrs ago and had been taking percocet for 2 years and was when I became pregnant so my OB/GYN advised on start on the methadone maintenance program. By the end of my term the clinic had me up to 175mg's. Recently I detoxed down 2 mg’s a week and now I am at 46mg's. It hurts something terrible. My PCP said after i’m thru detoxing that he will put me on a Vicodin patch s not to have to take pills again. My issue is as I go down even lower (I am holding at 46mg’s right now) I know my pain is going to be 100 times worse! My body cannot handle it and also I have a 6yr old daughter to take care of. I thought about a detox hospit...
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Looking For Pain Meds In The Medford Grants Pass Oregon Area
need a good dr in the medford grants pass oregon area. also looking for hydro or oxys to purchase ## Hi Gia, In regards to finding a pain doctor, I have listed below a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another: Many of the results you find (in one or both of the links above) also list a phone number for that specific doctor; I'd suggest calling up a number of them to see if they prescribe the type of medication you are seeking to manage your pain. You may also have to ask if they are ac...
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Private Doctor To Prescribe Methadone Instead Of Clinics In Fort Worth Tx
I took Hydrocodone for pain for several years and became very dependent. I have been going to a Methadone Clinic now for 2 years and it saved my life. I have led a productive life since. I take care of my parents and they both are bedbound. It is getting so hard for me to go to the clinic daily. Does anyone know of a private doctor in Fort Worth Texas that subscribes Methadone? Thank you for your help ## Have you considered a possible switch to Suboxone? It has been very successfully used to enable people to become completely drug free, rather than staying dependent on something, as often happens with Methadone. Treatment with it is also often done with a take home prescription, rather than always having to go to a clinic for a daily dose. You can check for a doctor in your area at the ...
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methadone and percocet
Can anyone help a man in pain? I'm in search of a doc that prescribes methadone. My Dr. moved to another state. Please any advice? I live in Philadelphia. Pa. .
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How Long Does Heroin Stay In your system?
If I smoked 1 small hit of heroin on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, will I be clean for my drug test on Monday at 5pm. Im giving it 5 days, is that enough time to pass my drug test? ## Heroin is usually detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 5 days, after last use. The time frame, however, can vary from person to person, depending on your overall health, activity levels, fluid intake, metabolism and etc. Learn more Heroin information here. Does anyone else have any advice or information to offer? ## I did a shot of heroine friday night like 10pm I ave a urine test tomorrow thurs @4:30. Should I pass? I have passed before in as little as 3 days but a few weeks ago I did it on a wedsday and failed the test on a monday so im not even sure anymore itz always took me three daysyo...
Updated 1 day ago.
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doctors who prescribe methadone in indiana
somewhere close to columbus indiana husband has been taking for 8 years and family doc wont presribe cuz of new dea rules ## There are no new DEA rules governing Methadone. Go to their website and look it up. ## BL is correct, the rules are the same. If he was taking it for addiction/maintenance treatment, then regular doctors have never been able to prescribe it for that. That can only be done in a clinical setting by those specially trained in its use for such. And for pain, the new regulations concern all narcotics, not just Methadone. There have been severe restrictions placed on general practitioners and surgeons regarding what they can and cannot prescribe, so if someone needs such a medication for the long-term treatment of chronic pain, they will have to see a pain management sp...
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Is methadone completly out of your system in 72 hours, or does it take longer since methadone seems to last longer that 4 - 6 hours? ## Although your system can rid itself of the methadone within about 72 hours in most cases, traces of it will still be detected in your urine for up to 3 weeks...longer if you get a blood test. ## It took me 3 months to kick methodone. After that, I had paws for another 4 months. Don't get started on that evil stuff unless you plan to stay on it for life. It's by far the worst withdrawl ever. Beware, you have been warned. Take Suboxone or subutex instead. I can't stress this enough. I wouldn't wish methodone withdrawl on my worst enemy. I went to treatment for one month to kick it. I was twice as sick after my 30 days were up. I had to go ...
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i need a privat dr. that precribes methadone
I am on meth. now and have been on it since 1996 my dr. movedhis clinic 45 min away from me and I need a dr. who will prescribe me meth. I cannot stand the drive and I am worried because I don't have a car. my mom takes me down but what if something happens to her God forbid!!!! I am 52 yrs.old now, so I am very worried if I cant get down there. I live in Bergen county nj in Fairview.
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Need help getting off methadone
I've been on the methadone program for abit longer then a yr and I want to get off now, I can say for sure that I'm hooked on it.. Is it possible I can quit dry turkey? Without moving down milligram at a time or could I hurt myself by doing such a thing? ## Hi Jessika! I would suggest tapering down SLOWLY or you could go through some bad withdrawals. I was on methadone and tapered down slowly and still went through withdrawals. I ended up going on Suboxone. ## You should definitely NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY, especially since you've been on Methadone for over one year! Most people take the dose down by10mg until they reach 100 mg and then 5 mg per day. I went from 160 mg all the way down to 5 mg. Believe it or not, the 5mg worked and I didn't have bad withdrawals. If you taper...
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long island
I see so many people with the same fears I have had in the past and still do. I am a P.A. And also a chronic pain sufferer. I have been on meds for 8 years and have the hardest times getting legal prescriptions filled. I actually derided twice myself with proper use of needed meds with no side effects. The only problem I had was extreme pain and ended up in the hospital after I got off meds due to NSAID use and other problems to the point where I was told to go back on opiates. I can help with withdrawal issues. I know little things that will have u off opiates in 4 days, but then u what about the pain u were taking opioda for in the first place? None the less, no one should suffer. I have a great Pain Management doctor in Brooklyn. I know of a great doctor that will prescribe methadone...
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Looking for a doctor to prescribe methadone in Wayne County Michigan
Hello, I am here for my boyfriend, he takes methadone, (I think about 130 mg daily) for both addiction and pain management. Currently he goes to a clinic once every 2 weeks. He recently obtained health insurance, and is looking for a doctor that is willing to prescribe a months supply at a time, that takes his insurance. Any information is greatly appreciated. ## It is ILLEGAL for a Doctor to prescribe methadone for addiction. They can only prescribe for pain management. ## Jimbo, I know the post is old but I hope people don't believe your comment because it is so wrong. I hate when people get this info perhaps you don't know.Doctors can and do prescribe meth for pain and addiction if an office setting. The difference between the two for addiction he must have training and certa...
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How Long Does Heroin Stay In Your Urine
I used a half a gram of herion on Friday but don't use regularly. I weigh 157 and 5'7 female... If I have a ua on Monday will it show up? ## Yes, there is a chance that it will be detected. Heroin is usually detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 5 days, after last use. Are there any other comments or questions? ## i am on a methadone dose of 30 mgs and iv used 2 ten dollar doses of heroin.. I have a urine test that has to test positive for methadone but negative for .heroin. how many days before heroin shows negative on my ua? ## no there is not a chance it will show up. I test my self regularly and am always clean 4o hours last use. ## CHELIY PLEASE DON'T LISTEN TO JOE!!! PLEASE!!! Just because u take methadone (as well as I do, 100mg for 2 yrs) does NOT HAV...
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Find Pain Clinic In Indiana Who Gives Methadone
need pain clinic in indiana who prescribes methadone for pain ## Hi Suzy, Whereabouts in Indiana are you looking? I may be able to point you in the right direction, as there are quite a few doctors/clinics there that are known to prescribe Methadone. ## clarksville ind. new albany any where in indiana aslong as its not over an hour away from jeffersonville ind. I appreciate any info, my doc is retiring. THANKS, Suzy ## really want to find a pain clinic no more then an hour or so away from clarksville in,really appreciate the info Suzy ## it really dosent matter, but I live close to jeffersonville and Id like to find a doc within 50 miles if possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated ## I really need to find a doctor in louisville ky thru indiana who prescribes methadone for pain, m...
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Methadone 10mg Asc 116
WHAT COMPANY MAKES THESE ASC 116 AND WHEN DID THEY COME OUT ON THE MARKET? ## January, 2012 ## That date is correct and the manufacturer is Ascend Laboratories, LLC. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Yeah, what is the difference between this pill and the 10mg methadone white round pill labled 54/142 and scored on the other side, is it just the manufacturer? I usually get the 54/ 142 and pay about $22 for 150 I had to go to a different pharmacy this month and they gave me the ascertain 116 ones and charged me $90 for the same 150!! I mean I don't have insurance but this seems outrageous. Could it maybe just have been the pharmacy I went to? Also, I want to make sure there wont be a difference in my pain management on these pills. Thanks ## hey these are made by ascend lab...
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methodone 10mg alternative
Ive been using Methadone for chronic pain for over 7 years. I went through the full gambit of Opioid medication and always got to the point of abuse to function. After 11 surgeries and 2 full knee replacements I'm at the end of my rope. The cost for trying to feel like moving every day has become too expensive. I need to find an alternative. If I say things like this to a M.D.. he'd make me see a PHD and that would be on going and more expensive. Please help me find an alternative.
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private methadone doctors in florida FOR PAIN NOT MMT
Methadone for Pain Not MMT. I have been to Dr.Milne, Not my favorite, his Bedside ways are less than to be desired..ALSO HAVE COVENTRY HMO Ins (obama care) im in the Broward area closest to zip 33064 I've had Spine surgery from Broward Sheriffs Offices Running a red light, but my car caught his , bc he couldn't wait for a green light, Now i have nerve damage in left arm and left leg confirmed with EEG and Cervical 4/5/6/7 posterior bulging with thecal sac tearing Amazing fire shooting to dull setting pain when activity stops depending on activity length duration etc..and Im Still on no duty, not even rehab yet ## Hello, Tyler! How are you? I'm sorry, but there is no listing of doctors according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you. This is a na...
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