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Is methadone completly out of your system in 72 hours, or does it take longer since methadone seems to last longer that 4 - 6 hours? ## Although your system can rid itself of the methadone within about 72 hours in most cases, traces of it will still be detected in your urine for up to 3 weeks...longer if you get a blood test. ## It took me 3 months to kick methodone. After that, I had paws for another 4 months. Don't get started on that evil stuff unless you plan to stay on it for life. It's by far the worst withdrawl ever. Beware, you have been warned. Take Suboxone or subutex instead. I can't stress this enough. I wouldn't wish methodone withdrawl on my worst enemy. I went to treatment for one month to kick it. I was twice as sick after my 30 days were up. I had to go ...
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Looking For Pain Meds In The Medford Grants Pass Oregon Area
need a good dr in the medford grants pass oregon area. also looking for hydro or oxys to purchase ## Hi Gia, In regards to finding a pain doctor, I have listed below a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another: Many of the results you find (in one or both of the links above) also list a phone number for that specific doctor; I'd suggest calling up a number of them to see if they prescribe the type of medication you are seeking to manage your pain. You may also have to ask if they ar...
Updated 16 hours ago.
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Doctors in Michigan that prescribe methadone
I'm interested in finding a private doctor's office (not a clinic) that will prescribe methadone. I can't afford these clinics! Does anyone know of a doctor??? ## I am a full time student and a single mother, I need assistance in finding a doctor who prescribes methodone because with my schedule and trandportation I cannot go to the Methadone Clinic anymore. ## Katy did What do you take methadone for? If you take it for opiate addiction, you won';t be able to find a doctor to prescribe it for you because a doctor can only write it for chronic pain. As for money, by the time you pay to see a doctor (Pain managment is a specialty) it will cost you more than going to the clinic. Most pain managment doctors charge $100.00+ each month plus the medication, and another problem ...
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Private Methadone Doctors
Hello. I am a 26 year old male who has been struggling with opiate addiction for about a decade. Recently I tried the suboxone program which helped to a degree, but meds were way to expensive as well as the Drs appointment. So I am looking for help with my disease and I would like to know if methadone is the right route for me to go. Thanks ## Methadone does help many people and it can be cheaper than Suboxone, however, you will more than likely still have to visit a doctor or clinic regularly. The main drawback to Methadone is that it can also be quite an addictive substance and people that is use it usually end up requiring a lifetime maintenance dose of it, while Suboxone can be slowly tapered and enable the person to eventually become completely drug free. Have you tried consulting ...
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doctors who will prescribe methadone for pain management phoenix arizona
I have been on methadone for about 6 years and had to start going to a maintenance clinic a few yrs ago after my pain dr lost his license here in Phoenix, Arizona. I tried going to another pain clinic after mine closed but they wanted me off the methadone and forced me to taper off of it in one week and demanded I took gabapentin which DOES NOT work and they didn't care. Anyways, I went to mmt clinic and have been there since but there are so many things wrong with it, I'd end up writing a book. Does anyone know of a pain Mgmt doc who writes methadone scripts in Metro Phoenix area? ## Unfortunately, since you've been going to the clinic, it isn't likely that you'll find a doctor that will take you on. For addiction/maintenance, the current laws will only allow it to ...
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doctors who will prescribe methadone for chronic back pain in Illinois
I'm relocating to Hanover pk il I'm currently taking methadone for pain how do I find a doctor that prescribes methadone for pain that accepts medicaid in Illinois? ## Hello, Karina! How are you? Any doctor can prescribe it for pain. Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, though, you'll need to see a pain management specialist. The easiest thing to do would be to set yourself up with a new PCP and then have them refer you to someone. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area? ## I suggest asking your current doctor to help you find someone
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I need HELP ASAP finding a Doc who will write methadone for chronic back pain. I have sufferred a ruptured L3/L4 disc, then fell 22 feet & broke my back in 3 places. Mostly recently a horriffic traffic accident with 5 broken ribs & collarbone, internal injuries, etc. I shouldn't have lived. I have sufferred greatly from the rollercoaster of narcotics and they stop working in3-4 weeks anyway-iwill not use them EVER AGAIN. Please Help! I live in the Southeastern NC area. ## If you are still in need of methadone I have some to spare. Actually I have a few unopened bottles of 100, 10mg tablets by Roxanne Manufact. Let me know if ur still interested. I wish I would've come across ur post sooner. ## Im trying get prescription for them and live in Wi, ## WHY ARE YOU SPREADING T...
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bac 3 I'm on methadone for chronic pain, Need ER to help with lortab cough syrup, does methadone show up as morphine on drug test
I need help from the ER with maybe some lortab cough syrup due to being extremely sick with bronchitis but I'm afraid they'll drug test me and see I'm on methadone. I know honesty is the best policy,but I'm in agony and really need something more from ER so can u tell me if the methadone will show up? And if so will it show up as morphine? I have tried being honest with ER about methadone before & they are very rude with no help! ## Doctor's do not usually prescribe methadone for chronic pain anymore, so it is understandable the ER would be suspicious & especially if you are asking for a specific cough syrup. They assume you want it to get high as would any healthcare professional ## Methodone is used regularly for severe chronic pain. I am on it but take it ...
Updated 1 day ago.
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My Dr. who prescribed me 150mg a day of methodone since 2000 quit his practice. Does anyone know a pain Dr.that prescribes methadone in kansas city
My Dr. who prescribed me 150mg a day of methodone pill form since 2000. He informed me today it was his last day and quit his practice. Does anyone know a pain Dr.that prescribes methadone in kansas City, Kansas. I a m fighting to save my arms and legs and cannot function without my medicine. I have 9 weeks to find a Dr.before I need more medicine please help. ## Hello, Petrified! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you'e having. However, if you're hunting for a new doctor by asking if they'll prescribe it, the problem is likely just going to continue. Doctors will view that as being drug seeking behavior. What you really need to do is set up an appointment with a new pain management specialists, make sure they get a full copy of your most recent medical records, then ...
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How Long Does Methadone Stay In Your System For A Urine Test
I just took two ten mg methadone pills will they be out by Thursday i drink a lot of water please let me know soon as possible ## Depends on how long u took it. It has been in mu system now for over 45 days. Can't wait till its gone either. ## Take good advice-avoid opiates altogether. They can kill you. Young people are dying and becoming vegatables because of this crap. ## If you haven't been taking it everyday, for a long period of time it should be gone in a few days. Find a test at the drug store before having some1 else test you. ## I don't know where these people get their information. I could go into this long explanation of the half life of a pill times 5, but I don't want to confuse anyone. Just remember this, the basic rule of thumb is 60 to 72 hours on everyt...
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methadone pills chart
Want pictures of methadone different forms and colors thank you have a nice bless day ## Hello, Seehna! How are you? I'm sorry, but since Methadone is a generic, it is manufactured by several different companies, in various dosages and all such tablets will have different markings to enable their identification in case of emergency, thus, I can't possibly post pictures or descriptions of all of them for you. Do you have a specific pill you are questioning? If so, please post back with the markings on it, as well as its description and I will gladly research it for you to see what it contains. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.
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trazadone and methadone together
i was taking methadone and trazadone together and i used to get a false positive urine reading of speed do u have any articles on that? i need positive proof that thats what happens when u take these 2 drugs together. thank you, diane robinson ## can trazadone cause u to come up positive for ampethimines if u are on methadone ## yes ## I was on methodone 120mg a day you need to get off of this it's going to kill you, 3 of my friends died while taking either trazodone or ambien with this drug it should be black boxed :having any chest pains yet go get your heart checked out before you check out just friendly advice from being on this crap - 6 yrs. good luck hope you don't die like my friends did. tif klav ## Im on methadone and Trazadone and have been passing out within 20 minute...
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What Can Cause A False Positive For Methadone
My son just started taking Intuniv for ADD .Up to this point his drug test have been clean,now he is coming up positive for Methadone.Could the Intuniv be causing a false positive? ## i keep failing for methadone i never did methadone i take topamax vicodine seroquel ambien neroton clonodine meclazine protonics trazadone lorazpam and weed do any of these cause a false positive ## Seroquel can and has shown a false positive for Methadone according to the California Poison Control. According to them , there are two possibilities for showing a false positive for Methadone: Methadone use or Seroquel. That's it, nothing else can show false positive for Methadone.
Updated 1 day ago.
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i go to methadone clinic they do a 15 panel drug screen and send it the lab will soma show up
I go to the methadonr clinic every day and take 85 mg of it i at 4 somas and had a 15 panel drug screan and they srnt it to the lab will i fail my drug screan or will i be ok. ## I just did a urine drug screen, take SOMA (prescribed) and it did show up on the panel. ## No. I take them everyday.
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methadone clinic and drug testing
I just started going to the methadone clinic about 4 weeks ago. I used to be a very heavy drug user, Heroin and pills were my life. When I took my initial drug test at the clinic I asked them if my weed levels were really high, and they told me they don't test for weed. I live in Texas. Does anyone know what kind of drug test they are using and exactly what they test for? I thought on all standard drug tests, they test for THC. Also I mistakenly took a 1mg football mistaking it for an aleve. In highschool i used to put them in aleve bottles. My mom just moved and the bottle was up in the medicine cabinet in the new house. OOPS. When I started feeling extremely relaxed, it clicked at what I had just ingested. This was 10 days ago today. The clinic tested me this morning. I'm not ...
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getting drug tested in 11 days
im on methadone and did some herion today. just wanting to know what the odds are of passing my test
Updated 2 days ago.
how long does it take for methadone to get out of you system
ive only been taking it for a few days but I have a urine coming up and I NEEED to know ASAP how long it takes to get methadone out of your system ## I have a Urine test tomorrow and I dont want them to see the methadone in my system how can I bypass that without using someone else's urine ## I had some of my regular meds (opana) stolen & had to take 20 mg methadone (tabs) tonight in order to stretch my supply :( I am an older woman, heavy, don't get much exercise (chronic pain) I have a drug test on the 14th, will it be out of my system by then? (don;t eat much but drink tons of tea and soda) ## I took 5 methadone over a couple days. in January. I have to drop today will it be out of my system plz help ## about 4 days but depending on how many mg you took 10 mg 4 days ## If...
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I Need To Find A Doctor Indianapolis IN that Will prescribe Methadone For Chronc Pain
I AM TRYING TO FIND A DOCTOR THAT WILL PRESCRIBE METHADONE FOR CHRONIC PAIN. ITS COMMONLY KNOWN AS DOLOPHINE AND COMES IN 10MG TABLETS. I USUALLY TAKE 40MG PER DAY. IT IS SO MUCH CHEAPER AND MORE CONVENIENT THAN CLINICS. I AM TOO FAR AWAY FROM CLINIC ANYWAY. THANK YOU ## I'm sorry, but there's no central listing of doctors that will prescribe any particular medication and there's never a guarantee when seeing one that they will prescribe anything. The main problem with Methadone is that is so highly habit forming and addictive. This makes most doctors very reluctant to prescribe it for pain, unless everything else has completely failed to work and all other options have been exhausted. Learn more Methadone details here. What else have you tried to treat your pain? There are ...
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iam looking for a private doctor to prescribe methadone in kent england
Iam looking for a private doctor to prescribe methadone on a monthly basis. I live in Kent, England, iam willing to travel to London. I have been on methadone for over 20 years but my local centre is reducing everyone including myself. I do not want this, I want a maintenance script & if I have to go private & pay for this then I will. Can anyone help me with a name & number of a private doctor in the South of England please ??? THANKYOU. ## Same thing happening in Manchester UK , trying to force reduce you, any way im sick if being in there pocket ! Iv tapered from 90ml to 10ml , then jumped , been in methadone 18 years , was s***ting it coming off, did it on my own good nutrition get fit before hand with meth storing in ya tissue I can linger a week in ya body. took valium...
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positive result for methadone, could this be caused by benadryl
Does benadryl give a false positive for methadone specifically?
Updated 2 days ago.

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