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Maine doctor to perscribe methadone
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I have been treated for chronic back pain for about ten years and have a spotless record of compliance. I have no insurance so have to pay the bills out of pocket. About three years ago I was paying 40 dollars for a 30 day script of methadone. 10mg 3 times a day. Then the price went to 74.00 per month. then to 162.00 per month. For meds that cost less than fifteen dollars. Are there any doctors in Maine (my zip is 04537) That will treat a patient fairly. ## Hello, Scott! How are you doing? I'm not sure I understand your issue. If your doctor is prescribing a medication and your getting it filled at your pharmacy, the price has nothing to do with your doctor treating you fairly. The price is set by the pharmacy and their supplier. And with the new regulations that have been put in pl...
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how to be free from methadone addiction
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How can i get rid of methadone? I weigh 100 kgs and am about 3 years addicted to methadone for getting rid of opium but now I want to get rid of methadone and I take only 10 grams per day. ## I am male 62 years old with heavy hearth surgery 18 years ago it is about 3 years which for opium stop addiction I used to have methadone from 30 miligrams I decreased it to 2pills (each 5 mg) .I am from iran.
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Help Finding A Pain Management Doctor In Wa State That Prescribes Meds
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I need help with finding a pain management dr. that prescribes pain meds in the bellevue wa area or as close as possibe am willing to drive if necessary. Please it's almost impossible to find. I have been in pain since 2002 please any leeds greatly appreciated. ## i know this question is several months old, but i just came across it. are you still looking for a doc or info? i may be able to help. ## The best suggestion I can make for anyone in our area is to contact one of the major hospitals, such as Evergreen, Harborview or Swedish and ask to speak to someone in their social work department. The people that work in them here are excellent and if there is such a pain management specialist in the area, they'll be able to help you find them. Learn more pain management details her...
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Methadone Clinic In Memphis
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I have called so many places and cant find a clinic in memphis that actually prescribes methadone for withdraws does anyone know where it is or the number please help!! ## Here are the listings that I've found for Memphis: Raleigh Professional Associates 2960 Austin Peay Highway, Suite B Memphis, TN 38128 901-372-7878 Drug Rehab & Heroin Methadone Detox 901-334-3130 Methadone Clinic and Heroin Treatment Clinic 800-861-6864 Learn more Methadone details here. However, no one is going to just prescribe it immediately for home use. You have to report to the clinic and take your doses, then later you can get take home amounts. Does anyone else know of any? ## Thank you i dont mind going to the clinic every day i just couldnt find one that even did that thank you so much ill try those...
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how long does heroin stay your urine
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If I take 100mg of methadone &used monday about 1gm. Will I come out positive for heroin Thur? Also on meds that say it knocks out heroin Will I still come out positive. ## You would have been clean for heroin but not methadone. ## Daily heroine user with last use was sun. At noon. Need to take a urine mon morning. Drinkining a little bit of water with normal activities. Will i piss clean. ## No, you should be good if you drink a lot of water but let me tell you, when you do decide to come off that methadone get ready for one HELLOFA ride cuz I was on 90 mls for eight months and I physically withdrew for a month and a half and still had the sneezes for another month.. Good luck and get off that methadone cuz it's not the way I promise you that.. ## I last used H Wednesday mornin...
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I Need A Physician In San Diego That Will Prescribe Methadone 10 Mg Pills
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I have been on methadone/methadose maintenance for opiate dependence for approx. 6 yrs. At approx. the middle of this time I found a physician that prescribed me the methadone (40 mg a day) and it was great. I did have to UA for him, etc. But it was SO MUCH better than a clnic. Can anyone recommend one in San Diego. The doctor I was seeing retired. ## Hi Audrey, I actually found quite a few doctors in the San Diego area that are noted for prescribing Methadone. A few of them are posted below: Frank Jan Stass, M.D. Psychiatric Associates of San Diego 2445 Fifth Avenue, Suite 402 San Diego, CA 92101 (619)696-3300 Claudio Cabrejos, M.D. Family Health Centers of San Diego 823 Gateway Center Way San Diego, CA 92102 (619)515-2300 Michael Torrente, M.D. 3914 3rd Avenue San Diego, CA 92103 (619...
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unfair insane methadone clinic detox
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I have been a paitent at compdrugs methadone clinic for 5 years.never had dirty urines. I got 1 dirty 20days ago and they took mydose from 185mg. to 100 to nothing. 3 days. is this legal and do I have a chance of fighting it. the doc. Dr. Alvin Pelt. is god at the clinic. and ideas on what I can do would be welcome. hopefully i can figure somethisg out b4 I blow my head off. anyone out there whos gone thru a methadone withdrawl understands. thianks all. ## This does not sound right, something is wrong in this situation. I suggest you contact your state methadone authority and file a complaint. Make sure you start a timeline and document it with as much info as you can remember, dates, times, names and what was said/what happened. You need to find which agency your clinic is accredited t...
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doctors that will prescribe what a patient needs
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I live in north Seattle I am from New Orleans I've been Shot twice two years ago broken femur titanium rod 05 was in severe pain went to a methadone clinic not the place for me they won't even let me have Carrie's for seven days to go to training for work I need a doctor fast I coming off the methadone I need help for pain I used to just have 10 mg methadone's they worked fine
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Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Portland Oregon
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suffering from cronic headaches and neck pain due to a variety of events ## looking for a new dr. who will be willing to give me the same meds as I was taking before I moved here, they are narcotics that I take on a regualar basis for headaches and neck pain, hydro codone 10 to be exact, where I came from it is tough to find a dr. who will help you, how will I start over in Portland to find a helpful Dr.? ## I'd suggest looking for someone that specializes in pain management and making sure that they get a full copy of your medical records from your prior doctor. In many cases, if you go in asking for a specific medication they will see it as drug seeking behavior, but they can see what works for you as documented by other physicians, they are more likely to prescribe accordingly. L...
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I Am Getting Medically Retired From The Army Va Is So Backed Up They Said Could Use A Civilian Doc Im In Colorado Springs Ive Had Three Failed Spinal
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I am getting medically retired from the army va is so backed up They said I could use a civilian doc Im in Colorado Springs Ive had three failed spinal fusions and Im looking for a doctor that will listen about the meds Im on and why I think I should stay the same ## @Josh, What type of doctor are you seeking? If you're in need of a pain doctor, posted below are a couple webpages specific to locating pain management doctors and specialists in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another: I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they a...
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How Long Does Heroin Stay In Your Urine
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I used a half a gram of herion on Friday but don't use regularly. I weigh 157 and 5'7 female... If I have a ua on Monday will it show up? ## Yes, there is a chance that it will be detected. Heroin is usually detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 5 days, after last use. Are there any other comments or questions? ## i am on a methadone dose of 30 mgs and iv used 2 ten dollar doses of heroin.. I have a urine test that has to test positive for methadone but negative for .heroin. how many days before heroin shows negative on my ua? ## no there is not a chance it will show up. I test my self regularly and am always clean 4o hours last use. ## CHELIY PLEASE DON'T LISTEN TO JOE!!! PLEASE!!! Just because u take methadone (as well as I do, 100mg for 2 yrs) does NOT HAV...
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oxcodonne pain doc in mass
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I have just lost my doc in mass for pain and need a doctor bad im in severe pain looking for doc that will write methadone oxycodone or fetanal patches that all worked for me in past please help ## You will need a copy of your medical records from your previous pain Dr It is highly doubt that a new Dr will start you out on the meds you were taking. were on.high doses of meds or broke.your pain contract it may be very difficult, if.not.impossible, to find a new pain Dr. The reasons your last Dr stopped seeing you will be in your medical records ## Continue to go ER they Will speed up the process for a new pain specialist. ## No my doctor retired and left me with no doctor to follow up with
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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication in columbus ohio or springfield ohio
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My doctor had a stoke and was prescribing me 30 mg a day of methadone for a chronic pain syndrome..I am a 51 yr old,that has never abused drugs!!Does anyone know a dr.or pain dr. that is willing to prescribe this to me..Either in Col, ohio,or Springfield ohio!! Thanks for your time!! ## You'll most likely need to see a pain management specialist, due to the new regulations that were put in place at the beginning of the year. Due to the increased rates of over prescribing and improper prescribing, the DEA and FDA are making it harder for general practitioners and surgeons to prescribe such medications for long-term use and most people that need them must be referred to pain management. Learn more Methadone details here. Additionally, you'll need to stick with a doctor that lives ...
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Physician for Methadone in Sherman, Texas
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Looking for a physician that prescribes methadone for pain. I'm not an addict but have been on norco for over 15 years and that didn't work anymore. I just want a normal life. I've had total knee replacement and a neck fusion and in constant pain. I have tried methadone once and that was the first time in years i wasn't in pain. I live Sherman, Texas and trying to find somewhere close to go.
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How long for methadone clinic to get drug screen results?
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When they test and send it in by Fedex, how long before they get results back? The reason I am asking was last Thursday I found an old Fentanyl patch stuck to me that must have been in my bedding or something. Of course, the same day I got tested. Today is Tuesday and they haven't said anything but my counselor is getting old and isn't all there. I'm not even sure there was meds still on this old patch? Does someone put you on hold if it comes back positive or is the counselor the only one that checks? I guess I just need to know how long before someone at clinic would see a positive screen? ## I was wondering the same thing on how long these tests come back? I just started treatment and the quick panel showed I was clean on Friday and yesterday I saw the doctor and he said ...
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methadone clinic and drug testing
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I just started going to the methadone clinic about 4 weeks ago. I used to be a very heavy drug user, Heroin and pills were my life. When I took my initial drug test at the clinic I asked them if my weed levels were really high, and they told me they don't test for weed. I live in Texas. Does anyone know what kind of drug test they are using and exactly what they test for? I thought on all standard drug tests, they test for THC. Also I mistakenly took a 1mg football mistaking it for an aleve. In highschool i used to put them in aleve bottles. My mom just moved and the bottle was up in the medicine cabinet in the new house. OOPS. When I started feeling extremely relaxed, it clicked at what I had just ingested. This was 10 days ago today. The clinic tested me this morning. I'm not ...
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How Long Does Heroin Stay In your system?
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If I took 1 small dose of heroin on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, will I be clean for my drug test on Monday at 5pm. Im giving it 5 days, is that enough time to pass my drug test? ## Heroin is usually detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 5 days, after last use. The time frame, however, can vary from person to person, depending on your overall health, activity levels, fluid intake, metabolism and etc. Learn more Heroin information here. Does anyone else have any advice or information to offer? ## I did a shot of heroine friday night like 10pm I ave a urine test tomorrow thurs @4:30. Should I pass? I have passed before in as little as 3 days but a few weeks ago I did it on a wedsday and failed the test on a monday so im not even sure anymore itz always took me three daysyo ...
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Is $400 month for methadone treatment fair or can i find cheaper?
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Hi, I started going to a methadone clinic 3 months ago for opiate addiction. I am paying 98$ a week, well my sister is, bless her heart. I was wondering if this is the cheapest option for me? This includes the methadone which I am currently stable at 60mg a day. I started out looking for Suboxone doctors but the cheapest I could find was around $400 for the first visit and $300 for the next, which was 2 weeks away from the 1st. I would prefer Suboxone but am satisfied with the progress I am making with methadone at the moment. I live in the Memphis area and am looking for better options if they exist? Thank you in advance for help on this... ## I live in Jonesboro Ar. My visits are 200.00 a month zip take suboxine but now they have zubsolv which is the same drug. I heard they have a cou...
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small green oval pill with N on oneside and 15 on the other side
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It is suppose to be a methadone pill small green oval with 15 on one side N on the side ## Based on the description provided I may have come across an exact match to your pill - but it is not identified as Methadone: "Each green, round, sustained release, film-coated, biconvex tablet, engraved "N" on one side and "15" on the other side, contains Morphine sulfate 15 mg." Ref: Are sure the source you got it from was reliable? ## I just found 4 of these pills in my daughters room it's greenis oblong with 15 on one side and N on the other side what is this pill please ## So it's morphine 15 mg is that right??
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methadone 54 143
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Im looking for a doctor that would prescription for methadone, im currently on the fentayl patch -75mcg, 8 mg of dilaudid 4 x a day every 6 hours for break through pain, xanax 2 mg. 3 times a day as needed for panic attacls, soma compound for muscle spasms , i have been om methadone in the past for pain, can u reccomemd me to.a doctor in nassau county long i sland new york, to substitute all the pain meds im on for methadone, i can be reached at {edited for privacy} ## Hi, Michael! How are you? I'm sorry, but there is no central directory of doctors that will prescribe any given medication. And when it comes to Methadone, most are reluctant to prescribe it for pain, because it carries a very high addiction rate. Learn more Methadone details here. Since you're on Fentanyl, which ...
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