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how long does heroin stay your urine
46 Replies RSS
If I take 100mg of methadone &used monday about 1gm. Will I come out positive for heroin Thur? Also on meds that say it knocks out heroin Will I still come out positive. ## You would have been clean for heroin but not methadone. ## Daily heroine user with last use was sun. At noon. Need to take a urine mon morning. Drinkining a little bit of water with normal activities. Will i piss clean. ## No, you should be good if you drink a lot of water but let me tell you, when you do decide to come off that methadone get ready for one HELLOFA ride cuz I was on 90 mls for eight months and I physically withdrew for a month and a half and still had the sneezes for another month.. Good luck and get off that methadone cuz it's not the way I promise you that.. ## I last used H Wednesday mornin...
Updated 8 hours ago.
unfair insane methadone clinic detox
188 Replies RSS
I have been a paitent at compdrugs methadone clinic for 5 years.never had dirty urines. I got 1 dirty 20days ago and they took mydose from 185mg. to 100 to nothing. 3 days. is this legal and do I have a chance of fighting it. the doc. Dr. Alvin Pelt. is god at the clinic. and ideas on what I can do would be welcome. hopefully i can figure somethisg out b4 I blow my head off. anyone out there whos gone thru a methadone withdrawl understands. thianks all. ## This does not sound right, something is wrong in this situation. I suggest you contact your state methadone authority and file a complaint. Make sure you start a timeline and document it with as much info as you can remember, dates, times, names and what was said/what happened. You need to find which agency your clinic is accredited t...
Updated 15 hours ago.
positive result for methadone, could this be caused by benadryl
8 Replies RSS
Does benadryl give a false positive for methadone specifically? ## Can benadryl give give a false positive for methadone ## I would like to know this also ## Benadryl absolutely cannot give a false positive for methadone. Heres why: Methadone is an opioid (synthetic opiate) and passes the blood-brain barrier, which gives one the sensation of being high. Now, benadryl (diphenhydramine) is a synthetic antihistamine, which blocks the effects of histamines by binding to special sites on cells called receptors, but its important to note that benadryl does NOT pass the blood-brain barrier. **Lastly, and most importantly, methadone cannot be detected on ANY store bought 12 panel drug test, and is very, very rarely tested for in commercial and/or government drug tests. Methadone must be specifi...
Updated 15 hours ago.
how to pass a methadone urine test in 36 hours
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I took 25mg of methadone today at 11pm. This is the first ive had them in about a month or more, but i have a drug test in 36 hours and i have 2 detox drinks. Anyway i can test clean? Really need an answer please!! ## Did methadone two days ago will I pass a drug test by Tuesday ## I have taken methamphetamine over the course of the last 4 days and will have to take a drug test in 48 hours from now. Is there anything I can do, like an at home remedy that will help me pass a urine test?
Updated 17 hours ago.
Methadone/ depression issues?
34 Replies RSS
I have been taking methadone tablets,15mg-3 times a day, for back pain. I also have some depression issues as well, The methadone seems to make me in a good mood as well as taking my back pain away. I do have many mood swings lately where I go from very good feeling to very bad very quickly sometimes, This usually happens when the methadone starts wearing off. I think I may need to see a psyhciatrist about this. I do the methadone for pain, but maybe I need something else for my depression, I also have suicidal thoughts sometimes too, I have heard of mood stabilizers, Do these work? If anyone could suggest a medication , It would be appreciated. Also when the methadone is wearing off, I will feel very tired and weak, Without the metadone, I really cannot function that well due to the co...
Updated 20 hours ago.
depression and anxieties
2 Replies RSS
i am struggling real bad with panic attacks ..lots of doctors don't understand some people need benzos to live a productive life and i am 1 of them ,so please help??? ## Hello, Robert! How are you? I'm sorry, but this website does not prescribe nor sell any medications or products, it is an information only website. You might be creating the problem yourself, if you're seeing doctors and asking for benzos. They have the tendency to be habit forming and are often abused, so most doctors will view that as being drug seeking behavior and just won't see you or will refuse to prescribe them. Normally, the doctor expects to make the diagnosis and suggest what you should try as a treatment, if one is appropriate. Additionally, benzodiazepines do not help with depression, since ...
Updated 20 hours ago.
methadone and depression
3 Replies RSS
i have read about methadone being used as an anti depressant. Does anyone know anything about this? When I was on low doses I was at my best ever in life. Not high, but just normal for the first time ever. Even though I am not using (4 years) I sometimes wish I could just be on 10 mg a day ## methadone being a pain med is a depressant however euphoria is a side effect. works for me. there are only 2 ways to get treat severe pain or to treat addiction. if you are thinking about a meth program you will have to present yourself as an addict and drop dirty urines. it's not so hard now a days as you don't have to have track marks you can join by just being addicted to pills. ## I have been on methadone for almost 2months, I was seriously addicted to pain pills for ove...
Updated 20 hours ago.
methadone and depression
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hi, l am 56 years female and been on methadone for many years apart from gaining weight which seems to be the norm, has anyone male or female noticed that they get depressed l suffer bouts of depression all the poor me's etc., its doing my head in, normally l am ok l hold down a job family etc., but l am finding sleeping impossible and if anyone ask's me how l am l end up bursting into tears help. ## I am 29 on methadone and suffering from depression, anxiety and sometimes mood swings! They've tried putting me on Zoloft and select, neither one has helped! There was an argument between me and my room mate yesterday and I almost hurt the poor girl, I caught myself and walked away but I cried my eyes out afterwords. And laid in bed for 2 days. I am now literally sitting as a st...
Updated 20 hours ago.
22 Replies RSS
54 142 ## what is it perscribed for ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Methadone hydrochloride (10 mg). Methadone is noted to be useful in the treatment of opioid dependence. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## methadone is a wonder drug and traditionally it was for withdrawl. however people are more frequently being put on methadone for chronic pain. how it is dosed for a chronic pain patient depends on the persons. i have been on methadone for chronic pain for 5 years now. im prescribed 4 10mg tabs 4 times a day 160mg daily, for breakthrough my doc gave me 8mg dilaudid 1 pill 4 times daily and 5mg valium 1 tab twice daily as ne...
Updated 22 hours ago.
Doctors Who Prescribe Methadone In Houston Tx
12 Replies RSS
Moving to Houston, Tx and looking for doctor who will prescribe methadone. I have been on Methadone for Intractable Pain for over 10 years. I saw a psychiatrist/Intractable pain, oncologist for 8years and another for almost 8 yrs. Both doctors were in Houston, Tx. I moved back to Beaumont, Tx area and have been without proper medical and pain management. I am moving back to Houston next month and am dreading the whole start over ordeal...PLEASE HELP LOCATE a doctor in the Houston, Tx. area ## I am also in Houston, looking for the same thing. All the private doctors I have called only do Suboxone. Let me know if you find anything out. ## Heather, if you're looking for Methadone for addiction treatment, then private doctors can't prescribe it for you. A private doctor is only allo...
Updated 1 day ago.
Methadone and Thrive supplement
15 Replies RSS
I'm wondering if I could take "Thrive" - the supplement that everyone is taking, because it looks like it's only vitamins? ## I was wondering if I could take thrive with methadone ## Did you ever find out if you could take thrive with methadone.? Bc I would love to know. ## Are you referring to 'Thrive' made by a company called "Le-Vel"? If so, I've looked at the nutrition facts listed on their product page for the men's multivitamin supplement and compiled what it contains below: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1.4 mg 100% Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.7 mg 100% Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 12 mg 60% Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) 10 mg 100% Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2 mg 100% Folic acid 800 mcg 200% Vitamin B12 100 mcg 1667% Vitamin D3 200 IU 50% Chromium (as chromi...
Updated 1 day ago.
white round pill with u42 on it
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I take methadone 10 mg 54/142 but the pharmacy gave me a different kind that has u42 on it. What is the difference in them or is there any difference? ## Yes, this tablet is manufactured by Aurolife Pharma and they do list it as containing 10mgs of Methadone. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 1 day ago.
Pain Doc Galveston
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I recently moved back to Galveston from Louisiana and need a pain clinic. I took methadone 10 X 3 for 20 years and now taking oxycodone. I want to go back to work but need to control pain from cervical fusion, nerve damage, and blown out discs. Nerve blocks don't work. I have insurance but will pay cash if necessary. Have been driving back to Louisiana every couple of months but that won't work if I do.
Updated 1 day ago.
please help can i add methadone to clean urine and pass a drug test that needs to be posative for methadone and nothing else?
209 Replies RSS
i am on 76mls of methadone have been clean from heroin addiction for 8 months. things were great, me and my partner of 12 years were on a high because we were clean but for the past few weeks iv became majorly depressed and he my partner started getting 'itchy' he came home yesterday with heroin ....major regrets and i now feel so low and disgusted with us both its even worse because we are at the drug screening clinic today!! why i wasnt strong enough yesterday to say no is beyond me uuugh anyway my question is this if i got someone who is completely drug free to give me a urine sample and added a tiny droplet of methadone to it would i pass a drug screening test? i want to come clean we have been addicts for 10 years we have finally a brilliant drug worker who has helped us AL...
Updated 1 day ago.
Massachusetts North Shore - Doctor that prescribes methadone for severe back pain withdrawals
44 Replies RSS
I have been on hydrocodone 30mg for about 3 years and started small but is now up to 4 a day just to feel fine and it has got very expensive and cant afford to do them anymore and it cost me my job... i literally cant get out of bed the withdrawals are so bad the back pain and restless arms and legs are the worse.. I have tried to quit 3 or 4 times now, once i bought 10 suboxone off a buddy and tried and only made 4 days and i vomited almost every day because it taste so nasty... i got out of detox on 1/17/13 and tried staying off but only lasted 2 days until i couldnt do it anymore and the detox center gave me methadone and it really helped and i need to get back to work have tons of bills that havent been paid in a while.... I been trying to go to clinic but had to wait for insurance ...
Updated 1 day ago.
Methadone to Morphine ER HELP
2 Replies RSS
I have been taking 10mg Methadone tabs every morning for about 20 days. My question is... I wanted off of them before my body became dependent, so yesterday morning I took 10mg, and about 4 hours later took a 15mg extended release morphine. Felt pretty normal. This morning, no Methadone but took the morphine. I want to know if I'm going to experience any kind of withdrawal symptoms? If so, I know that it has a very long half life, when will symptoms start? I have 6 Methadone tablets left. I know I'm not on a high dose for a long time like some others. I feel for them. I have been taking opiates half my life! Please, any answer will help, as well as any advice. I have 3 weeks of Morphine left. (15mg tabs at one a day.) I thank you so much. God Bless. ## Yes, you may still experie...
Updated 2 days ago.
Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication in columbus ohio or springfield ohio
62 Replies RSS
My doctor had a stoke and was prescribing me 30 mg a day of methadone for a chronic pain syndrome..I am a 51 yr old that has never abused drugs!! Does anyone know a dr. or pain dr. that is willing to prescribe this to me..Either in Col, ohio, or Springfield ohio!! Thanks for your time!! ## You'll most likely need to see a pain management specialist, due to the new regulations that were put in place at the beginning of the year. Due to the increased rates of over prescribing and improper prescribing, the DEA and FDA are making it harder for general practitioners and surgeons to prescribe such medications for long-term use and most people that need them must be referred to pain management. Learn more Methadone details here. Additionally, you'll need to stick with a doctor that liv...
Updated 2 days ago.
Liquid Methadone color discrepancy
51 Replies RSS
My husband is taking liquid methadone has been for about four years and this morning he noticed his medicine was cloudy and then he took his other doses out and found several others of his doses were too. They were filled at the same time. Is this supposed to happen? And is it common? He said he hasn't bee feeling right for the last couple of days. I am worried, has anyone have this happen to thiers? And what could cause it? ## I'm not sure, but it makes me wonder if perhaps they didn't mix it properly. Has he tried calling the clinic or doctor that he receives it from to ask them? What are the symptoms he's experiencing when he says he isn't feeling right? ## never heard of cloudy methadone unless juice is added.even then its not cloudy. Is this is the clear or red ...
Updated 2 days ago.
Anyone know a Dr in Alabama who prescibes methadone for chronic pain?
5 Replies RSS
Need a Dr who will prescribe Methadone for chronic pain..haven't taken any in approx 2 severe depressed and back pain is relentless...I'm 61.. not in good health..really need help...Live in the state of Alabama... ## Hi, Patti! Sorry that you're so miserable. Is there a special reason that it has to be Methadone? There are many other treatments options available for pain that use much safer and more effective medications or therapies. Do you have a general practitioner that you're currently seeing? If so, they can most likely refer you to a pain specialist. Learn more Methadone details here. The big issue with Methadone is that due to its very high addiction rate, doctors are very reluctant to prescribe it for pain, except for in very severe cases. ## I do not u...
Updated 2 days ago.
Akron, Canton, Youngstown or Ohio doctors who prescribe opioids for pain
117 Replies RSS
Hello,I'm in servere pain.Need doctors from Youngstown Ohio Canton Akron+Cleveland+western Pa.My doctor got arrested now I'm left with no doctor. Anyone know where I could go? Please let me know. Thank you. Tim ## May I ask the name of the Dr you were seeing? I don't think I'm supposed to drop names here but I'd be happy to give you names of those located here. You can very likely do a Google search for pain managers in the area. Why not have your pcp refer you somewhere? You're going to need some kind of referral there's no question of that. They don't make appointments for new patients over the phone without a faxed referral and very likely will request the records come from the referring Dr. Why? They don't trust that the patient hasn't made ch...
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