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I Need Suboxone To Show Up On My Drug Screen.. (Page 12)

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Caro Says:
I have been taking blue Xanax for the past couple of days and my Suboxone Dr, who I am scheduled to see on Friday, does regular drug screens to make sure that only Suboxone is in my system. I've gotten one of my friend's urine to use on Friday. Only problem is, they don't take Suboxone! Can I sprinkle some crushed up Suboxone in their clean urine to show up that I'm clean besides Suboxone? If I just use the clean urine, he will know that it's a hoax because I've been testing clean but with Suboxone and there's no way I can go without taking it. But I can't just pee my own pee, because I was made to sign a form when I started treatment with him that states that an individual who tests dirty for Benzodiazepines SPECIFICALLY will be booted out of his clinic and cancelled as a patient. So, can't I just crush up a little Suboxone and put it in the clean urine or will that not work? Help!

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william Says:
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Hi everybody. I'm confused by all the different comments. My suboxone Doctor gives me suboxone an clobaseman. An they give urine tests also. What I really need to no is can I put a piece of my compassion an a piece of my suboxone into some clean urine an it test positive for benzodiazapin an suboxone. Cause I see my Doctor tomorrow. PLZ HELP ME. THANKS

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Asher Says:
If you dissolve a piece of Suboxon or Subutex it will show positive on Subs on the separate Sub test. However, it will also show positive for opiate use on the actual drug test. It has to metabolize in your system.

FYI: I am tired of replying to this same question. Read the posts below

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Pollyanna Says:
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No! You can not just crush it up and put it in. YOU'LL GET CAUGHT, and be more embarrassed for lying. It does not Metabolize properl and you levels would be ridiculously high. Either be honest or find someone with subs in there urine already. Best of luck.

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william Says:
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Someone help me

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Asher Says:

I am currently prescribed Subutex. I smoke and don't want this to show up on the test. I have urine that was collected from a friend who is clean and took a Subutex for me. Since then I have frozen the left over urine. I know it won't be an issue with the panel drug test. However, I don't know if when I take the separate test which tests for Subutex if the test come up positive still for buprenorphine (the ingredient in Subutex/Suboxone)?

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george Says:
can I sprinkle Xanax into my urine I have an aptt. to seethe dr in 2 days and I have been taking lortab cuz I don't have insurane to go to a pain specialist I really do hurt and my dr told me if I fail for lortabs again he will take my Xanax's from me and I've been on em for 20yrs so all I need to know is if I crush a Xanax into someone's cln urine will I passy drug screen? They don't send the urine off thy do it in the office only

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Kay Says:
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Can you put a crushed up subitex in your urine show up positive on your drug screen because I need to be positive for Suboxone please help

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Cantab Says:
As for sprinkling Sub. in a clean urine; make sure you sprinkle just a very very small amount of it unless its pass-fail test. I got busted for putting in too much Sub. Good luck

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al Says:
your post was very helpful. My Dr does the test right there in the office and gives the results 5 mins later. I've looked up similar tests online and they show pos or neg only.
other ppl on here have said that if u insert sub (mine is film) into a clean sample that it will show like you've used pills. do I need to worry a t this?

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al Says:
BGIRL: does your dr test for subs and other things like MJ ?
I get a month's supply at a time and I took a few extra on weekends bc I had my son all day and it was two very long days on two weekends in a row. So, now I'm down to less than I'm supposed to take and I've been smoking like one-three hits on occasion. My question is can I put a tiny amt of sub film in clean urine and b ok? My Dr tests pos/neg right there and tests for other substances. Also how much should I use?

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Kay Says:
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For all them people on here let me tell ya you can get a tea kettle or pot heat up hot boiling water ok put a half of subitext or Suboxone in it stir it until dissolved put just a little water in small container drop the pill or film in it then get empty eye dropper bottle small one put it in there when u go for piss test just put what u have in visine bottle put it in your urine you will pass have a close friend that's been doing that for almost a year but just make sure that there testing for just Suboxone or subitext in system hope this is helpful for sub clinic patients :-)

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Asher Says:
KAY, PLEASE REPLY ASAP. I am a little confused about the steps of this:

I am prescribed Subutex and get tested for Subs and then the multiple panel drug test. I have tired to put a 1/4 of a piece in clean urine before. The test would come up positive for Subs but the panel test would always show a faint line for opiates (I tired many times w/many different ways). I read your suggestion and have a couple of questions:

So if one can get clean urine and needs Subutex to show up in the separate test this will work and the panel test won't show up with a faint line for opiates?
How much water do you boil?
How much of the water with the dissolved Sub should I put in the urine? Isn't a half a bit much (I take the 8mg)?
Do you put the entire Sub water in the urine?
What if I don't have a Visine bottle is there something else I can use?

So to make sure I got the steps right...boil some water, pour boiled water in small container, drop in a piece of a Sub, stir until dissolved, suck up the Sub water into a dropper, and place in clean urine?

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al Says:
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I just did the cleansing drink (stinger) and putting a small amt of sub film in urine. Just this morning!
And it didn't f***ing work at all!
Thc showed up and no sub!
They did the dip stick test right there. And it still didn't work.
I dunno if I didn't pee enough b4 hand or if I didn't use enuf sub, but it didn't work.

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monique Says:
I was wondering your trick for girls on supervised tests

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John Says:
Oh yes, Suboxone shows in certain tests. My Dr. gives me a test that is sent to a where they even test the level of Suboxone in your system. My problem is that my level is way too low for the dose I'm given. I take my doses like I'm supposed to, but it's not showing up. Instead of 300-400ppm I'm showing up in the 70's, and they are convinced I'm taking it all at the first of the month ( I get tested monthly ) or selling it, and they're thinking about taking me off of it. I take it for pain and I don't know what the hell i'm gonna do if that happens.I have CHF and I take Lasix because I have a ton of fluid in my body I'm trying to keep under control and they won't even take that into consideration because these tests are supposedly the most accurate out there. (they cost $300/test) Has anyone got an answer for me?

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william Says:
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Could you repeat those steps to me again please? I really need too try this your talking about.

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cece Says:
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I really am going to try and make this polite as possible. I looked this up 2 days ago in need of a serious answer and this thread might as well be deleted. The information is so badly false and leads people to bad decisions. I used real clean human urine from a friend and dissolved 1/2 of a third of a suboxone 8mg strip in it. They performed an instant test that tests for bupe, coc, opiods, benzo, etc. I passed for everything and failed for bupe as planned with no issue. First of all to address the ignorance of suboxone turning into an opiate when absorbed into pee..this is ludacris and impossible. Next someone made a statement that suboxone has opiods. Def not true. There are synthetic opiods and in no way can they be shown as an opiod if not metabolized. Thats absolutely ridiculous. Misleading info is not fun to find so if u havent done it and seen actual results please dont even comment. As for the suboxone not metabolizing therefore not showing up as bupe, is obviously false as well. It did exactly what I wanted it to do and thank god I did not go with the majority of comments on this site. So please get your s*** straight before u answer someone who needs a straight answer bc their ass is on the line. I hope I help someone and wish u all well. U truly shouldnt have to be doing any of this and doing things correctly but trust me I know how hard it is to do the right thing all the time. Be safe.

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Ash Says:
I don't understand. You failed for Bup? Don't you want to be positive for Bup? I have tried this before and it will come up positive for Bup (which shows I am taking the Subutex) and the other test I would show a faint line for either opiates or oxycodone (don't remember which). I started this program to get me off of Roxys. I smoke and take Xanax. My doc is not in favor of this. I bought 2 drug tests from e-bay and I am going to try two methods to see what happens. I was going to melt a small piece of Subutex on a spoon and add to clean urine. Next test I was going to dissolve a piece in boiling water and add to urine to see what happens.

Now again, I don't understand why you want to fail for Bup? Any advice?

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cece Says:
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Yes bupe showed in my system. Nothing else. And it tests for 12 different drugs. Yes I need bupe in my system bc I get suboxone. I did not have clean urine bc of a bad week of mistakes. So I used another humans clean urine and then dissolved a half of a third of the suboxone strip into it and boom. It worked out perfect. Just as suspected. let me say this again:THERE IS NO WAY SUBOXONE COULD EVER SHOW UP AS AN OPIOD. Either the people this happened to had contaminated urine, dirty urine, or are straight up lying to screw or scare people. My thread was to assure people that the suboxone DOES not need to metabolize in the body to show up. It can be dissolved in whatever urine you use and it will show up as bupenmorphine (suboxone), and nothing else.

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cece Says:
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Yes. I did it on wednesday of last week and it worked like a charm. You have nothing to worry about. Do not listen to these people rambling about it showing up as an opiod if it doesn't metabolize. I swear I think people have nothing better to do than to ruin someone's day and scare the s*** out of peeps

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