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How To Break Down Oxycontin Op For Snorting

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sexyrocker Says:
I found out how. To break down the oxycontin op so that they can be snorted.

{edited for safety}

It may take a few tries, but once you get the general idea, you will find what works best for you. I've been doing it this way and now im pretty damn good at it and I've been able to get a nice high and a decent drip this way. I find that its much more convenient to do this to a bunch of pills at a time and then just store what you don't use right away in a little container for later so you don't have to do all this work everytime you do a pill. I really hope I was able to help all of you out. It may take a little trial and error at first before you get it perfect... so until you do, only use one pill at a time so you don't waste all of them if you make any mistakes ( of course, if you do just eat it so it doesn't go to waste ).

Hope this was helpful!! And of course ENJOY! :-)

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DoDo Says:
Sounds dangerous but im sure it works for you. Is it worth all that work? Why not just switch to a different pain med? Nothing wrong with a little free speech and knowlege i guess

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needtogethigh Says:
nothing i have tried worked to break this down sandpaper just melts it and a file does the same

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jbo Says:
I tell ya what buddy that was very helpful and very well written an laid out. Thanks again.

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jinxie Says:
anyone doing this is gambling with death. Oxycontin is not for getting you 'high'....its for PAIN! its things like this that puts the people like ME who need it on the ropes for people like you scammimg doctors to fill your addiction! Unreal....

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Joe Blow Says:
Wouldnt it still gel in your nose? couldnt that stop you from breathing?

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Tatonka wisdom Says:
The quickest & easiest way to get the pill into small pieces {edited for safety}

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iron maiden Says:
You must be very proud of yourself taking a Narcotic Medication, most likely gotten through some kind of hustle. The Manufacturers of Oxycontin Pill Therapy were very straight forward. No crushing, Snorting, chewing, injecting, to be swallowed whole with water, nor did they give you the authorization or bragging rights to Share the removal of the protective time release mechanism, which was in place to safe guard against accidental overdose, which now means you could possibly be responsible for those, who followed your instrustions and overdosed, their death is your fault. How's that working for you Gett'n High Enough? I write to Senators, Congressmen, House of Representitives, Pain Specialists, Drug Maufacturers. To come up with a concept where everyone giving out opiod medications, as well as, the benzopines would have a computer set up to a national data base. The Drug Maufacturers as we speak are putting different color dyes, that are released as they travel through the system. You go to your pain specialist, he gives you a script but, requests a blood draw or he can't fill your next script. If you fail the blood draw by having more in your system or other drugs than what he perscribed, you're done and everywhere else will turn you down , as well. This is to weed out those, who really are suffering from incurable and terminal diseases and to get rid of parasitic junkies like you, behind bars you belong because you're a danger to society

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2012girl Says:
well I have the new op 30 and I am trying the technique as we speak. It made me a little nervous because it kinda look like shaved ice. {edited for safety}

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Josh1370 Says:
Get off your high horse. First off, anyone who follows the instructions these men or women post is their choice and theirs alone. You worse than the parents who wanted to Charge Marilyn Manson for the columbine shootings. People need to take responsibility for THEIR actions. Of coarse taking prescribed drugs that aren't prescribed to you is illegal and also very dangerous, which is why I wouldn't do it, but people have a right to do what they want to their own bodies, if they want to kill themselves then fine. They have a right to choose. If you are going to go as far as blame these people for the deaths of thousands of overdoses, then why not blame the company making these prescription drugs. You know what they call it?..................collateral damage.

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Nac Says:
I agree.....I use pain pills as little as possible for daily migraines, have no problem getting long as it is 30 at a time! Also, I know a fellow who got cancer of the nose and throat from sniffing Oxycodone, he was on it for about 10 years. He finally died, sadly....but always told me to be careful of pain killers, especially if pills are broken down in any way, shape or form. That is why they are produced in pill form. Be careful out there if you like life!!!

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Amalgam Says:
There is obviously a major problem with the way prescription medication is handled in this country. People that have legitimate problem with pain, end up addicted to the drugs they take for legitimate reasons. Then they end up scamming or buying on the street to feed an addiction caused by the system itself. that being said, I hope everyone realizes what you are playing with. When you break them down, you are taking around twice as much mg's as is listed on the pill. and the more you take the more you WILL take. I'd give anything to have never taken the first pill. I suffer from Chronic pancreatitus, and will probably have to take this stuff for the rest of my life. I'm not judging any of you, but think about this. when and if the day come and you have something seriously wrong with you, it will be almost impossible to find a doctor that will give you enough pain meds to make a true problemn tolerable. Be careful and get off them if you can, and good luck.

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NAC Says:
I just saw a TV Documtary re: drugs in Florida. Now I understand what is going on and why the crackdown with the ATF and drug Enforcement. They intend to clean up the State of Florida to start, then keep going from State to State, build more prisons...ANYONE caught passing, buying or selling drugs, including doctors and pharmacists....will go to prison, period. Be careful out there. I have to sign a legal contract with my doctor in order to get my pain meds for migraines, I can't doctor shop or buy or get them from anyone else in my State, or I am cooked! Even for migraines that I have had for 65 years....I will follow the law....prison is not on my is too precious. We have had two in our family who overdosed, so sad for those of us left behind!

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NAC Says:
Snorting any drug ends up in CANCER of the delicate tissues of the nose and throat.....period!!!! I see it everyday!

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lildale Says:
t/y for your in put i take it for the pain not the damn haed if i need a buzz i do the BEER

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betterdays40 Says:
whats best way to do the new op oxycontin.. doctor refused roxies so gave me oxycontin op 20 to start. i use to get the old school 80mg green o/c. whats the best way to do these babies. it appears peach color 20 one side op other side and theres no outside cover to suck off like the old o/c's. it seems like it will crush right up. anyone plz tell me how to snort favorite way to kill my pain and will think i will have 30mg or 40mg next month but he started me at 20mg even though i just left a place(closed down) where i was getting 5 30mg roxies a day. is it best to crush and just swallow or will this not defeat gel? and i really want to snort like my 30's i use to get so any help plz. havent done any yet...just got filled and dont wanna waste till i know best way

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Quincy Says:
I find this thread very entertaining. As a terminal cancer patient I basically can write my own Rx's. Right now I'm using #120 Fentora 600 mcg, #30Fentora 800mcg, and #240 Oxycodone IR 30mg per month. I have never gotten a high from these drugs so that is what I find intriguing about all the work y'all are going through. I am glad that you have found success in reaching your goal though as far as I am concerned I would give my left nut, if I still had it, to never see another "Fizzy" or oxy30 again. Think about that while you enjoy your high. There are pains out there that are so bad they will block any high you try, hose clamp, micro, or whatever you try. Love you folks, keep on enjoying your lives however and whatever it takes . . . Q

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betterdays40 Says:
no offense but BLOW me. let me tell u bout pain(not that your not in pain but dont tell me im not in pain and out for the high!) i want meds that will work and coming off 5 30's ir oxy a day to 20mg oxycontin isnt comparible so thats why im looking for a better way for immediate relief.
I was shot in my face-replaced jaw, blew my spine out to where i needed 30+ pieces of titanium to put me back upright in my in 24/7 pain and just looking to get some relief until my dr will up the dose to a better level but since im new to him hes being careful.
get your face blown off along with your spine and try telling me im not in pain and looking for a dare you...ahole

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Amalgam Says:
BD40, if you read the entire thread you will find that the person you are so upset at is speaking to the entire thread, and is still not saying you shouldn't only that those that are are should really think about what they are doing. No one is suggesting that you are not in pain. As to your question, you will find that though they resemble your earlier meds that is where the similarity stops. They will be as described. dificult to nigh impossible to break down. If you are able to get them broken down by one of the suggested methods, I would suggest still eating them after breaking them down as they will get to your system about as fast and won't damage your nasal passages. It will just give you the whole amount at once. Not sure how much damage that new coating will do to the nasal passages.

Good luck and I hope they give you some relief.

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scott pillgram Says:
I would like to no if cutting a op 20 in half will cause it to geli up as well?I did so cause I wanted to c if half will help my pain, but am not sure if its working I may have psyched myself out but does anybody no? And also it was orally

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Quincy Says:
I'm sorry you misinterpreted my post bd40. As amalgam said, I was addressing the entire thread, not your individual post. I have zero against anybody doing anything they want as long as they do no harm to others. Once again, sorry 'bout that . . . Q

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