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O-pain-a Says:
I became a pain patient after I fell off a horse in March of last year and sustained spinal injuries which are still VERY painful. Opana ER was the first thing doctors gave me that helped at all and now that they have changed the formula I'm in a lot more pain. I want to break down the formula so I can insufflate it, as I am told I may get more pain relief and increase bioavailability of the drug. The new formula hardly offers the same pain relief, Please help me!

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Pj Says:
Better pain relief? What you really mean is that you want to get high. Just be honest about why you want to grind them down to snort them. Nobody who really takes these meds for pain relief snorts them.

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Donna Says:
Smart ass, the new ones DON'T give any relief. Someone that don't take them can say they do I'm talking the chemist n such that reformulated them but they do NOT! Period

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Verwon Says:
Snorting a pill will not help, nor is it safe to do so, especially with time released products.

They contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled as waste. However, if you snort them, you create the risk of blockages, which may lead to respiratory arrest, on top of the risk of overdose.


Have you spoken to your doctor about trying a different medication, or dosage?

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Les Says:
I have been on Opana for nearly 3 years. The person is right the new Opana do not work at all. It seems as if none of the medication gets into your body.

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Pj Says:
I take Opana. I take 10mg twice a day. I started on it a month ago, just filled my second script, it works fine for me. I've heard the new Opana and Oxycontin don't work as well as the old formulas. So maybe if they still made the old type of Opana I'd be taking a smaller dose and only need the 5mg or 7.5mg. But yeah, if they don't work for pain relief, you tell your doctor, so he can raise the dose (my doctor is, and I'm sure most doctors are aware of the many claims by TONS of patients the new "crush resistant/abuse-proof versions don't work as well), or switch you to another med. But snorting meds is not, not-NOT good. All the fillers in the pill sit in your sinuses and don't dissolve right away and people have gotten really serious life threatening bacterial, mold etc. sinus infections because of snorting their meds. The infections can then spread to your lungs, turn you into a real mess.

Maybe the instant release version as a breakthrough pain med or just the instant release 3 times a day instead of the ER twice a day would work for you, the instant release you might only need to taker slightly more often and since it's instant release it dissolves very easily in your stomach and I'm sure would give you relief.

People routinely destroy their sinuses, sense of smell (and taste since it is linked to smell) and raise their chances of all sorts of respiratory and sinus infections by snorting drugs, and not just 'dirty' street drugs but pharmeceuticals too!

I apologize, maybe you're not a junkie looking to get high, but snorting your opioid pain meds is neither physically or mentally, ESPECIALLY not physically healthy.

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Liza Jane Says:
I am also a Chronic Pain Patient and I was on Opana ER twice a day nearly 3 years ago and when taken orally, they never helped me much back then. Instead of calling my Chronic Pain Doctor and making an appointment to speak with him about changing my meds or increasing the dosage, I did what you are thinking about doing, I began abusing them. I had never snorted meds or anything else before in my life. Looking back now, it's pretty laughable that I didn't contact my Chronic Pain Doctor with any complaint, fearing that I may be labeled as a 'pain med seeker'. I began taking them and I did receive GREAT pain relief, so intense that everything seemed better in my life....until I began needing more and more and more. Not to mention that I began to question whether I was taking these Opana ER's for pain relief or for the euphoria. Eventually, I needed to take the Opana ER's to keep from being sick. Finally, after realizing that I, a respected 40 something, Mom of 3, who was not only a much loved woman by her family, friends and 'church family', I was addicted to these things. After much prayer and courage, I went through the worst sickness that was so intense that I questioned if I would live or not, by going cold turkey. And that was the last I ever abused any oral pain medication in my life. I can tell you from experience that it just isn't worth it. I began doing research on this particular medication later on and found out that the bio-availability was pretty low when taken orally. I will never take that medication ever again in my life. This is going to seem strange to many and unbelievable as well, but I am taking Oxycodone for pain relief and it works well for me and I do not have any desire to snort them at all. If the Opana ER aren't working well for your pain relief, contact your Chronic Pain Doctor concerning this. I am sure that you will experience the same ordeal as I did and it was awrful and shameful as well. Be smart and leave your Chronic Pain management up to your doctor. It just isn't worth it. I hope that you have not and will not snort this medication. Good luck and be safe and well.

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Tyler D Says:
There's always someone who has to reply with a statement like this. He's asking how to do something not for your opinion. Plus when the new OCs came out people who we're in pain took them how they we're suppose to and said the new ones didn't help the pain like the old ones. Same with this Opana. If they are not as strong as the old formula when swallowed than of course you would want to try and find a way that would maximizes the effect. Unfortunately even grinding them won't really make them stronger.

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Les Says:
I take 40mg 3x daily as directed. I do not abuse my medication. The new formula does not work, period. I am now taking 6x daily with some relief. At $15 a pill, I am going to have to try some other medication. Any suggestions?

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tish Jones Says:
And it's illegal

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Alexianbing Says:
I am in so much daily pain just like some of the other few people on here that are not abysses or drug addicts. If you are I would like to punch you in the face and please don't continue reading on. I can't say a lot but I can say that you people should not only make a complaint to the company but you should make a complaint to the FDA. These pills are a joke and they are encased in plastic. They don't WORK at all and I'm talking about those of us who has real chronic pain and talk these thing multiple times a day. The new ones give me zero relief ati all. I read up a lot on this and these new pills have only been tested on animals. They did not human trials. If Endo thought too many drug abusers were dying on their drug they are going to be in for a surprise because more people the ever are going to be overdosing on these pill because they keep taking more and more because the don't effing work. I have even had withdrawal symptoms. This is a dangerous drug. I placed on of my pills in sprit because I knew it had carbon and it would act similar to our stomachs. Three days later the pill is still in their and it is slightly smaller but it is a big glob of clear glue just sitting their in a ball! I was disgusted. I do do they have a generic drug for opana in testing overseas right now. Let's pray that it gets approved soon.

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TrapsWife Says:
I'm tired of everyone calling someone an addict just because someone snorts a pill people are really in chronic pain and need relief fast the new opanas just like the oxy are not worth s*** and sometimes the pain is so bad you need to snort just to feel it faster that doesn't mean someone is snorting them all day long and if there is away to do it then of course people are going to try it just so they don't have to deal with the pain and people are saying ask for Roxi most people that get oxy or opanas do get the Roxi the oxy and opanas are for long acting to someone who is sick and has a tolerance your lucky if a roxi will last for 2 to 3 hours and before people judge think about why someone has to take medicine to begin with I have cancer, and broke my back and have rod and screws in my leg from a bad car accident now there are people out there that are junkies which has f***ed everything up for the people that really need it because they want to brag about snorting or banging a pill and think its fun I need the medicine just to get through a day because I am in so much pain so when I see someone talking about wanting to get high it pisses me off because there are so many people out there that need them and I can guarantee most of the people that need to take them wish that they didn't have to because it can destroy your life especially when you can no longer function without them so everyone that really needs them you can thank the JUNKIES that just want to get high for making our life a living HELL when the makers want to keep changing the formula it is so bad with the opanas they are like plastic and people that have stomach problems the pills come out in your Bowels

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Liza Jane Says:
In all fairness, I wasn't being an a**hole by giving any sort of opinion or judging anyone for asking a question concerning how to crush this new Opana ER. I was only trying to help this individual who was trying to figure out how to crush this new type of Opana ER in hopes of better pain relief, by simply warning this person that it turned into a huge problem for me when I took that route.
I do apologize if I came off to anyone as giving some sort of critical opinion of this persons desperation to control his/her pain relief. I was only trying to help, that's all.

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Alisha Says:
O-pain-a, I completely understand your situation. I, too have been taking Opana ER's for a couple of years myself. I actually tried to use a cheese grater to "crush" it down and it took me a long time and then when I finally snorted it, it just gummed up soooo bad that I blew it out of my nose for a little while, so I can tell you that snorting them is a waste of time. BUT, I did find something that does work and to my surprise, these new ones are actually much stronger than the old Opana's, believe it or not. I am sure that this might gross some of you guys out, but when I have to use my walker to walk, it embarrasses me really bad, so I swallowed my pride, and did what my friend told me to do that works very well. I will not even explain it on here unless I am asked to do if anyone would like to know, I will explain. It does involve placing them rectally and the only thing that you would need to use, is a pill splitter and you do not crush them up. So, if anyone would like to know, just ask me to explain it and I will. I don't want to offend anyone by explaining the whole process, that is why someone on here will have to ask. I'll check back in a little while and then when I wake up in the morning and a couple more times tomorrow. Trust me, it works well and I was surprised that it provides more pain relief than the old Opana ER's and it lasts for a good 8 hours.AOANT

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shaver7555 Says:
This is for alisha, if u can please let me know the method your talking about... I know what the method is called but if u could let me know the way that it works for u, as by mouth these are no way as effective as the old ones...

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bubba Says:
This is for Alia. I'm in a very similar situation. And you mentioned a pill splitter. Please do elaborate.

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Alisha Says:
For everyone who does want to know the method that does work for me. Here it is. Before I begin, I DO NOT take the outer coating off....I think that this is used for absorption.
I want to warn everyone that this is graphic.The first thing to do is to have a pill splitter. I want to warn everyone that these new ER's are more potent than the old ones. If you are prescribed the 20 mg then start with only 10 mg. and if you need more, then wait 30 minutes and see how are feeling.
First, take your pill and cut it in half. Then take the half and half that...this is the best way to describe it: out of 1 pill you should end up with 8 pieces.....4 pieces out of each half of the pill. I suggest that you use an enema before any of these next steps. If you do have any feces, then the medicine will possibly go into it, and then you won't be certain how much medicine you have used or will need to replace.
1st: Use an enema and make sure that you are clean "up there". I suggest that women take some toilet paper and place in vagina so that nothing from the enema would go into the vagina and end up causing a UTI.
2nd: For this step, I use latex gloves and cooking oil for lubrication.I only lubricate the outside of my anus, not the pills. I take 2 of the pieces of the pill at a time and I use my index finger to push them up further into my rectum. And when I have gotten 4 "up there", I take a syringe filled with warm water and go up to the point of where the medication is I push the water in gently while pushing the medication up just a little further. Then I place the last 4 pieces, only 2 at a time, and place them "up there" and repeat what I had done before, with the water. Then, I put 1-2 more syringes of water "up there". After I am done, I wash my genital area with soap and water and also my anus. I lay down for 30 minutes, but you will begin to fill the effects within 15-20 minutes.
At some point, if you need to have a bowel movement, I use something to catch it. I know that this sounds extremely gross, but if you don't use anything to catch this, you will lose all medication. I went to a dollar store and bought a large plastic bowl and I place this between the toilet bowl and toilet seat. When done, you will most definitely see the medication and extract the medication, which increases in size by a large amount. I place the medication in a plastic, throw away cup and I run some water in the cup and then I place my hand over the cup and drain the water out. I repeat this at least twice to make sure that there is nothing on it and it has been my experience that this has never been a messy procedure but my stool isn't loose at all. Of course, I clean the bowl up afterwards and throw away the cup that I have used.
I forgot to mention that I use a syringe that holds saline in it that the nurses use in hospitals. This can give you a rough idea of how much water that I have been using. For those of you who are worried about pain involved with the insertion and size of syringe, this is why I use cooking oil. For some reason there is no pain involved at all....only a little uncomfortable. And of course, remain on your side while doing all of this and remain relaxed.I have used the KY jelly first for lubrication, and found that there was pain involved, and when I tried the cooking oil, there was none.
I am sure that I will receive some "bashing" on here from people who are totally against this method because it isn't by mouth.....but I suffer from severe chronic pain and this works. I am not doing this to get high.
Again, begin using only half of your prescribed dosage of the Opana ER.
Good luck and if anyone has any questions, I will do my best to answer them.

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Les Says:
via mobile
Alisha - are you sure this works? I take 40mg 3x daily, so what do you recommend? I have tried taking 2 at a time and chewing/crushing them and then leaving them under my tongue for about an hour and that does provide some relief, but it's like having gummy bears in your mouth. Why didn't they just leave this medication alone? The original formula worked great, the new one doesn't work at all.

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Alisha Says:
Les, I know for a fact that this works. I am prescribed 20 mg of them 2 x a day. And I am only using 20 mg total in a whole day. I, like you, tried everything that there is to try, and it all turned out to be such a huge, "goopy" mess, not to mess the stringiness of the water that any of the Opana was in.. That's why I am doing what I am doing. I know that it sounds like a whole lot of work and a huge mess, but it works. I am fairly young and I am disabled and receive the SSD, but I still have a life to live. Not to mention that I really don't like using the walker that I am supposed to use when the pain is so severe that I can't get up and down and walking. Good luck with this. And if I were you, I would only start off with 20 mg. and then go up from there. These seem to me to be more potent this way. But I took them orally before they changed them. Maybe they seem more potent because the bio-availability is a higher percentage rectally. I truly hope this works for everyone as well as it has worked for me. I can not understand why they changed them to begin with?? I just don't get it. Good luck to you.

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Berky Says:
Hey dear how long did your sickness last? How did you get threw it cold turkey?

Desperate to get off opana

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Liza Jane Says:
Berky, the first 3 days were the absolute worst. How did I get through it? I really don't know. I guess by just being determined to not want to end up allowing anything at all to control ME....meds should be controlled by the person taking them, not the other way around. I honestly think that from the very beginning that the Opana ER's bio-availability was crappy. I honestly wish that someone would stand up to this Endo Pharmaceutical Company and sue the butts off of them for what they have done to vulnerable, desperate people by making the Opana ER to have such a crappy bio-availability that it took me crushing them up and snorting them to get any pain relief. Now, the people who are still on this medication have no other means to receive any type of pain relief other than abusing them...or that's what the pain pro's call it anyhow!! It upsets me.
Good luck to you Berky, and you are in my prayers. For the first 3 days, I did nothing but throw up and I couldn't eat anything but I did drink ginger ale. I also bought some anti-diarheal to eleviate the diarhea. Luckily, my husband had a prescription for Xanax for some testing that he had done and didn't take it so I had 3 of those to help me out....I cut them in half, so I had 6 and I took 2 for 3 days. I absolutely had to eat something by the 4th day and I ended up eating some toast.
Berky, if you have a valid RX for Opana ER just call your doctor, make an appointment and explain that these new ones do nothing at all for you and explain that you have checked on line and found out that the Oxycodone has a better oral bio-availability. I will be honest in telling you that I was NEVER honest with my pain management doctor about my abusing the Opana ER's and the addiction to them. I went cold turkey, but I would never advise anyone else to do it. I wondered if I was going to die through this. The only reason that I wanted to go cold turkey was because of my high tolerance, but looking back, I wish that I would have gone to the doctor and done what I gave you the advice to do.
Good luck to you and you are in my prayers.

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