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How To Get Meth Out Of Your System Like Now

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Amm Says:
How do I get it out of my system like RIGHT NOW some DBAG gave me it and said it was cocaine. NOT COCAINE. I just want to get the hell to sleep.

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David Says:
Hi Amm,

In my opinion, cannabis, along with some strong lavender tea or essential oil would probably do well for you in so far as helping you go to bed and get a good nights rest. I don't know how much you've had, but if it was a considerable amount you may just have to ride it out unfortunately, even after taking sedatives.

On average, Methamphetamine can take up to 1-4 days to get out of your system, but I'd imagine that you'd feel 'calmer' within a 24hr period.

I hope this helps!

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psychowhitegirl Says:
ive been clean for about 5yrs and relapsed 2days ago..i only took 2hits and hav to go test for my probation officer the begining of august..will i beable to pass and wat can i do to get it out of my tired of feeling the way i do...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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chico Says:
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I Just Tested 30mins Ago And took some On Saturday Like At 6pm and stoped like at 7 and Iwas drinking Alcohol before and after and Iheared that meth gets out quicker if you drink alcohol but idk if that's true but at the last minute before Itested Idranked a lot of water will I be clean?????

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couldntjustwait2dys Says:
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I took meth yesterday. Morning a 20$' did a big bottle of water with 4/5 tablespoons of baking soda and peed one and a half times, tested almost two hours later, i need some feed back help worried sick that its positive.

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kitkat33 Says:
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I relapsed on meth last night & I just found out I have to take a drug test in 2 & 1/2 hrs for drug there anything I can do to clean my system.....PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!

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debbie Says:
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I used meth this morning and got called n for urine test at 5 today what can I do

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Rj Ba 1976 Says:
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I am an iv drug user. I missed a couple times with methamphetamines. My arms are bruised and are swollen and hurt. Is there a home remedy?

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I took a half of methamphetamine given by a guy (I fought) in the form of a cigeratte..I was already intoxicated and then I passed out after cig. Today is Friday 11 in the morn, I will have one tomorrow Saturday afternoon. No way they would believe me, considering my previous drug history six months ago. After three jugs of cranberry juice, gallon of pickle juice, two gallons of water.. Will I be able to pass my drug test sat(tom.) no additives

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mindi Says:
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i did meth 4am sunday and have urine test at 1:30pm on tuesday. will it show

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Ms Eeyore Says:
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Well, what were your results??? I am waiting for results. I pee tested yesterday at 5.

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tom t. Says:
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Hi, I took methamphetamine yesterday and have test tomorrow afternoon. is there anything that will help clean my urine. I know it's bad but I don't do it everyday. but once in awhile I like a little pick me up and if you can control it what's the harm. I'm not stealing anything or doing it in at work or picking myself actuality you could never be able to tell I smoke it

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jose Says:
I consumed methadone for 3 days and have to see my po on Thursday morning. how do I get clean fast?

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BrilliantAtAllThings Says:
Drug Court...hahahhhh!! I can relate!! Baking soda 2 tbl spoons and 12 ounces water 4 hours prior to testing. Works every time

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Al Says:
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How my times do You urinate?

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Pleasehelp86 Says:
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Ok so the baking soda method is suppose to work but I need to know that if u take a ua and they refrigerate the urine will it still work? I have seen were people say it works for up to three or four hours but dose it still work if the refrigerate the urine? I need to know asap please help it's for probation drug court

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a mom in trouble Says:
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I consumed about $10 worth of meth and i have to take a u.a by 9 am tomorrow i need a quick way to plz pass it please.

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buzz Says:
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I used last night. how can I pass my ua tomorrow?

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Navaho Chief Says:
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All u peps are really very foolish. If u know you're going to have a drug test soon or if you are actively on probation why in the world would u jeorodize your freedom? I do believe that being I'm such a situation, but continuing to use the drug with obviously no concern for your future is most definatley a sign (big flashing neon) of addiction. What you all need to do is get into a rehab program as soon as possible. Some of you are certainly going to jail so since you're going you should request that the judge make it part of your sentence. Good luck.

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kim Says:
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Arnica gel will help with bruising and u can try ice packs :)

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John Says:
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All you can do to dissolve the misses is apply heat to them as often add you can. Usually if you get a hot rag on your miss right away it will break up very quickly and dissolve. Nothing I've ever found can help the bruising though. Quit using dull needles lol. I just do it in my neck so my arms don't get all marked up

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