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How To Get Meth Out Of Your System Quickly (Page 4)

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Karly Says:
I took just a little bit two days ago, and my manager just called me saying my drug test that I took was too diluted and that I need to take another, which could be tomorrow. Is there ANY way possible it would be out of my urine and how long do you suppose it will stay in my system ? I'm freaking out.

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embea Says:
These people dont need this help- real help would be rehab, not advice on how to get away with using meth. This site is only to help people use drugs and then get off scot free. Maybe if they had the repercussions that come with failing a drug test, they would get their lives together.

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Crys Says:
Your life must be perfect and you must do no wrong for you to sit here and judge another. There's always and underlying reason as to why people choose ths path and only those who are ignorant can sit here and claim to know whats best for everyone based on a few nondescript statements. You know what they say, those who judge do so to make themselves feel better about their own lives.

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purplefreak Says:
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hi I was wondering how to get meth out of your system I am on probation and my number came up today I have ten hours to go test I am am a daily user of meth .how can I pass my .ua.

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Jessnipz Says:
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When I was younger I got into a bad lifestyle my father passed and I started doing meth this is when I was about 16yrs old at the time a lot of my friends were on probation when they had a U.A they would go to the health food store and get a bottle of 600mg niacin they would take like 4-5 at a time to burn the dope out of there system! Its a hard core miserable way to pass a U.A but it would work but it literally burns it makes you feel like your on fire you turn bright red your pores open up and you sweat its really unpleasant and can be painful!!! Probably not good orj healthy to do!!!

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JDog Says:
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I had a bowl of meth about 830 pm on sat the 28th. I have been clean up to that point. I am 6 ft 200 lbs, and 30 yrs old. I don't work out, but am fairly active. I also drink plenty of beer on my days off. My question is.. With such a little dose what is the min amount of time needed to pass it through my system. Just a little stressed cause in my line of work you never know when u might have to provide a ua. I know 24 hrs is too short of time, but think that the toxin levels are so minute that 72 hrs seems long. Just curious. Ill test myself at 72 hrs and verify.

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courtney Says:
Where do u get detox tea at???

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sissy Says:
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I smoked some meth about20 mg tuesday night and my boss wants me to take a drug test on thusday morning what do i do to keep my job . Weight is180 .

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michael L Says:
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I was freaking out because out of the blue they ask me to take a drug test; knowing that was going to show positive at 100%:::::: just because was a urine test I could get out the woods, I say that I went to pee just few minutes before they ask, so I manage to take two tablespons of baking soda with 8oz of water, sat with the tech for two hours.... Obviously keep on the drinking water.......and vuala!!!! it reads NEG.
There is a small price to pay, mi mouth and tonge got swollen for about good 4 hours, and a strange sensation of farting with no gas, lol....
Hopefuly this recipe came handy for someone in need

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JP Says:
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If u did half gram in two days how long would itt take to get out of your system. First time using in months

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candy Says:
I need info on how you pass your has please

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sami Says:
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If i have smoked meth for the last 3 days is there any wa tht i can get it out of my system by tomorrow at 11am

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Pushing it Says:
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Im not a chronic user, weigh 116, am 5'2. And I smoked a gram in two days-stopped yesterday have a drug test in 3 days for court, I'm drinking water And taking vitamins, etc. I should be able to pass right?!?!!!!

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luvMeth Says:
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I dont they know that its bad so thanks for the advise... only an ignorant person would comment on something they have never experienced themselves

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jbr Says:
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Yup you should pass I bang ice everyday up untill 4 days before I report use MY OWN PISS and pass everytime

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jbr Says:
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No it will stay 72 hours no matter what you try or what you have heard I give it four days to be on the safe side you cant expect to pass the day after use

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jbr Says:
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If your not Fat and lazy although ive never Seen a fat meth head 3days

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jbr Says:
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You might consider sharing with your boss you know everyones doing it these days

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shorty Says:
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If i throw up when drinking baking soda for a drug i have to do it all over again..and how do i do the baking soda & pass drug test...

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babe Says:
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I smoked like a bowl of meth last night and I might have to test today by 5pm anyways I can pass it

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Zandango Says:
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Been sober for 1yr 4months I just used meth intravenously and for second time since lastnight @630 am then found out I have to drop for my 400pm I am trying to find a way if any to be clean

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