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Karly Says:
I took just a little bit two days ago, and my manager just called me saying my drug test that I took was too diluted and that I need to take another, which could be tomorrow. Is there ANY way possible it would be out of my urine and how long do you suppose it will stay in my system ? I'm freaking out.

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Lisa Twin Falls idaho Says:
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Baking soda and water is the only method I know for sure works to clean you quick when it comes to this like I tell you though or you won't be negative.

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chants Says:
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I did a line of meth at about 830pm. It wasn't that much probley like a little 5 sack or mayb a dime sack I possibly have a ua for my probation tmrw around 10am wat can I do I've been drinking hella water... N been peeing none stop I'm 5'7 about 160lbs... Please help...

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dragon66 Says:
i'm 46 an 178 lbs..i smoked about a five or little more of meth tonight an i may have a ua in the morning..will vinager an water help flush my system out bye then???

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Keith Says:
All meth and herion is out of your system in 3 days. the best way to appoarch any drug test is to buy synthetic urine at a smoke shop. the fake urine works everytime and as long as they don't stand right in front of you and literally watch ur privates to make sure you don't cheat you can use the urine. You hear it to a temp of 90 degrees to 100 degrees. use a hand warmer to keep in warm until you pee., it only costs like 20 dollars to get a kit and if done right. they work everytime. I have used them for courts and everything and it has always worked. Most places don't watch you pee or even if they come into the bathroom and stand in a corner just start peeing while you pour the fake urine in the cup and ppiss into the toilet. then put it back into ur pocket. its not hard to slide it back into ur pocket as you pee even with them in the room. or just slide it into ur boxers and wear tight boxer briefs or underwear, Just have multiplpe game plans to make sure you don't f*** it up, but its really easy to pull off.

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Jas Says:
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I have my drugtest 7 days from now,i take meth 5days straigth how can i pass my drugtest.plz help

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urpappy760 Says:
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I have smoked for the past 12 hrs almost of meth and Mon I'm die to test since under supervision of probation due to my o.r. haveto test. Fastest way to get it out by then any help its a per test and they watch

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rose Says:
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I weigh 105 and I'm 23 years old I used meth today at 6am and I have a ua on friday at 8am or 9am will i pass my ua? Plz I need help. Also what. can I do or take to get it out faster

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stupid as always Says:
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Smoked 1/4 meth..clean for 7 days tested on the 8th day..drank water all we week...will I pass...????

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mary j Says:
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All of u peoples best bet is to find someone with clean pee stick some handwarmers around the bottle to keep it that nice warm temperature and wala...your golden unless of course they watch u pee but for most businesses they for the est of u...good luck!

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Gia Says:
I snorted meth after 2 weeks of being clean. Total amount was approximately .15 oz, the last time being at 4am Saturday morning. It's possible I could have a urine test Monday at 5 pm. Is there anyway I could pass? I am a 36 year old female, 5'7" 140 lbs and I work out frequently. I am so ashamed of myself for messing up. I really want to be clean and not feel so scared all the time. It was fun for awhile but it's time to quit for me..

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exaddict Says:
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Look no matter what u do what u eat sweat drink ect. meth will NOT clear your system in a 24 hr period best beat is a synthetic urine dont use dat other crap that swears a clean test it comes back dilluted and they wont pass you but for the light users it normally takes 72 hrs for a clean urine test for the heavy users 10 days to be safe.....

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stupid as always Says:
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THANK YOU!!!! :) Finally.. a straight answer from an ex user.. someone who knows! I'll find out this week. Been stressing...I'm a very light user and am praying I come out clean..will find out this week.... :/

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rose Says:
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Yay. I passed my ua on Friday. I ended up having to do two supervised ua's one at tghe Hospital and one at dfs. Woop woop. I was clean in exactly 72 hour's. I'm the luckiest b**** in the world. Never again though. That's a promise!!!!;)

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stupid as always Says:
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Whoop! Whoop! Passed mine too! Time and water is what it took! So damn happy and so done...was NOT WORTH THE STRESS AND WORRY!!!! HIGH ON LIFE NOW!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!! :)

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chad Says:
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Yea it Sunday i had smoke maybe half a gram total in the past wekk i have to ua on Thursday i might be able to hold off til the Tuesday after i dont know, do you think ill be ok or not

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ifyouwantitigotit Says:
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What's up selcia I gog info on how to get it out your system in hours . I use everyday since I got out of prsn in October. On porole as well but all my ua's have all been clean

so get back at me

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sonic the hedgehog Says:
What is the trick if you don't mind help???

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sonic the hedgehog Says:
ifyouwantitigotit can you share some expertease with us? doing what you have done I can see you know whats up?

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rose Says:
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I passed mine for dpphs and I failed mine for the hospital. In the same day so F***ing retared. They were also sent to the lab. And remember these tests were only 2 hours apart.

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sonic the hedgehog Says:
I smoked 1/4 of a quarter. I weigh 155 pounds and have 9% bady fat. I pee all the time I smoked fri morning and will stay clean all weekend and Monday. I herd if you smoke it it leaves quicker because you don't have it in your digestive system like when you snort it. I will do baking soda but with none in my nose and just some smoke Im wondering if it will leave quicker. Ill make shure I have nyquel and cold meds with sudo in them as well vicks inhaler etc.

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