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How To Get Meth Out Of Your System Quickly

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Karly Says:
I took just a little bit two days ago, and my manager just called me saying my drug test that I took was too diluted and that I need to take another, which could be tomorrow. Is there ANY way possible it would be out of my urine and how long do you suppose it will stay in my system ? I'm freaking out.

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David Says:
I know this response is a few days past your post, but I think the info may prove useful for other users too.

Following oral administration, peak methamphetamine concentrations are seen in 2.6-3.6 hours and the average elimination half-life is 10.1 hours (range 6.4-15 hours). The amphetamine metabolite peaks at 12 hours.

Positive results generally indicate use within 1-4 days but could be up to a week following heavy chronic use. Rate of excretion into the urine is heavily influenced by urinary pH. Between 30-54% of an oral dose is excreted in urine as unchanged methamphetamine and 10-23% as unchanged amphetamine. Following an intravenous dose, 45% is excreted as unchanged parent drug and 7% amphetamine.

Keep in mind though that the length of time following drug use for which a positive result may occur is dependent upon several factors including the frequency and amount of usage, metabolic rate, excretion rate, drug half-life, and the drug user’s age, weight, activity, and diet.

Given the above information, I wouldn't think it would be out of your system in only two days. But I can only hope that I'm wrong here in your case.

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Karly Says:
I actually got to take it 6 days later.

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andrew mcgeee Says:
dude i think you are in the clear but i can't be so sure. just make sure you drink a lot of water and sweat it out of your system and you might be OK!

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memo Says:
i got take a drug test tomorrow, i used some methamphetamine, what can i do to past the test?

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white Says:
I have taken some for the past 3 or 4 days, but i stopped. I might have to take i drug test, im not for sure but i want to get out of my system just in case i do have to take one please help me please tell how long it is in my body for?

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Question Says:
If I have been taking meth for the past month and have a drug screening for a job would it be out of my system by December 13th if the last time I did it was today?!?! If not what are some things I can do to clean out my system so I don't fail my drug test? ive heard drinking water doesnt work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Angie Says:
Can I get it out of my system faster with everyday detox tea?

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activator Says:
I took meth yesterday around 1-2 pm i have a drug test tomorrow at 7 am i weigh around 150 and 5'9 is my height
can I sweat it out with some cardio?? i really need to pass this test and I need to know how to get it out of my system, any way possible.
Thank you

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cindy Says:
how do you get methamphetamine out of your body? Please help

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Tinker Says:
i have a drug test in 3 days what is the quickest way to get methamphenamine out of my system?

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Tinker Says:
I am a petite girl 5'7 about 117 lbs. been taking meth. for about 1 month straight everyday,, not awhole lot, but everyday. today is day 3 without and I have to test tomorrow....will I pass?

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Tinker Says:
Thanks for the advice...I took the urine test on Tues. 2-12 with 3 full days clean, drank alot of water...I think it showed up because they sent it off for further testing, 2 weeks the results will be in. Not feeling too good about it. Can I say I had the flu and drank Nyquil and cough syrup for 2 or 3 days before the test, will that cover my butt? On a good note, my month binge is over 7 days clean today and I feel great.

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seilcla Says:
I took meth for the first time the night before last and I was supposed take a test yesterday morning. But I decided not to go to school. Then I didn't go today would I be clean if I went tomorrow to test ?

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nina Says:
I heard it helps get meth out of your system faster if u do a colon cleanse too. True?

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old school Says:
This is for people like me to help peace of mind share knowledge I relapsed for 3 days the last day I did any thing was the 27th of march I was taking meth. I used to be a every day user for 15 years the got clean for 4 an a half year (via state) I don't know why I slipped but I was FN dumb any way I went through about 3.5 grams in three days I have a ua on the 3rd of April (via state) I am 6 foot 5 and 210 lbs slim I have 6 days I will be drinking 1 gallon of water every day eating right and wrapping body in saran wrap while working out an hour to an hour and a half a day to help sweating while eating a mild laxative to help clean my colon and drinking and eating stuff with antioxidant in it now if I don't repost something by the 6th of April you know it didn't work and I am a ward of the state :-( but if I do you will have some knowledge to work on hope is that this test will help somebody else out there like me bc I know how hard it is when you know the s*** destroys your life takes everything away from you Hurtz everyone you ever loved when you get to the point where you don't even really like doing it anymore but you do it anyway. So I hope this helps and I really hope this works for my sake

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kittykat Says:
drugs are bad and wrong. not to mention, against the law

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Tinker Says:
NO.. really.. Its not good for you.. and illegal.. wow KittyKat your obviously in the wrong forum. These people need help in one way or the other.. not to be told the obvious. We all know drugs are not good for you.. and that they are illegal.. If you cant contribute advice that is helpful.. then you should find the right forum to beat down.. just saying...

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skippy Says:
I smoked the devils drug (meth) 3 days ago. It was my last and FINAL use!!! how long will it take to get 160 pound person out of your system. please help I have the ua in 10 days.

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neveragain Says:
can get flush out met in 30 hours

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first time user Says:
So I take it it didn't work? I tooks some with two people for the first time. Will I be clean by Monday morning?. I take nican 6 day daily.

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