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How To Break Down Oxycontin Op Inject It

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big phil Says:
I am a Iraq vet who has a heroin problem I have easy availableity to the new op Oxycontin but have learned u cannot take them intravenously, can you help me?

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Verwon Says:
Shooting up any medication, which is not intended to be injected, is actually very dangerous.

Tablets, especially time released ones, contain fillers that are not intended to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled in your waste.

If you inject these medications, you are putting these fillers into your body in a manner, in which, it can't eliminate them and this creates the risk of blockages, that could lead to embolisms or strokes.

And as to the new Oxycontin, it has been specially formulated to help prevent this type of abuse, even if you try to crush it and dissolve it, it turns into a gummy substance that retains its time released properties.


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dre Says:
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Here is a simple and faster method. I had found that the Opana's are twice as intense {edited for safety}

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suzi Says:
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I have just been told the tumor markers in my blood are high they are sending me to mayo clinic. I've had pain ever since I had to have saints in my vile ducts. Mayo is 2 weeks away and the my won't give me anything. What can I do? Is there a doctor on line that can help me

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Lego187 Says:
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Why can't anyone just tell everyone who look up on how to injected the new oxycontin OP pills, no one will give the answer on any web site I been on this morning! Every web page I look at is like an Echo talking about the filters and whatnot I would really much appreciate it if someone could give me a simple answer on how to take these new OP pills! I have not been able to find an answer yet,but I have heard of people doing such a thing that I am trying to do please help! {edited for privacy}

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Jimmyswagget Says:
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I have OxyContin 60 mg and I'm looking to find a easy way to take it via injection - someone help I'm really sik

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STVN Says:
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Please let me know how to process an op oxycontin 80mg for injection. most of the ways I've read about so far seem pretty confusing and not very safe. Does anybody actually know of a simple way to get these things ready that can explain it to me real soon..thank you!

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screwed by fakers and delers Says:
I am so sick and tired of people posting how they abuse drugs now I come to a soldier a person a sons look up to a person who is a survivor a SERVICE MAN I am so dissapointed you are better than this you survived boot camp the war things normal people cannot dream of achieving...why have you let yourself go... Pick yourself up by your boot straps and get it together soldier so we can look up to you again there is a program called suboxin blocks the feeling of grtting high so you may need conseling I haven't walked in your shoes to judge you but there is no withdrawl and some pain medicine you can take it as kong as you need And become the man your proud to look in the mirror again with resprct and love instead of loathng It will be worth it remember SUBOXIN Your pain doctur or va should know where to send you notma 12 step a medical solutitin... jst ty it I'M SO SIXK AND TIRED OF THE PEOPLE ABUSING DRUGS i HAVE HAD 5 SURGERYS TWO ON MY LOW BACK i HAVE PTSD FROM MOLESTATION AND RAPE AND ROBBERES DEPRESSION FRO BEING HURT YOUNG NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY WITH MY CHILDREN, HOLDING A JOB, I HAD A CITY JOB WHEN GOT HURT ON IT THEY FIRED ME SO HAVE SEEN MY SHARE OF HARD TIMES BUT i HAVE PULED MYSELF TOGETHER WITH THE HEP OF GOD AND HES ALWAYS WITH ME I'M NEVER ALONE NEITHER ARE YOU YOU CAME HOME FROM THE WAR RIGHT???!

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grstaley Says:
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who made u God and to judge everyone? I'm sure u aren't a saint either!

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Dboy Says:
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I have this op 40 and want to know how it can be broken down.... Can someone help me????

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bezzo Says:
how can i break down a op 15 to take via injection whats the best and safest way?

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swim Says:
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Epson salt breaks down the chemical composition

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hopeful Says:
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My buddy takes his 80s and {edited for safety} Hopefully it works and doesnt turn to mud since the time release/coating is burnt away or something like that.

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red 76 Says:
can someone please tell me how to use the new op in the same way I was able to inject the old oc if I get told one more time I am a bad person for wanting this info im going to scream

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michael Says:
why are you on this site then. what business do you have looking up how to shoot these.

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mainlinestreaker Says:
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Why do you think it's called dope. Get a job and a life, And realize the mfgr is WAY ahead of dope fiends. Life gets better without needles. Judge me all you wish, my thinking is that if my experience can help others, feel free to talk all the s*** you want. When you find your ass in similar circumstances your attitude WILL change. Good luck, its worth the pain to finally kick.

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an addict Says:
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Agreed! Only God can judge according to your religion. Don't take out your sadness on the world. Nobody's perfect. I got clean and pulled my life together only to be in a tragic car accident. Now even with pain meds, btw I'm addicted again, I'm in almost constant pain. Never judge a book by it's cover. Besides people that matter don't judge and people that judge just don't F***ING matter! The man put his life on the line for our country and instead of saying "THANK YOU" you come out with that negative bulls***. I feel sorry for you. And I'd rather be anything but pitied.

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