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How Much Suboxone Should I Directly Put In Clean Synthetic Urine So It Shows Up On Test

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Kevin Says:
Ok so I went to my suboxone doctor two mondays ago to get my script and as usual he screened me, i'm dirty for marijuana and he didn't expect me to be, so I went to my local smoke shop and bought U-Pass which is synthetic 100% clean urine, Now I obviously needed to show dirty for suboxone obviously as that's what he prescribes me, so i went to the bathroom poured the u-pass into the cup, the u-pass stayed right at 98 where it should, and I put a quarter of a suboxone film into the u-pass, I hand my doctor the cup he dips five mins later, it showed dirty of oxycodone and suboxone, how the hell did this happen did I put to much suboxone in and it caused a false positive for oxycodone, if so how much suboxone am I supposed to put in the u-pass to make sure it only shows up dirty for suboxone, any answers or feedbacks would be great as I see him in 3 days. thanks

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Verwon Says:
It's really difficult to say, with any certainty, because it's going to depend on many factors, including your body weight, metabolism, health, activity levels and the prescribed dosage.


What aren't you just taking it, as prescribed?

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nick Says:
Verwon, did you read Kevin's post at all? Kevin sub is totally different than oxy so that shouldn't have happened. The fake urine had to have been contaminated orrr... do u by any chance store ur sub with your oxygen at any time? Perhaps it had trace amounts on it when you did it. Very strange bro.

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Ash Says:
If I attempt to flush pot out of my system using the regular methods (water, water pills, etc.) will it also flush out Suboxone. Which I don't want the Suboxone out. That needs to show on the test (tested for seperately).

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Tam Says:
If i use synthetic urine for my pain clinic drug test, can i put the meds in there that im suppose to take ( subutex, gabapentine, klonopin) will i pass the test?

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Asher Says:
That has happened to me many times. I smoke as well and dissolved a peice of my Sub in the urine, and it came up positive for opiates. I tried less, more, just about everything. I asked many questions and the answer I received was it has to be metabolized in one's system. I have a question that needs to be answered very quickly. I had a friend with clean urine take a Sub and froze his urine 4 weeks ago. I go to the doctor in two days. Will traces of Subs still be in urine even if it has been frozen for 4 weeks? HELP!!! QUICK!!!

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Levl Says:
I just went to the doctor for more subs, only problem I smoked some pot. Problem is had to show subs but not pot. Got clean urine added a piece of sub film and pased no problem. Keep in mind it depends on test, the newer the better. If u have more questions emal me

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nick Says:
If you read the numerous posts on this forum you'd know that putting sub directly in will test positive for ox and sub. The way its.metabolized or something.

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Kevin Says:
Might want to consider owning up to the doc and following his plan for your freedom from pain killers.

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Ride it out Says:
Everyone,clean urines from stores are not a for sure thing!

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Chris Says:
I'm dirty right now opiates n have my drug test on Monday coming up.
I purchased synthetic urine,
Question is can I do the samething you did using synthetic urine or no
Thanks please help

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Lev Says:
It's been said more than once synthetic urine can be detected, try and get clean urine. I still don't get how oxys show up when u add piece of sub to urine. I have never had that problem. Unless something in synthetic urine reacts to the sub, I use the real thing. Never had problem!

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Pam Says:
Ride it out, You are correct. Buying the synthetic urine at stores does not always work. There is no way it would break down and show oxy's I don't care how it metabolizes just wouldn't do it. I hate to say but actual clean urines would be the only for sure thing.

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Johndagreek Says:
Yes... Freezing the urine work!

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Asher Says:
JOHNDAGREEK, thx 4 answering. However if I freeze the urine with the Buprenorphine in it when I go back to get tested (4 weeks later) will the Buprenorphine still be detected in the test since it was frozen and then dethawed?

As for all the people that keep inquiring about dissolving Suboxone/Subutex in urine and it coming up positive for opiates…all you need to do is read a few previous answers and you would have known the answer right away. I’ve tried it and apparently others have tried it and they got the same results. Again it has to go through one’s system (metabolized) or it will show up positive for opiates. Some of the posts say it worked for them…I don’t know how it worked for them.

Anyway I have the same problem. I have showed up positive for pot many, many times and the doctor doesn’t like it, but I didn’t go there for a marijuana problem.

JOHNDAGREEK or anyone who knows, please answer the question above regarding the ingredient being detected after freezing for 4 weeks, and dethawing it?

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jess Says:
I just bought quick fix synthetic urine and need to test positive for suboxone on Tuesday. I'm not sure what kind of test it will b bc this will b the first time I'm tested. I have Valium in my system for panic and anxiety attacks so need the synthetic so how much sub film should I put in the synthetic to have a successful test. Also the box came with a small vial of powder which I'venever gotten in the past. Should I put sub in first then powder or do I put sub in right before I go ?please let me know aASAP I would be so appreciative

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Kelly Says:
Okay im a suboxone patient for 6 yrs now and i haven't used any opiates in a long, long time yrs even. But last month my dr took my urine drug sxreen and it showed positive for opiates, and why did it do that? I pay 40 bucks for their urine drug panel cups that test for everything. Why????? Now I look bad and that is really upaetting me to no end!!!!

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Jennifer Says:
the pee will show up opiets cause subs do have opeites in it so clean pee is better than dirty i promise i would say i havent took them in a few days cause you where feeling better and thought you could do it now but you quicley learned you cant and that you need them. sorry for the spelling im not use to gettin on the computer

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TT Says:
I just bought Peesure and used it and came up positive for Sub the next day I bought Quick Fix because the guy at "the store" said that is what the labs use to calibrate the drug test. I paid 30.00 bucks for it and went and took my test and guess what... it showed up for sub. Please help me understand that.

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Ash Says:
Is there a way to purchase synthetic urine that has the ingredient Buprenorphine in it?

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need an answer pleaaseee Says:
I go to the doctors every week for my script of subs . my levels have been low and there starting to ask questions. I guess it shows the last 4 days . I'm suppose to take one a day but share with my boyfriend how can I increase my levels? does shooting them higher your levels ? The first week I shoot them n was fine then wanted to stop shooting them and swallowed them but then my levels were low should I cont. shooting them

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