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Zeus Says:
I have taken 4 1mg xanax in the past three days. How long does it take to clear your system for urine drug test

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kamp Says:
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I am prescribed pain meds for back problems and my pain Dr writes klonipin for me. It is the only thing that helps my restless legs syndrome. Every once in awhile I take xanax if I have a rough month. When I do that I take them a couple of nights and save my last 4 klonipin to keep bars from showing up on UA. The only thing that bensos should never be used if you are on methadone. This combo is a deadly combination I've known of quite a few people that have died taking them but they also took too many and for recreational use. Both of them effect the respiratory system.

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christina horn Says:
How long does xanax stay n your system for a urine drug test

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sookie Says:
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I have been on xanax 2mg. every night for sleep for almost a year. If I stopped taking it tonight how long do you suppose it will be out of my system? I'm in pain management for a botched up surgery on my foot. They say I can't xanax and my oxy together. My sleep management clinic doctor said he's never heard u can't take both. So its I'm in pain but xanax puts me to sleep. Or I am not in pain but can't sleep. That's why I am awake now.

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Jim Says:
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They can and will kill you when I got clean and told doctor what and how much I was taking she told me I probably almost died a couple of times from xanax and perks and 30's and mixing with alcohol definitely not good if you like to breathe so stay strong

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NCGirl Says:
Just wanted to post an update to my above post. I passed my drug test. The type of drug test my doctors office administers is one of those cup tests with the results seen right on the test so I knew before I ever left the bathroom that everything was ok. However I will say the second line on the test looked weak, not sure if that means anything or not but they say any hint of a second line means you are negative for those drugs.

For what its worth, I have thyroid problems which means I have a slow metabolism and I didn't do anything to flush out my system. So though I know each person's body chemistry is different I would think that the average person would pass a drug test 4 days after the occasional, small dose of Xanax.

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NCGirl Says:
I have a drug test coming up tomorrow and am worried about it.

I take suboxone and recently started with a new doctor since my old doctor moved and it was too far for me to travel. I had established a very good and trusting relationship with my old doctor and as a result he had no problem letting me continue to be prescribed Xanax on a as needed basis. I have never abused Xanax and only take .25-.50 mg very rarely. Of course my new doctor isn't okay with any benzo use, ever. I had no choice but to not bring it up in my consultation because I have no where else to go for my suboxone. So though I still legally have a prescription, they don't allow it to be taken. Well late Thursday night I started having a panic attack. I tried everything I could to get it to go away without taking the Xanax but eventually had no choice and took .25 mg. Now, tomorrow at 1:30 (about 4 1/2 days later) I have my suboxone appointment and am worried it will show up. I have never had a dirty drug test (other than when I first got on the program 2 years ago) and have no idea what will happen.

I personally think its a bit crazy that I am denied the ability to take a medicine I really need because some people abuse the combination. I maybe take 1 a month if that and would have no problem bringing the Xanax bottle in at each appt to show I am not abusing them, but with most all sub doctors, benzos are an immediate no, with no discussion allowed.

I will update tomorrow afternoon with the results of my drug test.

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keke Says:
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My son took four xanax two days ago. he had no body fat drinking water and cranberry pills. he has a employment drug screen tues. will he pasd plz help

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soldier28 Says:
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xanax will definitely show up in a urine test 48 hrs aftrr being taken. it has a long halflife. percs or oxy you may be good in 48 hrs but most likeky 3 days even with those. sorry bro. good luck though!

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ConcernedParent Says:
WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. GET OFF THIS S*** NOW. My sons were on all of this stuff -- one is dead from a heroin overdose. Do you know what you are doing to yourself, your family, and your friends?

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Layla Lou Says:
Sorry to hear about your brother, I can relate. My brother also died from a drug overdose. Good for you for being clean for so long! That is awesome! I was on Xanax for over ten years and started abusing them real bad, I am no longer on any sort of a benzo and feel so much better now. I swear they give you more anxiety when your on them. Long story short there is much much more to life than pills, you have to much to loose when it comes to this! Stay strong

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GabesGrandma Says:
Hi Shari, are you still on here. I'm in the same boat you were in when you posted. How did your drug test come out?

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Hblock Says:
depending on what parameters they set i think u will be fine drink lots of water DONT take any more DUH and pee mid stream, most all your metabolites are in the beginning and end. Good luck i dont take anything anymore it gets tough when i have panic attacks but i found if i stayed away from certain people and took a different outlook on my job & life I could control it 90 % of the time There are occasions where I NEED them and I saved enough for those occasions and i need very little I went fro 120 bars to 2 mgs of klonopin in 3 days! and within a month was at 1mg or under and then just SLOWLY tapered off over 3 months until one day i forgot and i went to bed one night and said oh s*** I did it !! I had been on them for over 10 years THEY are Brain erasers get off them please if u can They killed my twin brother last year along with to much to drink He never woke up So i know You do not want to live that horror horror show!

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QueenBee Says:
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If you don't take everyday and very seldom. You'll pee clean in 2-4 days. Give it 3days as an average though

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twinn35 Says:
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I been taking a half of a .25 alprazolam for the past month...but i have a urine test in 3 days will i pass?

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Pinkstapler Says:
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I just got my negative result this am. I had an old prescription for Xanax 2011 which was for prn use. Had a big test at school 2 weeks ago and took 0.5mg. After passing that exam I had to get a 10 panel drug test for clinicals. Didn't take the xanax for 15 days, told my NP (who wrote the rx 3 years ago) about my concerns. She wrote a memo on a script that said she had given my xanax prn only in 2011 and said not to bring it up unless an mro asked bc it's got a short half life and probably wouldn't show up. I was just so afraid bc the rx was expired. Anyway, I take 0.5mg to .75mg once a week usually. Got my negative results this am! So relieved! I am 28 5'1" 126 lbs and have hypothyroidism (take synthroid) which I guess also helped my metabolism. Hope this helps, good luck.

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QueenBee Says:
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If you don't take Xanax daily or constantly only an every now and then thing, I average the 11mg should leave your system by 5 days you may test clean, according to the half life formula
I take .25mg every now and then and last time, I took .25 on Sunday night and passed a urine screen

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John Says:
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Okay okay. My name is John and I have to submit a U.A monthly and this is what I have been doing for over a year. OK all I do is smoke some trees and take a xanex here or there. I am 26 years old 6'1 and 200lbs. I will stop smoking at least 2-3 days prior and i will start to lighten my meals a bit and stay away from greasy and fatty foods take two 500mg niacin pills and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and also a little cranberry juice wouldn't hurt either. Continue taking the niacin 1000mg per day and a fiber and protein enriched diet so you can go to the bathroom and speed up the process. That process for two days then on the test day. Say for me mine is always 9am. So I wake up at 6am and drink one of these detox drinks "just in case" the niacin didn't work fast enough. I don't really trust them but I can personally say that I do know that this one works. It's made by herbal cleanser q carb 16 and i get the cranberry one. Drink it 2 1/2 to 3 hours before your u.a. drink as much water as you can that morning before you take the detox drink like pee 2-3 times before you take the drink. After you take the drink follow it with as much water as you can at least 48oz or more. The goal is for AFTER you drink the drink the u.a specimen that you submit needs to be the 3rd or 4th pee after drinking the detox. And once your giving the specimen to whichever local facility or any "In House" test you always start peeing and you always want the MIDDLE part of your stream. So when you start peeing let it hit the toilet for a few seconds then fill it up about half way then finish in the toilet. And i do this monthly and it's supervised but I pass evertime. OK today is Saturday and I smoked today. I have a urinalysis coming up this Monday at 11am and i also took a xanex 2mg on Friday as well and I will let all you you know how it works out on monday. I have been doing this for over a year. The drink is only 20 dollars. Please comment thanks.

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Chad Says:
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Valium stays in your system longer tham Xanax and so does klonapin so thats why it showed up!Xanax has a short half life.And No suboxin has no benzo's in them! In fact they can be fatal taken together!

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Anne Says:
It depends on the drug screen. If they use a dip stick than Xanax can show positive from 3-6 days, but if the test is sent to a lab than the Xanax will show positive for a while. I took 12mg one pop in one day and tested positive 10days later but Xanax metobilites showed up for 2 weeks.

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