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How Long Does Heroin Stay In Your Urine - Answer

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Sha Louise Says:
What you need to do to pass your urine test is -
- have enough sleep(8 hours)
-consume laxative tablets to helps u s***
-drink plenty of water and if possible white carrot juice is good
-after the 8 hour sleep urinate at least 20 times and s*** at least 2 times....Good Luck

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David Says:
Hi Sha,

Thanks for sharing this information!

I've read on a number of webpages that Heroin can be detected in your urine for up to 2-4 days after your last dose.

Would you say this is accurate, based on your own personal experience?

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mar4567 Says:
I am curious too how long heroin stays in your system...
if i give myself 6-7 days of no using will i be ok for a urine drug test?
any feed back please

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BillyBongThorton Says:
I'm male, in my late 20's, 5'11" and about 160 lbs. I sniffed one bag (about .1 gram) on a Friday night at around 7pm. Took a 5 panel urine drug test at court that following Monday at around 11am. Came up clean on the spot. I did drink a lot of water during the weekend and peed a lot but made sure I didn't drink too much on that Monday because if you pee clear they will give it a closer look. Usually it takes 2-4 days to get out of your system. I have a fast metabolism so I'm usually on the short end for drug tests.

Drinking a lot of water and exercise do help flush your system out quicker because opium is water soluble and exercise speeds up your metabolism and helps flush out toxins from your body. If your not a heavy and/or daily user and in decent shape then you'll probably be good in about 2-3 days.

You can always go and buy a self drug test from Walgreens or CVS if you want to check yourself.

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KMP Says:
I don't use regularly, maybe once or twice a week but I used a half gram late Friday night and had a UA Tuesday morning. That gave me about 80hrs of not using. I have a very physically demanding job and drink water and Gatorade constantly. I passed my UA. What I have read is it can be as little as 2 days and as many as 5 days depending on a lot of factors, height, weight, age, activity, metabolism, diet, frequency of use, amount used etc etc My point to all this is...if you don't use regularly and use in small amounts and then do all the necessary things to flush your system I think your Urine should be clean in 2 days. Three days MAX.

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karen Says:
I did a very small of herion on mon, tue and wed then a small amount on sat, I have a urine test in 6 days if I drink alot of water and crenberry juice will I pee clean

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Ace Says:
Yes drinking water is essential. Go to the ymca run or jog for an hr or 2 a day afterwards sit in the sauna. Then the day of the test take vitamin b12 pills sold anywhere and drink a lot of water the b vitamin will make your urine yellow while the water will dilute your sample to the point that any drugs aren't detectable. I'm on federal parole and I'm tested weekly. I smoke marijuana and sometimes do heroin and cocaine recreationally. I've never gave a hot urine and sometimes I've used the day my p.o. called me in for a random urine

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try2besober! Says:
I'm 5'7" and just over a 100 lbs. I try to gain weight but cant guessin cuz my metabolism is pretty quick. Anyways, I slipped last week after not using for almost a year. Did maybe .1 of heroin a day for about a week. Didn't use Sunday or Monday then gave in on Tue (4pm) cuz I felt like s***. Now I have to do a urine test tom (Fri) around 3pm. Been drinking a crap load of water and already peeing clear. Very worried about pissin dirty. Also been taking midol to help me pee more. Anyone think I'll be ok??? Thanks!

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jmay Says:
via mobile
if i dont use regurlarly but have a test the next day can i pass if i drink enough water and piss alot the night and mornig b4 along wit the b12??

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tommyboy Says:
k so i have been using h and oxy for about six months now. have scrip for oxy but the h obviously i do not. can you tell me if i have been using about .1-.3 grams of h a day (.3 on the heavy weekends) how long will it take to be clean. i hate withdrawals. so any help on that would be very nice. i have to stop. i should have never started obviously. but looking forward not back, i have to go throw withdrawals. if my friend gives me some subox and i just taper for the next two and then take the subox then nothing when will i be good to go? a week? how long can they detect suboxone? please help. got the most amazing job interview coming up and I will pass my test i will but how long do i have to taper my self down so i don't go threw the flue? i have done it before but it is like no sleep and hot cold hot cold sweating freezing, no sleep so tiered no sleep. anxiety to the max. lets say it is in a two weeks. what would some of you that have experience do? thank you so much! and for not judging. so to summarize, two week time frame, tapper the next two-three days? always feel the pain but not to the point where im sick right? no pain no gain, then after the two/three days go off totally,(dump rest in garbage...the pull is tooooo strong) then when withdrals are at the worst take subox, full dose at first then the next day half then half then half then half then nothing. do you think that is a good plan? after 8 days i should take not a thing, that will give me six days to be clean. I think that is a good plan, but for those with experiance please let me know some thing i am missing> THANK YOU

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that bishh Says:
via mobile
I used on a thursday night 2 bags and I had to take a urine monday around 1130 I weigh 110 and im like 5'2 and I always drink alot of gaterade and that weekend I was moving so I was very active do u think it will show up k did the same thing one before used on a sunday and had a ua on weds came out clean and they sent it to the lab do u guys think im good??

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jason Says:
via mobile
I've been in treatment n sober for 6 months but slipped and used a small amount of h. The next day I was tested and passed. Then a day later was tested again, and they're sending it into the lab. Do I have anything to worry about?

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Tracy Says:
via mobile
Hi I am on methadone I was clean for 4yrs besides, the methadone. Unfortunately I became associate's with the wrong person, so I gained a double habit :'(....I was coming down because of course I DON'T want to b on done 4eva it's been. I recently changed clinic's wanted a fresh start, I was very honest with the Doc. so she went up on my dose 20mg from 60-80 I gained 100+lbs when I started methadone so, I go to the gym, just started vitadone this week when I was coming down dieting, gym all of them I felt great and I lost 60lbs!!! I made a short question really long sorry..I been on my new clinic for approx 1 month so far I had 2 urine's they both have been positive I have one tomorrow I used on saturday im really so sick of using and the $ I spent I even sniffed it sat. I REALLY need this one to be clean today is monday my test is tue. Do you think I will pass it and the days before sat. I was not using please can u answer me a.s.a.p Thank You

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mr Crocket Says:
Mar4567 yes you will be good 72 hours and plenty water. There is also synthetic urine which is undetectible and they have blocker drinks And from personal experience they work and are undetectable they block all toxins for 8 hours

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Desperate in pain and do not know any options Says:
via mobile
I need to know if I don't use heroine after Thursday at 7pm, and I only use it that day and I've been clean over 2 years, will I be able to come up clean for a drug test on Monday at 440pm? And maybe a day earlier so I can get a shot of my prescription, and have hydro-morphone in my system, Sunday afternoon so I will show up positive for my scripts at the doctors? Also if I take Norco will it show up as hydromorphone? I need to come up clean for heroine but have all my scripts in my system or I will be cut off all my medication. I have cranberry bills, vitamins, Azo cranberry and the ones that make your pee orange or red, and lots of multivitamins. This is the only time I used heroine and only 1 gram of not very good s***... So anyone have advice or know if I will be good? Good for the hospital on Sunday afternoon? And the doctors on Monday at 440? I am so scared that I f***ed up really bad this time.... And I can't loose my scripts because I have chronic pain from getting f***ed up in a motor vehicle accident... And really bad panic attacks and night terrors... So coming up dirty for h is not acceptable, but I can't handle the pain for much longer and if I don't go Sunday and Monday I have to wait at least 1 week to get into a doc! And that means I might loose my job and my A+'s!

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jaded Says:
via mobile
Hi, I did a small amount of heroin very late Saturday night more like Sunday around 12 or 1 am about a half ofa 20 bag. I haven't used heroin in over a year. I had a ua today. I took a home ua this morning and it came up clean, but I'm worried about the ua at treatment cause that goes to a lab for testing. It's been over 72 hours closer to 96hours. I'm 5'4 approx 210lbs... Will it still be clean? In freaking out even after the clean home test

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joe Says:
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Drink as much water as possible take a vitamin b12 pill so ur pee isn't ao clear and u should be ok!

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Babe Says:
via mobile
Hello I last us eh Thursday night , I need to know, Will I passed the test tmw????? I'm scared!!

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shelly Says:
I have been clean for 5 months and have used h a few times for the past month. I just did a urine test today and was clean. So I came home and did 2 bags (.2) and about .2 of some coke. I did it all by IV. I am 5'5 and about 140. I have to do another urine test on Monday @ 3:30 which will be exactly 72 hours. If I drink lots of water will I be okay?

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backbroken Says:
via mobile
May i ask how did it turn out, im trying with 7 day clean but showed up as morphine ( the H) the last time.
I got script for oxy an percs need no morphine in urine.

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Tracy Says:
via mobile
I didn't pass my test. I have the same issue AGAIN tomorrow I haven't used in a few weeks im trying to get myself %100 right "again"..I used firday tomorrow is Monday they posted my named up for a urine...GO FIGURE..

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