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Tommy L Says:
I have a Kentucky Licenses and went to a pain clinic in GA, they prescribed me Oxycodone 15mg and Hydrocodone 10mg. I have been to several pharmacies in Kentucky and cannot get them filled. Does anyone know where I can get my prescriptions filled rather here in Kentucky or out of state in GA or TN?? Please Help at all if possible, thanks!

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Bridgette Says:
Exactly right some of us on disability have medicaid who wont let us get surgery i have stage two cancer, adnemyosis, cysts in my thyroid which im not sure yet if thry are cancerous, along with all the back, neck, spine, sciatyica, a botched tmj surgery the list goes on needlrsd to say medicaid wont even let me just have a partial or full hys. until i finish all chemo for year and lupron depot and hormone replacement pills that have mafe me gain fifty plus pounds much less will they let me just get back neck etc surgery its assanign. I am made to continue pain pills to make sure i have a dependancy not an addiction there is a difference. We are not given any choice its take pain med or be stuck in bed well i have three step children as some of you who know me on here before this forum became the presidential debate and now state to state. We started this forum from Florida and to help others like ourselves suffering to find places that are willing to fill and can for us. So please unless this is what you are on this forum to do then by all means share and rant and rave all you like and need otherwise start one of your own. Donna Ratligf I speak for you in your absense i hope you dont mind being that you are in case ones here did not or dont know it already she is the advocate for Fl mainly south who originally became involved personally due to the very real and down right wrong way that the chronic pain sufferers are being treated. I am sorry if I have offended anyone this in no way is meaning to single anyone out personally but we are on here for help that we give one another in the information of availability of meds in certain areas and what kinds period. Thank you and god bless as I always say I pray each and every one of ud ends up pain free while we still walk this hell on earth.

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chris Says:
@Jason, sorry but I would never pay some random person on the web $500 to find a pharmacy, you may find some dealers who can throw you that and run back up to KY to sell em but not here, that honestly wouldn't even be worth it if you were to sell them in GA, we don't have ky prices here. But I do know a few people that are legit and don't sell a thing that have been having problems. It turns out walgreens is sueing the dea since there was no evidence of wrong doing. If they filled for people when others wouldn't like cvs, publix, and kroger around here their numbers wouldn't have gone up. Publix I know for a fact tells everyone they have none when they do, I knew a tech at one and he said you can tell who needs it which is complete BS since they wouldn't fill for my ex girlfriends brother who is sometimes in a wheelchair and has to walk with a cane. If walgreens Soma and enough people call their congressmen then something will change soon. Too many pharmacists are afraid the dea will come in if they fill. They are scared they will fill for one person and twenty more will follow them in two days to fill theirs, which happens a lot with folks who don't really need them that all go to the same doc.

@nick good for you, I don't approve of what you do but if you keep your s*** together unlike most I guess that's a good thing, even though folks that get them to get high have messed it up for legit patients now which is a big drawback. If you take them orally you don't really feel a thing esp if you have chronic pain, I have talked to many people about that even before I was taking them and was still taking lortabs. Of course taking tylenol everyday for four years was toxic and I had to change to something without APAP in it.

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Dawn Says:
some people just like to talk when they dont know wtf they're talking about

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jason Says:
Well for all of you who can't get your stuff filled, I can tell you forsure that I know places that will have it and fill them. No matter the doc, no matter what state your I'd's from, or the quanity you get. They are not cheap, but they always and I mean always have them ever week. I charge a 500.00 broker fee, just like any other consultant would for their time and knowledge but I will guarantee at the end of the day, you will go home with your prescription in hand. Also to throw this out there before someone wants to make a smart ass comment - it will come from a legal, licensed pharmacy with legit bottles, not out of someone's back door. For all of you all that may have something to say about this, I have invested a lot of time, traveling, visiting pharmacy's and phone calls to have this knowledge. Therefore I feel I deserve to be paid for it. If anyone is interested please let me know.

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Doc Holliday Says:
I will not get into why I take pain medicines but, I can tell you that you do not belong in the industry you are in. Patients taking large amounts of pain medicine usually are cancer patients and HOW the Hell would you know what their medical condition is are you psychic? You have an extremely bad attitude and are very abusive and have been reported for trolling and abuse. I can tell by the way you type and express have not been in the first day of college and I bet you did not even graduate high school. Nice try to act important though. I take 240 Oxycodones a day and make 125 per hour for your information and my pain is for what NONE of your business and you and people like you are the reason people die from Heroin OD's everyday because they figure if they are going be treated like a criminal by a nobody like you they may as well try and cure their pain that way. You are sick and heartless and need to get diagnosed with Cancer and then you would realize that YES Mr. Know Nothing some patients go from 125mcg every 48 hours to 200-300 Oxycodone 30mgs per month and it is legitimate because of opiate rotation which you have not a clue about. You stated you are not a Doctor yet you seem to think you know who is on need of what sort of medical treatment.....we know. I worked for 15 years getting through medical school as a Doctor of Pharmacology and I can tell you that, A.) you are not a tech B.) you are just a bitter troll pretending to know something on here. C.) be careful that thumb is always pointing in your own direction when the finger points at others.

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bama Says:
EXACTLY CHRIS!! People who have insurance CANNOT fill their pain medicine because the pharmacies want to make the money street dealers are making and the insurance company will not pay 5-10$ a piece for a pill that only costs the pharmacy 33 cents. IT'S RIDICULOUS. It is the people like the guy in KY who is traveling to different states to see a Dr who f*** it up for people who are in need of this medicine. The DEA needs to step in and STOP these pharmacies. A pharmacy in my town got shut down because they arrested the Owner/Pharmacist for selling 30 mg oxycodone out the back door of the pharmacy for $15 each. He sold them for $5.50 to those who have a rx through the front door. The authorities need to tackle the pharmacies who are now legal ''DRUG DEALERS". 11 YEARS AGO when I first got put on this medication, no one even knew what oxycodone was. I DIDN'T EITHER. I wish I never found out. Unfortunately, because a man decided to drive intoxicated one night, I have to take this medication to function semi-normally every day. I have tried several times to do without. The pain is unbearable. All these people going to the DR. who don't need the medicine, have no IDEA what it is like to be in pain. I have had to learn in the past 4 months to do without my medicine quite a bit. Not a good day when I don't get to take it. This is no joke though. The guy who is traveling out of state, the person who says you can't get in the mail are both examples of drug seekers and they are in the same category as these pharmacists who don't know what they are talking about and also are profiting or benefiting at others expense.

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chris Says:
@Jason, I live in Atlanta, last time I checked it was not a hick town. I went to 15 places yesterday with no luck getting 75 of them filled. Most places don't want the trouble with the dea. I know one place I went yesterday there was 4 dea agents going through everything at that place. I am also not willing to spend $525 for one prescription, I refuse to do that.

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bama Says:

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bama Says:
ahhhhhh yes they can send controlled substances via mail or fed ex or ups! i know MANY people who have their controlled substances mailed to them

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jason Says:
Ya welll all your talk about out of staters can't get them... Welll your wrong I know 10 phrmacies that have them every week and and take outta state and its no problem to get them!! Soo stay in your little town hick pharmacy that thinks their GOD because they have what people need but want fill for people who need it. Unless you live n the po-dunk town where you are. Money makes this world go around and if you got the money their are plenty of pharmacies out their that got the time. Stay narrow minded act as if you know everthing and noone from outta state gets nothn filled trying to convince people u know it because ur a professional with all the answers

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Paige Banks RN Says:
AMEN, thank you Jesus! I just told my husband every point you made and then I read you're post, you got it straight my man. Keep calling the DEA, your congressman and senator and keep calling bulls*** when the pharmacist blames the DEA when it's actually them who's trying to play doctor and God.....

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Paige Banks RN Says:
Really? So, Mr. Pharm tech expert, I'm an RN and people who are on those pain meds for years develop tolerance, NOT addiction jackass.There is a huge difference, and maybe these people are in so much pain that they can't work which is why they're on Medicaid in the first place. Who the f*** died and made you an MD? or GOD? And NO, it's not up to the Pharmacist to decide how much is too much, it's the MEDICAL DOCTOR who is a pain specialist and gets to make that call. Or the family practice guy who's been the patients doctor for 20 years. It's not the job of the US gov't/DEA to decide which doctor I go to or which pharmacy I use. AND if you're a Pharmacy Tech you don't make enough money to pay federal income taxes because I make WAY more than you and I don't even pay federal taxes; I get it ALL back at tax time cuz I have children and a mortgage; the ALL AMERICAN DREAM. Stop playing GOD and being so judgmental, pain is the 5th vital sign and the pain is what the patient says it is; it's subjective and you can't decide what constitutes their pain level and what's appropriate management, only a MD can do that. So get off your high horse, the fall is tremendous. I pray you never have a raging toothache or chronic pain to where you can't function in daily living and on top of that you can't get YOUR Rx filled. Ah, but then again I'm sure you've got friends in Pharmacist places.....not everyone has that luxury douche bag.

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irenewilde Says:
yes agree with you--GA person with Kentucky ID--go to the freaking dr in your own state-people like you are jeopardizing the ones that truly need the medication and are not selling it on the streets in Covington. Go back north and see how that works for you to fill your rx. if all of you would stop trying to profit off our misery we wouldn't have the problem we are having to live day to day in a tolerable fashion

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Kathy T Says:
It is unfortunate a pharmacist can practice discriminatory judgement on patients. I understand they do not want to risk their license for malice intent. However, their poor judgement obviously can interfere with the well being of some patients. I work in healthcare and I have never liked to take any kind of medication unless absolutely necessary. I had no idea getting pain medication was so difficult for those who truly need it. My husband who has never taken a tylenol had a car accident and injured his back over a year ago. He refused pain medication for a year until his back injury became worse. He recently was prescribed oxycodone and has been able to function without pain. He has the most difficult time getting prescriptions filled because his doctor who we pay out-of-pocket is located in another city and the prescription is filled in the city where we life. This is just nonsense as patients should be able to see any doctor they choose and as long as the physician is legitimate and the patient is taking the medication as prescribed no pharmacist should be able to deny him access to medication. If filling an out of area prescription is illegal or places the pharmacist at risk then I can understand the pharmacists' position. But to look at someone and without any valid reason determine a pain medication is not necessary is unjust. I watched my husband go through life for a year in agonizing pain and I can see the relieve he gets by taking pain meds. Now if you are a drug seeker or physician shopping to use narcotics for the wrong reason then the physician prescribing the drug should be held responsible and the pharmacist should not be judge and jury. If a person has to choose drug dependency over being in pain this should be their right.

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chris Says:
Hey Jon, the database in Georgia will not be up and running until 2013. I asked my pharmacist and it key up yet, they are working on it. Now in Kentucky and Florida you can see the numbers of how many places are really using it. In both states its under 30% of docs offices and pharmacies that actually report to it and use the system. Kentucky's numbers are even worse than in Florida. That info comes straight from the pdmp website. I was shocked when I saw thay figure because a lot of tax money is used and not even 25% of places are using it. That is why diversion still runs rampant. It's sad really but all this crap really messed up a lot for a lot of legit people cuz the ones who sell it never seemed to run out.

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Jon Says:
First of all people DEA has shut down all bad clinics. Matter of fact you can't even call yourself a pain clinic in GA. My doc office who survived the cuts because they are amazing, don't proscribed high amounts of oxy and make you drug test every visit, have multiple MRIs every 6 months and has a PT who retired from working with the Olympics, had to change there name becuase it had the word PAIN in it. So don't worry folks, calm down, DEA has got it working the way it should thus eliminating all the drug seeking, drug dealing, scum. Now if you like Walgreens, or CVS this is there policy. You can get your script filled in the town you live in long as they can verify script and your doctor subscribes to "Casper" and if he don't then he's not legit anyways. I never have issues filling 150 roxi 30s, but I have to fill my meloxicam with it and my somas. It is a must. And my doctor is required to fax verification to pharmacy every month. So that makes it easier. You have to have this conversation with your pharmacist of you want them to take you serious. Tell them this is the way your doctor operates and if he don't then you are not getting it filled. Pharmacist that are not familiar with this process don't mind listening and looking your doctor up and then making a decision. But DEA has very few clinics on the "approved" list, if yours is not, find one that is. Premier medical management (I know I said I would give the name) is one that is but you may not get it becuase they only see 30 patients a day. They are not trying to get rich quick and if you are suspected of being anything but in legitimate pain, they work with the DEA to follow you and bust you for being a dealer. They subscribe to "Casper" which allows them every time you come in to check to see if your doctor shopping (which by the way is almost done away with in GA). So if you pain patients are telling the truth about really needing the meds then you will find a physician who plays by the rules and makes sure you are being treated for pain, not doped up or giving a $30,000 script to go make money. But like I said DEA has shut all but the ones that are in it for the care down. Travel from Kentucky if you want, but remember you live in a state that is very strict and for food reason. Most folks from that state are drug dealers.thus is the reason there are no I repeat no pain clinics in kentucky that write oxy. So for you GA complainers that is number one reason anyone in serious pain has to come to GA. DEA is not Unreasonble they are just trying to keep the public safe and keep the ones who need the meds safe. It's not easy. But they are making head way and if you do a little research, even if it evolves calling the dehec or DEA to get a list of good management clinics then do it. Your talking as if you will die if you can't take your meds so why are you so lazy into doing a little research and finding out what I'm saying is true. You can't just drive to the first clinic you hear about and get a script anymore. My doctor you will have to have MRI verified by doctor from imagining place, pharmacy history checked and verified by Caspar, release form from your current or old doctor, then a drug test, blood work, and PT. if you make it through all that then you are legitimately in chronic pain (which to the dumbass tech is different the cancer or terminal pain) and you will be seen helped and shown how to get your life back not just by drugs but a healthy diet plan, PT exercises you must learn and do at home, massages every other visit all included in your payment. Also my doctor excepts insurance so it's not a cash only scam. That's why DEA approves of doctor Williams and his amazing staff. And is why drug seekers, drug dealers, and any other low life usually don't make it through the first 3 steps. I was there Friday for my visit and a man from flordia was a walk in, had all his paper work in order, passd the Casper system, and then tried his best to get out of taking a drug test. Finally he realized he was gonn have to pee to be seen so he did, failed for heroin and cocain. Out the door he went. So don't play games. If you are in chronic pain get help but don't be a idiot about it. Pharmacist are done being played too. Treat them with respect as well..

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Jay Says:

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chris Says:
Msdemeanor, yes they can, I het my oxycontin in the mail every 28 days. Don't post it if you don't know the truth please.

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Msdemeanor Says:
Controlled substances cannot be mailed or shipped.

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sheila Says:
stay in ur own state.thats why we locals are having such a hard time filliing our medication....and you know some of us accually take it

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