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Comments Says:
Cannot fill them anywhere in Bradenton or Sarasota. Please help I have a real doctor and the pharmacy I have been going to the past year in my city says they will no longer fill out of county. Does anyone know of a pharmacy in Bradenton or Sarasota that can help a patient fill qty 180 oxycodone 30mg? Please help. On the verge of getting deathly ill w/out meds! Thank you.

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Rebecca DeWinter Says:
TRUE, unfortunately. However, in this part of Florida the republicans have a foothold. They are always quick to judge and are good at labeling people.The whole thing is a huge mess and has thise who need this medication running in circles. It has created much anxiety, anger and frustration. Those of us who don't take the medication but are involved with someone who does are living on the edge as well. It has been emotionally draining. Remember these things on election day. Decent health care is not a focal point for the republicans.

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DAN williams Says:

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disgustedinfl Says:
There is going to be a huge backlash to this horrible mess that they have done to people in Florida. We allneed to band together and fight the people that are doing this to legitimate pain patients, If we could find a lawyer to atke the case we could sue, not for money but for discrimination. I am completely physically disabled and have to see doctors that are not in this county. There are no doctors that can treat some of my conditions in St. Lucie county, I have been discriminated against and treated like a "junkie" by pharmacists that no nothing about my conditions. They are not doctors and they do not have my medical records. I am 53 years old and the only way I can have any quality of life is to take pain medication. Who are DEA agents to say that I am not in pain? Do they Know more than Social Security Disability? I think not! I'm sorry that I'm ranting but it makes me so mad that these people think that they know more than my doctors. I hope that ALL of them and their family members go through the pain that I have gone through and cannot fill any pain medications.

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DAN williams Says:
I am having same issues in st lucie county as well. I am 42 yrs old disabled going through same issues and then undermedicated medication they do give me i cant get filled at a pharmacy as the pharmacies are playing doctor asking everything from what was your injury to diagnose codes before they will even consider filling(cvs) which is none of their business. for yrs pharmacies arent doctors and it really shouldnt matter what my diagnosis is as its none of your business...fill the dam script moron and if you wanna play doctor go to medical school and be a doctor otherwise FILL THE DAM SCRIPT.

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Patttycakes Says:
This seems to be happening all over Florida!!!!! Once these big chains such as Wallgreen got their self in trouble and had their distribution centers closed down many of them say that they are no longer able to get oxycodone from the new distributor! Is it true? I dont know, but I jumped though hoops about a year before they got in trouble getting medical information filled out for them by my doctor with my diagnosis as well as what my doctors plan was to treat me! I have coopopeated in every way possible and still I suffer like they would not let an animal! How do we we finally get someone to listen to us so that we can get the medications that our doctors have written for us! It is unfortunate that the only way my insurance will order my oxycodone for me is if my physician wis willing to write a script for a 90 day supply of 120 for each of those three months. They have doctors too afraid to do this and so here again searching for my medication to no avail! WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!

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DAN williams Says:
exactly..and if you dont cooperate with the pharmacy and tell them diagnose codes and your condition, forget about getting filled or even an answer which is usually no anyways.
class action lawsuit has to be a viable option at some point. what about hippa laws being broken.
do you see someone getting xanax or valium and them being asked what is this for...and for what condition...NOPE and i get valium as well and this is a big breach of ones privacy. somethings gotta give.
no more mail orders to florida is what i am hearing as well, you may wanna check for recent updated policy changes.

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24char Says:
I am on chronic pain meds and Thank God I don't live in Fla, I am in a state where I can still get my scripts filled. I follow several of these blogs and am only asking out of curiosity.

Why are some of you blaming the Republicans when this problem has started under the current admin? I know Mitt's stand on Medicare, medicaid, and I also know Obamas stand with "Obama care". My pain Dr. has told me that if Obama gets re-elected that the problem that Fla. has now is going to spread to the rest of the states and that scares hell out of me.

Not looking to get into an argument here just stating what my pain Dr. believes, as I said I can still get my meds in my state, I am on Fentynal patches and percs for break through pain. I have noticed that in the last year or so we have started to have to jump through more hoops, more forms, etc., to "stay" eligible. I have Federal Blue Cross for insurance and my premiums, co-pays have went up for the last two years. Guess the point I am making here is that I hope everyone gets out and votes AFTER really listening to what these guys are saying. Is your life better now then it was 4 years ago? If so, vote for Obama, if not vote for change.

What you guys are going through sounds like hell, does not sound like someones "plan" is working very well to me.

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Bridgette Says:
Does mail order let you use medicaid and if so for what i just found out the hard way im allergic to dilaudid so im only on perc 10 and its not helping at all. Was supposed to take both together but could only fill one at a time first the ds. So now im allegic to those and all morphine derivatives and sulfate and methadiones and subs. So I have no clue what my doc is going to do on 31st for me. I was on Oxy 15 5x day for six years but have new dr now so I guess ill wait and see.

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jim Says:
Any pharmacist can refuse any prescription for any reason. I am a pharmacist. We do not fill any out of area radius of 30 miles or so. Too many people are getting these to sell.
Unfortunately the legitimate people who don't sell them are being punished.
Best advice: Get them filled in the same city where you see that doctor.

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mike tyson Says:
brifgette- same problem here...i was on 30mg oxy(even 15mg would work much better) for a very long time (12 yrs) and worked just fine and he wont write anything but perc 10/325...sad when legit patients have it hard enough and now have to shop for a good doctor to treat your pain..good luck keep us informed.

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mike tyson Says:
because its our REPUBLICAN governor that started all this mess with the gov. rick scott...that is why short answer, i can go on but too frustrated to speak about it. and in alot of pain.

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Chris Says:
Rick Scott may be a Republican but he originally objected to all this computer monitoring BS. While he did cave, just about any governor would've done the same with all the pressure from outside sources. Fact is, the DEA is most responsible for this mess and they are a federal bureaucracy under the Executive Branch.

This is a bipartisan attack as I've seen as many Dem representatives demogoging the issue. And the other poster is right about Obamacare; with the skyrocketing costs it will take to run this program, cheap and affordable narcotics aren't going to be a part of the equation for much longer. Look at those who are already paying more and/or losing coverage under the Federal Government's programs.

You can also thank the liberal media that has made this a focal point for several years now, ignoring other facts, especially the decline of abuse and diversion in Florida. On the contrary, they still continue to quote 2009-2010 figures for Florida when they are well aware this problem has been cut substantially since these new policies. There's plenty of blame on both sides.

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Rebecca DeWinter Says:
In regards to all of this trouble obtaining meds originating under the President Obama's administration, I beg to differ. I did a lot of on line research on government websites, including the DEA's. As far back as 2001, memos from the DEA were sent to physicians requesting that they monitor oxycodone patients more closely. They also suggested that non prescription drug alternatives be explored such as physical therapy, etc. There was growing concern among the drug monitoring community that doctors who were not specialists in the pain management field were prescribing the drug without careful evaluation of the patient and their history. It's obvious they saw the potential for abuse. Think of all the previous drugs that fell into their scope of interest and how many are no longer prescribed, or rarely prescribed. As usual, nothing much was done until the death rate became noticiable and newsworthy. With the majority of oxycodone being prescribed and distributed in Florida, the DEA, due to their previous lack of diligence embarked upon a witch hunt which brings to mind McCarthy and his approach to the ferretting out of communists. President Obama has become a scapegoat. Are we better off than four years ago? I believe having an honest man in the White House as opposed to a greedy liar whose family gained wealth from oil interests in questionable areas, is definitely an improvement. George Bush forced us into a costly war that the UN would not sanction and one that took the life of thousands of our troops and caused our gas prices to skyrocket. The only weapons of mass destruction were Bush and Cheney in the White House. Because President Obama could not perform miracles, he has become the Republican's scapegoat. NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE COULD HAVE CLEANED UP THE TOXIC WASTE LEFT BEHIND BY A SELFISH, GREEDY ADMINISTRATION. We are so used to dealing with scoundrels we don't even reognize a decent individual when one is in office. LISTEN UP- WE ARE BETTER OFF, it was a huge mess- financial and otherwise and it takes a huge clean up. The whole rosy economic picture Bush presented was artificial and that's the reason for our current fiscal disorder. Deaths of uninsured individuals, foreclosures, etc, are all the aftermath of Bush's administration. The banks and insurance companies have free reign and will gain more power if Romney gets elected. If you want decent health care stick with President Obama. Sure it's not perfect- the republicans spent more time fighting the president in an effort to discredit him (so he would not be re-elected, and the tea partiers could get back in) than they did on trying to get decent health care for all in place. The Obama care we ended up with was as watered down by the republicans as bath tub gin was during prohibition. WAKE UP- THIS IS THE REAL WORLD- WE NEED A REAL PERSON IN OFFICE not some corporate mogul who put thousands out of work by shipping jobs overseas so he could open up another off shore bank account. You want health care ,medicine, etc., get yourselves and your friends to the polls and vote for OBAMA!

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Rebecca DeWinter Says:
Escalating prescription drug costs directly resulted from George Bush allowing pharmaceutical companies (his buddies) to advertise on television. With such a lucrative media at their disposal, we were and are bombarded with numerous advertisments from these giant corporations. This huge advertising blitz was followed up with enticing perks for the prescribing doctors. Many times while waiting in a doctor's office I observed big complimentary trays of food being brought in around lunch time and it wasn't for the patients. It rivaled any happy hour I'd seen, and we were all paying for it along with the television ads. A good friend of ours that has since moved, was the manager of a high end restaurant here locally. He was discussing the amount of gift certificates the establishment sold around Christmas. He told us his best customers were the pharmaceutical reps who bought as much as $5,000 of gift certificates at a time.He wasn't making disparaging remarks about them, he was stating a fact. It was a big gravy train and plenty got a free ride; except for the patients who need the medication, and we know what they got and what they are still getting. If there is an increase for enhanced health care it is because the insurance companies don't want to surrender a penny of profit. And keep in mind, alot of Obama's plan that put the emphasis on providing for and protecting the patient's rights, got watered down. I like Al Sharpton's quote, " We've seen the down, but we ain't seen the trickle." Insurance companies have been so bloated with profits they look for places to stash their cash. They were party to alot of the hedge funds that bought neatly packaged sub prime mortgages. President Obama is trying to make these health providers and drug manufactuers accountable, something the republicans cannot do. If you sleep with dogs, you're going to get fleas. The republicans are utilizing alot of smoke and mirrors to disguise their dirty work.

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Bridgette Says:
I know a dr in fort myers only 200 get whatever u need my num {edited for privacy}

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mike tyson Says:
rebecca- your writing a book about george bush...this forum is for ppl needing and talking about their oxycodone meds. plz stop debating about the last presidents policies..thanx

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Bridgette Says:
Amen this is not the political forum. lol

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Rebecca DeWinter Says:
Sorry, I just don't want voters to shy away from Obama because my husband has gone through hell the past few months trying to get meds and we feel that the situation will worsen if Romney is elected. I am defending Obama against allegations that the current med problem is his fault. I think we should start a petition and send it to the governor, the Florida contact for the DEA, and area atty's (that deal in this sort of thing) stating our concerns about the injustices and discrimination shown toward patients who have a genuine need for oxycodone. We can send it to our senators also. We might be able to format it electronically so everyone can sign it. I believe there is strength in numbers and someone should step forward and help us. That is my main concern.

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Chris Says:
Rebecca said: "I just don't want voters to shy away from Obama because my husband has gone through hell the past few months trying to get meds and we feel that the situation will worsen if Romney is elected."

You are wrong. We are a free-market economy that functions best with more competition. Despite your dislike for the pharmaceutical industry, the more the government squeezes any business and cuts into their profits, the more they will charge all of us. The same is true with Obamacare, which will effectively create a monopoly as many employers opt out of providing private insurance (opting to pay the tax), turning their employees over to the government run system. The unintended consequences here will effect everybody.Â

The government has virtually unlimited resources (so they think) via the treasury which makes it hard for anyone to compete with them; the government doesn't have to make or show a profit to sustain themselves. This will squeeze out private sector insurers while creating an even greater burden on Obamacare.Â

We already see some of these adverse effects happening with many doctors threatening to stop taking Medicaid and Medicare patients. Medicare/caid already sets caps on what will be paid for diagnostics, drugs, etc.; Obamacare will do the same as these other government programs. ÂWhy do you think so many pharmacies are only taking cash, at inflated costs. Just look at how many PM Drs won't even accept Medicare/caid as an insurance provider. ÂCosts and premiums will continue to increase under Obamacare as the program grows (baby boomers); and just as many Drs. refuse to take any new Medicaid/care patients, they will do the same with those under Obamacare. Choice and competition will be driven out and we will all be left with inferior quality and even greater costs. Â

This isn't just going to effect low-income and indigent people, it is going to effect all of those who already have good insurance, as those companies look to move many customers (especially high-risk individuals) off their rolls. Those on Medicare/caid will also suffer as the cost of Obamacare will impinge on the cost, quality and service of those programs. ÂNothing's free in this world and someone's going to have to pay this bill. As Obamacare becomes overburdened and insolvent, we'll see the same thing happen here as premiums and costs will have to increase to pay the bills.Â

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