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Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms
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I'm trying to wean myself off the Fentanyl patch. I went from 75 micro-gms to 50 now I'm on 25. Having a problem and not sure it is related to the decrease in the med. It's been 20 days on the 25 micro-gm and I'm going crazy. I need to keep rocking, moving in any way b/c my body is very restless. Is this a symptom of withdrawal and what do I do? I cannot take it any more. ## Yes, that can be caused by withdrawal, you probably jumped down in dosage a little too fast. This med is very, very strong, 80 times stronger than Morphine and it has a half-life of 17 hours, so that means once you take off the patch, it takes 17 hours until it has dwindled to 50% off the full dose in your body, then it slows and actually takes 3 or 4 days before it is all out of your system. So if y...
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Updated 2 days ago.
going from fentanyl to hysingla 60
2 Replies RSS
Super scared , been on Fentonyl for 3 months weened from 75 mcg to 25 mcg..... Also take oxycodone 5 - 10hcl IR ...... They ( a new dr) just put me on something called Hysingla ? Said it was hydrocodone? 60 mg 24 hrs....told me just to take off my fentanyl patch and take pill only once s day .... I have terrible GI issues , that's why I'm on the meds.... Have bad throat level D damage... Also have vowel bleeds... Worried if I go threw to much with drawl I start to vommit and cause more damage.... Does anyone know how bad this next step will be ..... ?? I'm afraid .... Even with the patch and oxycodone I've been getting terribly sick ... Any one have any advise ?? Thank you for your time ## Hello, Danni! How are you? The dosage of Hyslinga is equivalent to 20mcgs of Fenta...
Updated 2 days ago.
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i was dumb and ate a fentnyl patch and was wondering how long its in your system for ## You're just not too smart. Don't do it again. ## I believe i call poison control an speak with them asap, it can be done at payphone for privacy ## Posting on a free website and waiting for a response in these cases is NEVER a good idea. If you only did one, it shouldn't stay in your system for more than 48 hours or so, but it is a VERY DANGEROUS thing to do. ## fool!!! go to emerg now unless it was and is your desire to die...we're they prescibed for you?if not your breathing could slow down you get drowsy and your done..thanks for you commrnt moderator ## I've had the same problem with my pain meds and of course my patch. But, my issue was different and maybe something others sh...
Updated 2 days ago.
will fentanyl show up in drug test as an opiate
85 Replies RSS
Man the amount of people who have no clue what they are talking about yet spitting advice on it like they are an expert is bewildering. NO FENTANYL does not show up as an opiate on any test anywhere. In fact the only things that will show up as an opiate are morphine, codeine, and heroin and that is because heroin and morphine metabolize into morphine. Not even oxycodone or hydrocodone can be detected as an opiate they have to be specifically tested for as they metabolize differently, same with methadone, methadone has to be specifically tested for, it will not show up as anything but methadone. So unless the test you are taking is specifically testing for fentanyl then you will be fine. The question is whether or not the test you are taking is testing for fentanyl. I have yet to see a ...
Updated 3 days ago.
fentanyl patch drug screen results
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Went in for a regular pain management appt and was told that my last urine drug screen showed I was misusing my meds. Test gave a result of over 200 when its supposed to be between 2 & 4. Ideas?? ## It's been as long as I recall that my urine tests that are given in the doctor's office, are showing NO FENTANYL. Now, I'm the bad guy. Not the woman in town selling the patches and bringing fake patches back to her pharmacy in the new PATCH-4-PATCH program they have set up in North Bay Ontario. No, she's being extremely unreasonable in my case considering the circumstances. Now, I ran out of Fentanyl this Monday...it's Friday night. There was no new prescription faxed in yet...after they told me they faxed it in...it didn't show up the next day either...after the...
Updated 4 days ago.
Will fentanyl show up in a drug test? It depends on the test
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Fentanyl will show up on certain Immunoassays - not strips but a sent out test (new clinically approved immunoassay on the market) or most frequently confirmed by GC–MS or LC–MS/MS because there are cross reactive analytes. It all depends on WHAT methodology they are using and what EXPENSE they are willing to go through to detect this drug. If you end up dead or overdosed, you will probably get it now that heroin and oxycodone are being stepped on by Fentanyl. Dangerous game to be playing, the older you get, the more you use over a short time period, mixing etc, will probably result in an ER/morgue trip eventually. Know what you are taking. Know your limits. ## Do any panels test for fetanyl? and are the test that DO test for fetanyl expensive? I'm wondering if a state p...
Updated 4 days ago.
Will Fentanyl Patch Show Up As Morphine In A Drug Test
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will fentynal show up as morphine on a drug test i need to know if it will ## I am assuming you're talking about the fentanyl patch, is it a urine test or a blood test? I am on methadone and I have to give 2 urine samples a week..fentanyl doesn't even show up as an opiate in my urine when I have relapsed. I have sucked on a piece of a 100 mcg patch (NEVER do THIS it's extremely dangerous)..I have used the patch as prescribed amd it doesn't show in urine tests. ## Yes, on a test that looks for the specific drug, rather than just the presence of opiates, it should be detected as Fentanyl and its metabolites and not anything else. However, if the test being done is a non-certified one, then there is always the possibility of getting a false positive for something else, sinc...
Updated 4 days ago.
par pharmaceutical
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I'm on the Fentanyl 50-mcg/hr that's made by the Par Pharmaceutical & I've found out that these are the closest Generic to the Brand name Duragesic & wanted to know if they also make the Generic Endocet 10/325 that i have to take for BTP each day.
Updated 5 days ago.
is it okay to chew a fentanyl 50mg pain patch
629 Replies RSS
ive been given fentanyl 50mg pain patches an i was just wondering if its okay to cut one in half an chew on it? ## I would say definitely NOT - The Fentanyl transdermal patch is supposed to be absorbed by the body gradually. If you were to chew on it you would be taking a very dangerous risk - this is a very strong medication! Chewing on it would essentially release 3 days worth of of a narcotic into your body which is more powerful than morphine! Please post back with any other thoughts you have about this and please be safe! ## Obviously, chewing the patch is unsafe, but again... some people need faster pain relief. That being the case don't over do it, and work with your doctor to ensure you're being safe. ## Keep in mind that fentanyl patches are close to 80 TIMES more poten...
Updated 6 days ago.
Urine Test For Fentanyl Patch
4 Replies RSS
If I squeeze some of my fentanyl patch into some clean urine will it show up on the urine test ## It may or may not, it depends on what type of test they do. There are some tests that only check for the presence of a narcotic and in that case, it may work and be fine. However, there are more in-depth tests that check for the specific narcotic, as well as the levels of the metabolites. In this case, if it has not been processed through your body, there will be no metabolites and they would know that you weren't using it as you should be. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Its the test where u pee in a cup and they flip it upside down and the results appear on the top ## Its the test where u pee in a cup and they flip it upside down and the results appear on the top ## Can ...
Updated 7 days ago.
Will Fentanyl Show Up In Drug Test
5 Replies RSS
i take oxycottin 80 mgs 3 times a day i also take oxycodone 30mgs 5 times a day both prescribed by a doctor. I get drug tested every month both by urine than by a lab if i use a fentanyl patch will it show as that in my test? ## It depends on the type of test they do, but if Fentanyl is included in the panel, then yes, it will show up, if you use it near the time of the test. Most narcotics are only detectable for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Fentanyl WILL NOT appear on a simple Five Panel immunoassay as ANYTHING. Won't show up. Period. Source: just passed with a 75mcg patch, all tests negative. Happy testing! ## Will fentanyl show up in my urine test if I touched a patch? ## I take opana all my meds was stolen all I got...
Updated 7 days ago.
how long does fentanyl patch stay in urine
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does fentanyl show up in urine and if so how long after stopping does it show up ## Yes, Fentanyl is an opiate and will show up in your urine as such. Once you stop using them, narcotics are usually detectable in a urine test for up to 72 hours, though this can vary, depending on the dosage and length of time you've been using it. However, if you have a prescription, there is no need to worry, you simply need to tell them, when you go in for the test. Are there any comments or questions? ## Fentanyl is one of the fastest acting drugs due to it's administration routes, and the nature of the med. As a result, it's also one of the fastest to move through your body. Fast in and fast out. ## Does the fast in fast our include urine specifically being checked for fentanyl such as t...
Updated 9 days ago.
Fentanyl Withdrawal Help
13 Replies RSS
Hi all. I have seen a lot of posts in the drugs forum about Fentanyl withdrawal. I too have been struggling with the withdrawal symptoms for 10 days now. Trust me when I say it DOES and WILL get easier. I know that if you have just recently started a taper or have gone cold turkey because a taper hasn't worked for you, you're probably not feeling very well right now.Trust me when I say it will get better. It may take weeks to finally feel normal again, but the worst will be over before you know it! I was on 100mcg/hr for about a year, and just recently tapered to 12.5 but went through withdrawal anyhow. Here are a few things that might help, and that have helped me get through the worst of it. ****REMEMBER***** To consult your doctor before pulling yourself off any medication :)...
Updated 10 days ago.
fentanyl patch withdrawal symptoms and duration
233 Replies RSS
i have post sirgical lower back pain. was in 50 mcg pat. ch and had side effects ans so decided to wean off. i finished with the 12 mcg patch a week ago and am still suffering from peroidic nausea, irritability, daily joint and muscle pain, but the worst is the consistant restless leggs. it is driving me crazy. my doctor says that is not withdrawal. is he right? i don't think so. if it is withdrawal, what can i do about it and how long will it last? i am going crazy. ## Of course it can be from the withdrawal, your doctor might be surprised if he talked to some former addicts and learned the various things they suffered, when withdrawing from their drug of choice and you don't have to be abusing a medication for such things to happen. Learn more Fentanyl details here. Fentanyl i...
Updated 10 days ago.
will fentanyl show up on an oral drug test?
4 Replies RSS
My friend is on Probation and took fentanyl yesterday. He had to take an oral swab drug test today. Will the fentanyl show up on it? ## Yes. Unless your friend is superhuman it should and most likely will show positive for opiates. ## Listen. i can't stand when people make a comment about something they don't know anything about. so i just want u to tell ur friend this. i have been getting tested for six months now. I'm on drug court probation and i deal w cps and chemical dependency. all my tests get sent to a lab every week. i have gone with one in my mouth that same day and days before the tests and it DOES NOT. show up. Unless they take a poop sample or they suspect ur taking it, so if u are keep it on the low, there's a special test they have to send out for so your...
Updated 12 days ago.
Fentanyl patches turning pink within hours and falling off
2 Replies RSS
My father has recently started on these patches after a second full knee replacement and being on other pain killers for nearly 3 years now. The first 2 weeks they worked fine, lasting the 3 days gradualy turning from blue to pink then leaving a sticky residue that was quite hard to get off afterwards...the last few times, they are turning pink straightaway (within 3 hours) and falling off within 24...I'm really scared they aren't slow-release and it will cause damage in some way. Sorry my post is not so detailed as I need things explaining simply. I'm just so worried about him as he's very poorly at the moment and depressed too. ## Have you talked to his doctor, or pharmacist about it? I do know that some patches put out were found to be defective, but I am not sure if ...
Updated 13 days ago.
Taper Down From 50mcg Fentanyl Patch To 25mcg Withdrawal Help
101 Replies RSS
So, I'm in a big big dilemma. For my own security and well being, I MUST come off my Fentanyl transdermal patch. I've Been using 50mcg/72 hours for about 6 mths straight. I have 3 of the 50mcg patches left and 4 of the 25mcg to help me taper off. I will no longer be using them anymore, just Norcos or oxymorphone IR. I'm absolutely terrified of withdrawals. My doc who put me on them has No idea what it's like to come off like this. Can someone please tell me if and how bad the withdrawals from going down that much will affect me? I can not take any benzos (Ativan, xanax, etc) I have come off the oxymorph about 75% in the last 2 mths. I'm literally freaking out. Again, I'm terrified but HAVE to do this for at least another 7 months. Any help would be appreciated. O...
Updated 13 days ago.
...about to take my first shower with Fentanyl patch - help friends! I'm afraid, suggestions anyone???
11 Replies RSS
I'm new on 100 Fentanyl patches for the second day - feel OK, I've been on opioids for pain management for few years, read a lot of scary posts on misuse and deaths... I am so worried at this point, that taking a shower scares me.. Can anyone suggest any "coverage" for the patch area, while in a shower??? I don't think I can just "take a shower as is", it will come off, I'm sure... I like the patch, it does work ( I intend to use it EXACTLY as prescribe), but I am, as mentioned before, simply paranoid, I will get the patch wet, damage, etc., Also, I read a "hot showers are a BIG NOs" - anyone tell me more about it??? Please friends, I need a shower badly, it's not fair to others and members of my family, the girl needs her hair done! :) Thank ...
Updated 13 days ago.
Who Manufactures Fentanyl Patches And Which Work The Best For Pain Non Gel
17 Replies RSS
I have been having problems since they took me off of the duragesics made by jennsen, I am looking for a similar brand that helps my pain and does not fall off, I liked the sandoz but there is some back up on those i do not like the matrix because I get no relief, gell patches fall off ## Why did they take you off of it? Do you mean your pharmacy just switched which one they're providing? If that's the case, you can ask if they can order that one back in for you. You just may have to pay any price difference between it and their current one, because your insurance usually won't. As to the ones that fall off, there are also solutions available for that, there are some medical tapes and overlay patches that you can get to prevent them doing that. ## @vERWON PLEASE if you could...
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