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Fentanyl Transdermal Patches
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I've been using the 100mcg/hr of Fentanyl Patches and I've been using them for a long time. They stick well and they last almost 3 days and I'm prescrbed every 2 days, so I get extra relief by putting the new one on @48 hrs with the first one stil on; and I take 100mg of roxicodone, but the pain still is killing me and I've looked on the internet at the Patch by Par drugs, has anyone used this brand and would you give me a critique on them; how long do they last? do they stay on well?? I get my script of 9 boxes Monday and I need to make a decesion thanks, lakebum ## HI, Can anyone tell me all the manufactures of Fentanyl with the resovoir gel? Was using actavis and it bearly last 45 hrs. ## You really don't want to use the patch by Par. Its just like a sticky adhesi...
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how long does fentanyl stay in system?
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I WAS ON 200 MG OF FENTANYL EVERY 72 HRS FOR ONE MONTH GOT A URINE TEST 12 DAYS LATER SHOWED UP IN RESULTS DID NOT TAKE ANY EXCEPT MY MS CONTIN WHY DID THIS HAPPEN THEY WANT TO TAKE AWAY MY MEDS ## You're question is kind of confusing... You said you we're on 200mg for a month did you have a script for it or just for fun? If you had a script then they wouldn't take away your meds. They'll most likely give you a second chance but make sure you come up clean next time or they will take the morphine away. ## In reply to T: who the hell are u to question ppl In such a way? Second why in the hell would u think Sumone would use a 200 mcg fentanyl patch "FOR FUN" Are u 4Real ?? Ppl can die from that "FUN TIME" u think they can just get a hold of sumthin That jus...
Updated 1 day ago.
how long does fentanyl patch stay in urine
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does fentanyl show up in urine and if so how long after stopping does it show up ## Yes, Fentanyl is an opiate and will show up in your urine as such. Once you stop using them, narcotics are usually detectable in a urine test for up to 72 hours, though this can vary, depending on the dosage and length of time you've been using it. However, if you have a prescription, there is no need to worry, you simply need to tell them, when you go in for the test. Are there any comments or questions? ## Fentanyl is one of the fastest acting drugs due to it's administration routes, and the nature of the med. As a result, it's also one of the fastest to move through your body. Fast in and fast out. ## Does the fast in fast our include urine specifically being checked for fentanyl such as t...
Updated 1 day ago.
Fentanyl Can I Just Go Cold Turkey When Quitting
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My doctor has had me on the 100 fentanyl patch for 1 year now. He is going to take me off it. Can you just stop taking it with out side effects or withdrawls. Please tell me the proper way to get off this patch. Please help me, I have the doctor appointment tomorrow and want to know what to say. So far it sounds like his plan is just to take me off cold turkey. I am scared of withdrawls I am a mom of 5 kids and need to be ok. Please help. ## No, it is not safe to go cold turkey. I have had a doctor tell me that no one has ever died from withdrawal. Fentanyl withdrawal can slow or even stop your breathing. I have been on a 350 mcg dose of fentanyl patcheds every 48 hours for 10+ years. I was in a serious car accident w/ligament & tendon injury, then they thought chronic pain/arthriti...
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Does the fentanyl cause migraine headaches?
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I have been seeing a pain management specialist for about a year. We have tried just about every extended release along with breakthrough opioid oral medications, always inching from lowest dose to higher. But I also have severe chronic digestive problems which makes it very difficult to take oral medications . So my doctor put me on the fentanyl patch, but on day three I developed such a migraine headache I thought my eye would pop out. Is this a common side effect from fentanyl, and would it occur that long after application of the patch? It should be mentioned that on day three I also developed a case of shingles, so I am unsure which was the cause of the headache, the patch or the shingles. So my doctor put me back on the oral meds, but we're back to square one since I still have t
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Will Fentanyl Patch Show Up As Morphine In A Drug Test
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will fentynal show up as morphine on a drug test i need to know if it will ## I am assuming you're talking about the fentanyl patch, is it a urine test or a blood test? I am on methadone and I have to give 2 urine samples a week..fentanyl doesn't even show up as an opiate in my urine when I have relapsed. I have sucked on a piece of a 100 mcg patch (NEVER do THIS it's extremely dangerous)..I have used the patch as prescribed amd it doesn't show in urine tests. ## Yes, on a test that looks for the specific drug, rather than just the presence of opiates, it should be detected as Fentanyl and its metabolites and not anything else. However, if the test being done is a non-certified one, then there is always the possibility of getting a false positive for something else, sinc...
Updated 2 days ago.
Fentanyl 7 months off after five years of using the patch
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Just wanted to update and touch base with anyone wanting to stop using the patch or struggling through withdrawals. I was on the Fentanyl patch, ranging from 150 mcg to 25 mcg, for five years due to a rare debilitating, extremely painful disease called Dermatomyositis. This disease causes deep skin lesions and basically eats away the muscles of your upper arms and upper thighs and hips. It prevents you from doing anything requiring raising your arms above your shoulders, It also prevents you from walking up hills, stairs, etc. It eventually affects your lungs and swallowing. This disease crosses over with SLE and Fibromyalgia. I take 16 prescription drugs including a chemo injection and a med that is given to organ transplant patients to keep my body from rejecting itself plus the typic...
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patch ## Please see the page on this site called Fentanyl for more information about this medicine. ## I've been on 150mg patch every 48 hrs for 10yrs now. After 5 yrs i started sucking them. A friend told me it gives u energy cause i had none. So I'm always running out early now. I stopped wearing them altogether n would suck them. It was great for awhile but now I suck to not get sick and lived miserably for the last 3 yrs. I haven't left my home in 3 yrs, only for Dr's appointments. I'm missing out on my 2 daughters n grandson n a really ill father. I hate my life but I'm too afraid to tell my Dr in case she quits me cold turkey. I can't handle the withdrawal. I've tried cutting back to quit but I go nuts constantly thinking I gotta suck more so that...
Updated 3 days ago.
fentanyl patch withdrawal symptoms and duration
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i have post sirgical lower back pain. was in 50 mcg pat. ch and had side effects ans so decided to wean off. i finished with the 12 mcg patch a week ago and am still suffering from peroidic nausea, irritability, daily joint and muscle pain, but the worst is the consistant restless leggs. it is driving me crazy. my doctor says that is not withdrawal. is he right? i don't think so. if it is withdrawal, what can i do about it and how long will it last? i am going crazy. ## Of course it can be from the withdrawal, your doctor might be surprised if he talked to some former addicts and learned the various things they suffered, when withdrawing from their drug of choice and you don't have to be abusing a medication for such things to happen. Learn more Fentanyl details here. Fentanyl i...
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Fentanyl Sweating
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I am a 33 yr old woman being treated by Pain Mgmt Dr. for chronic pain as a result of 3 failed elbow surgeries and nerve damage. My current dosage is 50mcg/hr every 48 hrs with up to 4 oxycodone per day for break through pain. I know the patch is suppose to be a good medication for pain control, but I am really considering asking to change to a different medication because of the sweating problems I have on the Fentanyl and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I am constantly drenched sinced I have been on the patch. Dr tried hytrin to control sweating, but all that did was cause me to bloat. I tried HRT for a year to see if that would help...no luck, still sweating. I sleep with only a sheet over me and window open at night and still wake up soaked from sweat. If I do a...
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Fentanyl Patch Withdrawal Symptoms
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I have been on the 100 mg patch and percocet for my chrons and colitis for years. Last week I went cold turkey on my own recognance. I had my 2nd colostmy surgery which elevated my pain mostly, hence quitting. I am having insomnia and terrible joint pain but never had I been more clairvoiant inn years. I take Advil for my back and work out 4 days a week which helps sweat the toxins out. Exercise releases natural endorphans which are like a synthetic morphine so my specailist says lol. Its up to each individual to face their own truth. When your ready to kick, you know. I wouldn't advise you to do what I did but that's always been my personality. I quit smoking this way as well. Its not for everyone. Good luck all. After the storm comes the sunshine, TRUST ME! ## HI Iceman, Thank...
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CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO KEEP THE PATCH FROM COMING OFF AFTER SECOND DAY ? I SHOWER A COUPLE TIMES A DAY AND ON THE SECOND DAY THE PATCH WON'T STAY ON.THEN YOU USE MORE THAN WHAT IS PERSCRIBED AND YOU RUN OUT OF PATCHES AND THE INSURANCE COMPANY WON'T PAY FOR ANY MORE THAN PERSCRIBED,THEN COMES WITH DRAW ? ## The information I received with my patches indicate that the patch should not get wet. I have the same problem. In reading other post, there is a clear cover that can be obtained to protect the patch from water. I have not researched for any sourses, but will soon. I will contact you again if I find a resonable sourse, unless I see another post answers your question. This drug scares me, I have expereniced the DT's with much weaker drugs, and I would not wish that 10 d...
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Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms
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I'm trying to wean myself off the Fentanyl patch. I went from 75 micro-gms to 50 now I'm on 25. Having a problem and not sure it is related to the decrease in the med. It's been 20 days on the 25 micro-gm and I'm going crazy. I need to keep rocking, moving in any way b/c my body is very restless. Is this a symptom of withdrawal and what do I do? I cannot take it any more. ## Yes, that can be caused by withdrawal, you probably jumped down in dosage a little too fast. This med is very, very strong, 80 times stronger than Morphine and it has a half-life of 17 hours, so that means once you take off the patch, it takes 17 hours until it has dwindled to 50% off the full dose in your body, then it slows and actually takes 3 or 4 days before it is all out of your system. So if y...
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fentanyl withdrawal symptoms
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hi pat and thanks for the input am trying to get as much information before my pain management appointment in 3 weeks, i am interested in how you received pain meds for your hep c and if you have received treatment, any input would be helpful, i am 43 with two grown daughters and a husband who are having a rough time dealing with me so this site is a comfort to me, i am 12 days off the patch and 5 days off the tabs, my sweats are still a problem but not as bad, do you draw ssi for your hep and i really have learned alot from your posts ## GOOD $ U to get off the patch. Ask your Dr. to give you lomotil & levsin..these will counteract & get youthru the irritable bowel that is accompanying this withdrawal. I used demerol to get off that HORRID KILLING patch. ## If Pat has a post on...
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Can You Cut The Fentanyl Patch In Half
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I asked my doctor the same question yesterday, she said "no", because once it hits the air, the strength starts to dissipate, or weaken. So she put me on the lowest dose, as I hope to get off them and all meds eventually. ## No, you can't cut it in half and the reason for it is because it is time released and cutting the patch could cause you to get too much of the medication at once, which may result in a dangerous overdose. Learn more Fentanyl details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## What about the new style without the gel. You know like the nicotine patches Can you cut those ones half? and just cut your dose.. thanks.. Dave ## I have been using the Mylan matrix (non-gel) patches for some time now and have had no problems with cutting them. I remove 1/6...
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wearing fentanyl patch and getting surgery
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I am currently using 125 MCG fentanyl patches - 1 100mcg and 1 25mcg for chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and Addisons Disease. My orthopedic surgeon just informed me today that I have a large bone spur and a torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder. I have an appointment on Tuesday to see my pain mgmt specialist and I can discuss this with him but often he has mislead me with instructions on how to take my meds and vitamin supplements, one time landing me in the hospital in full blown Addisonian Crisis. My question is, if I need to have surgery soon, what am I going to do about wearing my patch? I know I cannot wear it during surgery and I heard that I have to ween off before surgery. I don't know what's the best to do. Any advise or personal experience will be greatly appreciate it
Updated 8 days ago.
Fentanyl Patches Killing people!
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I would like to know WHY the FDA has not taken the Fentanyl Patch off the market? This drug is being handed out like candy. Anyone who is not terminal or under Hospice care or in a hospital invironment should not be using this drug. Why would a person be prescribed a medication that is 80 times stronger than morphine for a backache. I do not believe patients know how powerful this medication is.The warning should be labled in RED. When are you FDA going to realize This medication is killing while relieving pain! I know because it killed my son. ## Very sorry to hear that you lost your son, from use of this medication. As to the warnings, those used by the FDA are black box warnings, to alert people to serious risks. While it can be dangerous, since it is so powerful and often abuse, it ...
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Fentanyl patch falling off
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my patch keeps coming off prematurely. can you recommend a solution? ## You can buy Tegaderm at Walgreen's, it's an occlusive dressing and apply it over the patch and as long as you don't have adhesive allergies it should hold through showers, etc. until the next patch is needed. Sometimes happens, may ask doctor about changing brands, some do better than others, good luck. ## I had the same problem.Went to Walgreen's and purchased Nexcare (I believe that's the brand). It is a clear sticky cover which works keeping the patch on! Went swimming, showering & used the jacuzzi. At times it was difficult getting them off. Good luck. Judy ## The other posters are correct, sometimes something else is required to help keep them on, such as another adhesive product, or wat...
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Fentanyl 50mcg, Dilaudid 4mg, Nubane & colace inj.
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Can anyone tell me if the fentanyl 50mcg and dilaudid 4mg, which I had taken two of by that time along with an inj. of Nubane & colace caused me to have a horrific seizure within a half hour after dosing? I have never taken colace before and some meds alone cause me to seize. Need to know. ## I'm very sorry about what happened to you. However, I really don't think anyone is going to be able to give you a definitive answer to this. It is possible, thought not common and, if you've had seizures before, it could have been entirely unrelated to any of these medications. Has your doctor ordered testing, such as brain scan, as recommended by the NIH? If something causes some type of chemical imbalance in your brain, then it could very well cause a seizure. Are these the only m...
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Are There Any Real Pain Specialists Left in Richmond, VA???
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I used to live in the Richmond, VA area up until June of 2013, when I made the mistake of moving to Texas for 2 years, and now I'm back in the area. I have also been in chronic pain now for almost 14 years, have had 1 spinal surgery in '09 that was quite successful...until I was rear ended at a stoplight by some 'jerk' (note the PC term) going 65 -> 70 mph less than 18 months later. So now, I have 'Failed Back Surgery Syndrome" (yes, I kid you not, that's an ACTUAL diagnosis) on the disc I had surgery on (L5/S1), as well as herniations/tears on L3/L4 and L4/L5. Another wonderful fact about me is that I have a little genetic mutation called EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). That just means that I take 10x longer to heal, I bleed more than most everyone else, a...
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