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how long does fentanyl 100mcghr stay in your urine
i need to know how ong fentanyl 100mcg/hr stay in your urine. how long can it be detected after taking your patch off? ## If you have a valid prescription, then it does not matter, you simply need to make them aware of it when you have the test. Fentanyl has a short half-life of only 7 hours, so it will be out of your system in approximately 48 hours. ## Been on 100 mcg patch for several trouble except patch is only effective for 48 hrs, not 72. Have no side effects. Starting to notice I'm not getting as much relief. tried two patches and was fine and got needed relief. ## I have been chewing fentanyl patches for the past couple of weeks. after I chew this last patch how long will it take to leave my system? I have to pass pee test on january 20th. Will it show up then? ## P...
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How Long Does it take for fentanyl 25 mcg withdrawals to start and stop
i have been on fentanyl 25mcg for about a yr. i am decreasing to 12.5 mcg for a week and then no more patches after. how long will it take to considering the info. will it take for the withdrawal to start and stop. i understand everyone is different. i will be taking valium 5mg for a couple days to ease the effects. any info would be great. ## Yes, everyone is different, so it really makes it hard to say, because it is going to vary. I stopped heavy doses of Oxycodone and Morphine cold turkey, after being on them for about 6 or 7 years for pain management and my withdrawal symptoms lasted for about a month. Hopefully the Valium will help. Has your doctor given you any other advice? ## Thanks for ur info. Several yrs ago I stopped fiorcet w codeine (on it for 4 yrs) and it took about tha...
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Fentanyl Patches 100mg not doing jack s
Hi I'm on 100 I do know when they run but they don't desalt seem to do much what is better then this for osteo pain? Thanks ## Fentanyl is the strongest narcotic opiate that's available, it's over 80 times stronger than Morphine. Learn more Fentanyl details here. How often do you change the patch? What other medications have you tried? ## Hi Patch is very 3 days,, I cant recall the names, but there has been allot of different tablets etc over the last 24 months. People keep saying these patches are the strongest etc yet I find they dont really make any difference on me at all, If I don't take them there is no real noticeable change. ## Is it that you dont get the high? Because I use it and I dont even feel like im on it. But it works great for the pain. Get dome perc...
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coming off fentanyl patch
I recently went through bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. Chemo & herceptin treatments all done, but because of continual pain I was on percocet for a year, and then switched to 12mcg fentanyl patch, and recently up to a 25mcg patch. I do not want to keep taking these pain meds. So....I stopped cold turkey the patch and I am not able to sleep at night, restless body syndrome, hot & cold spells & extreme anxiety. What can I do to help with these symptoms & how long before it will take me to get through this withdrawal time? Do I need to call my doctor? ## Hello, Linda! How are you doing? I am very sorry that you had cancer. Fentanyl is a very potent narcotic, it is 81 times stronger than Morphine and you went cold turkey off of it, so the symptoms you've been...
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Where cani buy painkillers without RX....please read i must have help !!
Well i have servere lymes disease and take fentanyl and percocet for pain. Well now most recently the gov. wants me to take Social Security Disability,I cant do that i am 22 going to be 23 years old and i actually want to work. Also the money i would get is barley anything...barley enough to pay bill and live. So i cant do it. Well i was wondering if i can get without getting into trouble pain killers oversea's without RX. These pills would be best to have because i am so opiate tolerant. The patch really does nothing to me at all. i would like to buy more fentanyl or morphine,dualid,MScotin, Fentanyl Citrate,oymorphone,Opana ER , So please any info i really need. I know laws are tight but maybe some one out their knows the way i want to make it clear i am not an add...
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fentanyl patch withdrawls
how long does the nausea and vomiting last? ## There is no way to say with certainty, much of it depends on the person. Without more information, such as the dosage and how long you were on it, I can't even really provide you with a rough estimate. Can you post back with more details? Thanks! This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## I started out on the 12.5 mcg. moving up to the 75 mcg over a eight month period. made me awful sick, weight loss, vomiting, abdominal pain ect.. went back down to the 50 mcg then 25 mcg. took that patch off 30 days ago. still having slight withdrawls. but, the nausea ( all the time) and vomiting ( 2-3 times a week) are very ...
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is it okay to chew a fentanyl 50mg pain patch
ive been given fentanyl 50mg pain patches an i was just wondering if its okay to cut one in half an chew on it? ## I would say definitely NOT - The Fentanyl transdermal patch is supposed to be absorbed by the body gradually. If you were to chew on it you would be taking a very dangerous risk - this is a very strong medication! Chewing on it would essentially release 3 days worth of of a narcotic into your body which is more powerful than morphine! Please post back with any other thoughts you have about this and please be safe! ## Obviously, chewing the patch is unsafe, but again...people are going to chew them. You can chew em as long as you take only small portions at a time. Just moderate yourself and don't overdue it. ## Keep in mind that fentanyl patches are close to 80 TIMES mo...
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what can i do if doctor just stops perscribing fentanyl patch after 8 years
My doctor told me last Thursday a UA came back with low values of meds in my system. I only ever used the meds as prescribed. He said he will no longer fill my 75 mcg/h patch and hydrocodone after 8 years. 2 car accidents 3 weeks apart in 2003. I have 2 inoperable thoratic disc, spinal stenosis and a pinched nerve in my lower back. Also had 2 cervical fusion surgeries. I honestly feel like my withdrawals are going to kill me and pain is starting to really flair? What can I do? He gave me a 20 day supply of Clonidine and sent me on my way. No advice, no referral. I actually had to chase him down to ask questions. Warning on the Clonidine says not for patients with heart attacks and I've had a major blockage and almost died also in 2003 (really bad year) and I as only 43. Is this unet...
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decreasing fentanyl withdrawal help
Being weaned off of fentanyl. Just need to talk to others about it. I've dropped down from 100 to 75 it's been a month. Sometimes I have no appetite for days at a time. Now my whole body is aching really bad. I was put on this after I had sugery on my cervical spine and after I found out later that my back was just as bad and I couldn't stand the pain. They started me on a low dose and increased until I was doing ok. I just want to mentally feel good again. ## I am so sorry about what you're going through. Everything you've described are normal withdrawal effects, though. You will likely experience them for awhile each time you lower the dose. How fast are you tapering? ## My Dr says it will be a long process :(. I've been on the 75mcg for a month and a half. The...
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My husband is having withdrawals
My husband was in a major car accident a year ago that left him on Fentanyl. He started out on 125 ug and weaned himself over this year down to 25. He decided it was time to get off of the terrible stuff after 2 months on the 25s (with his doctor's enthusiastic approval). Last night he started having the withdrawals... shaking, sweating, insomnia, terrible headache, feeling like he wanted to crawl out of his own skin. He took two hot baths and between that and the med he uses for muscle spasms he was able to fall asleep. He's sleeping comfortably now but I am so worried about him. I understand it could take weeks or even months before he feels fully normal again but how long does this initial part last? What can he do about the symptoms in he meantime? Please help :( ## Oh, I pr...
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Fentanyl Transdermal Patches
I've been using the 100mcg/hr of Fentanyl Patches and I've been using them for a long time. They stick well and they last almost 3 days and I'm prescrbed every 2 days, so I get extra relief by putting the new one on @48 hrs with the first one stil on; and I take 100mg of roxicodone, but the pain still is killing me and I've looked on the internet at the Patch by Par drugs, has anyone used this brand and would you give me a critique on them; how long do they last? do they stay on well?? I get my script of 9 boxes Monday and I need to make a decesion thanks, lakebum ## HI, Can anyone tell me all the manufactures of Fentanyl with the resovoir gel? Was using actavis and it bearly last 45 hrs. ## You really don't want to use the patch by Par. Its just like a sticky adhesi...
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On Fentanyl How Long To Wait Take Suboxone
i am on 100 mcg fentanyl patch every 48 and given the certain amount of waste each month with one or more galling off and whatnot i keep a couple suboxone from an old script on hand. how long should i wait to take a half an eight mg sub.??? thank you in advance ## To prevent them falling off, you might want to try using some waterproof medical tape to help keep them on, they also sell a clear sticky patch that can be used over them and it is fine to do so, unless your doctor has given you specific instructions not to. Learn more Fentanyl details here. Learn more Suboxone details here. As to the Suboxone, along with the narcotic Buprenorphine, it also contains Naloxone, which is used to help prevent the abuse of other opiates, while someone is under treatment with it, thus you have to be...
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Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms
I'm trying to wean myself off the Fentanyl patch. I went from 75 micro-gms to 50 now I'm on 25. Having a problem and not sure it is related to the decrease in the med. It's been 20 days on the 25 micro-gm and I'm going crazy. I need to keep rocking, moving in any way b/c my body is very restless. Is this a symptom of withdrawal and what do I do? I cannot take it any more. ## Yes, that can be caused by withdrawal, you probably jumped down in dosage a little too fast. This med is very, very strong, 80 times stronger than Morphine and it has a half-life of 17 hours, so that means once you take off the patch, it takes 17 hours until it has dwindled to 50% off the full dose in your body, then it slows and actually takes 3 or 4 days before it is all out of your system. So if y...
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fentanyl patches and problems with insurance and pharmacies
I have been on fentanyl / Duragesic since 2005 when i was not longer able to take oral opioids as my stomach lining was eroding since then the first couple years while i was continuing care under one pain management office i had little problem filling them other than then not having them in stock and i had to wait one day. Since i move to PA and then back to FL and now again back to PA i have been having non stop issues between the medicare insurance and prior authorizations some periods every month and now my pharmacist tells me that the script was written out to be taken orally .. has anyone else had issues with just about every darn excuse they can give you sometimes having to go through withdrawal for weeks on end? I am just wondering and if so who can you turn to in order to get re...
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how long does fentanyl patch stay in urine
does fentanyl show up in urine and if so how long after stopping does it show up ## Yes, Fentanyl is an opiate and will show up in your urine as such. Once you stop using them, narcotics are usually detectable in a urine test for up to 72 hours, though this can vary, depending on the dosage and length of time you've been using it. However, if you have a prescription, there is no need to worry, you simply need to tell them, when you go in for the test. Are there any comments or questions? ## Fentanyl is one of the fastest acting drugs due to it's administration routes, and the nature of the med. As a result, it's also one of the fastest to move through your body. Fast in and fast out. ## Does the fast in fast our include urine specifically being checked for fentanyl such as t...
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how to order fentanyll patches online with credit card
Im in great pain . i'm a Vietnam vet and 66 years old . I have lot of nerve pain and severe bacj pain I cant find a doctor. I have been on fentanyl patches before 150 mcg , please help Louis Beridon ## Hello, Louis! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're suffering. However, it is illegal to obtain medications in such a manner. In the U.S. they require a doctor's prescription and regular doctor's visits to monitor their use. Have you tried your nearest VA? They usually have a pain management program. ## THE BEST AND ONLY WAY TO GET A FENTANYL PATCH PRESCRIPTIONS SEE A PAIN MANAGEMENT SECIALIST, BECAUSE IT IS A HIGHY ADDITVE MEICATION, NO OHE DOCOR OULD GIVE YOU A PRESCRIPTION FOR IT. I'M 56 YEARL OLD AND HAVE BEEN ON IT FOR OVER 4 YEARS AND I KNOW HOW DANGEROUS T...
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CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO KEEP THE PATCH FROM COMING OFF AFTER SECOND DAY ? I SHOWER A COUPLE TIMES A DAY AND ON THE SECOND DAY THE PATCH WON'T STAY ON.THEN YOU USE MORE THAN WHAT IS PERSCRIBED AND YOU RUN OUT OF PATCHES AND THE INSURANCE COMPANY WON'T PAY FOR ANY MORE THAN PERSCRIBED,THEN COMES WITH DRAW ? ## The information I received with my patches indicate that the patch should not get wet. I have the same problem. In reading other post, there is a clear cover that can be obtained to protect the patch from water. I have not researched for any sourses, but will soon. I will contact you again if I find a resonable sourse, unless I see another post answers your question. This drug scares me, I have expereniced the DT's with much weaker drugs, and I would not wish that 10 d...
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Will Fentanyl Patch Show Up As Morphine In A Drug Test
will fentynal show up as morphine on a drug test i need to know if it will ## I am assuming you're talking about the fentanyl patch, is it a urine test or a blood test? I am on methadone and I have to give 2 urine samples a week..fentanyl doesn't even show up as an opiate in my urine when I have relapsed. I have sucked on a piece of a 100 mcg patch (NEVER do THIS it's extremely dangerous)..I have used the patch as prescribed amd it doesn't show in urine tests. ## Yes, on a test that looks for the specific drug, rather than just the presence of opiates, it should be detected as Fentanyl and its metabolites and not anything else. However, if the test being done is a non-certified one, then there is always the possibility of getting a false positive for something else, sinc...
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Sciatic Nerve
I've got a pinched sciatic nerve that has gotten progressively worse over the past 6 weeks. Finally went to an ER because the pain became unbearable. I had been trying yoga poses/stretches for the hamstrings. That really didn't help. I was in an ER yesterday, for about 5 hours or so, because after I had got up in the morning I was unable to move without excruciating pain in my right hip down through my right leg..I couldn't move on my own, and the paramedics that picked me up, OMG I was screaming and balling in pain.. Over the course of the 5 hours I was there in the ER, I got injected (through an IV) of FENTanyl 50mg (didn't help). About 40 mins later I got a shot of TORadol (30mg), didn;t help.. FINALLY, around 3:34pm, I got a shot of morphine.. OMG!! Was that the most re
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