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will fentanyl show up in drug test as an opiate
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Man the amount of people who have no clue what they are talking about yet spitting advice on it like they are an expert is bewildering. NO FENTANYL does not show up as an opiate on any test anywhere. In fact the only things that will show up as an opiate are morphine, codeine, and heroin and that is because heroin and morphine metabolize into morphine. Not even oxycodone or hydrocodone can be detected as an opiate they have to be specifically tested for as they metabolize differently, same with methadone, methadone has to be specifically tested for, it will not show up as anything but methadone. So unless the test you are taking is specifically testing for fentanyl then you will be fine. The question is whether or not the test you are taking is testing for fentanyl. I have yet to see a ...
Updated 4 hours ago.
pain management winston salem charlotte greensboro nc
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I moved to Winston Salem about 18 months ago. I'm currently driving 5 hours each month to see a primary care Dr who prescribes me fentanyl 100mcg x 48 hours + oxycodone 20mg 3day for breakthrough pain (which I feel I need to be bumped up bc since my gastric bypass my stomach only absorbs 1/3 of anybody oral meds) . I'm a 3 time cancer survivor and barely make it doing regular household functions. I also have pinched sciatica nerves slipped disk herniated rupture disks cluster headaches degenerated disk disease. I'm willing to drive a couple hours away and can pass all pill counts and drug checks. I prefer a primary care that treats pain or a pain management doctor w self referral. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME ASAP!!! ## I'm in Winston Salem NC and have a pinched...
Updated 1 day ago.
Fentanyl Can I Just Go Cold Turkey When Quitting
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My doctor has had me on the 100 fentanyl patch for 1 year now. He is going to take me off it. Can you just stop taking it with out side effects or withdrawls. Please tell me the proper way to get off this patch. Please help me, I have the doctor appointment tomorrow and want to know what to say. So far it sounds like his plan is just to take me off cold turkey. I am scared of withdrawls I am a mom of 5 kids and need to be ok. Please help. ## No, it is not safe to go cold turkey. I have had a doctor tell me that no one has ever died from withdrawal. Fentanyl withdrawal can slow or even stop your breathing. I have been on a 350 mcg dose of fentanyl patcheds every 48 hours for 10+ years. I was in a serious car accident w/ligament & tendon injury, then they thought chronic pain/arthriti...
Updated 2 days ago.
how long does fentanyl patch stay in urine
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does fentanyl show up in urine and if so how long after stopping does it show up ## Yes, Fentanyl is an opiate and will show up in your urine as such. Once you stop using them, narcotics are usually detectable in a urine test for up to 72 hours, though this can vary, depending on the dosage and length of time you've been using it. However, if you have a prescription, there is no need to worry, you simply need to tell them, when you go in for the test. Are there any comments or questions? ## Fentanyl is one of the fastest acting drugs due to it's administration routes, and the nature of the med. As a result, it's also one of the fastest to move through your body. Fast in and fast out. ## Does the fast in fast our include urine specifically being checked for fentanyl such as t...
Updated 2 days ago.
Fentyanl Patches
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I have a fentynal 100mg patch. I usually suck the gel out but this one is not gel its on sticky strip paper. so how do i get the medicine off now, suck on the paper? ## It's actually not safe to do so. Fentanyl is a very potent narcotic, it is actually over 80 times stronger than Morphine and using it in such a manner does create the very real risk of overdose. Learn more: The 100mcgs is the highest dosage patch available, so it is very dangerous. Are there any other questions or comments? ## You chew on it sticky side out. chew on it all day same affect as gel. I like them better ## What me and my boyfriend do with our fentynal patches is we cut little pieces off and just suck on that.. sticky side on my tounge :) ## Anyone looking for fentanyl patches? ## Yes, I do the same thing....
Updated 2 days ago.
is it okay to chew a fentanyl 50mg pain patch
619 Replies RSS
ive been given fentanyl 50mg pain patches an i was just wondering if its okay to cut one in half an chew on it? ## I would say definitely NOT - The Fentanyl transdermal patch is supposed to be absorbed by the body gradually. If you were to chew on it you would be taking a very dangerous risk - this is a very strong medication! Chewing on it would essentially release 3 days worth of of a narcotic into your body which is more powerful than morphine! Please post back with any other thoughts you have about this and please be safe! ## Obviously, chewing the patch is unsafe, but again... some people need faster pain relief. That being the case don't over do it, and work with your doctor to ensure you're being safe. ## Keep in mind that fentanyl patches are close to 80 TIMES more poten...
Updated 3 days ago.
Fentanyl Withdrawal Help
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Hi all. I have seen a lot of posts in the drugs forum about Fentanyl withdrawal. I too have been struggling with the withdrawal symptoms for 10 days now. Trust me when I say it DOES and WILL get easier. I know that if you have just recently started a taper or have gone cold turkey because a taper hasn't worked for you, you're probably not feeling very well right now.Trust me when I say it will get better. It may take weeks to finally feel normal again, but the worst will be over before you know it! I was on 100mcg/hr for about a year, and just recently tapered to 12.5 but went through withdrawal anyhow. Here are a few things that might help, and that have helped me get through the worst of it. ****REMEMBER***** To consult your doctor before pulling yourself off any medication :)...
Updated 4 days ago.
Fentanyl 50 Mcg H And Morphine Sulfate Cr 30 Mg Tab Togather Together
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Can fentanyl 50 mcg/h and morphine sulfate cr 30 mg tab , be taken togather at the same time ? ## Have you consulted a doctor? Where they prescribed to be used together? Since these are both controlled release medications, they are rarely used together, in this manner, due to the risks it can cause, since they both cause depression of the central nervous system. This is usually only done in cases of very severe, chronic pain, where the person has already built up a tolerance to the narcotics and is no longer getting effective relief from them. Normally, if someone is using the Fentanyl patch and requires a medication for breakthrough pain, they are given a regular release or instant release medication. ## Did a doctor prescribe these? If so, did one doctor prescribe the morphine and one...
Updated 4 days ago.
3 Replies RSS
For various reasons I suffer severe pain related to: Spinal Stenosis, herniated disc in cervical spine, previous broken tailbone. I have previously tried, Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, but now am on Fentanyl patch along with Neurontin. These only control about 50% of pain and have often "breakthrough" pain that is nearly unbearable. A friend recommended Methodone to add to these meds. Can anyone tell me if it would help? Also, would it be risky as far as overdosing? I have a really high tolorance to opiates. ## In most cases, Methadone wouldn't be advised, because it is very addictive and habit forming. In most cases for breakthrough pain, an instant release medication would be used, such as Oxy IR, which is available as a generic, or MS IR, which is an instant release morphine th...
Updated 4 days ago.
20 panel U/A for toxicology
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Can fentanyl be detected on this 20 panel urine test?
Updated 5 days ago.
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Updated 6 days ago.
fentanyl / fentermina 30 mg
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I bought fentanyl / fentermina 30 mg in Mexico it's a small off white pill with letters apo on one side and a line down the other. Is this what it is supposed to look like? ## I got the same things yesterday. Did you find them to be real? Did they work? ## If you filled your prescription in Mexico I would recommend contacting the pharmacy there for any additional details pertaining to this medication. Perhaps they can at least provide you with manufacturer information as a means of verifying its legitimacy. Since countries outside of the US don't have the same rigorous evaluations and standards that the FDA requires, another option that may feel more secure is to have its contents analyzed by a lab or drug panel. Just going off the description alone it still seems like too much ...
Updated 10 days ago.
narcotics used in combination with the fentanyl patch
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I am 46 and hv been diagnosed with severe lumbar spinal stenosis, protruding disc, etc. I have taken aspirin, tylenol, t3, ibuprophen, tramodol, anti - depressants, muscle relaxers, and vicodin most recent along with the Fentanyl patch 25mg. This is the first time in my life I've had a significant relief of pain. The problem is that the pain is coming back after being on these 2 meds for about 3months. My doctor is hesitant about giving any other narcotics in addition to the patch. I'd like to know if anyone knows what other narcotic works well with the patch and how do I suggest this to my doctor without her being suspicious. ## It is normal for your body to get used to whatever dosage you are currently taking and for you to require a medication adjustment. There is no precise ...
Updated 10 days ago.
Dangerous use of fentanyl
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Never chew Fentanyl. This should Never be used as a party drug, it's dangerous. People who are tolerant to opiates with severe pain can use this, others should never use this except as prescribed. It's deadly. You may fall asleep and not awaken. Being dead is forever.
Updated 10 days ago.
Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms
1613 Replies RSS
I'm trying to wean myself off the Fentanyl patch. I went from 75 micro-gms to 50 now I'm on 25. Having a problem and not sure it is related to the decrease in the med. It's been 20 days on the 25 micro-gm and I'm going crazy. I need to keep rocking, moving in any way b/c my body is very restless. Is this a symptom of withdrawal and what do I do? I cannot take it any more. ## Yes, that can be caused by withdrawal, you probably jumped down in dosage a little too fast. This med is very, very strong, 80 times stronger than Morphine and it has a half-life of 17 hours, so that means once you take off the patch, it takes 17 hours until it has dwindled to 50% off the full dose in your body, then it slows and actually takes 3 or 4 days before it is all out of your system. So if y...
Updated 11 days ago.
how long does fentanyl stay in your urine
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I applied a fentanyl patch 2 days ago - how long will it be in my urine after a single use? ## I have been going to a suboxone clinic for over a year. I do not care to hear any judgement of my choices. This month my pharmacy is not letting me pick up the rest of my script for another 10 days, so I will be in withdraw for a few days before getting my meds. I have a few 100 fentanyl patches and I was considering taking one, but with a drug test on the 4th of next month at my subox clinic, I am worried about the fentanyl showing up in my urine. Its more than 10 days away but if I am dirty I will lose my subox. How good are my chances of the fentanyl being gone? ## Allow 5-7 days after you remove patech ## I've been off my fentanyl patch for two weeks...curious how long will it take to ...
Updated 12 days ago.
is fentanyl really 80x stronger than morphine?
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if fentanyl is 80x stronger than morphine, how much morphine will I have to take if I'm on 25mg fentanyl. sounds scary ## Hello, Kim! How are you? You're on 25mcgs of Fentanyl? You'd need only about 7.5mgs of Morphine. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes, Fentanyl is 80% stronger. ## None. If you are taking Fentanyl you should have no need to take morphine. ## I have been researching most of the day and absolutely cannot find an answer to my question. I have metastatic breast cancer. My oncologist had me on 60mg mscontin, which I take every 12 hours. I was also on 20mg oxycodone every 4 hours for b...
Updated 14 days ago.
Mallinckrodt Fentanyl Patch
57 Replies RSS
Does anyone know how it is made? Does it have the medicine woven into the fabric of the patch or is it in a pouch form? Thank you ## No, I'm sorry, due to the risks of then being abused, such as people trying to smoke the medication from a patch, they no longer publicly list the specifics of its make up. They are really only required to list it with the FDA safety filings anyway, so they can get away with doing this quite easily. Learn more Fentanyl details here. Have you gotten some manufactured by them from your pharmacy? ## If the patch has a gel filled pouch....what would the gel be there for if it wasn't impregnated with the medicine? ## I have been using Fentanyl patches for about 2 years, the 75 Mcg. I usually get the Mylan brand. Drug store was low on the Wty they had so...
Updated 14 days ago.
Who Manufactures Fentanyl Patches And Which Work The Best For Pain Non Gel
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I have been having problems since they took me off of the duragesics made by jennsen, I am looking for a similar brand that helps my pain and does not fall off, I liked the sandoz but there is some back up on those i do not like the matrix because I get no relief, gell patches fall off ## Why did they take you off of it? Do you mean your pharmacy just switched which one they're providing? If that's the case, you can ask if they can order that one back in for you. You just may have to pay any price difference between it and their current one, because your insurance usually won't. As to the ones that fall off, there are also solutions available for that, there are some medical tapes and overlay patches that you can get to prevent them doing that. ## @vERWON PLEASE if you could...
Updated 15 days ago.
Pain medication stronger than Fentanyl
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So, I'm not smart, but I've been in rehab 13 times. Fentanyl comes in 3 different varieties, fentanyl, the weak s***, then Methyfentanyl, and finally, Su fentanyl, which can be 6200 times stronger than morphine. Some bad news... They can all kill you, as all versions beyond fentanyl are meant exclusively for constant IV Drip application. 3-methyfentanyl also has an insanely short half life. So dose then 6-11 min after rush, dose, euphoria, death. And then Narcan shot to the butt, you wake up, already feeling like it's been 9 hours, time to dose yourself again. Also, Google to confirm, but CARFENTANIL IS THEE STRONGEST COMMERCIALLY SOLD pain killer... Weighing in at 10k times stronger than morphine, and 100 times more potent than fentanyl it is obviously stronger than anythin...
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