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Does Oxycontin And Oxycodone Show Up The Same N A Drug Urine Test
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Renee Says:
When taking a urine drug test, does oxycontin and oxycodone come up as the same drug? I took a 40mg oxycontin on a monday and was drug tested on thurs. I am tested once a month from my pain mangement dr. to make sure my oxycodone's are in my system. So will the 2 drugs show up as one or is there a differance in them with the drug test?

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Kris Says:
America, if you crush up the pill there will only be a trace of it. It has to be metabolized into your body sorry.

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jayden Says:
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Renee how did your test turn out I have same issue . Was yours sent to a lab? I know there the same but I'm worried they hv 1 different chemical than the other mine always goes to the lab

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Robert Says:
is there a difference on a UDS from oxycodone and oxycontin, i am an CRITICAL CARE REG. NURSE and I am very aware of the difference of the 2 meds but as far as laboratory goes will it come back with different properties and be declared as a "dirty urine" the oxycontin was mine but from awhile ago,not from this physician. Thank-you for your reply "R"

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anniekris Says:
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Fred Says:
Don't punish all because of some people being a addict or overdosing. That is life. Things happen.

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Lily Says:
HI, REDGRACE! In regard to getting just a one month prescription from your doc for the Oxycontin--when taking Oxycontin, you need a new WRITTEN prescription every month from your doctor. The doctor cannot put refills on it nor can it be phoned in; again, it must be written each month. As for the results of your test, it's perfectly OK to call your doctor's office to ask for them. You could also make an appointment to discuss the results if it's financially feasible for you. If your medication isn't showing up on your drug test, it makes the doctor wonder if you're selling it. The even bigger problem, of course, is that your husband is "stealing" medication for HIS pain even though he knows you need it for YOUR pain. I'm not "condemning" him--I know what it's like to be desperately trying to live and work every day with pain that isn't well-controlled--but this is still not the way to deal with it. It sounds like he may need to find a new doctor. The doctor's suggestion that your husband should just find a new job (as though that's easy and no big deal) shows insensitivity and ignorance. What his doctor SHOULD be doing is addressing the issue of adequately treating your husband's pain so he can do his current job, which the doctor is apparently not doing. That's negligence on the doc's part. With regard to the fact that your husband is stealing your pain medication--I assume he realizes that his theft of your medication is causing problems for you with your own doctor and perhaps with the drug testing being done on you, plus presumably leaving you in pain. Yet he continues to steal your meds. Again, I'm not condemning him; we'll just assume that the degree of pain he's experiencing pushes him to do this. I would suggest that you purchase a small safe with a combination lock (not a key) and keep ALL your medication in it. Don't leave even one pill somewhere else--in your purse, a pocket, a cabinet or whatever. I had this same issue with a friend who I realized was periodically "sneaking" pain meds from me in small amounts when she visited; I ended up using a safe like this in which to keep my pills. You have to be absolutely strict about keeping your meds locked up; open the safe, take out the pill(s) you need and lock the safe again before you even take the pill. (In other words, don't forget to lock it!) Then immediately take whatever medication you took from the safe. This plan would make it impossible to allow any pills to be taken from your supply. If you follow this plan, no excuses, it will be impossible for your husband to get any of your meds. If he can break into a locked combination safe, he's a better safecracker than many professional bank robbers!:-) All the best to both of you!

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redgrace Says:
What if you came clean on your drug screen for everything but supposed to show positive for oxycontin er? The doctor sent urine to a lab, will the lab just test for my prescription in question? Or do they test the sample for everything all over again at a higher rate? Asking because I made a stupid mistake and tried methamphetamine for the first time ever and did less that .5 over a 3 day course (3 days butwasnt continuously used, still ate, drank fluids, slept, etc) My UA at doctors came up clean (it had been almost 7days since use) and showed my other prescriptions but not my 20mg oxycontin BC I had run out early do to spousal theft. I didn't want to tell doctor BC my husband is on pain mng program too and just has no self control and runs out and then takes mine without asking(I've tried hiding and locking up and somehow he always finds it or gets ahold of my keys when asleep) but again doctor sent urine to lab BC it showed negative. Its been 2 weeks and haven't heard anything but he didn't give me full months of scripts just one month until results came back. Am I to assume something is wrong since they haven't called me? Or maybe they're waiting til end of month to UA again to see if I am negative again? I dunno. Any advice would be helpful, especially from anyone who has experienced similar and didn't get the boot from doctor. Any advice about the spousal issue to, nice realistic comments only please. He isn't addict, doctor just won't change his medicine and he works 60+ hours a week with his hands(5prior surgeries/can't find another job that pays same so he deals with pain/doc said find another job/don't k ow what to do really at any front geese!)

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redgrace Says:
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Her post is in regard to a post on page1out of these 4 pages of posts (i believe), so it is relevant to another persons question/statement made earlier, just very different than a majority of all the other posts lol

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kttssteel Says:
If your not taking the meds. then why are you going to get them as if I have to ask.

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Lily Says:
Just teasing, John--that's why I put a smile at the end of my comment!:-) I take Oxycontin daily for severe pain that I've had for 21 years and my insurance company requires that my doctor periodically do a "surprise" drug test to see if it's in my system (I guess to make sure I'm taking it and not selling it!) So far, it's always shown up. Maybe it didn't show up because you only took one and it was out of your system by the time you took the test? I'm not sure--hopefully someone else out there who only takes it occasionally and whose dose is low would know about this and could answer your question. Here's hoping!:-)

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john Says:
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Well if you knew that was a misprint then you wouldn't have answered that way. Yes OXYCONTIN did not show up on an 8 panel or 10 panel urine test. Does anybody know why or should I be worried about taking a drug screen for a new job?

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Lily Says:
Well, John, "oxycotin" wouldn't show up in your system because there is no such medication. Now if you were looking for OxycoNtin...!:-)

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john Says:
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My wife works at a st.joes clinic and brought home an 8 panel and 10 panel drug test and I take 40 mg a day. I had just taken an oxycotin earlier that day why didn't it show up on the test?

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Sid Says:
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Everyones system gets rid of drugs at different rates due to a myriad of factors, such as Metabolism, hydration, liver function, kidney, thyroid functions. One would have to be over-using at a high rate, over a long time to be able to tell. Urine is a waste-product. The only way to tell current level of intoxication is through a blood-test.

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Gertrude Says:
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How long does Norco stay in system?

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mary Says:
my friend had a MINUTE amount of cocaine come up 2x in a row. She doesnt do cocaine and her Dr. said it was odd becuz it was the same exact amount both times. She said it wasnt even a lines worth on the test! She had he nurse go on the computer and found out that amoxacillin will give a false positive for cocaine. She had done amoxacillin prior to both tests!

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mercy Says:
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Do they tell u if they are measuring the levels in your blood . My doc jyst does urine test.

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Cynthia Says:
Hi Spyz! Your doc is lying to you! You are not even close to being "maxed out" by any means. I take four 60 mg. Oxycontin per day plus up to eight 8 mg. Dilaudid (another opioid). (Oxycontin actually comes in an 80 mg. strength also so not sure how you could be maxed out on 2 - 40 mg. Oxys!) I used to take six 40 mg. Oxycontin (which is extended or gradual release oxycodone) per day plus eight 10 mg. oxycodone (immediate release). The only reason my doc switched me to 60's rather than 40's is because my insurance decided it would only pay for 4 Oxycontin PILLS per day. That could be four 10 mg. Oxys or four 80 mg. Oxys so even though I'm on the same total amount per day (240 mg), I'm forced to take more or fewer mg. per dose than with the 40's simply because it's cheaper for the insurance company this way. Insurance companies care about cost; they don't give a hoot about good medicine or what works best for the patient. What you describe is a typical problem for chronic pain patients--if they say their pain medication dose needs to be higher because it isn't working at the dose prescribed, they're immediately labeled as "drug seekers." Doctors forget that low doses work for some people while even much higher doses may not work for others. My daughter has had to take pain medication on various occasions (broken bones, etc.) and didn't even fill the prescription for Vicodin prescribed in the emergency room because that particular pain med doesn't work for her. When she told them Percocet did work for her, she was told that they "didn't prescribe that" in the ER. She had to wait until she saw an orthopedic specialist a week later who was furious that the ER hadn't given her adequate pain meds (she'd been trying to get by on Ibuprofen) because it kept her from doing the movements necessary to help healing. Once she had the pain medication that worked for HER, healing went much faster and smoother. Six years ago, I was taking a lower dose of Oxycontin which wasn't enough; I was still in significant pain most of the time. I was used to my terrible doctor in Massachusetts who accused me of drug seeking when I told her I hadn't slept more than 2-3 hours our of 24 for the previous 4 months and was falling apart due to lack of sleep (lack of sleep significantly increases my pain) and BEGGED her for help. In spite of bringing my husband to appointments with me as a "witness", she never did anything to help me--which is now considered malpractice in most, if not all, states. My present doctor (in Michigan) didn't respond that way when I told him I was still in significant pain. His response? "It sounds like you need more pain medication." I nearly fell over! He upped my pain meds and worked very hard with me to find a medication set-up that would make sure I'd sleep. I've been with this doc for nearly 6 years now and, for the most part, I sleep quite well and my pain level is tolerable. What's more, since we found what the WORKING doses of pain medication and sleep medication were FOR ME, I haven't needed an increase in the strength or amount of these meds for almost 5 years. Your doc's attitude that it's better for you to suffer than to (God forbid!) need an increase in your dosage at some point is bad medicine. Again, failing to adequately treat a patient's pain and leaving them suffering is a malpractice issue in many. if not all, states. Check it out! :-) No one should be condemned to a life of pain just because their doctor is cowardly and misinformed.

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Paul Says:
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Those urine test sometimes will produce a false positive reading they need to wait 10 minutes for the results not 2 minutes had it happen to me. Also if ya really belive he didn't use cocaine go to your primary dr & get retested or draw blood & see if the result is different ?

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Spyz Says:
Cynthia, wisegirl Is at the rite site its just that it was not a recent post. Also, i have a new pain doc who said he was scared to take me because im on 2 20mg oxycontin plus 4 30mg oxycodone per day. He said im maxed out and he wont know what to do in the future. He said he is worried about my compliance since i told him up front that 6 work better for me. I have neve taken 4 per day and yes, it is possible to get 0 pain but not at the levels they prescribe. I can take 10 a day and no, its not to get high but to be more active. My body metabolizes it quick like lightening and ive never even had the luxury of 'getting high' i simp,y have high tolerance to everything. I u derstand that they are afraid of DEA BUT they need to understand that we are afraid of not having a life. Why should we get dismissed? Cant we agree to disagree with each others methods? Does a diabetic get dismissed if he eats a candy bar and needs an extra shot of insulin?

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