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Does Oxycontin And Oxycodone Show Up The Same N A Drug Urine Test (Page 3)

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Renee Says:
When taking a urine drug test, does oxycontin and oxycodone come up as the same drug? I took a 40mg oxycontin on a monday and was drug tested on thurs. I am tested once a month from my pain mangement dr. to make sure my oxycodone's are in my system. So will the 2 drugs show up as one or is there a differance in them with the drug test?

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Marjorie Says:
Or if you're me, and thankfully your pain doctor and staff trust you and the opinion of your referring primary care physician... I metabolism things twice as fast as most people. Anything I consume (I don't mean in a calorie/fat burning way - things move and are excreted through my system, often failing to absorb fully, before they're gone). I've shown none of my pain meds in my system the day after I've taken them, but thankfully they don't think it's a problem... But then again I feel really comfortable with everyone there, and the doctor referring me gave me a really good recommendation. Just saying, the levels should be good for 99% of people, the ranges that they test for I mean.... but there is always the odd man out lol. I have to take anything extended release, twice in the same day or it doesn't show up in my system the next day (not just pain meds, anything). I'm actually trying to figure out what causes my body to do this and other things with a neuropsychiatrist.

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Olivia Says:
To JAX - I'm curious as to why you only have 2 days of your pain medication left when it sounds like you should have at least 14 days left. It sounds like you've been taking much more than you've been prescribed. I don't mean to be critical. If you haven't been prescribed sufficient pain medication and you're suffering, it's really tempting to take what you actually NEED rather than limiting yourself to the dosage a doctor thinks SHOULD help. It really sounds like you need to have a firm conversation with your pain doc regarding the fact that you're still in serious pain which is unacceptable. If he/she is more interested in (again) what dose SHOULD be enough by-the-book rather than giving you the amount that will actually bring you relief--you need a different doctor! I went 5 years taking Oxycontin in an amount that eased only SOME of my pain only SOME of the time. Then we moved to another state and I got a new doc. When I told him that I was beside myself with pain because what I was taking just didn't cut it, he said, "It sounds like you're just not getting enough" and increased my dosage. I've been on that same dose now for 5 years (no increases) and have been able to lead a more functional life than I had for the 15 years prior to hiring him as my doctor. For a pain doctor to leave you in so much pain that you find yourself tempted to take more meds than you're prescribed is unethical and violates the Hippocratic oath--to "first do no harm"! My best wishes as you seek adequate pain control.

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lalya Says:
if i crush up my prescription oxycotin and put it in my urine sample for a drug test, will the oxy show up in my urine when my docter tests it,

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Sunny Says:
I'm seeing a pain mgmt Dr. he rx me Norco 5-325mg. and Robaxin 750mg. I took an Oxycotin today and smoked 2 hits of a joint 3 days ago. The pain was so sever It was take an old Oxycotin and try the pot or go to the ER, where they give you a pain shot, and let you go home. ER also costs alot of money. I have a urine test with my Dr. tomarrow 8am. Will The pot show up, it's been 5 days and I smoke cigarettes. Will the Oxy show up as hydrocodone? Any thelp and suggestions how to get them out of my sysytem by tomarrow are helpfull. I just couldn't take the pain any longer. Dr. made me sign an agreement I would take anything other than what he Rx. After seeking help from several Dr.'s that said my case was way too extensive for them. They would do nothing. The pain mgmt. Dr. is my last resort. I'm not a druggy. Please help. Thank YOU. from Sunny

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Ryan Says:
Only take the medication you are prescribed and only medicate as directed. The two drugs have different opiate base so they synthesize differently in the kidneys. It all depends on the type of drug test used and the NG cut off. The opiate base in oxycotin and oxycodone are so similar it is common to have a false positive for either drug. Hydrocodone is also common to bring up a false positive for oxycotin, but not oxycodone hydrochloride. The only true way to determine which drug is which is by lab testing

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Cynthia Says:
Ryan--Just FYI, it's OxycoNtin, not oxycotin. :-)

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Ryan Says:
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Thanks babe darn spell check

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ATC Says:
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For some nasty back pain???? How about motrin and put up with the back. I have 7 herniated disks degen of disk and joint Osteoporosis fibromialsia etc and never abise my meds if you take 30 mil of oxycontin you have been abusing for a long time . You relize you guys make it extremley hard for those of us wnho are mangled and falling apart slowly. If you need meds get them prescibbed dont kill yourself on accident because you have no idea how mefs work. Because it tightens rules on thpse of us who have to live thi s every day

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Cynthia Says:
Hey, Ryan, no problem! You're right about spell check--you really can't ever trust it! Who can keep all those "...codone's" straight anyway?! All the best to you!

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Cynthia Says:
To ATC: What the heck is "fibromyalsia"? Do you mean fibromyalgia? I think I've managed to get past the mess of your spelling and finally figured out what you're trying to say, although I can't figure out to whom you're responding. While I know it's frustrating to a genuine pain patient to have the abusers making it difficult for us to get the pain relief we truly need, you've also done what many people do in judging the pain level of someone you don't even know and in assuming that you know what medications and how much of them another suffering person needs. Your statement that someone on 30 "mil" of Oxycontin has been abusing for a long time is completely off-base. (Oxycontin doesn't come in "mil" (milliliters) since it's not a liquid; it comes in "mg"--milligrams.) I've been a fibromyalgia patient with severe pain for 20 years; the first 8, I had NO pain control (and Motrin or any OTC med didn't do a thing!) My doctor at the time then started me on Oxycontin which finally gave me relief, though I was furious to realize that I'd suffered so badly all that time when such relief was available. I continued to titrate up until I found the level that allows me to live normally--not pain-free but at least with my pain controlled reasonably well. For that to happen, my current doctor raised my dose until I was at the level I take now--240 mg per day (four 60 mg pills per day.) I have been at this dose for many years now with no increase needed, no euphoria, no highs, no living in "la-la" land, etc. I just feel normal. Don't assume you know what someone else's pain level is, don't assume you know what will alleviate their pain and certainly don't assume that everyone on a high dose of legal narcotics is an abuser. I have always used Oxycontin and any other meds for breakthrough pain "by the book" and they have given me my life back. Again, I know it's frustrating to watch the laws regarding narcotics cater to abusers rather than genuine pain patients but I also get frustrated by people, especially amateurs, who think they're more knowledgeable than they are.

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Red Man Says:
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The best post on here that's exactly how it is.

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Jdhoss Says:
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So true I was hit by a truck at 45+ mph I severed knee. broke 18 bones m,my back,three skull fractures and massive brain damage... I was a high end collage athlete at the doc would barly give me 4/ 10 mg norco because of all the a**holes that abuse oc..after two years in a hospital bed I am back on my feet after 9 surgery s I look still look very fit but can barley walk..because I look so healthy even the doc says you look amazing you can't be in that much's so wrong to assume someone is not in pain just cuz they don't look hurt!! Even my best friend think that all cuz I look healthier then them but truth be told I can't even walk my dogs around the block without having to spend the whole next in bed on ice.. Sorry for the bad grammar as I said I have a bad head injury

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Cynthia Says:
To Jdhoss: You surely have my sympathy. I sometimes think that if one more person says to me, "Well, you LOOK good" (the implication being that looking good means I can't possibly be hurting that badly), I'll SCREAM! People with migraines don't have any obvious injuries either but does that mean their head doesn't hurt? What are people with severe body-wide pain SUPPOSED to look like? Just because someone in pain made the tremendous effort to take a shower, do their hair, put on some makeup and wear decent clothes (all of which took about 3 hours with frequent rest breaks and a significant amount of pain medication to accomplish), that's supposed to mean they feel fine? I'm often tempted to go to church or some other event without a shower, with my hair a tangled mess, no makeup, wearing grubby clothes, no jewelry--whatever it takes to look as bad as I feel. Would that make others take my pain seriously? It sounds like you're a guy so the no makeup thing probably wouldn't make a difference.:-) But you could try going to your next doctor's appointment doing your best to look as bad as you feel and see if your doc get's the message! I have a friend who is dealing with her 3rd bout of cancer and this time. She looks great, has a nice figure (reconstructed breasts), good color, her hair has grown back and she's always dressed in cute clothes with her makeup done. Does this mean she's not sick and in pain? Actually, she needs to take daily pain medication and she's terminal--has maybe 5 years to live. You'd better believe no one, including her doctors, is telling her that she can't be that sick because she "looks good." "Looking good" is not an accurate measure of how one feels. When will doctors and people in general get that through their heads? I don't know but it's frustrating and unfair and, what's more, it leaves people with invisible disabilities and invisible pain suffering unnecessarily. My heart goes out to you.

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Red Man Says:
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Id like to know if anyone could give me some advice go to a pain doc he ask me how the medicine is helping i told him i was still hurting it wasn't working well then he acts like he isn't going to see me no more he told me he would give me time to think about it its like if i dont tell him what he wants to hear he will not see me any more and that's bs i just told him the truth.

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Cynthia Says:
Red Man: Many doctors HATE it when what they prescribed doesn't work--not because they care that you're still in pain but because that proves they're not God. If a doctor has prescribed a pain medication and you're still in significant pain--find another doctor. I can tell you that not all doctors are like that. Mine always felt terrible when what we tried didn't work because he actually cared that I was still suffering. We tried different meds for breakthrough pain and raised the strength of my primary pain medication until we found a combination that gave me a life. The mandate for all doctors is "to first do no harm." In my book, when a doctor's ego allows a patient to remain in serious pain when relief may be available (possibly making it difficult to impossible for them to "have a life"), that's doing plenty of harm.

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candycane Says:
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If someone is getting perk tens ninty a month what should the level number

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peetsy Says:
Every body processes medications differently. I have poor absorption (malabsorption) and I vomit quite frequently due to my severe GERD that leads to bad coughing spells that end up with me vomiting. So my levels are never the same. The Government treats all pain patients as criminals, but ont he other hand they also treat the Dr's as criminals. My PC is ending all pain mngt patients and we have to find someone else. After 30 years of not abusing my medications, why does the government still make me go through all these hoops.

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Cynthia Says:
So true, "peetsy"! The government likes to pretend they're doing something about the drug abuse problem but the end result of much of what they do is to, first, hurt and mistreat true chronic pain patients who must take narcotic pain relievers in order to relieve their agonizing pain and have some sort of life and, secondly, criminalize the doctors who are responsibly trying to help their patients. Meanwhile, the abusers and addicts always find a way to get around the barriers continually being created by agencies such as the DEA and go on abusing and misusing these same medications, apparently without missing a beat, while patients with severe, disabling pain are often treated like criminals and receive less effective pain relief due to changes in formulations intended to foil drug addicts; additionally, the pain patients' doctors often end up throwing in the towel (like your doc) because they are sick of constantly worrying that they'll be harassed by law enforcement simply for doing the right thing for their suffering patients. Of course, the situation isn't helped by some doctors who also assume that a chronic pain patient on narcotics just "likes their high", as I heard one physician say in a lecture. Such ignorant assumptions infuriate me; I've had chronic severe pain for 20 years and been on narcotics for 13, and have NEVER been even remotely close to being "high". I'm sure many true chronic pain patients who use narcotics can attest to the fact that all the opioids do is give them a chance at a life with less pain where they can function at least moderately well--and being "high" is not part of that life.

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poppadanintucson Says:
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I m on pain mgmt and get 90 oxycodone 5 mg hcl. I jave spinal stenosis crisjed carpel tunnels( both hands ) and a torn rotator cuff. The torn rotator cuff and carpel tunmals result from police brutality. The rotator cuff injury jas become more apparent in the past five weeks and i have had to take more of my meds to relieve the pain. I go to my pain mgmt Dron Jan 27. I took a u.a. last visit and think my levels will be down as not only do they do a five panel they send it to a lab (why) and suggestions. Willy levels be down and since i have run short ( i have three left for the 26 Jan will my levels be ok?

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KS Says:
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I am 21 years old and was rear ended in a relatively severe car accident when I was 17. For the first few years of my treatment for low back pain, doctors would just scoff and me and write off everything I was saying - assuming because I was young, I was just seeking pain medication to abuse it. I finally hired and attorney to help me with my case, both for treatment and suing the piece of s*** who ruined my life. He got me in with the BEST doctor I have EVER seen. I started seeing him about a year and a half ago, only to find out I have 2 herniated discs, a bulging disc, and a partially ruptured disc in my L3, L4, L5, and S1. I have been on 10mg oxycodone partnered with multiple treatments - rhizotimy and facet injections - and my pain is much easier to manage now. I obviously still have my good and bad days, the frigid weather we experience in the north east is no help on the bad days :p It has been such a bumpy ride for me, and my age and appearance (piercings and tattoos) has made it way harder than it should have been for me to find adequate treatment. I have relocated to another state for work but continue to see the same doctor where I lived before. It is so hard to find a doctor that doesn't profile you and doesn't immediately assume you are "one of the addicts".

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