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Does Oxycontin And Oxycodone Show Up The Same N A Drug Urine Test

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Renee Says:
When taking a urine drug test, does oxycontin and oxycodone come up as the same drug? I took a 40mg oxycontin on a monday and was drug tested on thurs. I am tested once a month from my pain mangement dr. to make sure my oxycodone's are in my system. So will the 2 drugs show up as one or is there a differance in them with the drug test?

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Verwon Says:
No, there is not difference between them for a drug test, Oxycocodone is the active ingredient in both, so they will show up as the same thing.


However, what you may run into is having a different level of it in your body than what they would expect if you were taking the exact amount prescribed.

Some of the pain management clinics use tests that show the level in your body, so they can tell if someone is not taking their medications, at all, or if they may be abusing them.

If you are taking them as prescribed, then the levels in your urine should fall within a certain span and anything outside of that helps alert them to a problem.

Are there any other questions?

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Piper Says:
I am prescribed 30mg of oxycontin per day by my pain management doctor. On Thursday and Friday I took 45mg of oxycodone but did not take the oxycontin. This coming Monday I am scheduled to have my urine levels tested. Do you have any ideas about how this should show or any suggestions?

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mel Says:
ya how long do they stay in the system?

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Verwon Says:
Piper, if they are testing the levels in your system, they may test as being off. When they do that type of test, there should be a certain range the level falls into, based on your prescribed dosage. Anything outside of that range may alert them to a problem.

Mel, most narcotics are detectable in urine for 4 to 5 days, after taking them. There is, however, no hard and fast rule, because individuating factors are always going to have an effect.


Are there any other questions?

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mba Says:
My husband see a pain management dr once a month 10yrs. He has been on same meds for that long! His dr told him thiswas his last appointment his urine came back dirty. Apparenty this was the second time the dr never told him the first time it happen! One thing i didn t get was for 9yrs his tests were fine! He didn t even ak if anything changed! After the dr let him go i. Did an investgation. Here my husband DJs when he can and 2 times i had to pick him up from a job cause he couldnt drive! One thing is my husband never drinks. On. The job only soda! those two times i picked him up. He had his urine test those 2 time I think my husband was drugged both those time. Something was put in his soda! What burns me up was his dr treated him like a crack head! My husband is very careful with his meds we keep them lock up in a safe. I just would like to know what kind of drug could do that to u a. Ruffe, the date rap drug! He no longer djs thereat that club but i like to know what kind of drug would show up cocaine! He takes oxycotin and oxycodone for break thru pain!!

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the truth Says:
mba, listen i am not being a smart ass i have been in pain management for 6 years and know people and personally given drug tests and only 1 think in god's green earth that will come back as cocaine and that is "cocaine"! they cant tell a differance between crack and cocaine it all comes back as just cocaine. and the date rape drug is ghb gamma hydro.... better know as ruffayol.sp. but ruffies are the date rape drug because it leaves you out if it, relaxed as if you drank about a 1/5 of moonshine or some grain alcohol and did some benzo's like xanax or valiums at the same time, thats ruffies and its a downer, on the complete oposite you have cocaine! that comes from the coco plant and is a stimulant, meaning a "upper" it increases heart rate. movement, all that not to mention if someone but coke in your husbads drink his whole mouth would be numb. so mba lets break down and say,,,,, my husband is a dj. that is someone you want to be cool with in the club like a bouncer. you walk in impress a girl yeah i know the bouncer anything goes down im good, oh wats your favorite song ill have the dj throw it on, so you husband went in the bathroom or where ever if its a crazy club someone broke him out a line right there, that is the only way unless he sells it, then it can be transfered threw the skin but you would have to touch alot of coke and its expensive no one is going to waste it by trying to dump it on you or in your drink. so one of 2 thinks he was tooting it or selling it, or the dr would not have considered him as a user, if you come in contact there is a small nanogram that pain drs messure in, if overs 1000 then its using it and not just contact, same as pot they can tell if you walked into the wrong room or you are smoke big fat blunts. i am not being mean there is just a little something called reality, and that is why they call me the truth,
the truth is not liable for people that use drugs or any informaiton about people that use drugs but if you want the truth .................. just ask. but jack nicholson talked about me some people just cant handle the truth! so mba if you have any more question i will be glad to help you out :)

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Candice Says:
I am on Opana's-30mg, and also Roxycodone-15mg, but I took a 40mg Oxycontin, and I'm needing to know what it's going to show up in my urine test, I took it 2 days ago, and had my urine test today, so I'm needing to know what it's going to show up in my system.

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america Says:
if you cruse up an oxycodone and put it in your urine will it still show up in your system on a drug test?

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BEE Says:
i am on a pian management progranm and they ua me often i am supposed to take oxycodone /apap 5mg/325 one every 4 to 6 hours and i want to know if taking a roxicotin 15 will show up in my ua

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rorry Says:
no UA tests for metabolites not actual drugs

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rorry Says:
I took 160 mg of OP (oxycontin) Sunday morning and had a drug test thursday afternoon, normally I wouldnt be worried but I was extremely dehydrated my urine was dark yellow, usually I make sure to be nicely hydrated before a drug test, think they oxy will show up after 4 days? (im skinny as hell)

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jeremy Says:
TRUTH YOU ARE ABSOLUTLY WRONG, ecstasy does contain cocaine usually and will show on a test,and nowadays is a much more popular club drug, especially if you are some kind of dance dj, and im sure the test they gave them was a 5panel in which case only the cocaine and opiates mixed in with the mdma would show up in the test,and since hes on opiates, maybe all they saw was the cocaine, it is very plausable someone dropped a pill in his drink,either that or yea he blew some rails

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Carol c Says:
look mba no matter what truth or some others say there are some analgesic or pain relieving creams that have a broken down form of cocaine in them called lidocain also any of these can show up as cocaine take heart my blood pressure meds mixed with my lortab shows up as weed and I am 43 and haven't smoked weed since i was 17

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Havetwins Says:
Hi. How did the test go? Did it show up? I hope u were ok.

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Rotorwash1900 Says:
I'm a flight paramedic and also an RN. And when we do drug urinalysis we do a 12-panel Right when the sample is provided. Then we send it to the lab for further test if anything comes up abnormal. We don't test to see if your taking the meds. We have strict rules we have to follow for DEA Logs. If your Dr. Gives hydrocodone/oxycodone etc. you cant have any other drug in your system period if it's not prescribed. We give 1 warning and if it happens a second time then your dismissed immediatly. Because we have to send the test to the DEA and we will get in trouble then. And the DEA will shut the doctor down and investigate. If you truly have pain you shouldn't be pushing the envelope. I've had chronic pain from arthritis since 12yrs old that's the reason I'm sharing info. About how the office runs here in my state. It varies in different states how the DEA controls the opioids so don't think anybodys info applies to you unless you know what state they are in. Here the state law states that we don't have to tell you why we are dismissing you and probably applies to others aswell. So be smart don't be using a pain doc. To get high that's what we suspect if you're DUA comes up dirty.

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Joe Says:
I took one 30mg oxycontin today for some nasty back pain and the last time i took one,was last long will it stay in my system ????

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mary Says:
i am prescribed 30mgs or oxycodone ir and took oxycontin will it show up as two different drugs in a pee drug test

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a perdue disliker Says:
why and how can a company cause thousanda of people to suffer changing the oxycontin oc to the op , knowing that they are not half as good as the oc kind someone is tired of hurting when i was gave these not knowing what they would do to me know i suffer every day of my life purdue only cares about money not people, but wow who is shocked , dealing with it it made me want nothing to do with purdue, ever.

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kathi Says:
Ig getting a urine test,will oxycotin 60 show up the same as oxycodone 30 if only taken half of the oxycotin?

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annadean Says:
i have a question. if you take more than prescribed for one week, then as prescribed for the next 3 weeks, will the amount in you be correct when they send it to the lab to be tested???

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