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Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication In Huntsville Al
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rachel Says:
My pain management doc got investigated and now hes closed his practice down. I was getting 30mg oxycodone 5 times a day and morphine 15mg 2 times a day. Does anybody know a doctor in huntsville alabama that will keep me on my meds, need answer ASAP!

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BL Says:
fed up w govt, call your state medical board and ask them how you can obtain your medical records. There should be some type of message on their phone, note on the door or there may be an ad in your local newpaper regarding the practice closing. Also ask the medical board if that dr is still licensed to practice medicine. You can also google the drs name.

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fed up w govt Says:
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I went to my last neurologist appointment and the office was closed. Have been on low dose opiods for 7 yrs. No access to records for new doc. Where are the ethics of these highly paid, hypocratic oath swearing people we trust w our lives? Interested in your petition. I do not get a high from meds just able to live.

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Pain advocate Says:
It seems all conversation on this thread is about everything EXCEPT pain care and who needs help with finding doctor! How horrible!
Isn't there any doctors in that town who isn't apart of some huge money making, shot jockey, out fitters? There has to be some private pain doctors who really care about patients and not about needles. Unless Alabama has turned into Florida. Every state is trying to go over board with cutting out pain care! When are Alabamians and their doctors going to stand up for the suffering? UNREAL!

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Bobbie Says:
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Anna I dont understand and need a dr in Huntsville

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Deb Says:
Health care in America is twice as expensive as in any other country. America's quality of health care puts us at 37th from the top as far as quality of care goes. The notion that people come to America for health care is waaaay outdated. The number one nation for quality of health care is France; NOT the USA. May have been at one time, but no more. Gotta get past the old data and move on. What Obama gave us is NOT socialized health care. What he gave us is more profitable health insurance companies, and is making us pay to make them more profitable. France, among the many, like Israel, and the U.K. DOES have socialized medicine, and it is way far cheaper for much better care than what we now get in the U.S. I have a friend who lives in the U.K. I asked her how much the British government takes from her every month to cover her monthly premium for health care. Her payment each month? 15 British Pounds, or in the US equivalent, her health care costs her about $26 U.S. Dollars each month. No co-pays, no deductibles, no other expenses. She takes her national health care card to the doctor or the pharmacy, shows it, and is given treatment or medication. She never has to fill out a single form, or pay anything other than that $26 per month premium. Same thing in France, Israel, Germany...on and on. We are getting seriously ripped off and lied to in the good old USA as far as health care goes.

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Pain advocate Says:
I wonder if DocSkep has went through withdraws himself since he sounds so knowledgable of what is will be like for every person here. Makes it sounds like a walk in the park. I'm sorry but I would have to believe if that this DocSkep truly has ALS? That he is not sitting and suffering in pain and does take meds for it. I would bet that he wouldn't want to have to stop his meds if his pain is really as bad as he says it is. Sorry.. friend. I don't buy it. Withdraws for any pain patient that are forced into it, can be fatal. BP can get out of control along with heart rate. I feel that was such a BS bogus post. Come on now.. if your having pain like child birth, your not going to be able to live right withdraw. Nope. That was spammer folks. Pain that is severe requires medications and you as a free American have rights to have your pain controlled. Look up the Pain Patients Bill of Rights! It does exist.

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Mike Says:
Obama has turned a seriously flawed medical system to something that is LESS affordable for many many people. Who in their correct mind would allow Nancy Pelosi preside over this anyway? She has pushed socialized medicine for years. Does it work? Sometimes....but slots of folks who have money come to the USA for surgeries. Like...why? it is so wonderful. Sorry....Obama is so Socialist scares me. But...the pill docs brought the wrath upon themselves by not using a balanced approach.

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DocSkep Says:
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First of all, I have ALS and suffer unbearable pain in my legs and torso from involuntary and relentless myoclonic spasms. The closest I can relate this pain to something many women is contractions suffered during childbirth. You cannot control them or will them to stop, nor can anything you do much except endure the suffering.

When you are suffering labor pain, you at least know that the pain will eventually stop and all the agony your body just went through is forgotten as you gaze into the miracle you just created.

Now, double that pain, make the spasms of indeterminate length and intensity, and try to ignore it or function in any way possible besides exercising your vocal chords from screaming. Now introduce medicine that can alleviate this pain, and tell me who in their right mind would refuse this medication? As time goes on and your body becomes used to a certain amount, and more is needed for the same affect. Nobody is a "bad" person for trying to alleviate terrible pain. Quite the opposite. We go through the days intentionally avoiding pain. It's instinct and how we survive. Without pain, we wouldn't last long because we would have no indication that we were in peril.

Now jump forward years and let's say you want to stop taking meds because they have found a better, perhaps non-addictive way to treat your pain. You stop a very high level of narcotics. And here is where you are simply wrong, and passing on bogus information.

The withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone, oxycodone and other fast acting opiates is no where near months. At most, you will be very sick and uncomfortable between 5-8 days, the peak around day 3. It is akin to having a bad stomach flu. You will have the runs (take immodium), and you will probably throw up. You will sweat, have anxiety, depression, and lack of energy. Basically you will be sick. Big deal! Haven't you had the flu before? Is it uncomfortable? Yes. Are the symptoms treatable? Yes, just do the best you can, feel crappy for a few days and move on. The reason you are quitting doesn't concern me, it is like smoking. Hard to do? Yep? Harmful to quit? No, quite the opposite. Your brain needs to recover from suddenly stopping it's ability to produce endorphins naturally. It will be highly uncomfortable, but as a presumably logical adult, you know what's coming and just tough it out. 3 days, and if you go on some short walks, swim, stretch, use your body (we were meant to move as humans, not lie around crying about a lost pill).

So the short acting opioid w/d will peak around day 3-4, and you can prepare yourself to be sick. Some adult addicts are way more babyish about it than the avg 10 year old. Psychologically, you will feel unhappy because you've temporarily used up the extra endorphins you've been flooding your brain with to manage pain. You will crave opiates. Reasons seem obvious so will leave it there. You crave cigs when you quit. Just remind yourself why you want to stop pain meds. Maybe sick of a pill controlling your life? Worrying about running out too soon? Not working for your pain? Hurting relationships and losing trust? List goes on.

Okay, now what pissed me off was the claim that withdrawal from oxycontin can be fatal. ABSURD! What is far more dangerous is accidentally ODING from said drug. W/D are not fatal. Uncomfortable, well of course!! Fatal, NO!! Stop spreading lies. It is easy to research. The ONLY fatalities that happen are the opposite - when someone takes too much. Please, don't let people scare you from stopping if that is your goal. Man up, be sick for a week, and move on.

Think about it. Lots of ppl are hospital every years, wks or months at a time after major surgery. They get used to 3 mg morphine or dilaudid every 4 hours to zip at home. They usually feel sick from w/d without even knowing. 3 days later they are fine. Just use your brains.

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aes3535 Says:
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Any luck on locating where to get your prescriptions?

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Diamond Says:
I'm talking bout the Tennessee valley pain clinic it's not worth crap. They gave me a block in my back didn't last 2 days, they gave me another one, I ended up in the hospital with a bad infection they tried to say I failed a drug panel after they didn't send it out for a few days so I won that. It was never ending with them but they had me on high dosage of medicine so nobody can say they don't prescribe it b cos the do. I've had over 30 surgeries n I don't have no withdrawals off any medicine n I've been on strong meds for a long time n can stop when I want. It's will power. If u have withdrawals, then ur addicted n need to come off the meds anyway.

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Diamond Says:
I'm not so sure bout that. I was on 40mgoxys n 10 mg percs b for I left that place.

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syntara Says:
If you have long term, chronic pain issues and need medication for them, you can self-refer yourself to the Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants group of doctor specialists. They are located across the street from Huntsville Hospital Main, and about a half block closer to the Parkway than is the hospital. They are very good, and do not under treat or over treat in both my and my husband's experience.

Their phone number is 256-265-PAIN. Call any weekday between about 8:30 and 4:30 to set up an initial appointment. This group is really, really good at managing pain. They do not push epidurals or other procedures on you automatically. They WILL effectively help you manage your pain with medication, once you become their patient. But, you will have to sign a "contract" with them stating you will not go to other doctors for any pain meds on top of what this group gives you. If you do that, and they do have ways of checking, it could mean a warning to you, or they could decide to simply stop treating you as a patient. Simply follow their rules, and your pain will be managed to your satisfaction. If at any time you don't think the drug(s) they prescribed are effective anymore, just tell them at your next visit and they will find something else.

My husband is in a lot worse shape then me, and they do all they can to ensure that whatever they have prescribed to him is effective. As soon as that is no longer the case, he tells them, and they find a different drug for him. You won't hear any staff at this group tell you to "just walk it off," if you are hurting. If you are hurting they will fix it.

On your first visit, you may have to have a drug panel done. Be sure before the drug panel that you tell them EVERYTHING you are currently taking, and it helps to have the actual prescription bottles with you for proof. Don't even try to see this group if you've engaged in taking illegal substances, as they won't take you on as a regular patient if they find illegal stuff in your drug panel results. Don't forget to tell them of every drug you are currently taking, and if you are taking anything that you weren't legally prescribed, don't even go to this group until everything is out of your body and you've decided never to use illegal substances again, as there will be periodic, unannounced drug panels while you are a patient of this clinic. Just do good, follow the rules and laws, and you will be wonderfully cared for. Both I and my husband know so from personal experience there.

Good luck!

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syntara Says:
To sad mom and wife: Oh for crying out loud, a doctor should NEVER tell a patient in pain to just "bite the bullet." There is such a thing as a Patient's Bill Of Rights, and the right to be in as little pain as possible is one of those rights.

I don't know where you live, but my husband and I, both chronic pain patients, are seen at the Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants' group of specialist doctors. They will do all they can to ensure you are in as little pain as possible. Your condition sounds like my husband's. He is in much more pain all the time than I am, but the docs at the TVPC in Huntsville will do anything possible to adjust/change his meds whenever he tells them he needs help with pain and the current drugs aren't helping him much anymore.

Their phone number in Huntsville, AL is 256-265-PAIN. You can self-refer yourself there, just take all of your diagnostic history with you (x-rays are a big help).

If you don't live where you could visit the TVPC, call them anyway, to see if they know of some group or Pain Management Specialists in your specific area.

Good luck!

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syntara Says:
Take note, ALL!

If you have been taking any pain med with Oxycontin in it, DO NOT try to cold turkey quit those drugs suddenly on your own! Those particular drugs (Oxycontin, Percocet, etc.) CANNOT be suddenly withdrawn completely and done safely. People taking those drugs need MEDICAL HELP to get through withdrawal as without slowly weaning off of them with medical help, you could have seizures, a stroke, or even die from the withdrawals these drugs cause.

If you have been taking Norcos, or hydrocodone-acetamenaphine and want to cold turkey quit those drugs, you will feel HORRIBLE for maybe several weeks after quitting them, but your life is not in danger from the physical withdrawal of these drugs the way it is with the other pain meds with Oxycontin in them.

If you are taking any pain med with Oxy in it, and suddenly find that no pharmacy will fill your prescription, take yourself to your local hospital's ER and tell them what's going on. The staff in the ER will understand that you CANNOT simply quit taking drugs with Oxycontin in them and expect to get through the withdrawals alone. Please, please keep this in mind too, before you ever start taking any pain med with Oxy in it.

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syntara Says:
Tash, don't know where you live, but in Huntsville, AL, is the Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants group of doctors, and they are very, very good at treating long term chronic pain with maintenance drugs. They do NOT push epidurals or other surgery on you; they WILL give you the pain relief you legitimately do need. You can self-refer yourself there too. Their phone number is 256-265-PAIN. Give them a try. I have, and so has my husband. We live in TN, but go to Huntsville for pain maintenance help with that group. Very good, very kind people, so long as you follow their rules. Good luck!

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syntara Says:
In reply to pain patients advocate: My husband had a congenital spine problem from birth and way back in the 60's as a kid, he started having spine surgeries. Of course, that was before knowledge of the development of spinal arachnoiditis came to the fore.

He's got it, and it's bad for him. He says when he walks, it feels like he's walking on broken glass, even if he's simply walking on soft carpet.

As I've said in other posts, all doctors have to get a DEA license in order to prescribe. Some doctors, because of the nature of their specialty, are automatically allowed to write lots of scripts for drugs of potential abuse, such as the opioid pain meds. Pain Management Specialists must go through an extra 4 years of medical training beyond all others in order to allow them to get the kind of DEA license that lets them write pain med scripts month by month and year by year, if a patient with a chronic pain condition needs those drugs.

Not even a spine doctor has the kind of DEA license privilege that will allow them to keep writing pain med scripts indefinitely for the patients they've done surgery on. ONLY a Pain Management Specialist doctor can go on and on, writing lots of pain med prescriptions without getting into trouble with the DEA.

In the North Alabama area, I recommend the Tennessee Valley Pain Consultant group of doctors and their physician assistants to people with long term chronic pain. As I've said elsewhere, you can self-refer yourself to that group of doctors. Do take all diagnostic history kinds of things with you to your first appointment, along with all the prescription bottles for the drugs you are currently taking. On your first visit, you might have to go through a blood or urine drug panels before the TVPC will treat you.

As long as you follow the rules after becoming a patient, the TVPC will be very, very good to you. My husband and I know this from our own experience with this doctor group.

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syntara Says:
To: pain patients advocate. You live in NE AL, right? Then you could self-refer yourself to the Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants group for help with chronic pain. They have their main office in downtown Huntsville, AL, but do have other locations in N. Alabama as well, I believe.

If you do call them and make an appointment, when you have your appointment, try to take as much information about your conditions that cause pain as is possible for you to take with you. X-rays are a really good thing to have, if your pain is caused by physical problems. If you have nerve pain, but nothing would show on an x-ray, if you have any records from your other doctors, take them with you.

Also, you will likely have to have a drug panel before the TVPC will prescribe anything to you. If you are currently taking prescribed pain meds, take the prescription bottles with you to your appointment. If the TVPC can help you, you will have to sign a written agreement not to get the same pain meds from any other doctor while you are a patient of the TVPC.

They have ways to look up all prescriptions any doctor has written for you, so to have two different doctors prescribing you the same pain meds at the same time, could cause the TVPC to stop treating you.

I know this clinic very well, and both I and my husband have been patients there over the years. They are very good, but won't tolerate anyone using illegal drugs, or even if, on an unanticipated drug panel, they find some prescription drug in your body that you were not prescribed, it could mean the end of your relationship with the TVPC.

Don't let that happen. Follow the rules, and that group of doctors and their physician's assistants will be very, very good to you.

Good luck!

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syntara Says:
jinxy.... if you're experiencing severe depression from all of your other health issues, you likely need the help of a practicing psychiatrist. Nothing to be ashamed of in that. It's not a problem that happy thoughts will clear up all the time. If you are desperately depressed, take yourself to your local hospital's ER and tell them what kind of emotional shape you are in. Do not let your state of depression go on and on, untreated. If you've been severely depressed for more than two weeks, and you're not able to pull out of it on your own, you need to find the kind of physician who can get you back on track.

Chemical changes occur in your brain with depression, and if it goes on untreated, the chemical imbalance will not right itself again. For that, you need the kind of drugs that "reset" the chemical balance in your brain. It's NOT any kind of weakness!

We are all stuck living dealing with the certain chemical balances or imbalances in our brains, either from birth, or from some event(s) that caused our brain chemistry to alter to being on the negative, down side. You cannot fight imbalanced brain chemistry with cheerful thoughts alone. Go to this web site:, and look up doctors in your area that deal with people experiencing depression that won't clear up on its own.

Or, tell your other physicians that you are experiencing severe depression, that it won't go away, and get them to refer you to the kind of doctor you need to treat depression which IS a physical ailment; not just lousy coping skills that you should be ashamed of not being able to deal with on your own.

Bless you and good luck to you!!!

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syntara Says:
If you have legitimate chronic, long term pain issues, you can self-refer yourself to the Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants clinic across from Huntsville Hospital about a half a block before you get to Huntsville Hospital Main.

If you do set up a self-referral visit at the TVPC, if possible, take x-rays or other information from past doctors you've seen with you on your first visit about your condition(s).

You'll likely have to do a drug panel at the TVPC or down the street at the Medical Mall (maybe blood, maybe urine) before you'll be prescribed anything by the specialists at the TVPC.

If some legally prescribed drug shows up in your body from the drug panel, you'd better have already told the folks at the TVPC that you've taken it, and it helps to have a fairly recent, valid prescription bottle with you, to prove you got it legally if it shows up through your drug panel, or the TVPC won't prescribe you a thing.

Same thing, most likely, if it's found that you have some illegal kind of drug(s) in your body (like cannabis or methamphetamine for example).

Good luck!

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syntara Says:
Right. All doctors need DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) licensing in order to prescribe drugs (you'll see their DEA license number on the prescription pads they use to write prescriptions. Different specialties of doctors are permitted to write higher numbers of prescriptions for drugs of potential abuse than other doctors are allowed to do.

Pain Management Specialists have to go through an extra 4 more years of training before they are allowed to apply for the kind of DEA drug prescribing license that will allow them to write prescriptions for people with legitimate chronic pain issues, who need those kinds of prescription drugs to deal with their long term chronic pain, month after month and year after year.

If you're in need of long term pain management, look up Pain Management Specialists with Google, and for your town or area of the country. (You can also go to the healthgrades web site to look for these kinds of doctors in your area.)

That should help you narrow down to the doctors who can help you, and you'll find pain relief with the help of that kind of doctor if you have a legitimate need for it. Other kinds of doctors just cannot go on and on, month after month, year after year, prescribing one person pain meds again and again. Their type of DEA prescribing license doesn't permit them to do that, and if they get caught, they could get sanctioned or get their license pulled permanently.

Doctors who do write lots of scripts for drugs of potential abuse have to have all ten of their fingerprints on file with the FBI. That's so that if a "fishy-looking" prescription shows up on a pharmacist's desk for filling, verification for who actually wrote the prescription is readily available to view online at the FBI's site for this, on the alleged prescribing doctor's FBI fingerprint file.

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