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cymgen withdrawals- How long and what to do??
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I have been on Cymbalta, then changed to the generic Cymgen (30mg) for 8 years. I decided after this amount of time to stop and asked my psychiatrist on ways to do this. FISRT of all, my psychiatrist said that because i was on such a low dose that there will be NO side effects of stopping the drug. My response was to inform her that on days i have missed taking my meds i have severe head zaps and couldn't manage just stopping (Cold Turkey) if that was the case. She then put me on a course to taper off: X2 weeks 30mg Cymgen & 20mg LilyFluoxetime (prozac)- After two weeks i stopped the Cymgen and carried on taking the lily for another two weeks as requested by my doctor. I had my last Lily on the 18th of July 2016. It is now the 10th of August 2016. The withdrawals are so severe t...
Updated 2 days ago.
pain management doctors who will prescribe medications around Richmond or Mechanicsville or Ashland VA
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I have Sciatica, Spondeliosis, Degenerative Disc Disease and Fibromyalgia in both my hips & legs, I have had 3 sets of nerve blocker injections that did not help. I had a herniated disc, in my lower back, (scar tissue has entrapped nerve in it), intractable back pain, I have been falling a lot at home or if I am out somewhere. I get very confused and short term memory is really getting bad which is a symptom of Fibromyalgia, I don't want to go anywhere, I rarely see my friends. I feel like my feet and legs are running and my body is not catching up. I have also last year had left shoulder surgery for small tear in rotator cuff, bone spurs leaning on rotator cuff, osteoarthritis and fluid around the arthritis, 1 month after this surgery: I have what feels like electricity shocks ...
Updated 5 days ago.
Cymbalta and full body tremors or jumps
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I have been on different anti-depressants for years. About four years ago I was put on Cymbalta 30mg, raised up to 90mg, then lowered back down to 30mg. The problem I am having started about three years ago and I have yet to find one doctor that knows anything about it. I have full body tremors, not just my hands. It is like my entire body jerks and jumps and I expel a whoosh of air when it happens. Sometimes they get so bad that they seem close to a seizure. I have had a bunch of evaluations. My neurologist says it is mental, psychiatrist says physical. I have simply been in tears. Has anyone else had anything like this and what did the doctors tell you about it? ## Trembling or shaking of the hands and feet are listed as possible side effects by the FDA, as well as full body tremors, ...
Updated 10 days ago.
Weird kind of embarrassing side effect?
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So this is a little embarrassing, but I'm going crazy trying to figure it out, so I thought what the heck, let's see if anyone else has experienced this. 4 days ago I started taking Cymbalta for chronic back and tailbone pain. On the second day I noticed that I was having difficulty urinating, no pain...just took extra effort to get the flow started. In addition, I felt a real concerning discomfort in my groin and genitals whenever I was lying down. It's best described as a pressure and almost like the muscles there feel the need to contract and gives me the urge to flex. This has lasted all night for the past 3 days and has pretty much prevented me from getting more than an hour or two of sleep, despite taking pain killers. My last dose of Cymbalta was two nights ago and la...
Updated 16 days ago.
Weight gain on Cymbalta
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I was on Celexa for about 2 years, minimal weight gain, Dr switched me to Cymbalta in Oct to address menopausal symptoms. I feel great but have gained 15 pounds since October. I have been watching my diet faithfully, have completely cut out soda, potato chips, sweets - I am existing on cheerios for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and a sensible meal at dinner. I feel bloated and look pregnant. Will this weight go away if I stop cymbalta? This is ridiculous. None of my clothes fit anymore. ## Also I seem to be mixing up numbers and letters sometimes - almost like I've suddenly become dyslexic. And I get brain zaps about mid-afternoon every day. I want to stop cymbalta but I'm really worried about the side effects. But the weight gain and other things I'm going thru make me wonder...
Updated 16 days ago.
cymbalta false positives
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I go to a doctor for suboxone. I took a drug test for my doctor and he said my test came up positive for Methadone and barbiturates. I take Cymbalta from a phsyc. doctor but no other medications. What could have caused these results? Also....I am on parole...I def do not need to have these FALSE RESULTS with them!!! ## I've since returned to my doc he sent off my results for further review..... The results came back negative for both substances..... However I still had to pay another office visit fee of $200. The doc said that the quick results are sometimes false but its not his fault and he is NOT SEEING patients for FREE!!! currently there is no standard held for docs as to how precise or % a d test needs to be!!!
Updated 21 days ago.
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Has anyone been prescribed this medication for back pain? ## yes, i've been prescribed this medication but i haven't tried it as of yet. i am online searching for some answers myself before taking it. ## Yes I hace this medication but not for my back pain. Im on it for depression, but it dont work for the pain or depression for that matter. ## I just took my first dose today. Now doing research. I was prescribed for depression as well. (It's supposed to help me sleep, too) Sorry to hear that it isn't working for Chris! Hope it works for me. ## I've been on Cymbalta for a month now,and it works great for me.Yes Cymbalt is the ani-depresant I've been looking for, for 30yrs now.Honestly,I have been on so many differant meds thru out the yrs and they all took care of...
Updated 22 days ago.
Finally Cymbalta free!
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Hi all, just wanted to let people know that this drug is horrible! I was on it for five years for neuropathic pain, look it was good for that ! But then I started suffering depression to the point of having to be hospitalized for suicidal thoughts, I couldn't sleep at nights and just felt like I was going crazy! Finally my psychologist said to go off these drugs, I was worried! Very worried in fact, because I knew what the effects were like even after missing a tablet one day. So I took two weeks off work, I knew this was a safe place to be and was able to be in my bed if needed, I started on a Friday by not taking one of my two tablets (I was on two 60mg pills) then the next night I took my two pills... The next night one, then I started missing a nights worth every 2nd night. The ...
Updated 22 days ago.
Can Cymbalta Cause Curly Hair
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I've always had poker straight hair my entire life. As a little girl, my mom would try and put curls in my hair on picture day and by the time got to school, hair was totally straight again! I'm 44 & have been taking Cymbalta 60mg x 3 years. My hair started with kind of a "beachy" wave where today it looks like I've had a perm. All along I've thought this was hormonal changes but this curl seems consistent with the time I started taking Cymbalta. I'm just curious-I find it incredibly strange that medication can do this to your hair!! I've asked my psychiatrist and my OB/GYN about it. Psych said he doubts it & OB/GYN said she wasn't aware of meds that can curl your hair like this. Wondered if others on Cymbalta have found the same thing happen,...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Does Cymbalta help with hot flashes? ## Hi Rebekeh - cymbalta hasn't affected my hot flashes at all - still the same old night sweats & flashes durig the day. I am going off cymbalta & going back on zoloft which I was on for 4 yrs. as the cymbalta doen't feel like it is helping. ## Thank you. i'm just going on Cymbalta for depression but I was hoping it would help with these AWFUL sweats. ## Since this is an SSNRI antidepressant and doesn't contain any hormones, it will not help with these. ## SSRI's and SNRI's are known for CAUSING hot flashes especially when first beginning them. For most people that effect settles down after a period of time. But on the flip side of that - have also had friends whose docs prescribed AD's to help control the hot fla...
Updated 1 month ago.
weaning off cymbalta 60 mg bead method
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I heard there is a bead method, to come off Cymbalta 60 mg. How? ## any one know bead method coming off Cymbalta 60 mg? ## I think I have actually heard of what you're describing, where you take out a specific number of beads from the capsule and gradually titrate the dosage down over time. Though the concept itself sounds easy and harmless, I don't have any personal experience in doing this and am generally not one to tamper with pills unless instructed by a doctor. So if you have a choice I would probably encourage you to follow a tapering schedule per a doctor's recommendation. He/she might be able to prescribe a lower dose as well to help bridge the gap between lower milligrams. However, only you know how you truly feel on this medication, so it may be a long winded proc...
Updated 1 month ago.
Withdrawing from Cymbalta
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Hi, I just wanted to share some of the things that have helped me with the wirhdrawal effects from cymbalta. For the brain zaps, swaying feeling and loud ringing in my ears, I am taking one 5 mg valium 3 times a day. For the insomnia I listen to an audiobook (helps distract me from ringing ears too) and I take temazepam to sleep. For the headaches I take paracetamol, use a hot pack and voltaren rum on neck and shoulders. I found strong ginger tablets better than Maxalon for nausea and the diarrhoea is mild so not so bad. My moods are up and down but I know Im recovering from the effects of this rotten drug so I just try to go with it and be gentle on myself. My BP is still high but Im sure its the cymbalta and will soon come back down. I hope this helps some of you.
Updated 1 month ago.
cymbalta and trigeminal pain
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I have been taking Lyrica foratrigeminal nerve severed by cancer surgery.It is effective in subduing the pain but makesme more tired than I care to put up with. Cymbalta has been suggested as a replacement.I'd appreciate feedback from folks with experience to share, ## Hello, PT! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problem you've been experiencing. Many people have good luck with Cymbalta for nerve pain, but not everyone. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and weight changes. Can anyone that's taken it for nerve pain chime in with their experience? ## I am thinking of weaning off Lirico and onto Cymbalta but I have precious little feedback as to people who have experience With this. I will likely wait un...
Updated 2 months ago.
cymbalta and my belly
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I started taking Cymbalta two months ago. While it has been so great for my depression, anxiety, and osteoarthritis and back pain, it makes me so sick to my stomach and I even coughed up three drops of blood last week. I go back to my psychiatrist tomorrow and I can't take it today. I am so tired. I automatically feel so depressed after I did not take it last night. Hopefully, there is something else that can help. ## Hello, Tonya! How are you? That sounds more like you might have an ulcer, which will likely require some medical treatment. There is also a chance that it's gastritis, which the Cymbalta may be irritating. Be sure to tell your Psychiatrist about the issue, so they can make sure that this is checked out for you to get to the root of the problem. Do you take any othe...
Updated 2 months ago.
is cymbalta an opiate
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I just started taking Cymbalta three days ago for bone spurs and fibromyalgia. I have been tired, drowsy and lethargic. How long will it take before these symptoms disappear? Help Vawilled ## Hello, Nessi! How are you? No, Cymbalta is an antidepressant, but it can cause those types of side effects and it may take 4 to 5 weeks for them to improve, as your body gets used to the medication. You may also experience dry mouth and weight gain, as reported by the FDA. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 3 months ago.
Cymbalta 60 Side Effects
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I have been taking Cymbalta for 6 yrs. along with Wellbutrin(150mg.) could it cause sores in my mouth? could it cause my hands to shake once in a while? ## Hi Mary, One of the side effects of Cymbalta (Duloxetine) is an "uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body". It can also cause blisters or peeling skin, rashes, hives, swelling in the face, and unfortunately, much more than this. The link below lists the vast majority of possible side effects, but I would highly recommend talking to your doctor about switching medications or opting for a natural alternative to this prescription if the side effects are too persistent or severe: I hope this info helps! ## I have been taking Cymbalta for many years,and I see that I have many of the symptoms. What I fear is that the effect th...
Updated 3 months ago.
false positive cymbalta urine test
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I take cymbalta 60mg once daily and it causes false positives for benzodiazepenes....amphetamines .....and oxymorphone! I'm a nurse and its causing problems in my job! Its the only medication I take! Its tested positive on a urine test and two oral drug tests on me! I need the medication but I need my license too! Help! ## i am taking cymbalta also and it caused me to have a false positive for benzos on my last drug test to.
Updated 3 months ago.
Period of decreased effectiveness?
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I've been on cymbalta for years with wonderful results. For the first time in my life I have felt normal. But the last two months I have had increased depression. And I can't really say why. But five days ago I started a new bottle and suddenly I feel better again. Has anyone experiences this? I can't take the generic because it is not effective like the name brand. This experience makes me wonder if the pharmacy mixed the name brand with the generic for the last two months. Seems unbelievable but could it be possible? ## Hello, Emmylou233! How are you? The generic wouldn't have the same markings as the name brand, so you'd be able to tell if there were others in the bottle. You may have just had a rough patch for those 2 months, it happens sometimes, even without th...
Updated 3 months ago.
what to do for cymbalta withdrawal side effects
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Ihave been on cymbalta for 10 years. I tried to taper off but the side effects were like the worse flu I have ever had. I'm am depressed again and feel that it's time for a change. I don't want to increase dosage I want off. I have finally lost the weight I gained over the years on anti depressants and refuse to start gaining again. I'm bipolar so I can be without something. thanks for any help ## Unfortunately, weathering some of the withdrawal effects is likely the only way you're going to be able to stop taking it. Have you consulted your doctor? They may be able to help you set up a better tapering schedule that could minimize withdrawal effects a bit more. ## Hi Inda, I was on Cymbalta for 8 years, it took me 18 months to wean myself off it slowly. Don't rus...
Updated 3 months ago.
Cymbalta for RSD/CRPS
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I am in the later stages of RSD and have tried ALOT of Rx that haven't helped. Has anyone else taken cymbalta for RSD & did it help? I am taking Cymbalta now and can't tell that it is helping at all. I take 30mg now and in 7 days start taking 60mg. Is there any Rx that you have/are taking either than Cymbalta that is helping w/RSD/CRPS pain? I have already tried trileptal, neurotin, gabitril and topomax which haven't helped the neuro pain. Open for any suggestions. Thanks. ## Hey there, I am in the earlier stages of RSD (but it still hurts like nothing I have experienced in my life before). The doctor prescribed me Lyrica and it has done wonders for me. Hoe that helps! ## Cymbalta works in a very similar way to Lyrica, so it has helped some people who are suffering from ...
Updated 3 months ago.

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