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what is the side effect?

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vevz Says:
ahm..may i kw if what would be the side effects of cortal..coz im taking this after we had sex wth my bf....
nd im not hving a menstration for olmost 1 month....tnxx

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mylene liz Says:
i drink 2 pcs. of cortal & sprite after having sex with my bf and also he withdraw, is it now safe not to be preggy?

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cutebabe Says:
yah , its true ang cortal daw ay efective , kc yan dn ang gnwa ng frnd ko nung nlaman niang preggy xa, nakunan sya after

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ray Says:
ahm..ano ba mas effective? take cortal with softdrinks before sex or after sex?? naninigurado lng ako gus2 ko maka try makipag sex sa GF ko weh kaso di ko lam kung ano contraceptive i use..hmp.

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Enter Says:
Yup nakakapagpalag2 ang cortal i 1-2weeks preggy ang girl. But it's not advisable to drink with soda, depende kc kung malakas ang resistensya nung girl, kung hindi manghihina ung girl at magkakaroon ng mga complications. better to drink only with water.

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panget Says:
22o bah nah nka2pagpalag2 ang cortal....?

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diva Says:
i am 3 weeks pregnant...what can i do??? 1 yr. nalang i finish my study...umaasa na magulang koh sakin..

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vinch Says:
they told me na pd aman daw bumili kahit wala reseta,coz my fren buy some cortal w/ her bf at nkabili aman daw sila.....siguro available to in all drugstore.

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gizelle Says:
I saw youyr comments and i just want to ask kung available pa ba yung cortal ngayon sa mga usual drug stores? Kahit po ba walang reseta pede bumili nito?

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fritziie Says:
i'm a teenage sex addict and i'm delayed for almost 1 week or so..i think i might be preggy, is cortal still effective for my case??:|

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marie Says:
im expecting menstruation this coming week but i take cortal with coke because im afraid I'd get pregnant.. is it possible id get pregnant even if we withdraw?

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anne Says:
wala kahay side effct noh take cratal every day kah gamiton s au bf?

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pretty Says:
just wanted a further info about taking cortal...well im just worried because im 2 months delay... i dont know if im layag... but some of my friend suggest cortal to take... according to them it safe... do did cortal can abort???

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maganda Says:
OO ako nga di na bubuntis eh .. after sex yan ah with softdrinks .. pero pag jontis kana dikana kht uminom kanyan anjan parin ung bby kc ung frynd kouminom pero my bby parin .. hahah

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vinch Says:
how many times i need to take a cortal after the sex?
please answer,asap..

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jenn Says:
is it true that cortal can be used as a contraceptives after having sex to avoid pregnancy?

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Jessica Says:
hmm ,, buntis na ba ko ? kxe 4 days nalang para mag 1month na akong d dinadatnan .? buntis nba ko ?

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hondawaver Says:
effective b 2 s 3week pregy?? some says 2 cortal wid coke b4 breakfast??

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tiffany manansala Says:
I'm a student. I think I'm pregnant but I'm not sure.

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bluecat Says:
effective ba ang cortal na pang palaglag

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