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high blood pressure meds and chantix
9 Replies RSS
My dr just started me on chantix and high blood pressure meds started the high blood pressure medsimmediately and started the chantix chantix 5 days later this is my 2nd day and i have been light headed dizzy weak should i stop the chantix ## Hi guess u and I are in the same boat. Started BP mess and waited a week to start chantix. At first when taking the BP Ned's I felt a little dizzy nd light headed but I did some research and it says it was normal as my BP was coming down. I'm 4 days into chantix and am smoking still but I can say its MUCH less than a week ago. I have 4 cigs right now and there is no WAY I would come home without buying more lol. I don't even fell panicked about having only 4. Well I will see. My quit date is 03/13/13. ## The lightheadedness and dizzines...
Updated 2 days ago.
chantix side effects
147 Replies RSS
How long does chantix stay in your system, could it still be effecting me afer 9 months? ## No! There are no medications that stay in your system for that long. The only way you would still be feeling effects was if it had caused some type of permanent body/organ damage, which I am sure would have been detected long ago. Chantix contains the active ingredient Varenicline,it is a stop smoking aid. Common side effects during use can include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and abnormal dreams. Did you have any other questions? ## You say that no medication can stay in your system that long. Hmmn, interesting concept. So no medicine/drug can stay in your system that long. So people who took a medicine/drug that affected their brain lets say back in the 60's or even possibly now of any sai...
Updated 16 days ago.
Chantix and Very High Blood Sugar
34 Replies RSS
My husband started taking Chantix 3 weeks ago and is doing well with not smoking, however, he is a type 2 diabetic but he has also controlled it with diet and Metformin twice daily. Now since he has been on Chantix, his blood sugar level has been over 600. We went to the doctor yesterday and he told him that it was the Chantix and stop taking it. He is watching everything that he eats and drinks and this morning his blood sugar is still 440. The doctor is sending him to a Diabetic Control Center but it is going to be a week or so. Has everyone else had this problem? ## Chantix contains the active ingredient Varenicline and yes, there have been reports of it causing diabetes in some people, as well as it causing extremely high sugar levels in existing diabetics and there is a current inv...
Updated 25 days ago.
Any way to reverse long-term Chantix side effects?
170 Replies RSS
My mother took Chantix several years ago in an effort to quit smoking. Well, she quit for a year. During that time, however, she became unbearably depressed. She has no history of depression. She consulted a doctor several times and tried 3 different prescriptions, 1 of them being Zoloft. She stopped because she said they made her feel like she was just in a constant haze. She hasn't been to a doctor or a psychologist since then. In the mean time, she started smoking again because she thought that it would make the depression go away. It didn't. Because of her experience with the 3 prescriptions, she is unwilling to go back to a doctor, and dismisses any notion of going to a psychologist. Our family has pleaded with her to keep trying, even if she has to tell whoever she sees th...
Updated 1 month ago.
Why is Chantix not working faster for me?
43 Replies RSS
I'm almost finished with my 3rd week of pills and still need a couple of cigs a day. They do not smell or taste bad to me at all. I've read where many people are totally free in just I just a slow learner!! ## I am using Chantix to stop using smokeless tobacco (snuff). I just started week 4 and still dip the same. My cravings are the same. The first three weeks on Chantix I would take one pill when I woke up and one later in the evening. Because I work 3pm to 3am, the times would always vary. So now I decided to take one at noon, and one at midnight. I don't know if this will make a difference or not. I hope so. Anyone else have a severly delayed reaction to Chantix, or has anyone used it for snuff? ## On day 7 (my quit day) and I am still smoking. I am experienci...
Updated 1 month ago.
Took 2 pills of chantix.
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I accidentally took a chantix about an hour after I had already taken one. Should I do anything? ## Hello, Marbak! How are you? It could be dangerous, if it caused Serotonin syndrome, but that's not highly likely if it just happened once. Did you experience any adverse effects? It is most likely to cause more severe side effects, which as listed by the FDA, may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth. It would also be a good idea to inform your doctor, that way they can watch for any potential issues. In the future, you should also never be afraid to inquire at an urgent care, or via poison control, to be safe.
Updated 1 month ago.
can you take 2 pills of chantix at one time
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I couldn't remember if I took my blue chantix. So I took another was lime 2 hrs apart. I feel light headed when I stand up an little sick to my stomach. Just wanting to know what will happen. ## Hello, Betty! How are you? It could be dangerous, if it caused Serotonin syndrome, but that's not highly likely if it just happened ones. Did you experience any adverse effects? It is most likely to cause more severe side effects, which as listed by the FDA, may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth. It would also be a good idea to inform your doctor, that way they can watch for any potential issues.
Updated 1 month ago.
I Am A 66 Year Old And On Limited Income My Insurance Will Not Cover This Medicine What Can Do Or Fing Some Relief From Being Able To Affo H
2 Replies RSS
How can I get this medicine at an affordable price. my insurance will not cover and charges my $25 for 15 pills. On fixed income and cannot afford. Any information will be mostly appreciated. Email address {edited for privacy} ## Have you considered applying for any type of patient assistance program to help cover a percentage of the cost of your medication? There are also a number of "prescription drug coupons" that can be found online through various search engines like Google, as a last resort option. Patient assistance programs aren't always available, as it largely depends on the manufacturer; but if you're goal is to just save some money, I think some of these coupons can save you anywhere from 10-75% off your next script. In the meantime, I'd recommend asking ...
Updated 2 months ago.
Anxiety Increase after weaning off Chantix
6 Replies RSS
I recently weaned myself off of Chantix. Prior to taking it, I had already been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but it was totally manageable. I had only had one full blown anxiety attack before getting on Chantix and none during. However, in the week since I have been off of it, I have been seriously anxious. Like a mini panic attack a day anxious. I've made an appt with my doctor, but I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this sort of thing. I feel like a freak. :( ## Please don't feel like a freak, such experiences are completely normal and we all go through them, some more than others, so there's no reason to feel that way. And yes, when you stop taking a medication like Chantix, it can cause rebound type effects, which may include anxiety attacks. Learn mo...
Updated 2 months ago.
34 Replies RSS
stop smoking pill ## The medicine to help with smoking cessation that you are talking about is called Chantix. Please feel free to view the drug information page to learn more about this medicine. ## I am thanking all the people who were involved with the creation of Champex and what it has done for me. ## does this really work ! it is suppose to make smoking taste bad,it doesnt seem to be working !how long can a person stay on the pills and keep smoking ? ## You are supposed to take 1 pill/day for days 1,2&3; take 2/day for days 4,5,6&7; then decide one day between days 8-14 to stop smoking; all the while taking two pills a day for days 8-(total of 3 months). It's worked for everyone I have seen take it.. and I'm on it now ## In response to the site admin comment... Thi...
Updated 2 months ago.
Chantix + Blood Pressure
5 Replies RSS
Can you take Chantix if you have high blood pressure? ## I have high blood pressure and take Cardura. Can I take Chantix? ## I took Chantix and I am on Blood Pressure medication. ## Please talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the safety of combining these. ## I took Chantix a couple years ago and was a nonsmoker for 6 months with no side effects.. Unfortunately started smoking again. Since Chantix worked so well for me before, I am trying it again.. I now am on diovan for blood pressure and since I started taking Chantix feel very anxious and nervy.. I don't particularly wish to be around people. is this due to the drug combo? or is this common with a second attempt at Chantix? ## Can you be on Chantex if you have High blood pressure?
Updated 2 months ago.
Can i take an anti-depressant with chantix...
15 Replies RSS
I have been on chantix for 3 days and im not sure if i can continue taking this medicine.. i have been extremely emotional... fighting with everyone that comes near me.. everyone is on my last nerve.. i just grabbed a knife and threaten to slice my arm... is this drug doing this to me... can i take an anti-depressant with chantix... I currently take loritab, soma, anti-inflamatory for a chronic back pain... i asked my doctor if it was okay to take this medicine with all the others that im on and he said it was fine.. i feel really weird.. cant stop crying.. somebody help me.. ## I am very sorry to hear about your experience and I have been going through the same thing. I quit taking it a couple days ago because I was so emotional and driving my girlfriend crazy not to mention myself. I ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Bad metallic taste in mouth from taking Chantix, a fix!
3 Replies RSS
Hi, on day two I woke up with this horrible metallic acidy bad taste in my mouth, mostly my tongue. I searched the Internet for help. I tried the following: Gargling with salt water, no effect. Gargling with baking soda, no effect. Eating drinking citris - somewhat effective Spraying my mouth with sore throat medicine - short term effect Started taking Zinc- BAD TASTE VANISHED - EFFECTIVE! ## Ironically enough, Chantix does list "having a bad taste in the mouth" pretty much word for word as a general side effect. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if it never went away until you stopped taking the medication. However, I am curious to know whether or not any metallic taste will return after you've continued to supplement with Zinc? If you could keep us posted every now and...
Updated 3 months ago.
chantix works on gambling addiction as well
4 Replies RSS
I was addicted to internet slot games for 4 years. I am on my 3rd week of Chantix and have deleted all the games and blocked them. It actually makes me sick to think about playing them. All urges are gone as well with going to the casino to play real slots. Chantix is wonderful! The only thing that bothers me with this drug is not being able to sleep but otherwise it's great! ## @Cinderella, Congrats on quitting the gambling. After 4 years, I can imagine that habits like this would be difficult to walk away from. How does Chantix make you feel after you take it? Does it cut off certain pleasure points in the brain that may be associated with an addictive behavior? I've only heard about its use in helping people to quit smoking, but it sounds like its mechanism of action has a br...
Updated 4 months ago.
memory loss and prolonged personality changes while on, and after use of Chantix
22 Replies RSS
I began taking Chantix in May of 2011, and quiut smoking in June. My brother started saying than I was acting strange. I did not believe him at first, and even felt he was trying to put me down...I remember that.... But I finally did notice that I was not sleeping, and getting really" wound UP"! I started forgetting things, and even forgot to eat, and take medicine. I quit taking the Chantix, and do not smoke, But I lost Two months of memory, and still have some time gaps, at night, to this day. I was removed from the County Fair in September, but have no idea why, and little memory of that evening, and became more isolated and depressed, to the point where I could not think clearly, and. ....well it was a nightmare. I am Now, in the middle of January beginning to retain more ev...
Updated 4 months ago.
chantix side effects NZ
1 Reply RSS
my side effects include bloating, stomach pains, irregular bowel movements and of course weight gain ## Hello, Kevin! How are you? Has it helped you stop smoking? The FDA lists its other possible side effects as including nausea, headache and dry mouth. With the irregular bowel movements, are you referring to diarrhea or constipation?
Updated 4 months ago.
Chantix AND Anti-depressants
10 Replies RSS
I've been on Zoloft now for over a year for depression, decided to quit smoking 11/2010, started on Chantix, right after thanksgiving went to the ER with SEVERE, and i mean Severe Head pain that required cat scans, docs dismissed it as a side effect of chantix, gave me pain meds, sent me on my way, by this time i decided 1 chantix a day was sufficient, my general practioner agreed, the next month, i becam irritable, angry, moody, my family didn't know what was happening.... xmas eve day, i slashed my arm, for no reason...., i was supposedly in control of my depression...., had a nice few days in the hospital which refused my requests for my Chantix, i came home, content, happy, realizing the doc's had weaned me off Chantix, So this is a very SERIOUS WARNING, IF YOU are Takin...
Updated 5 months ago.
chantix 1.0, omeprazole dr 40mg, simvastatin 40mg false pos.
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When given an under the tongue saliva drug screen/test (a test that takes 5-10 minutes to collect saliva from under the tongue into a stem that when done turns blue) could any of these medications (chantix 1.o mg, omeprazole dr 40mg, or simvastatin 40mg) give what is called a false positive result or show up as any other type of drug? Plz help..thank u
Updated 5 months ago.
What to do if your insurance won't cover Chantix
5 Replies RSS
I had a prescription for Chantix in August unfortunately I couldn't fill it the cost was $175 for a month supply. ouch. Yes I know I spend that in cigarettes a month but unlike the medicine I can spread it out over a month seems cheaper right. Well after dismissing quitting because of cost of Chantix I started to think about it again in November, there has to be some way to get the meds cheaper, I did some research and if you go on the Chantix website it has an area where you can apply for assistance thru Pfizer to have them supply it based on income. If approved they send the meds a 3 month supply to your doctors office where you will pick it up. It requires completion of paperwork from you and your doctor but well worth it process takes about 3 weeks. I am on day 9 of it and have ...
Updated 5 months ago.
Chantix success- very grateful woman
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I am a very grateful 43 year young woman. I quit smoking for the 1st time after smoking for 24 years. I was having an elective surgery and my surgeon said I had to quit 14 days before my procedure. Which I ended up quitting 12 days before. He nicotine tested me the day of my procedure to be sure I hadn't smoked. I let him know it had only been 12 days, and I was able to have my procedure! I began taking Chantix on 3/27/08 and by the next morning they already tasted bad. I had my last cigarette at 7am on 3/30/08. I took Chantix for 30 days and have never craved or smoked again. It's been 7 years and 8 months. When I think back its hard to imagine ever smoking. Which my seem crazy since I smoked over half my life. The love of my life always tells me it's hard to even imagine t...
Updated 5 months ago.

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