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chantix side effects
How long does chantix stay in your system, could it still be effecting me afer 9 months? ## No! There are no medications that stay in your system for that long. The only way you would still be feeling effects was if it had caused some type of permanent body/organ damage, which I am sure would have been detected long ago. Chantix contains the active ingredient Varenicline,it is a stop smoking aid. Common side effects during use can include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and abnormal dreams. Did you have any other questions? ## You say that no medication can stay in your system that long. Hmmn, interesting concept. So no medicine/drug can stay in your system that long. So people who took a medicine/drug that affected their brain lets say back in the 60's or even possibly now of any sai...
Updated 23 hours ago.
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Started Chantix a few days ago.
I have breast cancer and was asked by my doctor to be in a study currently going on in the US for cancer patients who smoke and want to quit. It's a 1 year double blind study that involves counseling and either 12 weeks of Chantix or 24 depending on which group you are randomized to. I am being followed by a doctor and psychiatrist and have to check in every 2 weeks for counseling. I am very concerned about all the negative feedback regarding this drug. I don't think doctors are interviewing their patients properly before prescribing this drug. I was told if I had a history of depression or mental illness I could not take this medicine. I was also told if I had elevated blood pressure I could not take this medicine. Please make sure your health history is reviewed before taking ...
Updated 2 days ago.
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Chantix and Very High Blood Sugar
My husband started taking Chantix 3 weeks ago and is doing well with not smoking, however, he is a type 2 diabetic but he has also controlled it with diet and Metformin twice daily. Now since he has been on Chantix, his blood sugar level has been over 600. We went to the doctor yesterday and he told him that it was the Chantix and stop taking it. He is watching everything that he eats and drinks and this morning his blood sugar is still 440. The doctor is sending him to a Diabetic Control Center but it is going to be a week or so. Has everyone else had this problem? ## Chantix contains the active ingredient Varenicline and yes, there have been reports of it causing diabetes in some people, as well as it causing extremely high sugar levels in existing diabetics and there is a current inv...
Updated 11 days ago.
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Any way to reverse long-term Chantix side effects?
My mother took Chantix several years ago in an effort to quit smoking. Well, she quit for a year. During that time, however, she became unbearably depressed. She has no history of depression. She consulted a doctor several times and tried 3 different prescriptions, 1 of them being Zoloft. She stopped because she said they made her feel like she was just in a constant haze. She hasn't been to a doctor or a psychologist since then. In the mean time, she started smoking again because she thought that it would make the depression go away. It didn't. Because of her experience with the 3 prescriptions, she is unwilling to go back to a doctor, and dismisses any notion of going to a psychologist. Our family has pleaded with her to keep trying, even if she has to tell whoever she sees th...
Updated 18 days ago.
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chantix side effects NZ
my side effects include bloating, stomach pains, irregular bowel movements and of course weight gain
Updated 19 days ago.
Am I the only one?
I wanted to comment on Chantix. I was sceptical at first but desperate to do something as I almost died from smoking. I got H1N1 and because of my pack a day habit my lungs were weak enough that I got double pnuemonia and was hospitalized for a week. Almost didn't make it. After that I started smoking again like an idiot and went to Chantix for help. I quit in 4 days..... By the third day the taste of a cig was so terrible that I took one puff and threw it on the ground. I almost had to force myself to smoke. I kept taking the pills for 3 weeks. I quickly saw side effect that I do not understand. I am hoping someone on here can answer some questions for me. People are complaining about suicidal thoughts, depression, etc... The fact is I experienced the opposite. I never felt more co...
Updated 19 days ago.
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want to start chantix but i am taking meloxicam is there an issue with taking both
want to start chantix but i am taking meloxicam is there an issue with taking both. I have several days left to take the Meloxicam ## With all due respect, your question about mixing the 2 drugs should be directed to your Dr. You'll need to talk to your Dr. to get a prescription so that would be the time to ask.
Updated 20 days ago.
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Chantix, system
How long does Chantix stay in your system after the last dose is taken?
Updated 22 days ago.
sever pain
I started chantix 4 days ago, since than ive develop a rash on my neck and i started to have arm pain for 2 days now. To where i want to cry. ## Hello, Katelynn! How are you doing? Anytime you experience such severe issues after starting a medication, you should consult your doctor, as soon as possible. It sounds like this just might not be the right medication for you to take. Are there any other questions or concerns?
Updated 28 days ago.
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Does Chantix make the Depo Shot ineffective?
I have been on Depo shot for a year and just started taking Chantix a month ago and have been bleeding for 2 weeks, the bleeding just stopped but I am wondering if the depo shot is still effective? My husband and I have intercourse frequently but do not want to get pregnant again. ## Hello, FloridaGirl! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed between them, but you should double check with your doctor or pharmacist to be sure. It is a hormonal contraceptive, so some breakthrough can be a normal side effect. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 1 month ago.
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Need reassurance!
45 days, no cigarettes. Started Chantix Jan. 1, 2014. This is my third try with Chantix. Did quit smoking on the first 2 tries, once for 8 months another for 3 months, this was 6 years ago. I blamed the Chantix for my unhappiness and stopped taking it. Well, both times I did, I went back to smoking because I was so unhappy without smoking that I felt it's better to live a life of quality instead of each morning waking up and not caring if I got out of bed because I COULDN'T SMOKE. Okay, that was a short version of the past tries. This quit is much better. I'm taking .05 mg in the morning, if I feel I need more I take another one in the late afternoon. Okay, right nicotine in my system whatsoever. I have changed all my places of smoking. Never smoked inside or in my c...
Updated 1 month ago.
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can i stop taking chantix without decreasing dosage as am having side effects that makes me want to the medication
I have been taking Chantix for almost 6 weeks and not smoking for almost 5 weeks. My dreams are not nightmares, but are becoming more disarming and I don't want them anymore. Also, this past week, I started getting very agitated and angry, lashing out at my husband and even a stranger or two. I am aware of some of the horrific stories of long-term depression, etc. This is my second time with Chantix. The first time I did it the full 12 weeks, didn't smoke and got very depressed upon quitting Chantix and started smoking again. Depression went away. My doctor suggested only one month if I was not craving cigarettes, which I am not, and then wean mysel off the medication. I began three days ago going from 2 per day to 1 in the morning and a half at night. I am to the point now that...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Can i take an anti-depressant with chantix...
I have been on chantix for 3 days and im not sure if i can continue taking this medicine.. i have been extremely emotional... fighting with everyone that comes near me.. everyone is on my last nerve.. i just grabbed a knife and threaten to slice my arm... is this drug doing this to me... can i take an anti-depressant with chantix... I currently take loritab, soma, anti-inflamatory for a chronic back pain... i asked my doctor if it was okay to take this medicine with all the others that im on and he said it was fine.. i feel really weird.. cant stop crying.. somebody help me.. ## I am very sorry to hear about your experience and I have been going through the same thing. I quit taking it a couple days ago because I was so emotional and driving my girlfriend crazy not to mention myself. I ...
Updated 1 month ago.
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feeling sick on Chantix
I just wanted to let people know that if you take Chantix AS PRESCRIBED, you won't get sick. Make sure you eat right before you take the pill and make sure you drink that full glass of water. Chantix is working great for me. Finished my first week. Nice not to stink anymore! ## Hello, Charlene! How are you? Congrats on the smoking cessation, that's tough! As to getting sick, I'm very glad that it's not making you ill, but even eating and taking it with a full 8 ounces of water may not prevent it for everyone, unfortunately. Everyone reacts different to medications, so some may experience the side effects more intensely. How long have you been taking it? ## I have been taking it about 2 weeks now. How long do I need to keep taking it? It has completely taken the cravings ...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Like Magic!
This is a wonderful medication!! I also take several other meds, too many to list, 50 yrs smoking, began to worry about bad circulation--have type 2 diabetes. A friend gave me a month of chantix. The first week I broke them in half, then began the 2 a day!! I have noticed a little grouchiness, but that is my body wanting nicotine, my mind never wants another one of those stinking cancer sticks again! However, I now have insurance, so I think I may ask my primary for a script, just to be sure I don't relapse. Another +, my long-time anxiety has lessened, yay!! And at $8.00 a pack I decided to quit, the cost and the smell, and a good friend losing a lung and watching her try to adapt to life with only one, motivated me to finally QUIT for good!! Tried every other product on the market...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Chantix AND Anti-depressants
I've been on Zoloft now for over a year for depression, decided to quit smoking 11/2010, started on Chantix, right after thanksgiving went to the ER with SEVERE, and i mean Severe Head pain that required cat scans, docs dismissed it as a side effect of chantix, gave me pain meds, sent me on my way, by this time i decided 1 chantix a day was sufficient, my general practioner agreed, the next month, i becam irritable, angry, moody, my family didn't know what was happening.... xmas eve day, i slashed my arm, for no reason...., i was supposedly in control of my depression...., had a nice few days in the hospital which refused my requests for my Chantix, i came home, content, happy, realizing the doc's had weaned me off Chantix, So this is a very SERIOUS WARNING, IF YOU are Takin...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Chantix can cause Extremely Bad Side effects
I started taking Chantix when my employer had a promotion to help its employees to quit smoking. I was a long time smoker and had tried to quit smoking several times. I tried everything from Tooth picks to Nicotine gum, to no avail. So I participated, and was prescribed Chantix to quit smoking. When I stopped it got worse, the nightmares haunted me. I was having issues with blurry vision, making it hard to drive to work every day, I had anger issues, severe depression, and became a different person. Taking Chantix started me down a long path of Severe Depression, which I am still battling today. Some of the other side effects I experience are, anger, nightmares, blurring vision, suicidal thoughts, that led to one attempt. I was almost hospitalized for severe depression, because my paren...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Why is Chantix not working faster for me?
I'm almost finished with my 3rd week of pills and still need a couple of cigs a day. They do not smell or taste bad to me at all. I've read where many people are totally free in just I just a slow learner!! ## I am using Chantix to stop using smokeless tobacco (snuff). I just started week 4 and still dip the same. My cravings are the same. The first three weeks on Chantix I would take one pill when I woke up and one later in the evening. Because I work 3pm to 3am, the times would always vary. So now I decided to take one at noon, and one at midnight. I don't know if this will make a difference or not. I hope so. Anyone else have a severly delayed reaction to Chantix, or has anyone used it for snuff? ## On day 7 (my quit day) and I am still smoking. I am experienci...
Updated 2 months ago.
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My Chantix nightmare
Took Chantix 4 years ago and have remained smoke free. Wish I didn't take it. I was always considered patient, mild mannered and generally a nice person. I noticed in week 11 of taking Chantix that I was becoming different. Noticeable enough that I stopped taking it. Since then I'm worse. I'm mean, angry, paranoid, have fits of rage and regular thoughts of suicide. Fortunately I'm composed enough not to act upon them. I have little attention span and find myself staring off for no reason thinking of nothing. I have a beautiful wife of 5 years this week who is miserable with me and she should be as I'm miserable with myself. I find no joy in anything and am terrified I'm gonna lose my wife. My doctor is less than helpful, probably afraid I'll sue him. I have n...
Updated 3 months ago.
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Chantix Day 7 so far, so good
Today is the day I've chosen to quit.. cigs have already tasted awful. Side effects are minimal (little nausea if i don't eat and tired) Have had some vivid dreams but they have been interesting, so no problem there. I so want to quit, its a disgusting habit that will kill us all. I've tried other ways with no success. Giving it my all to be a proud quitter! I do take other meds that may contribute to the tiredness; Fentanyl, Baclofen, Neurontin and Celexa ## Hello, RSR! How are you doing? Did you manage to quit? Congratulations on realizing that you need to do so. Quitting is very, very tough. Some people never manage, but Chantix has helped a lot of people.
Updated 3 months ago.
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