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Can Taking Dilaudid With Morphine Kill You.

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Theresa Stevens Says:
Two weeks ago my boyfriend passed away while in hospital for his Diverticulitis. He was given Morphine at 5pm and then 1 mg of Dilaudid at 8:20pm another 1mg at 9:20 then two more mg's at 11:30pm. Is that to close? Is that to much. His heart rate was at 128 bpm, he was ice cold to the touch. Heavy rasping breathing. Urine was almost black in color. Can you tell did the pain killer make things worse. Also, another question How do you know when dye that is used from testing leaves your system? If it does not how long to they have to remove it before it becomes deadly as it obviously killed him.

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Verwon Says:
They are commonly used like this, the Morphine wasn't helping enough, so they switched to Dilaudid, which is also used in even higher doses.

My guess is he probably died from something related to his condition. What did they list as his cause of death?

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morphine sulphate 15mg IR Says:
Ive been taking these for 41/2/years and now my druggist says the company doesnt make them any more so she gave me MS ER15mg for 2x a day. I feel sick every day and they take about 2hours to work. Any suggestions??

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woodstock 2009 Says:
the black urine sounds like a symtom , that users of hyroxicut had, they recalled that recently because it was causing liver damage, did your boyfreind comsume any of this, it would been a supplement sold OTC

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Nytro Says:
Mixing the 2 pain killers is not bad they are the same type(opioid) with the same basic main ingredient so it is highly likely that the pain killers had nothing to do with his death.

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Dan Says:
After taking MS Contin (Morphine Sulphate) 100 mg tablets, 5 tabs / every 4 hrs.for chronic pain relative to a cervical spine break some years back, it seems my teeth are now being effected. Teeth are breaking , rotting and decaying rapidly over the past 3 years. My dentist and Morphine prescribing neurologist both responded by saying " its the mouth drying side effects of the Morphine Sulphate you have been taking". Now, the reason im taking it is because of a work injury. The WSIB ( Workplace safety and Insurance Board) said "prove your teeth are decaying and breaking as a result of the morphne causing your dry mouth, and we will consider paying for the dental bills" My dentist and Neurologist both wrote the WSIB in my defence, but not they want "TESTS", what dam tests ? They wont say at WSIB, only that im to prove my claim. I can only say im a brush a holic and floss 3 times a day. WSIB wants more. Can anyone please help me with this ?

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Rachel Says:
BIOTINE GEL IS GREAT STUFF- PUT A GLOB ON YOUR ROOF OF YOUR MOUTH AND ITLL KEEP YOUR MOUTH WET...AT NIGHT BEFORE BED USE A PRESCRIPTION FORTIFIED 1% FRUITASTIC FLUORIDE GEL- BRUSH BUT DO NOT RINSE YOUR MOUTH AND IT WILL SAVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY AND ALSO LOTS OF DENTAL WORK. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM.......MY MOM HAS ALWAYS BLAMED IT ON ME TAKING TOO MUCH SPEED WHEN I WAS YOUNGER BUT WHATEVER THE REASON - BOTTOM LINE IS DECAY IS FROM BACTERIA BUILDUP WHICH OCCURS AT NIGHT THE MOST AND IS WASHED AWAY BY SALIVA A BIT DURING THE DAY. THE BACTERIA THAT START DENTAL PLAQUE ARE Streptococcus mutans which feed on sucrose. ( table sugar) an acidic environment helps the process occur, be sure to limit your soda with sugar as it is acidic and has sucrose or high fructose corn syrup same s***......then you get a bunch of species of all types of bacteria build towers on your teeth while they secrete acids that break down the enamel and then aha- the living tooth is destroyed..... be sure to floss and be care ful to get your brush at the gum line but do not overdo it and push away your gum. If you only were to brush once a day ( gross)do it right before bed and no eating afterward......! Biotene gel is good stuff- mouthwash worthless IMO. Rach

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ICU RN Says:
None of the symptoms you described are that of an opiod overdose however it is textbook kidney failure if he received any iv dye for a study this would most likely the cause

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Rjbry4 Says:
I'm sorry for your loss.
We lost my mother in law to kidney/liver failure. She was on high doses for a little while of morphine 30 2x a day and hydrocodone 15 mg everyone 4 hours and the doctors told us it did help her kidney and liver failure. It could have sped it up, but the damage was already before the medication was added.
Most medication like that are given that way and tapered as needed for pain. I take 8mg dilaudid every 6 hours and 15 mg morphine for chronic pain, and there Is still a higher dose I could take IF needed. I hope this helped you. I know how hard it can be to not have answers. Best wishes...

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Dana Says:
My uncle recently died from a cardiac arrest. He had horrible back pains and was given percocet and naprocin. He was on dialysis. The next day he was unresponsive and the pain was excruciating. We took him to the ER where the doctor gave him a shot of Dilaudid. After the shot, his whole body went cold and sweaty. He was in worse shape than when he went in. Is it possible this had something to do with his death?

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Lee Says:
This is a really tough one and you will need a good lawyer. The link between morphine sulfate and periodontal disease is well documented. You can support your claim but having your dentist attest to the fact no plaque (normal levels) are present showing good oral hygiene. But here is where the damn insurance companies try to get you. Because it is a known side effect printed in the literature with the prescription they'll ask why you didn't use a product such as Biotene or sugarless candy to prevent the dry mouth. I have a molar I'm about to lose because of years of Ultram use so I feel your pain. A good accident injury lawyer is your best bet. Good luck.

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Lee Says:
Dilaudid and morphine sulfate can kill you. In some sensitive patients it doesn't take much. 15mg of MS and 8mg of Dilaudid taken concurrently can kill. But, if you are in pain and the shots are given at proper interval which I believe they were then no, I don't believe this was a drug related death. It sounds like they were using an equal dosage of Dilaudid to keep of with the pain and 1mg can be safely given every hour. This can continue to as high as needed slowly as people with intractable pain have no ceiling on opiate or I should say single or double opiate dosing. However you did say his breathing was labored or rasping and in patients who hypoxic drive is compromised Dilaudid should have been contraindicated. In other words they should have used a less potent opiate or opiate agonist/antagonist such as Opana. What this all means is if he had trouble breathing but was in pain they should not have used Dilaudid as it slows your breathing and with a high heart can cause some severe complications. There are better drugs they should have used. The Opana has a opiate like drug in it that is very powerful but it also has a reversal built into it so you don't quit breathing. I hope this helps.GKPQHA

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Frances Says:
can getting morphine iv postop surgery for pain than 6 minutes later get dilaudid hurt you?? I was so sick nausea,vomiting and BP was 85/44. Ithrew up all the way home from hospital and more when I got home.

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Spirit Says:
Theresa, Diverticulitus does not usually result in death unless there was either mistreatment or no treatment at all for a prolonged period of time. Something that could be labled as mistreatment is giving potent painkillers to the patient, as this can cause constipation and worsen the condition. Sometimes the best answer is Tylonol or Ibuprofen to take down the swelling, and pain will still occur but is better to be mentally managed rather than managed with opioids. I'm very sorry for your loss, death is a terrible thing for the living to endure.

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cook Says:
My brother was on dialuden and they switched to only morphine very quickly. He was improving but After this he went into total unresponsiveness and died.

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Steph Says:
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I have all these problems with my teeth decaying, hurting when I eat, sensitive to cold/hot....dry mouth. Did not realize it was from the 14 years of narcotic use for chronic back pain. I've been on Dilaudid for 9yrs so I guess now I know why my teeth have gone downhill so fast!!!

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Brad Says:
Hello Theresa. Firstly, I'm so sorry to hear about your love passing away. It's a tragity when anyone have to leave us, but its even worse when you were their mate... Anywho, Im a burn patient and for a good 3 months, while doing my daily dressing changes, they administered IV Dilaudid and IV Morphine to me and im still doing fine. No negative re-precautions. i hope for you the best and God bless.

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V Says:
a 67 y/o male with a fx shoulder with a hx of Lortab addiction. Brought into the ED
for pain and MD medicated him with 10mg of Valium IV and 4 mg Dilaudid IV within a 30minute time frame. What is the recommended dosage because this amount is considered an overdose within 30minute time frame. It is suspected he took Lortab at home , he was not questioned of med taken prior to ED visit. Brain death occurred

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Scott Says:
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ask for Norco 10 325 for breakthrough pain I take Norco 10/ 325 for break through 4 times a day with morphine 30 milligram 3 times a day every 8 hours er it really helps with my condition if I didn't have my meds I would not have a quality of life

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fairies5jenn Says:
via mobile
I really don't think the med school killed him. I was on morphine and the changed to diluaded because I had no relief...I was on 3mg I.V diluaded. ..they were slowly increasing his dose 1mg is not that much. Also if heart was that fast it would of decreased heart rate. When people have chest pain or might be having possible heart attacks they administer morphine to bring down the heart rate. Something was going severely wrong if urine turned black. Possibly a severe allergic reaction to dye or other underlying reasons. Usually the dye comes out the first time u urinate. Something severe broke down. I think it's allergy to the iodine, a lot of people have allergies his might of been severe. Sorry about your loss.

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