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Buy Fentanyl Patch Online

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Junior Says:
looking to purchase some fentanyl patches online and don't know where to go can anyone help me

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Andrew Says:
Hi my names Andrew garrison I'm 20 years old an I suffer from chronic jaw an collar bone pain from braking my jaw braking my collar bones 4 times I hurt every day an the only thing that I found that helps is fentanyl

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Anne Says:
Express Scripts is a good mail order for prescriptions. I had no problems receiving all but my scheduled II prescriptions. When I called them to find out why I haven't received these prescriptions they claimed they never receive my scheduled II prescriptions.

It was their word verses mine, so I started sending the scheduled II prescriptions certified with signature required. Once Express Scripts signed for the prescription the green card they signed was mailed back to me. When I didn't get my scheduled II prescriptions in a timely fashion I called them and they gave me the same story saying they never got the prescriptions. I got out my card and told them who signed for the prescription. Low and behold they found the prescription, sent it to be filled and shipped it priority.

I had no problems with my other prescriptions. If you decided to order your Fentanyl online or any other Schedule II medication send every prescription certified with signature required so you have proof they got the prescription.

This was the only problem I had with Express Script

Also Walgreens will mail your prescriptions to you. All you have to do is call or go on their web site, and request your medications be mailed to youl

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kay Says:
via mobile
Do know where i can find fentanal patchrd?

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Mike Says:
Need fentanyl patches, no prescription

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Kdog Says:
where are you?

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Mike Says:
be really good to talk to few of you about fentanyl. I lost my left leg from a drunk driver hitting me

{edited for privacy}


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T Says:
Junior, Kay & Mike.

You won't be able to find Fentanyl patches online anymore.

The DEA has shut down every known site operating in the U.S as well as The Silkroad the only other choice is to get them from 3rd world countries who don't have tough law enforcement but that is very dangerous you don't know if you are getting what you paid for.

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Playboy Says:
via mobile
In colorado looking for fent patches no script. please help. No bs please. Thanx...

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Heather Says:
Any luck? (looking too)

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scar Says:
need fentanyl patches im in jersey please respond anyone who can help me

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