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levocetirizine & montelukast combination brand name
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Levocetirizine & montelukast Competitor brands Available in india which are most prescribe in UP name them, packing,bonus offer & MRP.which segment they prescribe their brands. what is his brands strategies & objective devloping in market. ## Levocitrizine 10mg and montelukast 5mg combination brand names ## It's called monlevo.'s safe to take it for months
Updated 13 hours ago in Levocetirizine.
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I am looking for tripelennamine. As a pharmacist I clearly remember 60mg then sr 100mg tabs being available. Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra together could not work as well pbz. I worked at smoke filled bowling alley back then and pbz with Sudafed were required. ## According to "Martindale the Complete Drug Reference" & "Physician's Desk Reference", Pyribenzamine (tripelennamine hcl) is no longer produced in brand or generic versions in the USA. It is said to still be available in bulk powder, something like a minimum order of 25 gram bottles, strictly sold only to a USA pharmacy, or a USA "compounding pharmacy". It is also noted to be manufactured in about 4 or 5 other countries, but those countries are based in or around Europe. Others have suggested looking ...
Updated 15 hours ago in Tripelennamine.
tazloc drug is used for
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i suffer from high B.P necessitating usage of Tezloc H 40 ( telimisartan) in the morning and Beta one XL 50 at night .I had no problem with B.P earlier other than induced by tension on visit to doctors for check up .I use 5 mg of Ecistaloparm ( Nexito 5) at night for tension.The Beta one was started two months back after i had some broncho stasis on both lower lungs with severe back up but no cough or fever .Was treated with Azifine L 250 , 1-0-1 for 7 days last month at which time my pulse rate shot uo abnormally to 200 level and Beta one 50 prescribed .Now my B.P is normal at 80 -130.Bt these days i feel VERY tired .Pl advise ## take required amount of diet to manage your tiredness. take regular amount of water.regular intake of water purify your blood
Updated 20 hours ago.
Brotapp medicine for 3 year old
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I gave 1 tsp of brotapp to my 3 year old - Is that ok? Is it safe for her age? She has a cold and congestion/runny nose.
Updated 1 day ago in Bromfed.
albuterol false positive drug test ventolin inhalers
3 Replies RSS
I used ventolin inhaler and I get drug tested every month. I've been clean for almost three years. Usually I just use the albuterol inhaler and never tested positive, then I used the one with ventolin and I tested positive three times in a row and the Dr told me I was lying because she took three tests. I told her to send it off, she did and I got my negative paper yesterday, so it does cause false positives. ## what did you test positive for because im having problems with my asthma and i take the ventolin and im also in drug court fighting for my kids in desperate because i will lose my kids if i dont get to the botton of it ## Not sure if you will even see this. I must inform you though, since you already went through having your doctor call you a liar, and you were able to prove...
Updated 1 day ago in Albuterol.
Dextromethorphan cough syrup drug test
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Hi there, I took a normal therapeutic dose of dextromethorphan around midnight to sleep and then submitted for my pre-employment drug screen the next day at 2 PM. I did not drink a lot of water since I tend to test diluted for some reason. Should I be worried? Thanks! ## Most employers don't even test for that since it is an over the counter drug. I don't know of many labs that would test for it in a hair sample. Even if they did it won't show up since you didn't do very much.
Updated 1 day ago in Dextromethorphan.
Does anyone have experience taking more than 180 mg. Allegra daily?
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I am wondering if anyone has taken more than 180 mg. of Allegra daily and lived to tell about it! Just kidding about that last part. I have a particularly bad case of post nasal drip and I DO get some relief from the 180. However, I am considering trying half a tab (90 mg.) at night to get more relief. I KNOW what the recommendation is...I am just wondering. Has anyone tried it? ## Actually, if you're currently taking that much and still have post-nasal drip, then it's most likely time to try something else, rather than more of the Allegra. What other allergy medications have you tried? There are others on the market, some are available over the counter and some by prescription. Have you talked to your doctor about it? What are you allergic to? ## When it comes to prescription m...
Updated 1 day ago in Allegra.
a little white oblong pill with imprint ze36
2 Replies RSS
It was given to my dog by a vet. ZE36 is the imprint on this little white oblong pill. Can't remember what it is or why it was given to my dog. ## Called the Vet,and it was prescribed for Allergies ## Hi Sheila, Thanks for the update. I'm not sure if the Vet gave you a specific answer as to what it might be called, but I did some research and found a white oblong pill with ZE 36 to be identified as Buspirone hydrochloride (5mg). This medication is marketed for use in treating anxiety disorders - So it's unclear to me how it would be beneficial for allergies, but my guess is that animals respond differently to it than humans? Nevertheless, for your own verification, the pill itself is manufactured by Zydus Pharmaceuticals and carries a National Drug Code of 68382-0180. A smal...
Updated 1 day ago in Buspirone.
apetito cyproheptadine tablets
152 Replies RSS
Is it true that by taking this drug you will be able to gain weight, enlarge breasts and develop hips? If so, after how long from when you start taking the Apetito? ## I really want to gain weight, i bought appetine pills, do they really help me gain weight? ## yes its true it took me to months i have a beautiful body but it has one side effect you get a pot belly ## drink banana shake three times a day u can gain weight upto 8kg in 15 days .....and for making healthy banana shake add 3 bananas in half cup of milk.. ## where can i find super apetito in ireland, would like to gain some weight ## I want to take apetito tablets to gain weight are they not cancerous? and after how long will i see the difference and when to stop? thanx.. ## were can i buy apetito tablets in jhb ## im in aust...
Updated 1 day ago in Cyproheptadine.
Itching Withdrawal from Cetirizine or Zyrtec
568 Replies RSS
I want to know how many are suffering from withdrawal from this drug that causes itching all over the body. At the people's pharmacy there is an article about this very problem, yet Zyrtec doesn't list the information on their web site. This is my third attempt to get off of this med and I'm going crazy from the itching. ## If you take any medication for a long period of time, you will experience some withdrawal effects. This is just as true of allergy medications, as it is of any other. One of the most common withdrawal effects are rebound effects, so for an allergy medication, this can include itching. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? ## I keep getting itching after this. Not had it before, but it's the first time I've taken the medicine for more than a mon...
Updated 1 day ago in Cetirizine Hydrochloride Allergy.
Propan with iron multivitamins capsule
87 Replies RSS
My husband was so thin and smoker, so my friend bought Propan with iron multivitamins capsule from Philippines... I want to know if this capsule is good to my husband and how he can take in 1 day? I used to take Propan with Iron (Capsule) multivitamins since 1997 in the Philippines the time I was so thin so I take 1 capsule in each day after breakfast until I finished 30 capsule and i gained weight that time. At this that Im married to a thin guy, that he was so thin maybe because he was a hard worker working 12 hours, as a Carpenter. So when my friend went for vacation in the Philippines, i ask her to buy for me 60 capsule Propan with Iron multivitamins as she does. Now that this Propan with me on my hand, i dont know how to start, i mean how to give him like is it 1 capsule in a day a...
Updated 2 days ago in Buclizine.
Flonase and Cataracts
30 Replies RSS
Has anyone that has used Flonase got cataracts? I have them because of it and nasonex. Are there any class action suits against the makers of this? I would not have used it if I had known. ## Have the doctors definitively tied your cataracts to the medications? We have had other posts on here about vision issues developing from people using these types of medications. The problem, however, is proving they are what caused it. And no, I'm sorry, but I know of no class action suits in regards to this. ## My eye surgeon said they were definately caused by steroids and the only one I have used is flonase. She said she could tell by the location of my cataracts, they are posterior and can only be caused by steroid use. If enough people have this kind, I would think it could be proven. ## ...
Updated 2 days ago in Flonase.
side effect celestamine
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I've taken celestamine before due to bad allergies. However I'm aware that it makes you drowsy but why does it make me very aggressive x 10. I would snap at any one I lock myself in my room to avoid people as I'm afraid to snap at any one. Does any one know why and is any one experienced this.
Updated 2 days ago.
For What Absolut 3g Tablet Used
32 Replies RSS
hi.. i need to know why this absolut tablet in used for... and any side effects is there.?plz help. ## This is a nutritional/herbal supplement product that also contains vitamins and minerals. As such, it isn't tested for side effects, as is done for prescription medications. Are there any other comments or questions? ## The question is what is Absolut 3G prescribed for and or for what ailment it is. ## I actually want to know if the Absolut 3G has any side effets? is it a good suppliment? ## Effective in combating age related issues such as fatigue, waning memory & overall physical debilities and mental faculties. In my own experience I felt a welcome change within a week of starting on this tabs. Dosage is strictly one tab day. Medical clarification is that primarily it is the...
Updated 2 days ago in Green Tea.
Is alnix plus safe for a 9 year old
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Hi. My 9 year old daughter has a congested nose. Can she take alnix plus tablets? If so, how often please? Thank you.
Updated 3 days ago.
buclizine propan syrup
15 Replies RSS
my 2yr old son has a very bad appertite, i heard propan syrup could help, but i dont know where to get it from. pls can someone let me know where i can purchase it from, i live in the uk. thanks. ## Propan Syrup is actually just a multivitamin nutritional supplement used to make sure that someone is getting enough of the proper nutrients it contains. This, it's not something special to specifically help with appetite. However, an improper appetite that may be causing him to not get enough nutrients kind of starts a cycle, where his health and appetite may get worse, due to one contributing to the other. The ingredients in Propan Syrup are: Buclizine HCl 5 mg, retinol palmitate 2,000 iu, cholecalciferol 200 iu, d-α tocopherol acetate 1 iu, thiamine HCl 1 mg, riboflavin-5-p...
Updated 3 days ago in Buclizine.
Ferlette Multivitamins
13 Replies RSS
hellow...ferlette daw ai parang propan daw gnun din sbi ko pag bili ko ng propan sinagest nila na ferlette kc its still the same daw. :) ## same lang ba ang ferlette sa propan? ## If you are in doubt of the answers you received there is always the internet to look for FERLETTE, PROPAN & APPEBON (with Buclizine & Iron). They are the same as far as the application or purpose is concerned. What matters is your tiwala sa product (psychological effect). They are appetite stimulant pero if you don't eat more than your usual intake or have nothing to eat paano ka tataba? ## Same lang. ## Ano po ang side effect ng ferllete?? ## Ferltte is effective for me???im 26 yrs old,and i want to gain my weight... ## Friends ano po ba ang side effect ng ferlette sa katawan??? ## Is it safe for ...
Updated 4 days ago in Buclizine.
Promethazine w codeine refills
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I'm having problems getting my prescriptions filled at cvs because the pharmacist doesn't feel comfortable filling it. I have been prescribed promethazineDM for over a year now but my allergies have been so bad I had to start getting the codeine instead of the DM. The pharmacist said that I have been prescribed the medication too much but this is only my 3rd prescription with the codeine and they all have only been 4oz each. The last time I had it filled at cvs has been over a month ago and they still won't fill it because they said I need refills or a bigger amount instead of bringing a new script every couple of weeks.. can someone please give me any advise it would be greatly appreciated. ## Codeine is an opiate narcotic, it is used to alleviate pain and will not actually...
Updated 5 days ago in Promethazine.
How Long Does It Stay In Your System Pseudoephedrine
10 Replies RSS
I have taken pseudoephedrine daily for the last week. I have to take a drug test the day after tomorrow. It's a urinalysis. How likely is it that I will have a false positive for meth? How long does pseudoephedrine stay in your body? ## Hi Ractu, While it is true that Pseudoephedrine may be detected as amphetamines (speed), the likely-hood is largely dependent upon the quality of the drug test. A lot of these standardized drug tests have a fairly high false-positive response, where it seems as though anything is likely to show up no matter what you took. To my knowledge, false positives are known to occur on them anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. If you're in need of any statements claiming that this drug can in-fact cause a false positive for meth, I'd recommend referring...
Updated 5 days ago in Pseudoephedrine.
Apetito Cyproheptadine Tablets, how do they work
47 Replies RSS
No improvement after taking this tablets, how should i take them to see changes on me? ## Cyproheptadine is actually an antihistamine, which is commonly used to treat allergic reactions. It can cause some increased appetite, as a side effect, but it is really not safe to use, without a doctors approval and supervision, because it is a drug and does carry risks. Have you consulted a doctor? ## I would like to share my experience with the Apetito tablets. In 2006 l started loosing weight and had skin rashes.I became the shadow of myself both home and office.My face turned black and l was depressed.No matter how beautiful clothes l wore they just could not fit.People started ignoring me even at work.A friend of mine introduced me to Apetito tablets.I was desperate and wanted anything that ...
Updated 5 days ago in Cyproheptadine.

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