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snorting nucynta Can nucynta be insufflated? ## I was prescribed Nucynta and wanted to know how people are using them to get high. I beli... 147 replies
Nucynta Effects hi there, i am currently taking oxys for my chronic pain, which work very well for me, but my dr has just given me a scr... 19 replies
Nucynta Drug Testing My husband takes Nucynta for chronic back pain...he can't get through a day wlo taking 3-4. When he went to his pain... 8 replies
Nucynta and issues Has anyone had a problem with nucynta making them sick. I've tried 3 different times now to start taking this medica... 4 replies
Nucynta ER useless I am a doctor who treats and "enjoys" a chronic pain problem. My PCP suggested nucynta. We tried it for several ... 3 replies
Nucynta pre employ drug test will one 50 Mg nucynta..taken almost 24 hrs prior to testing show up in a standard 10 panel pre employment urine drug te... 3 replies
Nucynta My mother was advised to try Nucynta for pain relief. The doasge she is trying is 100mg. She can take a totoal of 600 mg... 3 replies
Nucynta Drug Test How long do Nucynta stay in your blood stream, not your urine? Thank you ## If Nucynta is an opioid and Morphine is an o... 2 replies
Nucynta ER 100 mgs tablets What's Nucynta ER comparable to as far as a pain reliever goes? ## According to the study linked below from,... 2 replies
nucynta/not working anymore Has anyone had the problem with nucynta not working anymore? ## How long have you been taking it? Though the time frame ... 2 replies

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